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  • The arcade game ending. After you beat the final boss, Ryu is suddenly napping in a boat being driven by Muramasa, heading towards Japan. The skyline contains every one of Japan's most well-known landmarks, including Mt. Fuji and Tokyo Tower, which are miles upon miles apart in real life.
    • And while we're at it, the fact that this dude seems to have rowed Ryu all the way to the US and back. And given that the first stages are clearly set in New York City, seems to have taken the long way around.
    • The cutscenes between levels are equally funny. They include Ryu sitting on a train reading a newspaper, shooting the breeze with window washers, and playing roulette in casino while wearing a tuxedo, all while wearing his normal outfit(yes, even under the tux).
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  • The infamous Japanese Commercial for Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 that made the Jiggle Physics controllability feature famous.
  • In the Xbox game, Ryu's outraged expression upon interacting with a badly repaired window in Chapter 3.
    Ryu: What a careless repair job! Are they trying to make fun of Ninjas?


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