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Once upon a time, Master Devil got bored of everything going right on Earth. In order to stop his boredom, he created the personification of the seven deadly sins in order to corrupt poor human souls. Fortunately or unfortunately, the said sins created an askblog on tumblr.

And that is how the whole Sinverse started. Deviant artist, Kumkrum decided to created her own personification of the seven deadly sins and also did the bonus of making an askblog for them on tumblr. She then introduced the cardinal virtues then the counterpart virtues. The four horsemen of the apocalypse make an appearance, as well.


The first sinblog got so popular that spawned many other sinblogs and their counterparts, virtueblogs, namely:

asksds / 7-deadly-embodiments-of-sins / strangesins / asbohl / askthah

    General Tropes 

Wrath: If you hurt a kid, I will hurt you.
  • "Uh-Oh" Eyes: The demon-smoke coming from the sins' eyes when they're enraged.

  • All Myths Are True: The blog's Sin and Virtue personifications are historical and mythological figures.
    • Pride - Emperor Nero
    • Wrath - Lizzie Borden
    • Lust - Elizabeth Bathory
    • Envy - Jack the Ripper
    • Gluttony - Andrew Christie
    • Greed - King Midas (Now a female)
    • Sloth - Medusa
    • Humility - King Arthur
    • Patience - Glenda the Good Witch
    • Chastity - Joan d'Arc
    • Charity - Robin Hood
    • Diligence - Hercules
  • Arc Words: This gem:
Jack: I'm meeting with a friend. I have a proposal he'd like to consider for our benefit!





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