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When Roland went back, he went back to his 20 year old self.
Older President Roland was irreversibly irradiated (let alone baked by the heat) by almost being ground zero to a nuclear bomb. All of his cells would have been necrosized. In order to prevent his own death; Doloran pulled Roland's mind across the worlds, but it was in his younger self's body that hadn't been nuked. When Roland went back, both his body and his mind went back to that time.
  • Roland still became President, but this time working towards peace and unification (and some cheating at knowing future events) on Earth prevented the nuclear bomb from ever being launched.
    • The United States is now suspended spiritually between being Allegoria's Soulmate, which was destroyed, and Evermore's Soulmate. The decision is theirs.

The Time Travellers are working together for....something.
Sin-Gul (Singularity), Dekkah (Decade), Senturi (Century) and Mileniyah (Millenia) are all from Al-Mamoon from the first game, and Dekkah even says was destroyed a long time ago. Senturi knows about Ferdinand. Mileniyah makes cryptic comments about her employer.
  • They're from Allegoria. At first it's implied with subtle details, then you meet them in the glimpse of past Allegoria in second DLC.

Al-Mamoon escaped the same volcano that destroyed / didn't destroy / will destroy Hydropolis by escaping into the Dream World.
  • This is why Mileniyah is so interested in the Dreamer Door's and dimensional study.
    • Ironically, it was Hydropolis's solution that prevented them from coming back.
  • Mileniyah is from Allegoria, and it was sucked into Void Between Worlds and destroyed.

The original reason Batu joined Evan was for amnesty for Tani.
The Sky Pirates were not good people. Khunbish was going to murder Roland and Evan for just being in the area; and Tani says he was expecting a reward for it so it wasn't outrageous behavior. Batu even admits they threw intruders over a cliff. But Tani believed he was a good man. She believed he didn't do those things. ("Because he's my dad!" she says in game...once.) Evan's own father probably allowed a bounty on all of their heads.
  • Making good with the Mausinger's new government was risky. But a young prince? He wasn't expecting Evermore to become as big as it was; but a settlement away from Ding Dong Dell would have been a better place to raise Tani. Then Evan and Roland saved Tani from the Wyvern's, and Evan's Main Character Charisma won him over all the way.

Evan and Roland's son are soulmates.
Because Rule of Cute.

Kingmakers can also be created by a strong will and dedication to the Kingsbond.
Which is how
Lofty was able to function as Evan's Kingmaker and turn into a dragon despite just being an ordinary fairy. He was powered purely by Evan's will and connection with him, instead of a great beast that had been tamed by sacrifice. This also means that he can't be corrupted or lose control like the other Kingmakers could.
  • They're made by infusing spirits with the power of Zeldaar's wellsprings, that are made into Cradles. Human souls are required to control them and make benevolent to humans. Lofty escaped from the Spirit World and took vacant Cradle, but he likes people by his own choice, so human soul is not needed.

There are 108 Stars of Destiny tied to the rise of Evermore.
Including the main party members of Evan, Lofty and company, there are 103 citizens you can recruit and build up your kingdom. The other five, although not officially tied to Evermore as citizens, are allies that helped signed the Declaration of Interdependence, one from each kingdom; Pugnacious of Goldpaw, Nerea of Hydropolis, Zip of Broadleaf, and Mausinger of Ding Dong Dell. And after the final battle, Doloran of New Allegoria would likely join as well, bringing the total to 108. Fittingly like in the Suikoden games, the gathering of all 108 stars leads to a golden ending, though it was the start of Evan's plan that allowed his future son Ferdinand to complete his work.

Ferdinand isn't Evan's biological son.
That's why he looks almost nothing like him, and has no Grimalkin traits. Evan is sterile, like most interspecies crossbreeds are.
  • Second DLC states clearly he's his biological son, and that he could conceive another one.

Speculations of what future DLCs will bring

There will be a DLC where Evan and Co. visits Roland's world
Doloran would sense that something is wrong and asks Evan and Co to go check on Roland. There, they will find that Roland's world is under some kind of threat (maybe a despotic dictator and/or extremist groups threatening to plunge Roland's world into a nuclear war) and they must work to stop it. Ultimately this will allow Roland's world and Evan's world to unite as one.
  • If extremists are involved, expect the DLC to be very heavily skirmish-oriented.
  • Jossed.

There will be a side game where the player would get to guide Doloran to getting a new kingmaker, then in building a new Allegoria
Doloran did say that he inherited the crown too young and is inexperienced. So maybe the player will get to play as Doloran to get a new kingmaker, and then playing as the kingmaker (who happens to be yet another pure fairy like Lofty), guide Doloran in building a new Allegoria from ground up, and recruiting new people by doing new sidequests unique to Doloran. This would also be great since the player would most likely have maxed out Evan's Kingdom at this point, and want to restart from scratch again, but don't want to start a new game. Bonus points if Doloran's Kingdom builder mode is far more granular and allows free placement of buildings, ie function as an advanced version of Evan's Kingdom Builder mode.
  • Jossed.

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