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Nightmare Fuel / Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

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  • Right before the end-game, Roland has a dream about going back to Earth. He's back in his older body, in the ruins of a nuked New York, and then sees his son with Hidden Eyes. Roland runs to hold him, saying he would do everything to protect him. His son comments that it's too late for that, looks up, and we see that his eyes had melted into black goo. He then crumbles into ash and blows away. Seen Here. Caution, spoilers.
    • Keep in mind the hefty amount of Adult Fear here; even without the Jump Scare, the thought that one could lose their child to an event that the parent in no way had any control over, couldn't see coming and had no way to save them from, is quite a scary thought for anyone to get behind, parent or not. The fact that Roland, who spent most of the game being a levelheaded parental figure for Evan, completely breaks down from it only hammers home the fact.
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    • Plus the fact that the game starts with a nuke hitting New York in the first place.
  • The introduction to the Broadwell arc sees Zip typing madly at a computer with a deranged Slasher Smile, completely oblivious (or just not caring) about the fact that his scientists are dying of radiation poisoning from his reactor.
    • Later it's clarified as just overwork exhaustion, not radiation.
  • Once the Horned One arrives in the world, it begins sucking people's souls out of their bodies, using them to raise an army of undead. At this point in the game, if you wander about the four main kingdoms, you can find people simply dropping in the streets, with their friends and family helplessly trying to get them to wake up. To say that this is unnerving, is an understatement.

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