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Heartwarming / Pillars of Eternity

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  • Edér has a soft spot for animals. He'll play with your pigs and cats if you have them around as pets. He also wants to play with Ituumak, despite it being a terrible idea.
  • Pallegina has some rather sweet exchanges with the other members of your party: from encouraging Hiravias to be proud of who he is despite the scorn he gets from his tribe to expressing sympathy towards Edér because of his family's misfortunes.
    • She has some kind words for Sagani as well:
      Pallegina: Sagani, what is it like to not see your children for so long? I... imagine it must be difficult.
      Sagani: Even in Massuk, I'm on the hunt more than at home. But five years... it's been a strain.
      Pallegina: Then to your good fortune! Ado vidòrio! May you see them all again soon.
  • Aloth's personal quest, Two-Sided. When a sanitorium consultant puts him in a trance-like-state and pulls up painful memories about his abusive childhood, the normally cool and aloof Aloth becomes visibly distressed at reliving one of the most traumatic experiences of his life. The Watcher can potentially calm him down by gently assuring him that everything is okay, and even hold his hand.
    • The outcome of said personal quest can be heartwarming too. Learning that Aloth is so cold and distant because he always felt that he had to hide his abuse and split personality, it's very touching when the Watcher shows Aloth that he doesn't have to deal with his problems alone and that he's accepted just as he is split personality and all. Add to that the normally reserved elf openly and warmly thanking the Watcher for their help, and it's a recipe for heartwarming.
    • Heck, Aloth's entire friendship with the Watcher. Especially when you take into account his incredibly abusive and traumatic backstory, it's possible a Watcher who is kind and supportive is probably the only true friend he's ever had. When Aloth reveals his involvement with the Leaden Key, if the Watcher tells him they still consider him a friend and would like for him to keep following them, but as an equal, since he's already had too many masters, it's hard not to keep one's heart from melting into a pile of goo.
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  • By the time you find Persoq He took the body of a deer and was hunted by Eir Glanfathans. Sagani is heartbroken because she only has a few moments to speak to it. The hunters are very rude to her and Hiravias steps in to stand up for her. This is somewhat mitigated because she mocks the hunters' (and Hiravias' by extenstion) culture, but the first thought counts.
  • Lady Webb tells you that you should hurry from the hearing, because she might finish the celebration alcohol without you. When Thaos confronts her, she tells him that she's been saving a cup for you.

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