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As this is a Heartwarming Moments page, spoilers will be left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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Game Examples

  • The fact that Phone Guy is taking time to give you, a total stranger, advice on how to not get murdered by the homicidal animatronics while being hunted down by them himself. That takes guts.
    • In the same vein, if you think the reason Mike keeps coming back is so the next poor bastard that needs a quick buck won't end up stuck in this Hell. Noble, and incredibly brave.
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    • This can be taken to encompass the first three games. Phone Guy is ensuring Mike, Jeremy, and Mystery Guard survive their time working, directly or indirectly, and for around forty years he's around to help and protect the various protagonists. He's a guardian angel, both literally and figuratively.
    • Even when he knows he's going to get stuffed into a suit and die an incredibly painful death he still tries to be encouraging and keep a positive tone.
  • The relationship the Animatronics have with children certainly falls under this. Adults see Freddy and the gang as creepy and foul smelling (and possibly haunted) machines in a run-down pizzeria that's going out of business. Kids? They are implied to love the Fazbear Crew and didn't see them as abominations at all.
    • FNAF 2 shows that the inverse was true as well. The Animatronics were implied to not only get along with children, but were also very protective of them as well.
      • A bit of Fridge Heartwarming between the events of FNAF 2 and FNAF occurs when you take into consideration Freddy's behavior. In FNAF, Freddy seems far more determined to get you than he did in FNAF 2. Why? Because it's heavily implied that Freddy tried to stop the five children from being murdered in FNAF 2. It's a case of Freddy being a Determinator being both Nightmare Fuel and a heartwarming moment. In his own disturbing (and misguided) way, he's making sure that no child ever suffers the same fate again.
      • Crosses into Tear Jerker territory when you consider that the "Save Him" and "You Can't" prompts were Freddy's processing, wanting to go and save the child being murdered outside and his hard coding denying him leaving the digital map of the diner, him slowing down as he cannot break out of the loop of wanting to get out there, but being denied.
      • This also becomes Harsher in Hindsight when the fourth game revealed that the kid who we play as is terrified of the animatronics and doesn't want to go to the pizzeria for his birthday. Although he considers the plushies of the Fazbear crew his only friends, he's scared of them in reality and is forced to deal with their nightmarish counterparts throughout the entire game.

Meta Examples

  • This reddit post. It shows that not all of the younger FNAF fans are of the Vocal Minority, and how a terrifying horror game can bring happiness to others.
    • Another post on the same site has the user talking about how the game helped to overcome a personal phobia.
  • The game's creator, Scott Cawthon, gave us a meta-example here.
  • When Texas was hit by a massive flood late in the May of 2015, many members of the official subreddit flocked together and filled it with topics expressing their concern for Scott's safety almost immediately after news broke out. Thankfully, it was eventually confirmed that Scott lived outside of the areas affected.
  • This image, which has every animatronic throughout the series, sans the shadows and phantoms, but even Springtrap, the nightmares and the two bare animatronic skeletons, standing next to each other, looking cheerful, and the words "Thank you!" on top. Not only does it show how much Scott loves his fanbase, but it also shows how much the series has aged throughout.
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  • Another meta example can be found in a comic from T.G. Weaver. The I-wish-the-robots-would-marry-my-parent-Edition varies wildly depending upon the animatronic, from funny to unsettling. Bonnie's reaction, however, is just adorable, assuring the child that his father has all that he needs in the world, that his mother is watching over him from wherever she is, and finally wishing the boy a happy birthday, with the gift of a handful of free tokens.
  • On the anniversary of the first game's release, Scott started posing various pictures of a model editor, showing the animatronics from the first games. It showed them doing various things such as Foxy giving the viewer a double thumbs up and the endoskeleton from the first game putting on Freddy's head. It's small, but it definitely shows that Scott cares about his characters.


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