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As this is a Heartwarming Moments page, spoilers will be left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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  • Ultimate Custom Night's office. It includes at least one thing from all six games in the series, much like the roster of animatronics it will have. At this point, the update is becoming a full-on love letter to all things Freddy, and to have an office like this is a glorious sight.
  • There's something cute about Mr. Hippo's story when he talks about his friend Orville giving him a blanket and lemonade after his rambling speech because he thinks his friend got too much sun.
  • Over at Ultimate Custom Night's Steam page, Scott added a new update, but not one about the game: it's a request that the fans all respect and honor Markiplier's privacy after the death of his niece in a car crash over the weekend.
    Scott: Let’s all of us keep Mark and his family in our hearts this week. There is nothing on this earth more tragic than what his family has experienced. So, I would encourage all of you to send him a message of support, and a message to let him know that we all stand with him. Nothing else matters right now.
  • The game none too subtly implies that this entire situation with the killer animatronics from across the entire franchise, including some brand new faces or characters that were previously not murderous, is William Afton's personal hell. If this was the intent, then it's in a way heartwarming to know with certainty that the nightmare has ended. William Afton will not hurt anyone else and will get the justice he deserves after so long, with all his victims gathered together to give it to him personally. No escapes, no release, just the punishment he has so richly deserved for a very long time.
  • Mangle's voice clips reveal that she (or was it he?) still thinks of herself as beautiful, isn't that bitter about her whole situation, and still maintains a cheerful and positive attitude, which is quite nice considering how often Mangle has been The Woobie in fanon.
  • Rockstar Foxy loves his parrot, to the point where he'll help you if it turns out his bird likes you.
  • Rhemery, a fairly small Youtube/Twitch channel with less than 200 subscribers, turned out to be the first person to beat 50/20, while in the process gaining over 900 subscribers in a week and even recognition from Scott himself. Just seeing his reactions to everything is heartwarming.
  • Scott's update after Rhemery completed 50/20, deciding to defy expectations and not update the game any further, since he finally feels truly happy with where the franchise is now.
    You know, I had originally wanted FNaF 4 to be the end but wasn’t satisfied with what people took away from it. Then I planned on Sister Location being the last game but wasn’t satisfied with where it left the lore. Then I made Pizzeria Simulator, and I was happy where it left the lore but not completely satisfied with the experience overall. But after the really great reception of UCN, I think I’m finally happy. :)
  • Dawko finally beat 50/20 mode after spending over 1 and a half weeks trying to beat the game. His reaction is very heartwarming and emotional.

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