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Custom Night animatronic predictions
  • Classic Freddy
  • Springtrap's original form
  • Circus Baby
  • Nightmare Freddy
  • Golden Freddy
  • Nightmare
  • Shadow Freddy or Shadow Bonnie
    • They might appear, but he might not tell us they appear. After all, he didn't tell us they appeared in FNAF 2.
  • Funtime Chica! FUNTIME CHICA!
    • So it looks like he's starting to reveal who made the cut on scottgames. Classic Freddy, Springtrap, Baby, and Nightmare Freddy have all made the cut thus far.
    • Except for Nightmare and the Shadows, all of the above have made it.
    • We have a correction: Nightmare is in!
  • Withered Freddy, as Withered Bonnie and Chica are already in.
    • Doubtful. There's so many Freddys already,
    • 'Things get worse', Shadow Bonnie is in. 'Things get much worse', Plushtrap is in. 'Things get much, much worse', Nightmare Chica, Bonnet, the Minireenas, Lolbit, and Fredbear are in the Ultimate Custom Night.

Phone Guy in Custom Night will serve as a way to distract the player and/or make noises to attract animatronics closer to you.
It'd make sense in reality, but knowing Scott he could very well be an enemy and have an official jumpscare.
  • I speculated with my friend that Phone Guy would essentially take the place of the ads in FNAF 6. And that was why Candy Cadet was removed-he'd have taken the same role and that was too much overlap.
    • Confirmed. He calls into the office and if it isn't muted, you'll have to listen to the entirety of the call. Of course, this makes noise, which sets some animatronics off and causes them to go for you.

Phone Guy will be Brainwashed and Crazy in Custom Night.
And he's joined the animatronics.
  • Jossed.

There will be more characters in Ultimate Custom Night.
Scott just won't tell us they're in there. I mean, think about it. We didn't know about Golden Freddy, the Shadows, Nightmare/Fredbear, or Ennard until we actually PLAYED the game.
  • Possibly? Scott made reference to 51/20 mode in the Dawko video, but that could be him trolling.
    • Confirmed. Dee Dee, Shadow Bonnie, Plushtrap, Nightmare Chica, Bonnet, the Minireenas, and Lolbit are in. There is also XOR/Shadow Dee Dee who unlike the rest of the animatronics didn't appear on Scott's website.

The final boss of the Ultimate Custom Night will be FNAF 1 Freddy Fazbear.
As Book Ends for the series, the first game's Big Bad Freddy Fazbear, will the Big Bad and final boss of Ultimate Custom Night. Either him or Bonnie who was the first antimatronic to move.

In Ultimate Custom Night, the animatronics will have different screams depending on which game they're from.
For example: the FNAF 1 animatronics have the FNAF 1 scream, the FNAF 2 animatronics have the FNAF 2 scream, so on and so forth.
  • Confirmed!

Scott will include extra features with the custom night update.
Mainly jump scares for all the animatronics and a method of viewing the character models that would allow the player to get a better view of the animatronics included in custom night.

The Ultimate Custom Night's 50/20 mode will be a tad different.
On any regular preset, the mode would be completed upon reaching 6 AM, but on 50/20 mode, it becomes more climatic than ever. After enduring the Harder Than Hard task of fending off all 50 at once at max difficulty, the player would still reach 6 AM...but it keeps going.<br/>You hear a Breaking Speech from FNaF 1 Freddy upon reaching 6, as he begins to burn the pizzeria down ala The Joy of Creation: Reborn. The ambient background music changes to his Toreador March played with a somber piano not unlike Don't Go from 3. A counter appears on your monitor showing how animatronics are left...and the number decreases slowly, each animatronic dying in the fire as you hear their dying scream with each number drop. You now have to survive until 12 PM.

Eventually, upon reaching 11 AM, all 50 animatronics are destroyed or dissipated except for Freddy himself, who serves as a Lone Wolf Boss and serving as the Book Ends for the series (as an above WMG speculates). Upon reaching 12, Freddy dies off and the pizzeria collapses — you succeed, albeit with your life taken in the process.

Ultimate Custom Night is canon, although as a character's nightmare.
The character would be Cassette Man, aka Henry. The UCN would take place before 6, as he tries to fend off his own creations and atone for his sins. Like he said in the Insanity ending:
It keeps me awake at night.
  • To elaborate on this WMG, this most likely takes place after FFPS, as the animatronics from that game are present. Henry watched the fire from a nearby but safe distance, and has a nightmare about the Fazbear legacy the next night. In this nightmare, Henry tries to put his mind at ease with the sins he created by fending them away forever. Several animatronics speak to Henry as if he were Afton, either due to delusions and misunderstanding, or to try and break his spirit to show that Henry is not so different from William, and that he is just as responsible for the death of the one "he should not have killed" (either Charlie or the Bite Victim). The Puppet/Lefty is confused by this and sees Henry as William, and Fredbear is merely a representation of himself and his sins. The final cutscene with Golden Freddy fading away is the very last thing in his dream, as he watches the restaurant fade into darkness with Golden Freddy being the last thing to go. Then Henry wakes up. Everything else is on the more trippy ends of the dream, most of all the anime cutscenes.

The Endless Tycoon mode will have some...surprises.
Alright, last one from me; since it is likely the final update for 6 and possibly even the final thing Scott does for the series as a whole, he may reveal the answers to the lore's biggest questions — three in particular.

The Endless Tycoon mode is, at first, 1000 levels long, and with each 250 a cutscene will play revealing something.

250 - Who is possessed and who possesses who.

500 - The truth behind 4.

750 - The Bite of '87. In full detail.

1000 - No real revelations, but it would serve as the absolute final event of the series. It could be a Distant Finale, perhaps a direct epilogue to 6's ending - it would nevertheless say "the series is over". To twist the knife in one more time, the game would show a "the end" screen...before closing itself.

Upon replaying Endless Tycoon, it will live up to its name and literally be endless, with no cutscenes.

50/20 Mode will end with an unavoidable death.
Just so Scott can troll Dawko.

When power runs out in the Ultimate Custom Night, Afton (either Spring or Scraptrap) himself will end your run.
As befitting his role as a Would Hurt a Child Ax-Crazy Serial Killer and the Big Bad of the franchise. When power runs out, the lights flicker and he'll move in front of you before the lights go out and he kills you, much like he did in FNaF 3. Or you could fight him by blocking his Jump Scare (via heater, flashlight, shock and so on), making him temporarily leave the office before re-entering again.

In 50/20 Mode, Afton (Scraptrap) will attack just before 6AM, even if he already attacked you before
It seems like a thing that could happen.

The characters removed from the roster, will still be threats.
Characters like Candy Cadet, and Endo-1, will be secret antimatronics that can jumpscare you, like Foxy was in Fnaf 1.

The new irritation for Ultimate Custom Night is.....Chica's Magic Rainbow.
The rainbow was annoying in World, and it would be funny to see her in ultimate custom night. It won't be the Twisted Wolf like many think it will be.
  • Jossed- turns out it's Dee Dee. You had the right game, but the wrong character.

Any character excluded from UCN are still in the pizzeria, but just retired like Toy Freddy is.
This includes characters such as Withered Freddy and Foxy, Funtime Freddy, Nightmare Chica and several others; they could even make a cameo in a room in the nostalgic office. If not then they may as well be The Unseen. Can't have the final Fazbear party without the whole gang brought together!
  • Nightmare Chica is confirmed to be in. She is in the third question marks box on Scott's website. There is also three new question marks boxes below Shadow Bonnie, Plushtrap, and Nightmare Chica. They have Bonnet, the Minireenas, and Lolbit in. There is a box below the Minireenas that Fredbear takes.

The second box on Scott's website will be Shadow Freddie.
Since the first box has Shadow Bonnie in, it makes sense that the other box would be the other Shadow antimatronic Shadow Freddy. Jossed, it is Plushtrap.


Ultimate Custom Night is Afton's personal Ironic Hell.
The animatronics represent all of his sins, and allow him to be healed when they DO catch him, thus having his torment be greatly prolonged. Phone Guy is deliberately using his mortal job as a way to ensure Afton gets his by distracting him.
  • The punishment was devised from what happened to others under his influence, so now he has to experience everything he put the guards, the kids, and his family through at the same time. Ol' Willy is going to have to sit tight until he realizes just how much he caused.

Fredbear in UCN is Classic Golden Freddy retaking his old alias.
Having regained his A.I. after his spirit had moved on, Golden Freddy had painted his attire purple to fully forsake his more eldritch alter ego, and, now having found peace with who he is, becomes Fredbear for the final time and hunts down the player physically. Basically, think Ludwig from Bloodborne, but with a haunted animatronic.

The "One who you should not have killed" is Michael Afton.
Going by the theory that the UCN is William Afton's personal Hell, then the UCN is actually Michael Afton's final, ultimate revenge. William killed Michael indirectly by sending him to Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rental to find Elizabeth, even if he ended up possessing his corpse because of the Remnant instead of truly dying. And before he was allowed to pass on to Heaven (as represented by the secret Old Man Consequences cutscene), Michael was allowed the opportunity to craft William Afton's personal, ironic Hell not just out of revenge for himself, but also for justice for the children and all the innocent Night Guards that were either directly or indirectly destroyed by William Afton's evil. The UCN is the son's vengeance against the father, and when the animatronics succeed in killing his father over and over again in that special Hell, they make sure to let William Afton know that The One Who You Should Not Have Killed is the reason for his eternal misery, while frustrating him even further by not telling him who the source of his eternal torment is.

For some extra juicy irony, according to some sources, the sped-up music in the Old Man Consequences cutscene is actually William Afton screaming in Hell for Henry and Michael to help him. But little does he know that not only will Michael not help him, Michael is actively causing all of his pain and suffering in the first place!

The Nightmare Animatronics were actually demons of Hell the entire time.
The Nightmare Animatronics without question have the most terrifying quotes in the entire UCN, and their words make it clear that they will delight in tormenting William Afton for all eternity, causing him unspeakable anguish and suffering without ever allowing him to truly die. Given that they are the ones who are most explicitly spelling out just how thoroughly William Afton is screwed and that their dialogue and voices are utterly demonic, it's possible that they are the ones in charge of running the UCN and William Afton's personal Hell for all eternity, with the likenesses of the other animatronics (including two past versions of Afton himself, Springtrap and Scraptrap, for additional irony) recreated by their hand to make that Hell as frustrating and as agonizing as possible.

As for their presence in Five Nights at Freddy's 4, if the person experiencing the Nightmares was Michael as the guilt-ridden Older Brother, then the Nightmares being demons means that they were hunting him down and toying with him just like they do to his father now as punishment for his cruelty towards his brother. But there are key differences between William and Michael — Michael's treatment of his brother might have been cruel and his Deadly Prank might have killed his brother, but the death itself was an accident and, more importantly, he showed regret and remorse for his actions almost immediately after the prank. As a result, his punishment at the Nightmares' hands in 4 was severe, but they did not cause permanent harm to Michael and they ultimately let him go after a few nights. William Afton, on the other hand, killed so many more people and did so many more evil acts, descending into depravity more and more as the years passed. So when he is finally thrown into Hell, the waiting Nightmares are eager to throw him into his own personal torment, one that is so much worse than what they put Michael through and one that will never end.

This theory would explain how Michael knew enough about the Nightmares to draw one of them, and why Nightmare Fredbear says "this time there is MORE than an illusion to fear!" But for the UCN, if Michael is the "One you should not have killed", this time Michael and the Nightmare animatronics are allies rather than enemies, united in their hatred of William Afton and their desire to see him suffer for all time.

  • Alternatively, if you suscribe to the theory that Michael was the Bite Victim (which seems to be getting fairly popular), the demons would be going after him using his fears while he's on the brink of near death. Why would demons waste their time tormenting a innocent child? They are demons and therefore assholes.

You're actually Michael Afton being attacked by the spirit of the Bite Victim/Golden Freddy, who is still angry at you.
From this reddit thread. "The one you shouldn't have killed" is referring to the Bite Victim's death, the Old Man Consequences cutscene is him telling Mike to stop drowning himself in guilt, and the mysterious cutscene of Golden Freddy fading away represents the little brother finally letting go of his anger and resting in peace.

Alternatively, Mike is putting himself through a Self-Inflicted Hell because he still feels responsible for everything that's happened with his family, and it ends with him letting go of his guilt and moving on.

The Toy Chica cutscenes, potential metaphors aside, are a Take That! against the "FNAF High School" series.
While no jabs are made, it seems to be some late potshots taken at the creator of said series, who had the guts to try and trademark the term for the purposes of monetization. Perhaps Scott set the cutscenes there just as an "is it dead? Poke it with a stick just to make sure" measure.

Ultimate Custom Night will not be the last game
Let's be honest, is Scott really going to end this? He's been such a Trolling Creator about this for a long time. There will be another game soon.
  • Well, I mean Scott did suggest an Endless Tycoon mode...

Toy Chica isn't just a symbol for Afton in the cutscenes, she was the suit used in FNAF 2 all along
Even from a basic glance the use of Toy Chica to allude to Afton's murders seems unusual. Chica has always been the least utilized of the original four/five animatronics and the Toy incarnations of the characters were gone almost as fast as they were introduced. But it's worth remembering it's specifically said Afton used a "yellow suit" to lure and kill his young victims. We long believed this was Golden Freddy or Springtrap, but the Chicas still fit that description. It also could account for Toy Chica's oddites of removing her eyes and beak: Afton could have tampered with the costume so it would be easier to see and speak within.

There won't be a secret cutscene upon completing 50/20.
And even after someone beats it, there still won't be one. The Golden Freddy scene is as far as it goes. Considering that 50/20 is Unwinnable by Design, whatever lies behind might as well just not be worth getting to, after thousands of attempts. Nor would it be worth hiding behind a rather literally unbeatable (as of this writing) mode. Or, if there is a cutscene, Scott could just do an ARG or something of the sort and upload it as an unlisted YouTube video, to make it much easier for access.

  • From the OP: confirmed!

If anyone ever completes 50/20 while connected to the internet, Scott will be automatically contacted, and William Afton will canonically escape from hell.
THAT'S why it's supposed to be impossible.

Old Man Consequences is the first character in the entire canon to be of entirely unearthly origin, and what we see of him is how he appears to the souls of children.
When the souls of children who were abused seek out their deceased abusers in hell, they find its guardian and his home, whose appearances are designed to be precisely what children need in that situation. The red of the area gives a vague sense of menace (although it may also be an unintentional leak, just like the area's music). The area's boringness and grumpy old inhabitant keep them from staying long. Also notable is his species, a lizard — about as unappealing as an anthropomorphic animal in children's fiction can get without being an outright threatening creature like a snake or a spider. And, of course, if they need someone to talk to, they could do a lot worse than a wizened elder.

William Afton isn't in Hell.
He's in Purgatory, but he's still being punished for his actions. If one accepts the theory that he committed the murders out of anger and vengeance of the death of his son (The Child from FNAF 4), then he can be seen as someone who is too evil for Heaven but not necessarily evil enough for Hell. However, he still did terrible things and must pay for what he's done in the past. So, while he's in Purgatory, he must endure being tormented not only by the children he had murdered, but also the spirits of his own children, his past mistakes (physical manifestations in the form of Springtrap and Scraptrap), and the Nightmares being demonic representations of his inner guilt. And, the only way he can move on to the afterlife is for him and the other ghosts to let go of the past. So far, the only one who's done this is The Puppet, as she says she no longer hates him but says to stay out of her way. In other words, she's forgiven him for killing her (or at least is willing to move on) and is telling him that he too must let go and move on.
  • A potential adjustment to this, Afton isn't in hell because he was intercepted along the way by his original victim who desperately wants to repay him for all the suffering they endured over the years after he killed them. Unfortuantely the fact that Afton isn't in hell means that he is still tied however loosely to the living world and if the right conditions were met he could come back. That would be why Old Man Consequences wants you to let go and "Leave the demon to his demons."

The series isn't over JUST yet
As someone on the Nightmare Fuel Page already pointed out, one of Orville Elephant's Game Over quotes hints that William Afton isn't in Hell, or Purgatory: HE'S STILL HERE because he's stuck. To elaborate, the aforementioned quote hints that someTHING is keeping William from dying and going on to wherever he's going when it's over. This, I would think, would be the child who we see in some game over screens, as well as hear echoing over some voices. Who this is is up for interpretation, my theory is the child from 4.

The series is in fact over...on Scott's end.
As Scott said: "I think if there is to ever be another game in the series, I would want it to come from an experienced publisher that could really make something incredible." Which means that, while Scott will most likely end the series on UCN and Endless Tycoon, another publisher could continue the series and do their own take on the more Kudzu Plot elements of the lore.

William is in hell and Michael is in purgatory; they are both being attacked by animatronics.
The difference is that Michael's punishment is probably lighter and he'll be able to work off his sins and escape some day, while William is stuck in permanent 50/20 mode for all eternity.

The anime cutscenes with Freddy vs Foxy represent how the Bite Victim sees his relationship with his big brother.
Freddy tries to defeat Foxy but always ends up beaten and humiliated by him. BV's brother wears a Foxy mask and pulls mean pranks on him all the time. A cheesy, overdramatic anime is a perfect metaphor for a little kid's rivalry with his jerk older brother.

Foxy represents Afton's memories of the Bite
A continuation of the above WMG. Foxy isn't like a physical animatronic; he can freely pull himself apart and then reconstruct himself, still functional as if nothing happened. His jumpscare involves his head twitching at angles beyond any animatronic's possible limits. Foxy's qualities may be a representation of William Afton's memories of the Bite of '87 in FNaF 4. The abnormally-twitching head may reference how the Bite destroyed the victim's skull, causing his mind to lock him into a traumatic nightmare. The disassembly and reassembly refers to how the person saying "I will put you back together" to the victim was actually his father William, and the representation as Foxy is based on how the victim's brother wore a Foxy mask to scare him, and wore it when he organised the prank that would escalate into the Bite of '87. The Foxy in the cutscenes refers to the Bite victim's relationship with his brother before he was bitten, but the Foxy in the game is about William's relationship with him, since he had to witness his own son die thanks to him. After Elizabeth's death, losing two children sent him into further madness.
  • It may also be Golden Freddy/Fredbear, as he was the animatronic who committed the Bite in the first place, and was presumably the suit William used during his murders.
  • F Na F 4 is the Bite of 83, and not 87. Besides that, this theory could work.

Several of the animatronics represent (or are presumably possessed by) people Afton knew in life.
While it's clear that the animatronics represent someone from Afton's past as a murderer (the classic animatronics and Mediocre Melodies being the children that Afton killed, Puppet/Lefty being Charlotte and Nightmare Fredbear being the Bite victim (judging by the Voice of the Legion containing his voice), it's clear that there were other pizzeria workers who were with Afton, so maybe some of them were there when Afton committed his murders.
  • Phone Guy is just like his regular self, because he was hardly around when William was working. He was aware of the animatronics' weird behaviors and the yellow suit, but he had no knowledge of the murders. Since Afton didn't kill him directly, Phone Guy was merely a memory and isn't trying to haunt him, which is why he doesn't intentionally affect Afton.
  • Toy Freddy was a Lazy Bum worker who often wasted time during work hours, playing video games. When he loses, his aggression is solely targeted towards Afton because the latter would often tell him to stop idling around and do his job. Alternatively, the worker saw William killing the children, so he killed him too to Leave No Witnesses, which is why Toy Freddy has such a huge grudge on him.
  • Withered Bonnie's Spanish accent and face puns came from a Hispanic mechanic who occasionally cracked puns. The distortions he creates are based on how the mechanic would often screw up his repairs sometimes, and he would be blamed for them. Like Toy Freddy's worker, the mechanic also witnessed the murder so he too was killed.
  • Funtime Foxy has been stated by Scott to be an introvert, but his dialogue is spoken in a boisterous and cheerful male voice, different to Scott's initial interpretation. The voice belongs to the designer of the Sister Location animatronics, who had great enthusiasm in his work and originally did the recordings for Funtime Foxy's voicebox. For some reason or other, William killed him and took the animatronics he built, repurposing them to become killing machines. Funtime Foxy's recorded voicebox was removed and replaced with a "Parental Sync and Replay" module to imitate the parents of his would-be victims. In his afterlife, Funtime Foxy has been possessed by his own creator, who has reverted him into the entertainer he was meant to be, explaining his showbiz-related quotes. And, of course, he wasn't too happy with William repurposing his creations to murder children.
  • Circus Baby, Nightmare Bonnie and Nightmare Mangle have the same behaviors; give them their respective plushie and they'll leave you alone. It makes sense why Baby would like plushies, since she's possessed by William's daughter Elizabeth, who states that he made Baby just for her. But the nightmare animatronics liking dolls sounds weird. It could be that they represented Elizabeth's friends, who used to play with their plushies with her. Since Afton was a child murderer, he would have definitely killed them. Since they had plushies of Bonnie and Toy Foxy/Mangle when they were alive, they are represented by their signature plushies. Meanwhile, Elizabeth's plush looks like a smaller version of Circus Baby rather than a plush because she thought it would be better to become the real thing to make her dad proud.
  • Mangle has quotes like "Now I get to play take-apart-and-put-back-together! You won't feel a thing..." and "Don't be afraid! Soon you will look just like me: beautiful!", which indicates that they can finally get revenge for all the suffering the children put them through. However, there was one child who felt sympathetic for Toy Foxy and felt uncomfortable with their treatment and eventual rebranding as a take-apart attraction. That child was the same child who is possessing Nightmare Mangle due to the representation of the Toy Foxy plush, and her sympathy towards Mangle eventually manifested as the original Mangle themself. With Toy Foxy finally given enough autonomy to feel, they're mainly focused on getting their revenge on the one thing worse than the children who caused their suffering: the murderer who did the exact same thing to those children, only worse.
  • Nightmare Balloon Boy's voice doesn't match his childlike appearance, sounding more like a Monster Clown than an actual child. The voice comes from an entertainer in the pizzeria, wearing makeup and being the human actor as a sidekick to the animatronics during their shows, talking to the characters for the kids to watch. Behind the scenes, he was very picky and often dissatisfied, complaining for even the littlest things, which made its way into Nightmare BB's "only do what I want, or die" behavior. Like Toy Freddy and Withered Bonnie, the actor who became Nightmare BB was killed by Afton to Leave No Witnesses. In the end, the clown-turned-animatronic decided to join the hunt for his killer's blood.

Endless Tycoon Mode will be about putting Michael's soul to rest.
This came as a mishmash of three theories I saw on here and the Pizzeria pages: that ETM was Phone Guy's personal heaven, that someone's soul may not still be at rest, and that the protagonist of FFPS might not have been Michael after all.

So yes, it really was some random yahoo that died with the animatronics, and Michael's still out there living a tortured existence, unable to pass on until the Freddy Fazbear name is rehabilitated. Hence, Endless Tycoon mode: he'll make the best damn pizzeria ever, put the bad memories of Freddy Fazbear behind him, and then finally be put to rest.

ETM will not have anything significant in it.
It will simply be as advertised for once; an endless version of the tycoon side of FFPS.

The Death Coin will be updated to not work in 50/20.
Since the first victory of the mode happened partially due to the item, the game will be updated so that whenever using the coin in 50/20, Fredbear appears like he does for Golden Freddy's Easter Egg. After all, that would be something Scott would do with no qualms.

The reward for beating 50/20 mode Scott is adding is a new "Thank You!" message with ALL the new characters
  • Unfortunately Jossed. Scott is done with UCN, but it is possible that he is going to post the Thank You! image on his website.

Scott lied when he said he was done with UCN.
He will add one more update with a message saying thank you to everyone who help with games and have played the games.
  • Potentially Jossed, as in the year 2021, he has yet to update it. Although there is still a chance that he will update it after Security Breach releases.

William never made it to Satan's Hell, and Charlotte made a Hell of her very own just for him.
Nedd Bear, Happy Frog, and Orville Elephant all have rare kill quotes that include something to the tune of "I will never let you leave.", and Orville in particular says "He tried to release you, he tried to release us, but I'm not gonna let that happen.". Being murdered by William, as well witnessing his subsequent murders, has left her more than a little pissed, so as soon as the chance came, she flipped the tables on him, with UCN being what she's doing to him. Furthermore...

The Marionette's kill quote, "I don't hate you, but you need to stay out of my way." is directed not at William, but at the player.
It's Charlotte basically telling the player to stop playing the game, buzz off, and let her continue torturing William.

Old Man Consequences is Satan.
He's red, not based on any animatronic seen before and the game is implied to be William Afton's Ironic Hell. And as ruler of Hell, "Old Man Consequences" sounds like it'd fit as a name. It also explains why he seems to be casually fishing-he lives and is in charge of Hell, so what does he have to worry about. His advice to "rest your own soul" is him talking to Afton's tormentor and saying that tormenting the damned is his responsibility, the tormentor is wasting their time when they could move on to Purgatory and/or Heaven. Maybe he's not that bad a guy, or is just following divine protocol and doesn't want his time wasted.

Dee Dee is the Vengeful Spirit
...and she is personally taking measures to screw you up by throwing secret characters at you. And if she's stressed out enough by your success, she'll upgrade to Shadow Dee Dee and throw everything she's got at you.

The secret kill-quotes by Nedd Bear, Happy Frog, and Orville all directly imply that they are either controlled by or avatars of the vengeful spirit, so it is not out of bounds to think others might be, and Orville's secret quote strongly implies that all of Ultimate Custom Night is the spirit directly interfering with the ending of Pizzeria Simulator and the releasing involved therein to trap you... so Dee Dee, who is essentially cheating in support of that trap and making it more vicious, is very likely another avatar of the spirit.

Ultimate Custom Night is Purgatory for the animatronics/missing children.
Due to Revenge Before Reason and murdering guards as spirits, the missing children were considered too sinful to move onto Heaven, however because of the circumstances behind it they avoided being stuck in Hell presumably forever like William Afton. While Afton will forever be tormented by symbols of his crimes, the kids have to work out their anger and make amends in some fashion before they can truly ascend to Heaven. Afton's Hell just happens to double as a sort of purgatory-who's to say a place of torment for the truly damned can't also moonlight as temporary pain for the not quite damned to redeem themselves through? Unfortunately their hatred for Afton(perhaps believing he will stop being punished once they're done with him) results in a Self-Inflicted Hell which they can only leave once they give up on their vengeance. That's why Old Man Consequences tells the player to "leave the demon with his demons"-at this point, the last thing they need to do before they can go to Heaven is to finally let go and put their anger behind them. The only animatronic that might be truly stuck there is Circus Baby for trying to follow in daddy's footsteps, but even that might be temporary and she can eventually redeem herself. As suggested in an above theory, the Nightmares are actual demons and once the animatronics have left, they will continue to torment Afton.

The player is Satan
Who punishes Afton? You! You set the animatronics' AI! You can force Afton into the brutality of 50/20 mode if you want. After all, it doesn't make sense that Afton would deliberately increase the difficulty of his personal hell. An easy objection is that the player is jumpscared, so they are punished too. Well, in some intepretations of the Bible, Satan is also tortured in hell. The Puppet and Old Man Consequences want the player to stop playing the role of Satan and suffering alongside Aftonand let the animatronics do the job alone.

Henry trapped William in his Ironic Hell... but also trapped the spirits of his victims there, too.
Many of the animatronics may be symbolic references to Afton's sins, and some may even be demons of some sort, but there's some implications that among the group are the spirits of the children themselves, trapped with their killer. One of Withered Bonnie's voice lines has him asking if HE'S the one who's trapped, and the Puppet makes a remark about killing Afton not being his/her goal, and just needs him to "stay out of my way".They might be trapped with Afton in the afterlife, or they might've somehow been taken their unintentionally. It might even be an attempt to give them satisfaction by torturing their killer forever. But some imply that they simply want out, and Puppet may even be trying to do something about it, with his/her role in the killing game being a distraction from it.

Old man consequences is God.
Fishing is featured heavily in Christian symbolism. God is the final judge; ie. God judges everybody's consequences.

There are two people in the Ultimate Custom Night Hell; William Afton and The Vengeful Spirit.
Given some of the wording the animatronics have, it's implied that while this is Afton's personal Hell, it's not truly the bonafide negative afterlife but that he is being personally tormented by "the one you should not have killed". The animatronics aren't actually Afton's victims, with the possible exception of the Puppet (if their statement that "I don't hate you, but you need to stay out of my way" is any indication), but illusions meant to mimic and remind him of his actions (which is also why he is being tormented by Springtrap and Scraptrap, since they obviously can't be William). However while it serves as William Afton's Ironic Hell, it also serves as the Vengeful Spirit's Self-Inflicted Hell; unlike the others who have found peace and moved on, the "one you should not have killed" cannot let go of their hate and refuses to move on so they can torture him. This is why Old Man Consequences says "leave the demon to his demons; rest your own soul"-he is trying to reason with the Vengeful Spirit that punishing Afton is pointless and prevents them from truly moving on. Assuming Glitchtrap and Burntrap are the genuine article and not some facsimile, the Vengeful Spirit may have given Afton an escape hatch since he's in a torturous limbo and not the actual Hell.