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The last tape will have the Journalist dying and be done in a similar way to the first game's Phone Guy death call.
Self Explanatory. On top of this, after she dies on tape, you will turn around and see "glitch bonnie" behind you
  • Jossed. Tape Girl is completely alive when the final tape is recorded, and it contains instructions on how to (allegedly) kill the glitch.
Spring Bonnie man
Is a mix of the original Spring Bonnie programming and William Afton. Due to downloading show data directly from the remaining circuits of various animatronics to avoid creating pathing codes the dev team accidentally managed to take the next step in Aftons' research by digitizing the mind preserved by remnant. Fortunately the process was flawed and didn't properly transfer all the details just the Spring Bonnie appearance and programming mixed with Aftons' base personality and bloodlust. No memories, no motives.
  • Partially confirmed: it's definitely William in there, but he seems to have retained at least some of his memories and motives, if the fact that the final level has him recreate the Missing Children Incident is any indication.
William wasn’t the only spirit that was uploaded in the game - Elizabeth was present at one point too.
Specifically, when the devs scanned the animatronics’ circuit boards, Elizabeth was scanned into the game as well. If Elizabeth is still affected by her corruption from presumably Baby’s programming, it’s possible that a piece of her soul was still remaining within the circuit board that the devs would’ve scanned to program in the Baby character within the game. The reason why she isn’t present when we’re playing the game is because she already pulled a Grand Theft Me on someone else, similar to how William attempts it on us at some point. Although Circus Baby is present in the game, the version of her that is an enemy in the VR game is merely an AI, while Elizabeth likely manifested in some other way akin to “Malhare” and took someone else’s body. She could’ve even possibly taken control of the body of the woman who made the tapes after she made tape #16.
  • Conceivably possible, but unlikely; both Jeremy and Tape Girl seem to have observed only a single "glitch" animatronic, the one corresponding to William.
    • In the wake of MatPat’s theory, could it be possible that Elizabeth took over Tape Girl midway while she was making tapes, and was actually tricking you into releasing William? Besides, it’s possible that Elizabeth didn’t make her presence known like William did, so that she could strike when the time was right to take over Tape Girl’s body.
    • Alternatively, she already manifested herself... as all the PlushBabies scattered throughout the game, too spread out to properly form an intelligence or be any active threat. That may have been why Jeremy and Tape Girl only observed the glitch corresponding to William; Elizabeth's glitch was too spread out into too many different bodies to be a threat, or even detectable.
The true purpose of the Blacklight/Nightmare Ennard level
This particular version of the level is littered with broken and destroyed animatronic parts as set-dressing... but what if it's not just set dressing in this case?

At the end of the level you re-activate the boiler, which like pretty much everything else, seems to be filled with broken animatronics. What if this Blacklight/Nightmare level is showing us how the Remnant was made (if you subscribe to the idea that Remnant = molten soul-possessed metal)? What better level to show it off then the level with the character who is canonly at LEAST four animatronics merged together? Especially when placed in the lowest sections of the storehouse for the animatronics we know Afton was responsible for? The location of the SCUPER, designed to implant the Remnant into robot bodies?

Also, this is how Ennard became 'Molten Freddy' - he was melted.

The 'good' ending is just gonna lead to a split personality.
Someone said it on here: William Afton is just quarantined, not defeated. And all that will lead to is the 'main character' of FNAF VR suffering a split personality as Afton tries to gain control.
  • Seemingly confirmed with the introduction of Vanny. At least, if you think she’s the player character in FNAF VR.

William Afton's spirit has come back, and latched itself onto this anomaly
Watching Dawko's video where he references Harry Potter and the Horcruxes in his "FNAF VR EXPLAINED" video. It'd make sense to see Afton's spirit doing this.
  • Seemingly confirmed, the mobile port has a scene where Glitchtrap speaks in William’s voice and says his catchphrase. But it’s less like he’s latched himself onto the anomaly and more like he IS the anomaly.

The way to stop Spring Bonnie didn't work.
All it did was ensure that the main character kept his consciousness as William took over. Notice the scene at the door: there's no door handle on the player character's side, and hand marks all over it. William didn't get quarantined. The main character did.

Old Man Consequences saw this coming.
The only reason William Afton could come back at all was because of the Ultimate Custom night. When he told the player to rest their soul they were referring to the vengeful spirit trying to get them to let William pass on before the inevitable return happened. Trapping and torturing William was keeping his soul locked up between life and death. Because he didn't there was still enough of a connection with the mortal world for William's remnant to still be active if incomplete.

Spring Bonnie is... just an extra game feature.
Jeremy never actually committed suicide nor was Tape Girl real. The "glitch" of Spring Bonnie was an intended feature meant to keep the pressure on as the game went forward. Just a developers way of adding a little personal flair while also expanding the old scary stories a bit leaving their own mark on the culture forever!
  • This theory brought to you by Fazbear Entertainment.
    • Did the Indie Developer post this?

The Spring Bonnie you encounter in the game is Tape Girl
The glitch successfully took over her body after she recorded Tape 15 (which explains why she randomly introduces herself in the last tape). She records Tape 16 for the player, not to kill the glitch but to trick you into transferring her consciousness into your body in the ending where you successfully reset the game, leaving you trapped inside the game in her stead. Notice the bloody hand prints and scratch marks in that ending are on your side of the door, instead of Spring Bonnie's.

The good ending succeeded, well partially.
Because dang it this series needs at least a somewhat happy ending occasionally. In this case while you don't managed to completely purge William Afton following the instructions does quarantine him deep inside the games code so he no longer has freedom of movement or autonomy. All that's left of him is an inanimate plushie and while he might eventually be able to break out another way for the moment the player character is safe.
  • Wouldn't FNAF6's ending count as a happy ending? Also it's a horror franchise, they're notorious for having gotcha endings where you think it's going to end well and then doesn't. Also also, your theory holds some weight, if not for the fact that the scratch marks and handprints are on YOUR side of the door. As well as the fact there's no door handle. If you were successful, why would YOU be the one on that side of the door?
    • Simple, that's what it looks like when someone is reaching through the window on the door and desperately scratching to try to get out. Afton is definitely sealed away. He's teasing the player since they couldn't get rid of him and also can't tell anyone.
  • While this is definitely canon, it also runs somewhat moot if you consider the fact that other people played this game as well...

Curse of Dreadbear is Hell/Purgatory for the Child's Brother from FNAF 4.
Dreadbear is the spirit of his brother seeking revenge for the bite that murdered him, and Grim Foxy is a reminder to the Brother of all his sins. Even if he IS Michael Afton, he still has those sins he committed crawling on his back, and needs to atone for them directly to his brother.
  • Maaaaybe jossed? How do you explain the brain? Help Wanted explained that his brain (which is also present in his original model) is artificial. It wouldn't quite make sense for Dreadbear to be a spirit or something.
    • I doubt a simple machine would grow to enormous heights to taunt you. Either the Dreadbear with the brain is just another animatronic separate from the actual Dreadbear, or the brain is symbolic of the child having had his brain smashed in (therefore "losing" it) when the Bite happened.

William Afton joined a 'human merges with machine' cult to bring the Bite Victim back to life.
The teaser image currently on scottgames has an 80's vibe, and let's remember Nightmare is a thing. The rest of the series was him trying to perfect that.

Help Wanted is set between FNAF 3 and FFPS.
Given that Fazbear Entertainment is still around, when in FFPS, it was stated that they were "no longer a corporate entity" it seems somewhat unlikely that this is post FFPS. The Scrap Baby plush, the only solid evidence for Help Wanted occurring after FFPS, could have been created as a reference to sightings of the genuine article over the decades (after all, it's unlikely the Ennard hivemind wandered around the sewers for decades before ejecting Baby).

The Client is the Reluctant Follower or another associate of William Afton.
Since the circuit boards sent by the client are what revived Afton in the form of Glitchtrap, who's to say they didn't want to sabotage Fazbear Entertainment's plans and restore Afton to his former kid-killing glory?
  • The reluctant follower is highly suggested to NOT want Afton to be restored to his former glory based on that fact that she searches for ‘help’ and the death threats he’s sending her.

There is an in-universe reason for why Golden Freddy and FNAF 6 are not mentioned.
The vr game is stated to be based on in-universe games commissioned by Fazbear Entertainment to dismiss anyone who tries to look into the actual events. Cassette Girl says that the games were commissioned to deal with rumors. Thus, everything in Help Wanted is somewhat public knowledge in-universe:
  • Fnaf 1: Mike was not the first or last night guard. The other guards could have told people about what they saw. Phone Guy's calls may have automated and played for every new hire so they wouldn't have to pay for training videos. If Mike was Michael Afton (which is likely, considering "Schmidt" is German for Smith) Golden Freddy might only have appeared to him- possibly confusing him with William.
  • Fnaf 2: See above.
  • Fnaf 3: Since the 1st night is the same as the one in the game (no Springtrap), it's likely the protagonist of the was just an ordinary guy who told all his friends after his job burned down.
  • Fnaf 4: There are two possible reasons why people know about the Nightmares: either Crying Child talked about them at school, or the illusion discs were used on others (The first is more likely, since the Night Terrors room looks like the one from the original).
    • My theory for 4 in HW is that Bite Victim, as Classic Golden Freddy, possessed the developers in order to share his living trauma. After over 30 years, of course, he would have also had new ideas such as Nightmarionne, the Jack-O's, and the Frankens (Dreadbear and Franken-Foxy).
  • Sister Location: The elevator from the Ennard Vent Repair is different from the one Michael used. Since Handunit says that elevator is reserved for important employees, Circus Baby and Funtime Freddy might have been seen at a distance by low-level employees. (If an in-universe game version of it exists, it would be from one of their point of view) Ennard may also have been seen on security footage and when it ejected from Micheal's body.
  • Pizzeria Simulator: Henry probably set his trap with the utmost secrecy, with employees he knew wouldn't talk about it. The only person the animatronics could have attacked or been seen by was Michael. When the place burned down, everyone who knew about it went with it. Fazbear Entertainment likely figured it out when they found the animatronic remains, but while there might have been whispers about the fire, and somebody might have seen the salvage in the alley, the rumors that spread could be easily quashed.

The Beta Testing done by Tape Girl and Jeremy Fitzgerald is being done in 1996 to early 1998.
I stole this theory from a FNAF Facebook group, so it isn't mine personally! I am copying and pasting it as it was written.

Let me explain through History.

VR gaming was brought to mainstream eyes in 1995 by Nintendo with the Virtual Boy system(It was NOT that great but it was there) and VR tech was being done in NASA from 1970s to the mid 1980s. It's highly reasonable that the Game was slated for a 1998/1999 release date... as it can take 3 to 5 years to make a game, and we already know that Fazbear Entertainment was ahead of the times in terms of Technology (Thank you Fazbear Freights).

So yeah!! It is highly probable for this!

Meaning when we as the player(and Vanny as well) play it. IT could most likely actually be the early 2000s.


I'm surprised not even Matthew Patrick figured THIS out though.

In-universe, Scott Cawthon's Indie Dev Lookalike is a whistleblower of Fazbear Entertainment.
The events of the video games did in fact happen within the context of Help Wanted, though not 1:1. In-universe, Freddy Fazbear's didn't actually fall and has managed to cover up their misdoings. Indev is someone who either worked or investigated the company, and failing to expose them the normal way released the Fnaf games in-universe in order to get people interested in expose the truth. Fazbear Entertainment tries to cover their asses by claiming he's some lunatic to discredit the "rumors". Why is Afton still here? Ultimate Custom Night is the only game to be made up; wishful thinking by Indev than Afton's Deader than Dead and burning in an Ironic Hell. Or Pizzeria Simulator is made up and there was some sort of Soul Jar William made.
  • Tape Girl says Faz Ent hired him to make those games though, so how could he be a whistleblower? And the events of the books highly suggest that UCN actually happened.

The person telling Gregory to be still is Glamrock Freddy or Montgomery
Perhaps these animatronics will aid/help the child/children.
  • Confirmed to be Freddy.

Gregory is Greg from "Fetch".

Jeremy mentioned in this game is Jeremy Fitzgerald, who survived the Bite of 87
It’s possible to survive removal of the frontal lobe, and depending on how long after FFPS this game takes place, he could easily still be alive. He tried to kill himself with the paper slicer when he realized he was being possessed by Glitchtrap because he could recognize the voice in his head as his former employer from 1987.

Princess Quest is actually the past life of Vanny and Glitchtrap.
  • Since when has reincarnation been a thing in FNAF? And William used to be a normal human before becoming a ghost, why would his ‘past life’ self be a giant tentacle-y blob of rabbit shaped goo?
    • I think he meant how they were before they met.

Help Wanted may have foreshadowed the death of Ennard
By having a worker kill Ennard in a fire inside of a boiler room.
  • Uh, what? Not only was Pizzeria Simulator released two years before Help Wanted, it also takes place before the game timeline-wise.
    • Sorry, I meant it was foreshadowing. I accidentally used the wrong tense.
  • Help Wanted takes place several years after Pizzeria Simulator, so how does this foreshadow anything?