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Tearjerker / Ultimate Custom Night

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As this is a Tear Jerker page, spoilers will be left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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  • A rather foreboding example. In the Custom Night image, two characters can be seen — one is Helpy, and in the bottom right corner... is what appears to be Phone Guy. Your very allies are betraying you and now want to kill you as well.
  • Despite everything he's done, you can't help but feel uncomfortable at the thought of William Afton suffering what he is (if the "Afton suffering an Ironic Hell" theory is true). Someone took the background sounds of Old Man Consequence's Easter Egg and sped it up to reveal the distorted, mechanical sound of someone - probably William - screaming for Henry, for Mike, and for help over and over. Even after hating William for everything he's done, that's a rather unsettling experience to hear.
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  • When you get jumped by Lefty, you get what sounds like a strangled girl's voice saying things like, "it'll all be over soon" in a soothing tone. Even after all she's gone through, Charlie still wants to lift up where she has the power.
  • This Golden Freddy cutscene. It isn't a poignant, bittersweet end like 3. Nor is it an equally beautiful but tragic ending like 4. And most certainly not a triumphant, purely final ending like Pizzeria Simulator. It's a sobering end that simply shows Golden Freddy fading into nothingness. And just the imagery alone fills the player with nothing. No despair. No fear. No laughter. No happiness. No excitement. Just the fact that the series is over at last. That in the end, there were virtually no survivors. Its accompanying song, Void, punctuates this, summing up the Fazbear legend as nothing more but a terrifying urban legend. Nothing joyful will ever come from the Fazbear license ever again. Nothing Freddy related will come to be ever again. No one will remember Freddy Fazbear and friends fondly ever again. They will only be remembered as monsters. Monsters with a tragic past, existence and passing. And nothing more. The show is all over now, and never again will there be new life breathed into it. Freddy Fazbear is dead. And, Five Nights at Freddy's, as a mainline game series... is no more.
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  • UCN Update, which confirms that Scott is officially finished with UCN, and has also finished making FNaF games by himself. While the franchise will continue to live on with Scott at the helm, its original run has finally, truly met its end.
    Hey guys, I wanted to take a moment to update you guys on a few things!
    As most of you know, 50/20 mode has been completed by a runner named Rhemery, so big congrats to him! I fully expect more people to follow soon, as Dawko and DJ Sterf have been making huge strides all week. It’s amazing to watch these guys do things that I legitimately thought were impossible. I feel really honored to have people like them playing my games. I couldn’t have asked for better people to be contributing to the community.
    It’s been fascinating watching these runs too. You know, I went out of my way with UCN to make sure there was no randomness in winning. You could play against any of the enemies and have a 100% success rate if you follow the mechanics. However, using all of those mechanics, it seems, is what would have probably made 50/20 impossible. What’s interesting is that whereas there was no randomness in winning, there WAS some randomness in losing, and it was that discrepancy that proved to be the chink in UCN’s armor. For instance, when you don’t tend to Toy Freddy, he doesn’t instantly jumpscare you, he just gets flagged as “ready” to jumpscare you; same with Foxy, and there is some random time before it happens. Those little bits of randomness in the fail-state mechanics proved to be 50/20’s weakness, and it was really amazing watching these guys put together their strategies. Be sure to show these guys a lot of support, they’ve made amazing progress, and have once again proved me wrong in my assertion that I’d finally made an impossible custom night!
    Tonight, I was already trying to think of an update or extra content to add to the game, seeing that it had been beaten, but I stopped myself. No. This is a good place. I’m happy with this game; I had a lot of fun creating it; and I think I’m going to leave it alone.
    You know, I had originally wanted FNaF 4 to be the end but wasn’t satisfied with what people took away from it. Then I planned on Sister Location being the last game but wasn’t satisfied with where it left the lore. Then I made Pizzeria Simulator, and I was happy where it left the lore but not completely satisfied with the experience overall. But after the really great reception of UCN, I think I’m finally happy. :)
    That doesn’t mean I’m done with FNaF, but it probably means this was my last game that I’ll make by myself. I know I’ve said that before, but I feel pretty good about it this time.
    I actually have a bigger task at hand right now, and you guys aren’t going to hear from me for a while until I finish it. Stay tuned!
    For now though, I want to thank everyone for the warm welcome you all gave to UCN. I had a great time making it!
  • One of Circus Baby's lines if she kills you (with two seperate takes, in fact) is, "I guess you forgot about me..." Just a simple meta line directed towards the player forgetting to deal with her, right? Probably...until you consider the rumors that you play as William Afton in this game. Considering the death of Afton's daughter by Baby's hand is at least the start of Afton's Sanity Slippage, coupled with how hard she tried to please him during Pizzeria Simulator, it turns the line from a throwaway kinda-sorta-joke into something more...sombre.

  • The Vengeful Spirit is really quite depressing when you think about it. A child who was unfortunate enough to be murdered by William Afton has become so consumed by rage and vengeance that they’ve given up their own afterlife, their own chance at peace to either follow their murderer into hell or MADE their own hell to keep William in. The rest of the children murdered are finally able to rest but The Vengeful Spirit will possibly NEVER be at peace because they’re just too angry to let go. All because they just so happened to be one of William’s many many victims.
  • While the idea of William Afton suffering an Ironic Hell is fitting and barely Tearjerky, there is one idea that can be tearjerker in spite of that. Looking at the animatronic's quotes, plenty of them seem to be their own beings, or not underneath the Vengeful Spirit's direct control. While the Nightmares represent Williams wickedness and inner evil, and the Mediocre Melodies are beneath the Spirit's control, plenty of the quotes imply that the Animatronics are either themselves, or the spirits of the kids. That's right folks, the animatronics and kids might be in Hell too!
    • For the Animatronics, they were made to murder kids or aid in murder. They're noted to have killed plenty of kids across the games. However, they also have evidence of sapience. Baby/Ennard and the garbled speech in FNAF 1 is proof of this, but none of them can understand why they kill people or go after people. They were only doing what they were programmed to do, with no agency or idea that they could simply not kill people, and they all ended up in the same Hell to torment their creator for eternity.
    • For the Children, they were murdered and yet still remained as ghosts thanks to the remnant within the Animatronics, which in turn they possibly used to possess them and go after the night guards. However, the Night Guards were innocent, as William Afton is responsible for their deaths. They were noted to have many casualties (if the Phone Guy's note of the management covering up deaths is of any indication). The tearjerker kicks in when one considers that these are the kids who were looking for their murderer and achieve peace, and it's easy to feel terrible for them. And if they are in his hell as well, the image that they've achieved their final rest in FNAF 3 and 6 is only a sweet illusion covering up their true damned fate, and the fact that they're now stuck in the form of the very things that killed them.

Shhhhh... It will all be over soon.


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