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Tear Jerker / Five Nights at Freddy's 2

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As this is a Tear Jerker page, spoilers will be left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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S... A... V... E... T... H... E... M...

Pre-game Examples

  • The first trailer is chock full of Nightmare Fuel, but it does have some sad moments as well.
    • The thought that the original animatronics have not only been replaced but outright abandoned and left to decay can be somewhat depressing to the players of the original game. Not that that will stop the originals from hunting you down, though.
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    • Hell, this shot of Withered Chica looks like she's crying for help.

In-game Examples

  • S A V E T H E M. Falling in line with Alternate Character Interpretation on the YMMV page, the minigames and the buffer between Nights 4 and 5 imply the Marionette may be at least partially responsible for the horrible things the animatronics are doing. And they want to be free from this torment. And when you run into the Purple Guard, the screen becomes static, with the words "You can't".
    • The Puppet himself may in fact be desperately trying to get the other animatronics whom he has given life to to help him find and fix the mess their souls have been trapped in, as seen when he and Freddy race through the building to try and get to the scene of the crime committed in the 'SAVE THEM' minigame.
    • The Foxy minigame, too. He comes out of Pirate Cove and runs into a room full of children who happily greet him. You do this a second time, same result. Third time, the Purple Man is standing right outside the Pirate Cove, and the children in the next room are all dead...
    • Freddy, judging from the Puppet Minigames, tried — and failed — to stop the Puppet from taking the murder victims' bodies away and directly causing the animatronics to become haunted. Of course, this is Alternate Character Interpretation as well.
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  • Freddy, and us, have a moment during the Save Him game, when you have to give cake to the children. There's a seventh child right outside the window, crying, unable to join in, looking in and seeing everyone happy, and also mad. He may think they don't appreciate it. But! At least he gets something! A purple car drives by and an unknown man comes up, killing the child, all the while he cries, and cries, his eyes getting wider and wider. Then, he just goes gray. The tear tracks from beginning are still there. None of the children seem to even notice! And all the while "S A V E H I M" is being spelled, the voice silently asking you to do something.note  What makes it even worse is that tons of evidence points to the Crying Child becoming the Puppet
  • In the ending after you find out that the game is a prequel, then Phone Guy's remark that he'll be taking up the night shift becomes a particularly tragic Foregone Conclusion.
    • Made worse by his earlier talking about how much he liked the old characters, and even curiously asking if Foxy stopped by the office, claiming he was his favorite. We, of course, know these same animatronics will end up killing him. It also puts his comment in the original about treating the animatronics with respect into a new perspective.
      • The line about Foxy: "He was always my favorite." How long, exactly, is 'always'? Knowing this is a prequel, it's completely possible that Phone Guy was a fan of the original Fazbear's Pizza, which then closed down and, in Phone Guy's own words, was "left to rot" for a long time. Phone Guy got the opportunity to work at a place he loved as a kid...only to witness the animatronics he grew to love being mutilated and used for parts for their replacements. Oh, and then he's around for the murder of those five kids. And the Bite of 87. That line in the second one, about how those animatronics mean a lot to a lot of kids, and him asking Mike to treat them with respect, comes across a lot sadder when you think about just how long Phone Guy's known those animatronics.
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    • During the night 6 phone-call he just sounds... distraught and confused. Understandable given that this came just a day after the Golden Freddy incident, and the horrible, horrible revelation that 5 children had been murdered and stuffed into suits.
  • The player character's fate. Either he was falsely accused of being the murderer, he was the Bite of '87 victim, or he was a witness, depending on how you interpret things. Either way, he did not have a happy ending.
    • Or maybe the player character is the murderer. It certainly answers the question "Why the fuck are you even there on night six?"
  • Knowing that the robots only hate adults and are otherwise protective of children, the revelation that the new robots would all be scrapped after the murders that they weren't even responsible for is a little heartbreaking.
    • It was pointed out that Foxy's behavior in the first game might actually be a result of what happened to Mangle and how it got scrapped. The other animatronics for all we know might not be too happy about the new bots getting scrapped.
  • When Old Foxy wanders around the Pizzeria, he'll occasionally look quite depressed and miserable.
    • Considering how every incarnation of him is feared by the adults or torn up because of negligence on the Fazbear employees' part, it's not hard to see why he might be depressed and antisocial. Also...running into his own attraction to entertain the 5 kids only to discover that they are all dead probably didn't help.
  • In a weird sort of way, Mangle. The brief glimpses we get show what appear to be an endoskeleton put together wrong with only the mask intact. This would just be Nightmare Fuel-soaked Body Horror, if not for the children's drawings showing a pink fox being ripped apart by some bratty kids. Even for a deadly killbot, that's kinda harsh...
    • According to Phone Guy, Toy Foxy was torn apart so many times the staff decided to make it into a 'build it yourself' type attraction for the kids so they wouldn't have to keep fixing it, meaning the poor thing is torn apart daily. It became so mutilated, it was given the cruel nickname, Mangle.
    • It's even worse because the place has only been open for a week by the time the game starts, so it's like the staff didn't even try very hard to care about poor Toy Foxy. Reading between the lines, they gave up after only a day or two of fixing it up. Even worse still, Toy Foxy likely lets them do it considering there are no injuries from it even though the bots are somewhat sentient, marking it as exceptionally gentle. It is the only animatronic that doesn't even start properly gunning for you until Night 4, when the facial recognition has been tampered with, wherein it becomes indefinitely more insistent on getting you. While it'll go for you before that, it will not be any more threatening than the other animatronics are on the first night. Considering all of this, Mangle is probably the most gentle of the eleven animatronics (thirteen including Shadow Bonnie and Shadow Freddy), which makes it all the more depressing that it's the one they rip apart every day.
  • When any of the new or withered animatronics attack, it almost sounds like they're yelling "FREEDOM!!!" This is especially is sad since Golden Freddy is the only one who doesn't shout "freedom" when he kills you.

Examples outside of the game

  • The Living Tombstone made another Five Nights at Freddy's-based remix, this time seemingly about the mother of one of the victims of the child murderer. It's especially heartbreaking because of how sad she is. One of the lyrics talk about how she's so sad, she's looking forward to death. The song as a whole is incredibly hard to listen to, especially if you're a parent yourself.
    • It's even worse than that: it's implied that she committed suicide (The I can't wait for the cliff at the end of river line after she expresses her guilt, sadness, and depression after her son's death) when she found out that her son died via the Purple Man masquerading as Freddy. And on top of that it's implied later on that she possessed the Marionette thereafter (It won't be long before I become a puppet and ''I wish I lived in the present with the gift of my past mistakes). This puts her son being stuffed into Golden Freddy under a new light, considering at the very start of the song she was carrying a Golden Freddy doll and we know he loves the animatronics...
    • Kind of puts how Golden Freddy acts in both games into perspective, huh?
    • "I'm sorry my sweet baby/ I wish I've been there..."
    • The worst part is this though. Pizzeria Simulator proves this song canon...provided that one reverses the genders and replaces Golden Freddy with the Puppet.
  • This...possibly canon comic (considering all the evidence for it) based on the Cake mini-game made by Rebornica that explains the Marionette's origins. The kid possessing the Marionette clearly has had a tragic life considering he is blind, possibly homeless, and an outcast on top of feeling like everyone takes advantage of him before leaving him for the wolves (excluding his own mother who is implied to be dead). Is it surprising that he would want to share the gift of life and not be alone?
    • Especially heartbreaking is the sight of The Marionette seeing the murderer wearing Golden Freddy’s suit lure the kids in, and Freddy and him racing to the scene of the crime, only to be stopped by the sadistic Purple Man, who had also poisoned the kid currently inhabiting the Marionette.

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