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Tear Jerker / Five Nights at Freddy's

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As this is a Tear Jerker page, spoilers will be left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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As terrifying as the game is, it managed to have its fair share of sad moments.


In-game Examples

  • Yes, you know the truth. But a lot of kids in-universe adore the Fazbear gang and don't know about the restaurant's Dark and Troubled Past. They're going to be heartbroken when the place shuts down for good within two months. The fact that the place gets a re-opening in the sequel does nothing to help, despite what it may seem, due to the reveal that it takes place before the first game. And when it seems they would get to revisit their childhood thirty years later with Fazbear's Fright, it turns out the place burned down very shortly before or after opening.
    "These characters will live on. In the hearts of kids, these characters will live on." -CEO
  • The death of Phone Guy, your only friendly presence in the pizzeria. What's worse is, it's likely nobody but Mike will ever know his fate.
    • Playing through the sequel and hearing him talk about how he's taking up the night shift, with us knowing what will happen to him when he does so, only makes it worse...
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    • Even if the (quite popular) theory of him being alive in the third game holds any truth, there's still just his entire experience through the whole series. You can tell he's an avid fan of the franchise and absolutely adores the animatronics. But throughout the course of the story, he has to watch this beloved restaurant deal with the murders of children on its premises. He also discover that someone — probably a co-worker, possibly a friend — used a suit meant to bring joy to small children to lure them to their deaths instead. He sounds devastated in the phone call afterward. Then, possibly for years, he has to take up the lonely nightshift as Freddy's struggles more and more to stay open, all while using his own wits to stay alive against a team of haunted animatronics — the very ones he loved — that are now trying to kill him. It's utterly heartbreaking to see a good-natured man so enthusiastic about the restaurant have to deal with everything from murders to the supernatural — and get killed for it. The player isn't given an option to go check on and possibly save him. Unlike the missing children, someone knew where he was.
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    • This final piece of dialogue Phone Guy says before he's killed:
    Phone Guy:I always wondered what was in all those empty heads back there... (Freddy's Tune plays)...Oh no. (Death scream...and then silence)
  • The animatronics themselves are a sad story. They were built for the sole and express purpose of entertaining children, and when that purpose is being slowly stripped away as they fall apart and wither in metaphorical agony, some people can't help but feel bad for them.
  • According to Scott, the events of Nights 6 and 7 aren't canon in the games, meaning Mike never actually DOES get fired.

Examples outside of the game

  • A Meta example: Rebornica leaving the fandom, refusing to do anything FNAF related and deleting all their comics was... celebrated by most of the fandom, including the official subreddit... which is, oddly enough, filled with some of the most mature fans of the game. For all the threats that the artist had to endure constantly, it's pretty sickening to think that the reaction to the artist leaving was cheers and taunts, as well as downvoting every person that called the subreddit out Just read these.
    • Fortunately, as of the 2nd most upvoted comment here, people have begun to realize that Rebornica was actually not as bad as Reddit made them out to be.
  • As a fanon example by Mandopony, this song qualifies. It shows Foxy in a different way, showing that he hates being decommissioned and just wants to be noticed by somebody.
    Foxy: You never listened, never bothered, never looked my way. It's only fair for me to visit you and make you pay.
    • Another fan song shows Foxy in a similar light, but this time in the style of a nautical ballad.
    • Speaking of Mandopony, try to listen to "Balloons" and "Nothing can hurt me" without crying or at least feeling depressed. Saying anything else would spoil it.


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