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As this is a Funny Moments page, spoilers will be left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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Despite the game being chock-filled with Nightmare Fuel, it's actually got some funny moments as well.


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    The game itself 
  • The scene from the trailer where Bonnie takes off his mask is reminiscent of this scene from RoboCop 2, although the movie does it funnier.
  • If you look at Chica's jumpscare, you can see her eyes are facing away from each other. Also, due to the nature of how the jumpscare was rendered, it looks like she's violently humping you.
  • This screenshot of Freddy is pretty funny. It looks more like he's trying to give you a hug or take a selfie than kill you.
  • Foxy's demeanor. Between the jerky leaning in, the lazy eyelid, the winking at you with his eyepatch, and his initial goofy grin followed by his mouth hanging open in apparent enthusiasm, it almost looks like this pirate has had a little too much rum. And though it might startle a player the first few times, seeing Foxy barrel down the hall waving his arms awkwardly and doing his best Pac-Man impression is highly entertaining.
    • And when you stop him from rushing up to you, there's a distinct [BANG] against the shut door, shortly followed by what sounds like Foxy falling and hitting the floor.
  • Although the nonchalance of the Phone Guy can be pretty unsettling, it makes some of his lines really funny. Some of the best include 'So you can imagine how being stuffed into one of these could cause a little bit of discomfort... and death...'
    • "...Yeah, they don't tell you these things when you sign up."
  • The mobile versions come with the option to buy adorable plush toys of the three working animatronics, which just sit on the security desk while you play. It's probably the last thing anyone expected a horror game to include. Then again, if Silent Hill 2 has this ending in it, it's not that out of the ordinary. note 
  • The newspaper seen at the beginning with the night guard advertisement seems fairly straightforward... until you make out what the blurred text says. What does it say? Several "Blah blah blahs" and taunts from Scott, such as saying how you won't even make it past Night 3.
  • If you successfully get through the custom night, instead of receiving a check, you'll get fired. The reason? "Tampering with the animatronics. General unprofessionalism. Odor."
  • If one clicks on Freddy's nose on the poster in the security room, it makes a honking sound. This Easter Egg would show up in all three of the later games, and makes a cameo appearance in One Night at Flumpty's 2.
  • Australians may find it hard to take Freddy's musical theme (Toreador March) seriously, mainly because the theme is also used for the Geelong Cats theme song.
    • It's also the Beer Song.
  • The insane reviews for the game.
    Steam user: 20/20/20/20 mode is like moving to a Mormon neighborhood; someone is always at your door, and you never like who it is.
  • When you complete the game you get the check that says, (See you next week)...which kinda reminds you, "Oh yeah, this is only my first week."
  • One of the rules at Freddy's is "don't poop on the floor". Besides the intial WTF reaction, just the idea that it must have happened once and forced them to make it an official rule is hilarious. That could go a long way toward explaining the "general unprofessionalism" and "odor" mentioned on the pink slip at the end of Night 7.
  • The fact that the hardest difficulty possible can easily be called 4/20 mode.

    Lets Plays / Reactions 

    Outside the game 

  • This video detailing a glitch in Freddy's which delves into random clips of other games to the point of an Overly Long Gag.
    • "And if everything is done perfectly correct... you'll still lose anyway. But you'll find a little happy face in the corner."
  • This VG Cats comic has Aerith and Leo (filling in for the player character) pointing out all the major plotholes, only for Freddy to burst in and exclaim "OH. MY. GOD! It's just a game!"
  • Someome made a mock "Help Wanted" sign for Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.
  • There is a RPG fan game for FNaF called Five Nights At Fuckboy's. Details include having text to speech voice acting, evil party hats, a dragon dildo as a weapon, having to knock on a door 100 times to get a character in your party (you need her, by the way), and burning down Pirate Cove. Twice. Also, Foxy says "CAN'T A PIRATE MASTURBATE IN THIS FUCKING HOUSE" at one point. It even got a sequel starring Toy Freddy.
    • And who can forget this little gem? "Inhale my dong enragement child"
  • Voice dubs of fan comics have been making it around YouTube. Here are some to get you started:
  • Fnaf Thoughts, showing the true extent of the absolute weirdness of the fandom's thought processes. Even some of the less funny ideas can elicit a few chuckles just from the format.
    what if chica is neither a chicken or a duck. it is a chica
  • A banner ad for a security firm popping up when reading about a game showcasing just what a bad idea becoming a security guard is. "The pay and hours suck and the job will most likely kill you in a nightmarish fashion. Wanna give it a shot?"
  • Honest Trailers made an honest trailer for the game. Especially hilarious is the fact the announcer keeps getting Jump Scared by the animatronics throughout the video, as if he's actually making the video inside the security booth itself.
  • In case you want a REALLY weird FNAF fan video, there is Five Nights On Shrooms.
  • This infamous Reddit theory: Freddy is a trumpet!
  • It's a minor Jump Scare, sure. But on the FNAF wiki, The Purple Guy's Sprite will walk across the screen occasionally. The Standard Reaction to this is a "WTF!?" then a "Go away! Go way! Okay Good!"
  • This story where the poster's 55 year old mother became a big fan of the game after his sister's boyfriend installed the game on her computer as a prank.
  • Luigi's Night at Freddy's. As it says, Luigi is unfortunate enough to take the night shift at Freddy's. Highlights include:
  • Aiden Pearce REKTs Five Nights at Freddy's.
  • Pyro's Night At Freddy's. The animation is splendid, the animatronics are horrified, shocked, and confused by Pyro's antics, and Pyro is... Pyro.
    • Oh, and the fact that the animatronics (undead, insane ghosts of murdered children that haunt a pizzeria, can change the posters on the walls, stalk the night guard, make hallucinations, and mummify a serial killer using an old suit and making a boarded up room into his tomb) consider Pyro Nightmare Fuel of the highest possible degree. By the 2nd night, they're huddled in the security room, checking the cameras for him.
  • In some fan art, Phone Guy is actually drawn as a literal phone guy, which is a human with a phone for a head. As it turns out, Rebornica started it.
  • The FUN Song from Sponge Bob Squarepants, Freddy Fazbear Style!
  • The fan community at 4chan (5N@F General threads in Video Game Generals), if you can excuse the occasional trolling, is a veritable factory of hilarious fan content, cranking out fanart, fanfics and even fan voice-acting at a steady pace.
    • For some reason, it has an unofficial initiation where to become accepted as one of them, you need to either draw Bonnie doing a flip, wearing fishnets, and/or having flaming hands. While some attempts are straightforward, there have been many hilarious results.
    • One voiceclip by a certain contributor, followed by a certain fanfic (NSFW) by another, has prompted some of the community to run with the idea that Bonnie has a crippling addiction to Snickers.
  • This short. Looks like everyone's favorite Killer Rabbit has been watching too much anime.
  • Five Nights At Freddy The Musical staring Markiplier!
  • The Five Nights at Freddys raps by JT Machinima can be funny and entertaining due to the idea about the Animatronics being able to rap at the security guard. Special mention goes to the Rap Battle where Freddy and Mike are arguing with each other through rap.
    Freddy "You really can't be such a man, if this was the best job you could land!"
    Mike "You're a bunch of brats who hate adults, so quit it with the petty lame insults."
  • Five Fnafs at Fnafy's, animated in SFM by Magmablock. Guess the Heavy has Seen It All.
  • Five Facts at Freddy's, in which Gavin Free and Michael Jones list out five facts about the original game.
    • They get Scott's last name wrong, calling him "Scott Cthulhu".
    • When they mention that the game once had a life system before it was removed, they commented that it was like Groundhog Day, except you can't punch a guy in the face or rob banks or bang chicks and you're not Bill Murray.
    • When they mention that Foxy's tattered look was because of the bumps on the road while traveling to his in-laws, Michael suggested he should have blamed them.
    • Michael pours on the Sarcasm Mode when he reveals that Scott Cawthon donated to the Extra Life that lead to Michael getting tazed.
    • At the end, Gavin begs Scott not to make anymore Five Nights games (as Gavin has proven to be quite the chicken) before Michael mentions the RPG, leading Gavin to whimper.
  • To celebrate the second anniversary of the game's release, Scott Cawthon released images showing the rendering process for the animatronics on his website. It's mostly a heartwarming reminder of how far the series has come, but hilarity sets in for the Foxy teaser. Foxy is giving you a thumbs-up!
  • Manly Guys Doing Manly Things takes on FNAF. Turns out smashing them with a baseball bat can get you fired, who knew?
  • NIGHT OF THE PIZZA BEAR!! Krunkidile of Team Service Announcement fame hits it out of the park yet again, taking Entertainingly Wrong Up to Eleven. Highlights include:
    • The entire Fredbear franchise created by two (perpetually bored) hicks trying to build a family diner on top of an ancient Egyptian puppet show, infuriating "Puppetmaster 3 on VHS" (yes, that's his name, and he's represented by The Puppet), who threatens to curse them for eternity if they don't let him in on their plans to run a pizza restaurant. Said hicks later retire to run a pig farm built on a haunted discotheque.
    • The establishment's staff is entirely automated by animatronics... Poorly.
    • The narrator keeps getting the name of the establishment wrong, and increasingly more so until it just isn't remotely close. When it finally gets to "Butt Johnson's Tuna-Flavoured Ice Cream Showdown", Freddy hangs a lampshade on it by saying "I think we've lost the script somewhere..."
    • "However, at night, the robots launch a sinister plan to appease the will of their vengeful lord, Piza, the Egyptian god of Italy. Using Ancient Egyptian Craigslist, the robots hire you to work at Fuzzy Fred's Pizorium Emporium as a late-night security guard."
    • The security guard does not take shit from anyone, using guns and beating up the animatronics himself. Nevermind taking on Puppetmaster 3 and Piza himself.
    • "If you get caught, you'll be presented as tribute to Piza's endless spaghetti nightmare. However, if you can survive five nights of this psychological torture, the robots will be forced to get help from Puppetmaster 3, who will challenge you to a Skee-Ball game, FOR YOUR SOUL. And if you can live through that, Piza himself will challenge you to go-kart race down Dead Man's Curve, FOR YOUR SOUL. AGAIN."
    • Then it just turns into a parody of World of Warcraft, with an advertisement for an expansion pack, "Five Nights at Freddy's 2: Warlords of Draenor", complete with "two new races, updated character models and the new Dating Sim adventure mode!"
    • The video ends with Mangle hosting an employee orientation that just showed the previous footage. The Engie is the only one there, and by his reaction when the lights turn back on, apparently the rest got the hell out of dodge early.

  • Chica by Mandopony. It's about the night guard hitting on Chica. Think about that one.

There, see? Nothing to be scared o— SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEGAAAHHH! Come on!


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