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"Hi! I'm Flumpty Bumpty. I'm an egg. I'm immune to the plot, and I can transcend time and space. Also I'm coming after you. You can figure out the rest. Have fun...!"

"Welcome one and all to Flumpty Bumpty's
If your light's turned off, then you're safe (Or are you?)
If your lights are on then they'll come find you
And rip you a brand new face"
Jingle on the record player from One Night at Flumpty's 2

One Night at Flumpty's is a Five Nights at Freddy's fangame series created by Jonochrome. A parody of the FNaF series, it follows the standard format. Only instead of a security guard, you're an unwilling participant (read: kidnapped) of Flumpty's "Hide and Seek Survival Game". The rules are simple: you monitor a surreal playhouse of Flumpty's and keep the others from reaching you until 6 AM. Your kidnapper, Flumpty, is an egg, and he can travel though time and space. He and his friends are all in on the game and if they manage to get to you, game over. So... y'know, the usual.

What sets it apart from most fangames, however, is that it's entirely done in flash animation, and doesn't take itself seriously while still staying true to its inspiration, playing akin to a very mind screwy horror comedy with tons of Easter Eggs thrown in. Also, since it's only set around one night, it plays much faster as well, leaving you more likely to be caught off guard.

The first game was released on January 28th, 2015, and a second one, titled One Night at Flumpty's 2, was released on April 11th, 2015. Both were removed for a while, but are now back as of February 8th, 2016. A third game, titled One Week At Flumpty's, was under development, but was later cancelled... at least by the original creator. Some fans have taken it upon themselves to finish the game (see the trivia tab for more details).

However, in August of 2020, Scott Cawthon announced the "Fazbear Fanverse Initiative", in which he would officially fund various fangame creators and allow them to create merchandise and console ports of their games; as part of this initiative, Jonochrome was officially confirmed to be back in the saddle for One Night at Flumpty's 3, five years later.

One Night at Flumpty's 3 was released as a Halloween special on October 31st, 2021. A console port consisting of it and remasters of the previous two games, titled The Egg Collection, was made alongside it published shortly afterwards.

The One Night at Flumpty's series provides examples of:

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  • Affably Evil:
    • Despite the grotesque background within the first game, Flumpty politely introduces himself to you as an Eldritch Abomination with Plot Immunity that came from Another Dimension, and tells you that he's coming after you. Joy? Also, in the second game, Flumpty is the only enemy who gives you a chance to turn the light off rather than having to anticipate him, though this is due to his completely random nature of wandering to your office. This is double subverted in the third game, where he drops all niceties and starts getting serious in the second night, but he does make good on his promise to let you go, should you make it to 6 AM.
    • On another note in the first game, an article on the Beaver's newspaper advises you to watch the cameras.
  • Affectionate Parody: The games frequently lampoon the gameplay and lore of Five Nights at Freddy's (e.g. Flumpty goes after you because he likes to, the first game's equivalent of Foxy has to stay away the majority of the time because he constantly has a Potty Emergency, etc.) and never takes themselves seriously. That said, Jonochrome explicitly credits Scott in all of the main menus, and in the second game's Hard Boiled Mode ending, he thanks Scott for creating the series.
  • Antepiece: The third game makes use of this at the start of the first night to teach the player the basic game mechanics.
    • Birthday Boy Blam is the first character that becomes active, and at first is the only character that tries to attack the player. He also follows a set path to the office every single time, making him very easy to predict. Once he is no longer visible on CAM 5 (the one showing the hallway right in front of the office), the player needs to make the connection that he is right outside their room. At this point, you must learn that you can repel characters from attacking by using the camera. Even if you fail the first time and he kills you, no other characters ever become active this early on, so the only way to advance further into the night is to figure out how to repel Blam.
    • Grunkfuss has a similar behavior, becoming active after you successfully repel Blam for the first time. He too follows a set path to the office, but unlike Blam, you must not use the camera when he is outside of the door. Grunkfuss' starting place in CAM 6 (a clown-themed art exhibit) has a sign indicating that taking pictures is not allowed, hinting at the fact that he's immune to the camera. And just like Blam, you can't advance further on unless you figure out how to get Grunkfuss to leave you alone. And finally, Grunkfuss and Blam will never attack simultaneously the first time.
    • When the Redman is in the furnace, the shot of CAM 4 will change to the furnace itself with the Redman inside, alongside the text "STAY AWAY". This indicates that you musn't go to the furnace whenever the Redman enters, and have to wait until he leaves before you can increase your body temperature again, at which the camera will return to its normal shot. This is carried on during the second night with the Flumpty clone that replaces the Redman.
  • Anti-Frustration Features:
    • In the second game:
      • If your laptop runs out of power and has to reboot after charging, the laptop battery won't drain during the boot up procedure.
      • The Redman's popup is programmed to not appear at a time you can't close it, aka when you have your light off because a monster is at your door.
    • In the third game:
      • An update made it so that the Eyesaur and BBB both cannot kill you if Grunkfuss is in the doorway too, as his mechanic (do not take a picture and let him pass by) conflicts with both of theirs (take a picture to scare them off, take two in Eyesaur's case).
      • Should your temperature get to critical levels in the second night past 4am, it will stop glitching out, giving you a brief moment to warm yourself up before the glitches resume.
  • April Fools: The creator released an April Fools version of the second game, featuring an anti-climatic encounter with Flumpty, Birthday Boy Blam and Grunkfus, the player simply having to click on them to shoot and kill them and end the game.
  • Artistic License – Biology: With the exception of the first game, the series doesn't depict eye mutilation in its Game Over screens very accurately.
    • An eye sliced up in the manner of the game over screen in the second game wouldn't look like that (among other things, the sclera is too thick and the pupil is portrayed as more of a black dot than a hole), and for that matter probably wouldn't slice very well in the first place. The inside of the eye is also depicted as having blood instead of clear vitreous fluid.
    • In the third game, the eye just straight up cracks as if it was an egg shell upon hitting the floor. If the eye was to strike the ground with enough force to break, it would pop like a water balloon instead.
  • Berserk Button: Grunkfuss the clown seems to have one with bright lights to where he will kill you if you flash him. Due to your method of defense (which is flashing down the hallway with your camera.) in the third game, this becomes quite lethal.
  • Big Bad: Flumpty Bumpty himself throughout the trilogy. However, One Week at Flumpty's would have had revealed Golden Flumpty to be the real villain had it been completed.
  • Body Horror:
    • The Redman. The Beaver's newspaper in the first game and Word of God state that he's a man who somehow survived drinking lava (kinda).
    • The Eyesaur from the second and third game. It's formed from the skinned bodies of those who previously lost Flumpty's game.
    • The Beavowl from the third game is a stitched-together fusion of the Beaver and the Owl.
  • Brought to You by the Letter "S": CAMs 8A and 8B from the third game's second night follow a design like this.
    • CAM 8A is full of objects beginning with the letter A, including the letter itself, an axe, a giant ant and apple, an acorn, a mutilated arm, an anchor, a paper airplane, and two amanita mushrooms. Its wallpaper is atom-patterned, while its floor is arrow-patterned, and it has an amaranth (purple) color.
    • Meanwhile, CAM 8B boasts bric-a-brac beginning with the letter B, which consists of the letter itself, a broom, a balloon, a basketball, a bowling ball, a bottle, bloodstains (although these are also present in CAM 8A), a bishop chess piece, three bananas and a bust of a bear. Its wallpaper is beetle-patterned, its floor is bone-patterned, and it has a blue color.
  • The Brute: The Eyesaur is the largest and most physically intimidating monster in overall size within Flumpty's gang, and in both of its appearances as an enemy, tougher to deal with in one way or another. In the second game, it raises your exposure much more rapidly than the others, and in the third, it takes two flashes to drive it off, whereas others merely take one.
  • The Bus Came Back: The Beaver returns in the third game, sort of. He and the Owl have been stitched up into one monstrosity known as the Beavowl.
  • Call-Back:
    • You know how Flumpty has this weird, high-pitched screeching for his jumpscare in the first and second gamesnote , right? Well, it returns in the third game. It's because Flumpty has a fleshy meat-grinder behind his multiple faces, and this time you get a lovely view of it up close before the game over screen.
    • Flumpty's mechanics during Night 2 in One Night At Flumpty's 3. He takes the place of everybody else, copying some of their prior or current mechanics to assault you.
  • The Cameo:
    • Dolls of Donkey Kong, Dr. Mario's head and a disemboweled Winnie the Pooh are seen on the shelf in the first game's office. Right above them is a drawing of Ronald McDonald. The wallpaper seems to depict Metroids. All of these references were removed in the game's The Egg Collection remaster due to copyright reasons, and were replaced by generic equivalents or references to Jonochrome's other works like the Riddle School series.
    • In the second game: Piglet, much like Pooh (gee, wonder what Jonochrome's trying to say here?), appears as the victim of a vivisection pinned to the office's right wall, but other than that, he appears to still be alive, with a rare chance of looking at you and smiling when you flip down the laptop. And the head of Freddy Fazbear himself is mounted on the same wall (and yes, you can still honk his nose). There's also Luigi from Five Nights at Wario's slumped in a corner in CAM 7, with the beady eyes and BIG FRICKIN' SILLY NOSE! Again, all of these references except Freddy were removed in the game's remaster.
    • The unfinished One Week at Flumpty's has Coffee from The Desolate Hope in CAM 2.
  • Chekhov's Gag: The HAM and SPAM end-of-night alerts, while just jokes in the first two games, are subtly referenced by Flumpty in 3 and used as an excuse to claim you haven't made it to 6 AM (and thus, haven't beaten his game) yet.
  • Cosmic Egg: As Flumpty describes himself, minus being an offspring.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death:
    • If you get caught by Flumpty or one of his friends, your eyes are served as a pair of fried eggs (or sliced in the sequel). In the "Hard Boiled Mode" ending newspaper, it's revealed that the rest of your body is used to make the Eyesaur.
    • More of a Past Victim Showcase, but what they did to Piglet counts as well. Being nailed to a wall and vivisected, and apparently, still being alive can't possibly be any fun.
  • Damn You, Muscle Memory!: Veteran players of the first Five Nights at Freddy's would have developed a habit of rapidly flipping the monitor up and down in order to deter Foxy and/or Freddy without using too much power, due to the limited power supply. This is a wrong thing to do in this series' first installment, which doesn't limit how many times or long you keep the monitor up. One of the game's enemies, Grunkfuss the Clown, exploits this very habit, namely by taking a further step to kill you the more times you bring the monitor down. Instead, from 4 AM onwards, you have to strike a fine balance between keeping the monitor up and watching the doors.
  • Darkness Equals Death: Averted in the second game, as most of the enemies won't notice the player if the lights are off. The Owl, naturally, will attack you either way.
  • Defeat Means Friendship: A literal example. Beating the second game's hard mode earns you Flumpty's respect and friendship as his BFF.
  • Easter Egg: Several.
    • You can click on Ronald McDonald's nose in the first game. It literally produces a honk sound (literally as in a person saying "honk").
    • Ronald is replaced by Freddy Fazbear in the second game. This time, the honk sound from the Five Nights at Freddy's series is used.
    • Sometimes, in the second game, Piglet will turn to face you.
  • Egg Folk: Being based on Humpty Dumpty, Flumpty is an egg that has an interest in killing you and cooking your eyes as if they were eggs.
  • Eldritch Abomination: Flumpty and Golden Flumpty count.
  • Eldritch Location: Flumpty lives in rather strange places, which both feature mysterious tentacles weaving through the walls. The first one features a lava-filled crater. The second one has a face with a gaping maw embedded in one of the walls.
  • "Everybody Dies" Ending: The entire cast aside from Flumpty is killed off by the latter during the third game.
  • Exact Words: Flumpty's comment in 3 on how "you still haven't made it to 6 AM yet" is technically true; the previous two games finale timers scrolled into HAM and SPAM respectively upon completion. Doubly true in the normal ending of 3 with SALAMI, until you beat Hard Boiled Mode to Earn Your Happy Ending.
  • Expy: As to be expected from a Five Nights at Freddy's fan game, many of the the characters share similarities with their core counterparts, though with a unique spin on them:
    • Flumpty, of course, is based on the titular Freddy Fazbear, but in the first two games is mechanically an exaggerated version of Bonnie, able to randomly teleport from room to room, and coming in from the left door in the first game and the left side in the second. Appearance-wise, he is obviously Humpty Dumpty. In the third game however, he's more akin to Nightmare Fredbear, being the only character active on his own dedicated night, and serving as a more aggressive version of the usual cast.
    • Birthday Boy Blam is a mixture of Balloon Boy and Chica: he somewhat resembles a small child with his initials spelling BBB, and, according to Jono, he is obsessed with pizza. In the first game, he comes in from the right door, much like Chica from the first game, and in the second game he pops in from the right side.
    • The Beaver takes the role of Foxy, requiring you to check him every once in a while in order to tell when he's charging, and close the door in time. The Owl from the second game is a replacement for The Beaver, though with the extra conundrum of checking which vent he's coming through, since you can only close one. In the third game they're akin to Springtrap being two beings in one and attacking you via the right vent.
    • The Redman is also similar to Bonnie, coming in from the left door, but has a set movement pattern unlike Flumpty. However, the camera in the room he's in statics, calling to mind the Kitchen camera from the first Five Nights at Freddy's, making it difficult to tell what other character is with him. In the second game, Redman acts more like the Puppet, with his incoming showing up as a pop-up on your laptop which you can cancel to stop him. Like with the Puppet, this prevents the player from just camping with the lights off and the camera down. The third game makes him an inverse Puppet of sorts, as he punishes reckless use of the furnace.
    • Grunkfuss the Clown could be considered an inverse Foxy:
      • In the first game, he's an Expy of Mario from Five Nights at Wario's — the more you check the camera in the later hours of the game, the more he emerges from the wall. If you bring it up after he has both his legs out, prepare for a Jumpscare.
      • In the second game, he's changed a bit: checking him on the camera once he activates reveals a patience meter, which steadily ticks down. There's nothing you can do to bring it back up: avoiding him requires both keeping an eye on him and keeping a mental timer in your head. Once it runs out, he jumps out from the dark portal in the Constitution, drastically increasing your Exposure if your lights aren't out. If they are, then he jumps back in and the timer resets.
      • His mechanics in game three are the exact opposite of Foxy from FNAF 2: If Grunkfuss is in the hallway when you flash the camera, you’ll get a game over. If you don’t flash the camera, you’ll be fine.
    • Eyesaur is the odd one out, since he doesn't have a particular theme (though if he reaches your door and your light is on, your Exposure is going to rocket). One could interpret that it mirrors the Bare Endoskeleton Animatronic, since it indirectly helps you (the number of eyes it has open tells you the number of times you can flip up the camera before Grunkfuss gets you).
    • And of course, Golden Flumpty is Golden Freddy.
      • Encountering him in the first game triggers hallucinations of Flumpty, just like how summoning Golden Freddy in the first Five Nights At Freddy's game triggers hallucinations of Freddy.
      • His jumpscares in the first two games are modeled after Golden Freddy's, although the order is reversed: in the first game, he throws his head at you (the second game's Golden Freddy), while the second, he fills up the screen (the first game's Golden Freddy).
      • In the third game, he becomes a counterpart of the Phantom animatronics from Five Nights at Freddy's 3. If you don't switch cameras upon spotting him there, he will jumpscare you, which will take away most of the heat meter but not kill you outright.
  • Eye Scream: The Game Over screens showcase your eyes being cooked like eggs. They get sliced in the sequel, and plain ole cracked in the third game.

  • Final Boss:
    • Grunkfuss can be considered this in the first game. Appearing only from 4 AM onward, he is most likely the last enemy you see, unless you are not lucky to encounter Golden Flumpty.
    • Flumpty plays this completely straight in the third game, where he becomes the sole enemy during night 2 and uses his immunity to the plot and ability to transcend time and space to full effect. He clones himself several times in order to attack the player from all sides, messes with the time and temperature, and flat out creates new rooms and swaps their place on the map.
  • Final-Exam Boss: Flumpty himself in the third game’s second night. He uses mechanics from ALL THREE GAMES, including the canceled One Week At Flumpty's.
  • Five-Second Foreshadowing: In the third game's ending from Flumpty Night, the clock on your way out is missing the "VI". It's an indication that you never made it to 6 AM in the first place.
  • Forced Transformation: The Beaver and Owl have been fused into the Beavowl in the third game.
  • For the Evulz: Flumpty kidnapped you because he felt like it, and because he wanted a friend.
  • Gutted Like a Fish: In the second game, Piglet is nailed to the wall with his belly split open, exposing his organs. He apparently isn't dead, as he will sometimes look at you and smile.
  • Harder Than Hard: The Hard Boiled Mode in each game, which typically makes the characters much more aggressive, with the ones who would normally start later into the night becoming active right from the start.
  • Harmless Freezing: In the third game, the office isn't heated and instead the player must manage their body temperature with the furnace. If you get too cold, ice and snowflakes will appear on the edges of your screen and you lose the ability to move. While this can easily lead to getting killed, it doesn't count as death itself, and it is still possible to win while frozen.
  • Interface Screw:
    • In the first game, much like the first Five Nights at Freddy's game, a room is constantly obscured by red static. Later in the night, the static seems to move to different rooms. This is the Redman, an active enemy that will kill you if the static gets close to your room
    • In the third game’s Flumpty Night, the interface will spew random numbers and garbage starting at 3 AM.
  • Inventional Wisdom: In the second game, the camera and light switch are close together. If someone pops in and you hurry to turn off the lights, it's very easy to hit the camera instead, giving the monster enough time to fill your exposure meter and kill you before you can remedy the mistake.
  • Jumpscare: It's a Five Nights at Freddy's fan game, what did you expect? Though it's kind of played for laughs in the first game, considering just how silly the jumpscare noise and some of the characters' faces are.
  • Lyrical Dissonance:
    • The second game's jingle that replaces the typical phone call, shown in the page quote above.
    • "Eleggtroswing" from the third game, an electro-swing tune that describes your likely (but not guaranteed) death at the hands of Flumpty. On top of that, it starts to play at around 4 AM of the second night, just as the fight with Flumpty reaches its climax.
  • Monster Clown: Let's see: Unnaturally skinny? Check. Comes out of a dark portal in the wall? Check! Has an extra set of teeth in his maw? Yeah, Grunkfuss checks out.
  • Mood Whiplash: From the cartoonish asthetic, to the surreal surroundings, to nightmarish Jumpscares, to Black Comedy aplenty, the One Night At Flumpty's games veers left, right and center in this regard. Then there's Flumpty Night in 3, which completely beats all other nights in this regard, throwing out the comedic tone and replacing it with a tense atmosphere and some seriously freaky designs for Flumpty's clones.
  • Multiple Endings: The third game has two endings. The normal ending has Flumpty let the player go after reaching the end of the night... only to discover the world in ruins, possibly as a result of Flumpty throwing a meteor that results in an apocalypse, as stated by the newspaper in the second game. The Hard-Boiled Mode ending has Flumpty release the player into the world without the apocalypse after they reach 6 AM proper. The last shot of that ending has him say "I'll miss you", and shows him flying off into the sky, hopefully meaning that he's done with playing sick games with the ONAF world's inhabitants.
  • Mundane Solution: In the second game, you'll often be alerted with a popup that tells you the Redman is trying to infect your laptop with a virus. Simply hitting the cancel button will stop him.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • In the first game, Jonochrome intentionally avoided the colour green, to the point where he added a potted cactus to the office, and made it purple. In the second game, he avoided blue, and made a drawing of a blue whale in the office green. In the third game, he avoided green again, the infamous purple cactus returns, and it clearly has grown a lot in the time between the three games.
    • Flumpty's night in ONaF3 has a lot of old mechanics come back. His forms copy the mechanics of his other friends in the first night, the power system came back from the first game, the exposure meter returns from the second game and one of Flumpty's forms copies Grunkfuss's behavior from the second game, and then the laser door mechanic returns from the cancelled One Week At Flumpty's.
  • Never Trust a Trailer: Despite being shown in CAM 1 in the third game's release date trailer, Flumpty doesn't do this in the actual game until the second night.
  • Nightmare Face:
    • Flumpty looks fairly normal as he transverses the rooms. But once he gets to you...
    • And that's not even mentioning Golden Flumpty, who has this by default.
    • Birthday Boy Blam seems to specialize in this, as he can change his face into several horrifying (and sometimes humorous) visages.
    • Flumpty drops any friendly facade during the third game's second night, and utilizes nothing but a spectrum of different nightmare faces.
  • Ominous Owl: In the second game, filling the role of Foxy. Only he comes in through the vents and can attack from either side.
  • One-Hit Kill: The second game provides you with an "Exposure" bar, but the Owl can still kill you regardless if he gets inside the office.
  • Player Nudge: Upon death in the third game, the typical "Game Over Easy" message will be accompanied by a message, giving hints on how to avoid getting jumpscared by the character who caused the death, with a bit of snark.
    Any death upon becoming frozen: "Watch your body temperature."
    Birthday Boy Blam: "Take the birthday boy's picture."
    Grunkfuss the Clown: "No flash photography."
    The Beavowl or Spider Flumpty: "Remember to check the vent."
    The Eyesaur: "The eyes must be blinded."
    Door Flumpty: "He came from the door on the left/right."
    Eye Flumpty: "If you can't flash him, hide."
    Power Flumpty: "Don't forget to block the switch."
  • Plot Immunity: Flumpty outright states this to you in the first game. He's capable of traversing from room to room, regardless of whether you're looking at the monitors or not. This gets cranked up to eleven in the third game's second night, where he becomes a full-blown reality warper.
  • Scare Chord: It's used in the three games, but most frequently in the second whenever a character peeks into the room. In the third game, it happens when you accidentally photograph Grunkfuss.
  • Serial Escalation: Flumpty Night in 3 just keeps piling on more and more mechanics as the night goes on, to the point where you're dealing with nearly every single gimmick from the ONaF series at once.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Several, including a couple in the second game to its inspiration, Five Nights at Freddy's, with a Freddy head mounted on the office's right wall (you can even honk its nose), and to fellow fangame Five Nights at Wario's, with Luigi being present as one of the props on CAM 7.note 
    • In the first game, when you look at CAM 6 and see the Beaver doing his "business", his newspaper has a Markiplier symbol.
  • Soundtrack Dissonance: The series is a fan of this:
  • Surreal Horror: With some Surreal Humor thrown in.
  • This Is Gonna Suck: The third game's loading screen for Hard Boiled Mode has "Good Luck" rather than "Loading".
  • Turns Red: Grunkfuss' method of attacking in the first game is a drawn out version of this. From 4 AM onward, if you use the monitor, he will start appearing in the hole in the wall. The game then becomes a Timed Mission of some sort, except that in this case, your actions determine you much time you have before you could reach 6 AM. You only have 29 chances to flip the monitor up and down; you can flip the monitor up one more time, but the moment you put it down, Grunkfuss will attack you.
  • Unwinnable by Design: Flumpty's game, In-Universe. The player can never make it to 6 AM. Flumpty uses his powers to either rewind it back to 12 AM or replace it with HAM/SPAM/SALAMI. The player needs to beat the third game's Hard Boiled mode before Flumpty finally lets 6 AM arrive.
  • Victory Fakeout: Congratulations! You survived to 6 AM in ONaF3 and w-wait, why is the timer reversing?!
  • Walking Techbane:
    • The Redman. In the first game, he's represented by the static of the cameras failing. In the second game, he'll crash your laptop if you fail to block his pop-ups. And crash into the office shortly after.
    • The Redman's latter ability is given to Flumpty himself in the third game during the second night.
  • Wham Shot: Four of them in 3. In order:
    • Flumpty turning back the clock to play another game.
    • Flumpty killing every other enemy and replacing them with clones of himself.
    • At the beginning of the second night, he adds two more rooms with leading to the Office, which one of his clones goes through.
    • He later adds another two rooms that allow another clone to directly desactivate your door power if you fail to stop him.
  • A Winner Is You:
    • In the first two games, you don't really get anything for winning other than a role call of the characters.
    • Beating Hard-Boiled Mode in the second game does give you a newspaper clipping, though it mostly contains nonsensical snippets.
    • Averted in the third game, which has both a false ending and a proper good ending.
  • You Are Already Dead:
    • As with its inspiration, there is nothing even an expert player could do if you run out of the door power early in the night of the first game, because you will not have a way to stop Flumpty, Birthday Boy Blam, the Beaver, or the Redman from entering the office.
    • Still in the first game, if you have a habit of flipping the monitor up and down repeatedly, you will summon Grunkfuss faster. If you are still in 4 AM by the time he fully shows his feet, it becomes extremely unlikely for you to win. Flipping the monitor up and down once more will cause him to attack you, but you can't not bring it up, either, because that would mean being unable to check the Beaver.
    • In the third game:
      • Not paying attention to your temperature and becoming a Human Popsicle, unable to interact with anything, allowing any of the numerous threats to waltz in and rip you a brand new face.
      • Taking a picture of the hallway and seeing Grunkfuss.
      • Walking up to the furnace and seeing the Redman's (or Flumpty's) face in the flames.
  • You Have Failed Me: During the third game, the most likely reason why Flumpty has slaughtered everyone else in his gang at the second night is because they all failed to slaughter you during the first night.

Alternative Title(s): One Night At Flumptys 1, One Night At Flumptys 2, One Night At Flumptys 3