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As this is a Funny Moments page, spoilers will be left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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Yeah, we may be having some bad dreams, but why not take our minds off that with a good laugh?

  • When Scott's website got covered in 8s and 7s, putting them in the order they're in into Google Maps led to a pizzeria. Said pizzeria had no problem with the coincidence, and even set up a Freddy's special for a limited time.
  • Guess what got a nightmare form? The Cupcake. And it can kill you.
  • The last days of May 2015 saw the official subreddit being flooded with images edited to express users' paranoia and impatience over the lack of a teaser or fanmade Nightmare Foxy teasers after May 27th went by with no change on Scott's website, following a pattern of a teaser every ten days.
  • If you look closely during the trailer, you can see THE FAN IS BACK. With 200% more purple, to boot!
  • If you look at the promotional image long enough, you realize that none of Freddy's different versions have a damaged nose. Considering the running gag with posters…
  • As unsettling as the game's "cover" image is, the fact that Nightmare Freddy is holding up four fingers is pretty amusing.
  • After a select few received the demo, a user on Tumblr speculated that the game would be released later the same day. Shortly after…
    • Scott's comment seals the deal on this. He straight up jokes about his tendency to release games far earlier than he'd said.
  • The fact that Scott himself actually went out of his way to debunk MatPat's theory about the game is inexplicably hilarious. note  Doubles as Awesome given how the same video was of MatPat saying FNAF 4 was wrong.
  • Scott's grand "Thank you!" Message on his home page depicts nearly every animatronic from the series… Smiling and waving at us. Even the Nightmares. It's so jarring it can elicit some laughs.
    • Some of the animatronics' positions, especially the more grotesque ones, are kind of hilarious. Plushtrap is so small compared to everybody else. Foxy is eyeing Chica's cupcake. Withered Freddy seems to be eyeing Toy Chica. Withered Bonnie seems to be embarrassed and is trying to cover his (lack of a) face. Withered Golden Freddy's gigantic, disembodied head in the very back of the group is comedy gold, and Puppet specifically lurches to the side to let Nightmare Bonnie see past it. Even Springtrap looks hilarious considering who he really is.
    • Additionally, it may seem as though some of the models were simply positioned in premade poses as seen in the games.
    • And as a final kicker, as one tumblr blog pointed out, the only animatronic next to all their alternate forms is Bonnie — AKA the one Scott is apparently most afraid of. ...And then there's Balloon Boy sneaking in the middle of the Bonnie models.
    • Speaking of Balloon Boy, look closer — due to the layering of the animatronics, it looks like Bonnie and Toy Bonnie are standing on his feet! He even has his arms in the air, as if he's flailing around in pain. One can't help but wonder if this was intentional.
    • The fact that the leftover animatronic skeleton from the back room in the first game made it into the shot, when aside from the rare chance of it looking into the camera, it's never portrayed otherwise as anything but a normal piece of scenery. Perhaps it was just too lazy to haunt the player back then.
    • As of currently, the two endoskeletons have been replaced by what appear to be toy versions of them, which look rather hilarious with their huge, bug-like eyes and moronic smiles.
    • Nightmare looks crosseyed.
  • Scott finally revealing what he looks like... but not after doing this.
  • The sheer panic that the majority of the fanbase has gone through after Scott revealed that the Halloween Update will not show what's in the box and that they still haven't figured out the game's biggest secret must be seen to be believed, and it is hilarious.
  • About a third of the way through September, the animatronics on the Thank You image on Scott's website have been going Fun Size one by one, with a new addition each day. So far, the endoskeletons have googly eyes and there's a new Golden Freddy/Fredbear that looks like a Toy animatronic. Now, Withered Chica (of all animatronics) has been Fun Sized, and let's face it. She's adorable.
    • Guess who got added in. Balloon Girl.
    • And in turn, Balloon Boy got his upgrade too. Whether he looks cute or even more creepy is up to the viewer to decide.
    • Now first game Foxy's done it too! Awwwww.
    • The updates are coming faster and faster, with Toy Chica, Toy Bonnie, and Mangle being upgraded, and Phantom Foxy both appearing and "Toy-ifying". Also note that "Balloon Girl" now appears to canonically be a girl!
    • Next on the list, now that we know about FNAF World (and thus these 'new animatronics' being cartoon variants of existing characters), the next update changes faceless!Bonnie, and adds non-mangled Mangle (she's adorable!) and a Plushtrap-sized endoskeleton. Seems everyone's gonna get the chibi treatment by the end of this. (And even after being cutified, Faceless Bonnie is still faceless.)
    • Golden Freddy, Springtrap, Shadow Bonnie, and Phantom Chica have appeared. Again, considering who Springtrap really is, it's rather humorous.
    • Add Nightmare Freddy, the Puppet, Phantom BB, and Plushtrap to the list.
    • Now joined by Classic Bonnie, Toy Freddy, Spring Bonnie, Shadow Freddy, Nightmare Fredbear and Phantom Puppet
    • Phantom Mangle, Nightmare Bonnie, Withered Freddy, and Nightmare have all been upgraded, but most of the rest of the bots has been covered by a box that simply states: "Four games. One story." The box has since been removed, but still, dang it, Scott Cawthon!
      • Note that you can literally count the unchanged characters on one hand at this point — Freddy, Chica, Nightmare Chica, Nightmare Foxy, and the giant head Golden Freddy. And the Nightmares look more comical than creepy. Funnily enough, it's the phantoms and Shadow Bonnie that still seem deliberately creepy as all heck. Toy Chica is another matter entirely.
    • Giant Head Golden Freddy is gone, and Freddy and Chica have been changed. But funnier still are some added characters — the paper plate dolls from 2 and the crying ghost child from the end of 3.
    • Nightmare Foxy's gone through with the changes now. That means Nightmare Chica is the only one left. And Phantom Freddy will probably appear soon.
    • Scott outright stating that he's avoiding Nightmare Chica because he's having trouble making her "cute".
  • The fact that all of the above bullet points turned out to be a promotion for a Five Nights at Freddy's themed role playing game, rather than anything to do with the DLC.
  • Mangle is implied to be female in one of the teaser image updates. And it seems that a certain gender war has reignited...
    • Scott finally answering the question on whether or not Mangle is male or female. The answer? "Yes".
  • The Thank You message changed to FNAF World.
  • This image is just pure comedy gold. Not only do we have some of the more terrifying characters changed to look rather cute, but the background is slowly changing to a sunny grassland. Considering that the image hasn't changed characters like Nightmare and Withered Golden Freddy, it takes their horror factor, and combined with the fact that characters like the Puppet have changed, and makes the image absolutely hysterical.
    • It's a very odd feeling to want to give Springtrap a big hug.
    • Plushtrap's expression is hysterical.
    • Nightmare Fredbear and Nightmare are awfully terrifying in the game proper, but their chibi counterparts look rather amusing.
    • At this point, it's rather funny to see Nightmares Foxy and Chica awkwardly hanging out among all of the chibi-fied animatronics.
    • Withered Chica's arms are still frozen in a T-pose, confirming that it wasn't a mistake in Five Nights at Freddy's 2, but still being quite amusing.
    • The message for the last updates: "Coming 2016... seriously.", mocking his own premature game releases.
  • The third Halloween teaser, at first, is quite unnerving, but what's the file name? Don't wake the baby!
  • While this image of Nightmare Puppet is quite terrifying, upon closer examination, it almost looks like the Puppet is posing, as if dramatically presenting himself to the camera. Couple that with his open mouth and you can easily imagine that he's saying something along the lines of "I'M BACK, BITCHES!"
  • Once again, the community’s reaction when Balloon Boy was given the Nightmare treatment for the Halloween Edition and is later added to the original game. NOOOOOOOO!
    • This was because a user made a post on Steam thanking Scott for everything he has done. This is a sweet moment, except at the very end, where they asked Scott if he could add BB to the fourth game. When Scott replied to the user and said "you might get your wish", the community immediately freaked out and started to dread when he'll return.
  • For April Fool's Day, Scott 'announced' his new game Five Nights At Freddy's 57: Freddy in Space!, complete with picture of Freddy in an astronaut helmet, the Cupcake, the tagline "In space, no one can hear you get jumpscared", and a release date of Spring 2031.


  • Foxy's appearance in the closet can be off-putting at first… but the fact that he doesn't attack when the kid is right in front of him implies he's just hanging out, being chill. That's pretty hilarious. For bonus immature humor, after the first game raised questions about Foxy's gender, we can now make jokes that Foxy is in the closet.
    • The best part is that when you do catch him like that, he just stops partway into lunging at you and just sits there. Even his screeching cuts off because it seems like you startled him after he psyched himself up.
    • Then, of course, there's the fact that averting his threat comes from closing the doors on him when you go to the closet. Something is great about the fact he just puts up with it. Imagine a stunned Foxy thinking "Wait, did he just…?"
    • Even funnier: Keep the closet doors closed long enough at him and then light up the closet; if you've waited long enough, then you'll see that Nightmare Foxy has turned into a Foxy plushie!
      • Possibly, you hit him so freaking hard that he turned into a plush.
    • Perhaps the funniest part of all is that Nightmare Foxy is the single easiest enemy in the series to cut off mid-kill. Just slam the closet in his face as he's doing his Jump Scare from the closet with his nose sticking out.
      • Not quite true. The closet Jump Scare is the last phase in his pattern before he comes out and kills you. Still, the fact that you can cut him off is amusing.
  • Oh, and guess what? Nightmare Freddy is on the bed. While that would normally be terrifying (and is), a quick pause at his jumpscare reveals that he's on his knees.
  • Guess what? The cupcake is a threat in this game too! It has to be seen to be believed.
    • The mere thought of it is so absurd that it's officially the page image.
    • What's so great is the implication it gives. The other nightmare animatronics will lunge at you, while Chica is too lazy to walk into the room herself, so she just throws her cupcake at you.
  • While it's also terrifying, Fredbear's appearance on Night 5 when he becomes the main threat is kind of… amusing at the same time, as he resembles a giant, fat cake, or a cheeseburger.
  • What? Oh, no no no no no… Did you really think the nose-honk Easter Egg would be gone? Don't worry! It's still here! This time, you have to click on the nose of your Freddy plushie. Not too much, though. Foxy doesn't like it.
    • To be honest, Foxy attacking you because of you honking the nose constantly is pretty funny in and of itself. It's almost as if Foxy came out of the closet to say "SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP!"
      • He will even do this on Night 5, despite Nightmare Fredbear. And he still does it after 4 P.M. on Nights 6, 7, and 8.
      • The wiki has postulated that the actual cause is looking at your bed with your flashlight for more than 15 seconds at a time. Which means that Foxy is once again here to enforce No Fair Cheating on Night 1.
  • Speaking of Freddy, the mini-Freddies cackling on your bed look more like they're planning some kind of Zany Scheme.
  • Though hard to spot at first, Nightmare Bonnie's image in the Extras section of the game appears to feature him with derp eyes, completely ruining the horror effect.
    • He also looks like he has a goofy smile, and the way he's looking at you makes it look like he told a bad joke and is waiting for a reaction.
    • (this face was worth the 8 dollars)
  • Look at the lamp during Freddy's bed jumpscare: there's no bedside table for it to stand on. It's floating in mid-air!
  • Yes, the noise Nightmare makes is horrifying… until you realize it sounds like a distorted Tarzan yell.
  • One of the children refers to the Spring Bonnie plushie as a "finger trap," up to the point of actually being able to pinch the kid's hand. Evidently, the makers of the plush were paying attention to detail…
    • On that note, another child is completely apathetic to the fact that if you die while on duty, Fazbear Entertainment just hides your body and never tells anybody. This means Fazbear Entertainment is so poor at hiding their corrupt business policies they don't even bother to say otherwise… and yet nobody cares. Not until the Bite, anyways.
      • Makes a bit more sense with Fridge Logic: The story could very well be an urban legend used to scare little kids, especially if the events of the entire series are all one long coma dream.
  • Just before the brother and his buddies accidentally cause the Bite, they say, "Hey, guys! I think the little man wants to give Fredbear a big kiss!"
  • Some people take the fact that you shave two hours off your play time by winning Plushtrap's game to mean "Plushtrap sits there and tells the other nightmares to screw off."
  • While this brightened image of Nightmarionne's death screen is downright terrifying at first, look closely and you'll notice he's cross-eyed. Add the fact his eyes are all bloodshot and huge, and it almost looks like he's tripping balls.
  • Although it was terrifying to some people, Balloon Boy being given the Nightmare treatment was absurd to others; still having the pristine, bright toy design with teeth, claws, and red eyes, making him look very out of place compared to the other Nightmares. That is, until you see him up close and personal, and he gets downright ugly.

    Let's Plays 

  • Markiplier started on the demo and got killed four times on the first night. Whenever he seemed to finally figure it out, something would throw him for a loop.
    Markiplier: (On 5 AM) So the first night is never usually that bad in any of the games, so I'll play through the— (Suddenly jumped by Nightmare Chica, cue screaming and expletives)
    • Made even more hilarious when you remember that Mark couldn't get past Five Nights At Freddy's 2's first night until he reached over twenty minutes of footage and many, many deaths.
    • Nightmare Fredbear tore him a new one in Part 5, leaving him a panicky blubbering wreck a few times. He even offers to sell his "King of Five Nights At Freddy's" crown for forty-five cents at one point. He finally beat it after a very tense session… then we see his utterly dumbfounded and shocked reaction to "the Bite Of '87".
      • It goes like this. Night five has him try to rally…
      Mark: I am the king of Five Nights at Freddy's!
      *almost immediately gets jumpscared*
      Mark: Who wants my crown? King of Five Nights at Freddy's crown, ninety-nine cents, marked down from five! Old King sucks dong; can't play game right!
      • Later leading to these lines, after Mark took off his headphones, not willing to deal with yet another animatronic screech:
        Mark: I apologize for my cowardice, that crown's still for sale. It's been knocked down to forty-five cents, if anybody wants it!
    • Also, upon seeing part of the Nightmare Freddy:
      Mark: FUCK THAT! What was that?!
    • When he sees one of the miniature Freddys on the bed.
      Mark: Which is actually good for me, for some reason — FUCKTHAT!
    • Mark's first active encounter with Nightmare Foxy is almost perfectly comedically timed in its execution — he returns from one of the doors, and sees the closet move. He runs up to the closet, turns on the light, Foxy snaps at him, and Mark gives a terrified shriek before he slams the door shut........and the clock hits 6AM the second after this.
    • Later, Mark is playing the Atari-style minigames that explain the plot… and is actually jumpscared by the Child's Jerkass Big Brother Bully. He briefly looks personally offended by the minigame scaring him.
      • In his Nightmare Mode video, his transitions to getting back into the game was Nightmare Foxy making animal noises (first barking, then meowing).
    • On his 4/20 run, Foxy went in the closet literally just as Mark started the night, as in seconds after the loading screen. Mark isn't amused.
    • There's only been 2 parts to his Halloween Edition Let's Plays, but already there are some gems to note:
      • In his eagerness to explore the new cheats, Mark forgets to turn off the new Nightmare mode. Furthermore he accidentally hits New Game again, forcing him to start Night 1 all over. And then there's his reaction to the return of the Puppet.
      • Just like Nightmare Foxy before her, Nightmare Mangle occupies the closet as soon as Mark resets the night. Just like before, Mark is not amused, especially since Mangle makes it even harder for Mark to track the breathing.
    • Per usual, Mark is prone to speaking in a stilted, tense tone, often with accompanying and appropriate facial expression. It's just as hilarious as it always is.
    • The first time Foxy sneaks into his closet, it's right before 6AM, so Mark's cheering sounds more like his panicked, confused shouting.
  • dlive started his run, things were going fine, then he turned around and caught a glimpse of one of the well as the Freddy plushie.
    dlive: What was that on the screen?! (honks the nose on the plushie) The nose works. There was something on the screen there!
    • As well as his first encounter with Nightmare Bonnie. He laughed himself silly after getting over the fright.
  • Jacksepticeye got through the first night with almost no trouble... until at literally the last second, when Bonnie jumps him. Just the split second before it was supposed to go to the death screen, however, the clock hit 6 AM.
  • Der Fäilure is at it again! And with more distractions that impede his progress.
  • Cr1TiKaL, after skipping 2 and 3, decides to play the game as well. And he's still not scared at all. He even treats the Freddy plushie as a partner.
    Critikal: How are things in your neck of the woods? Give me report. Is everything in order? Now copy.
    Critikal: Affirmative.
  • The Play Pals have a go at this game as well. Michael reacts to the first minigame/cutscene by trying to get a potion out of the PC (which is actually a lamp) on top of the dresser, and thinks that the protagonist banging on the door and then curling up on the floor crying is actually him trying to beat his way out and going insane after failing.
    • Whereas Nightmare Freddy isn't much of a threat to other Let's Players, he's the first animatronic to kill the duo. Granted, they didn't know about having to look at the bed, but still.
    • At one point, Jack comes in and looks as if he's about to scare Gavin. Michael accidentally triggers the pop-up for Sticky Keys, and Jack silently watches before breathing on Gavin's neck and giving him a good scare.
    • Michael and Gavin get scared by the brother's jumpscare at the second cutscene. Michael yells about getting scared by a pixelated fox-mask wearing guy and Gavin thinks the brother's flipping them off.



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