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As this is a Heartwarming Moments page, spoilers will be left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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Game Examples

  • The Fredbear plush. Despite seemingly always making things worse for the Child, he genuinely cares for the Child and acts as his Parental Substitute. Though it becomes considerably less heartwarming as of Sister Location with the implication that it was William talking through it via walkie talkie.
  • The ending to Night 6: We see the Child Protagonist facing his plush dolls of Fredbear and the other animatronics in a black void under a spotlight. As the plush dolls slowly fade out, Fredbear says that all the animatronics are still friends with him, that the child is "broken" and that he will put him back together before fading away himself. The child then cries what is presumed to be tears of joy before finally fading away. If you cried at the third game's ending, you'll cry here, too.
    • It even adds some extra heartwarming to the third game in hindsight. The "hidden" portions of the minigames, where you had to track down the crying child in each one and get them to the "Happiest Day"? That can now be seen as Fredbear and the other toys following through on the promise to "put him back together".
    • According to a theory, "put him back together" might mean Fredbear hosting the Child and becoming Golden Freddy. He would now roam essentially as a ghost, but he would have friends (the other animatronics) to play with and could protect other children. Also, the Child up until then hates animatronics, but now, as an animatronic, he doesn't have to hate them anymore.
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    • Another one? The dialogue before Fredbear starts talking is written in the same color as the brother's, and he's begging his brother to hear him as he apologizes. While also a Tear Jerker, this shows that despite being a Big Brother Bully, he still loved his brother and is horrified by what he did.
    • Also the kid may not die. Yes, we hear a flatline at the end, but flatline actually only indicates that the machine has been plugged off. The kid may have died...or he may have recovered and no longer requires an EEG.
  • In the post-Night 3 minigame, the Child comes across five kids. Three of them either dismiss his fear or call him a crybaby; they generally are not sympathetic to his plight. One of the remaining two isn't bullish, but he doesn't bring up the Child's problems anyway. The other one, a girl who carries figurines of the Toy animatronics, however, actually sympathizes with him, asking whether he dislikes her toys. If you have played Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator, there is a substantial theory that the sympathetic girl is the Cassette Man's daughter, who would later go on to possess the Puppet. Turns out that her father is right; she was a saint, after all.

Meta Examples

  • For those who believe that the game takes place in 1987, the horrifiying reveal of the exact events of the Bite means that Jeremy Fitzgerald survived to see his last paycheck and had no injuries, and that Foxy and Mangle are not responsible for The Bite, which is a big sigh of relief for all of the characters and their fans.
  • "The end." While it does state that the Fazbear story has finally ended, it also shows that Scott is very, very grateful to his fans and the people who appreciate his work. But of course, we have the DLC coming along, hinted at by a hidden question mark.
  • Scott sharing his life story.
  • Definitely the image that serves as the page's picture, where it shows every single animatronic in the franchise (sans the Phantoms, Shadow Freddy and Shadow Bonnie) in a group picture, with text saying "Thank you!" overlayed. It once more shows how much Scott loves and appreciates the fandom for what they are.
    • Going a step further, even the most horrifying of the animatronics look a little friendlier in the group shot, with some of them even waving. One big fat fourth wall break and it's clear not only is Scott grateful, but they're happy they got to entertain us too.
  • As a fan-made example, Emil Macko note  had made a Nightmare Freddy model. One of the preview images show him hugging his mini-Freddies!
  • As of recent, the Thank You image has transformed into an amalgamation of heart-melting adorableness. And it shows!
    • Another brings us Mangle... or rather, Toy Foxy, standing next to Toy Chica. They look like adorable besties together. This also marks the first time we've seen it as anything but a dilapitated pile of broken bits.
    • There was an update that added another "Springtrap", but this one is in pristine condition as opposed to the rotting rabbit-shaped iron maiden with the mummified corpse of a serial child killer inside. Like the Toy Foxy addition, it was nice to see the character as it was intended to look and not what it turned out becoming...
      • It also makes the "new" Fredbear that appeared early in the updates make sense; it wasn't clear at first why add a new Fredbear if the already existing characters were going to be "chibified" anyway; but because of it's smile, normal eyes, clear purple bow-tie and hat, and the fact that it's neither a nightmarish abomination or slumped over like a rag-doll, it's kind of clear this is Fredbear as in, the character as it was originally conceived rather than "Golden Freddy" as he became known later.
    • The fact that the game includes the animatronics in their moments of glory, and that it's not a horror game is really sweet. It's like it's restoring the innocence to the Fazbear Entertainment mascots, and allowing them to be loved and enjoyed like they were supposed to be.
  • According to Scott, he has continued to produce the games and is making FNAF World simply because he loves the characters so much.


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