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Nightmare Fuel / Five Nights at Freddy's 4

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As this is a Nightmare Fuel page, spoilers will be left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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After the Halloween update, it's safe to say that the fourth game is, without a doubt, the scariest title in the entire series. The rampant Adult Fear, a very dark story, and absolutely horrifying gameplay mechanics solidify Five Nights at Freddy's 4 as being possibly the most frightening game in the franchise. note 

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  • Remember when you were a child and you were scared of the monsters in your closet, and you would hug a plushy because you were scared of the all-consuming dark that made you feel so alone and helpless, and you wanted nothing more than to curl up and wait until morning? Prepare to have flashbacks to that, because you're a child in this who goes through the same exact thing.
  • Similarly to the last two games, Scott has posted teaser images on his website after removing the hat from his website. What could the first one be? This.
  • The second one is no better - it's Bonnie in a similar design as Freddy, but he has… a few similar attributes to a certain someone, as well as a mouth filled with Baraka-esque, razor-sharp teeth. He also seems to be asking "Was it me?".
    • It gets worse in-game — his image in the Extra menu shows that the covering on his chest is completely missing!
  • For a brief time,'s code had been 'corrupted', with various 8's and 7's all over it. This can only mean one thing.
    • Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy asking "Was it me?" and "Or me?" is each of them asking if they could have caused the bite...however, Freddy doesn't. None of them did. It was Fredbear.
    • However, this whole thing quickly devolved into a Funny Moment, because 8's and 7's were put into Google Maps, and it pointed at a real pizzeria, though it had nothing to do with the series. Various phone calls were made until Scott posted on Reddit, once more telling the fandom to not call any numbers that could be related to the games.
    • Even through that code isn't "corrupted" anymore, informations still are.
      • Another scene hints there was another incident similar to the Bite of '87.
  • And here's teaser three. Chica is now given the Nightmare treatment. Not even her cupcake is safe. Also, she has three sets of razor sharp fangs in her maw.
    • After three games, a number of fans finally got their wish. Chica's cupcake can now attack the protagonistnote , and has razor sharp teeth.
  • Nightmare Foxy has joined the mix, with red irises and a large metallic tongue too!
    • Since the narrator (protagonist) is a child, then it does make sense. Pretty much everything is scary when you're a child, and it makes sense that he/she would be scared of them. The real question is what they're doing in his/her home.
    • Like the other three images, it has the hidden Nightmare, but alongside it is Out Of Order.
      • One of his eyes (the one on the left) has the number "87" in it.
      • Of note is that Foxy's hook is positioned with these words so that it resembles a question mark. Maybe there is more to Foxy than we have known.
  • After four deformed animatronics popping up on Scott's site, what could possibly be next? A hat and bowtie. A purple hat and bowtie. Not unlike the set belonging to a certain purple Freddy… Oh, and look at the ground near the edge of the spotlight. When you see it… If you can't, it's a reflection of a large set of mechanical gnashers.
    • And if you look below, or rather above the maw, you can see a pair of eyes.
    • If you brighten it enough, text can be seen…but not just any text.
    "PROPERTY OF FR [blank] ER"
    • And the worst part? If you look above the text with the image brightened, you can see a pair of white dots. What does that mean? Well, there's something else hidden even beneath the darkness after being brightened enough. And it's probably the same thing that appears reflected in the floor.
  • Whatever the fuck this is. Granted, it's only a torso view, but the torso has teeth in it.
    • Worse yet is that these might be the teeth that were reflected in the floor of the last teaser.
    • The weirdest part? If you brighten the image there are two hidden messages: one is the words "Or" and "Was", but too far apart to be the "Or Was It Me?" message in Nightmare Foxy's image; the other is located in its second jaw, they are the words "Pro.......Me", possibly the figure crying out to ''Protect Me." Or, "Probably Me".
      • Upon closer inspection, the word "Was it me?" is also visible, further down the left side of the image.
    • The source code for the image has an encrypted message: 'gsfecfbs'. Upon decryption, it reveals the animatronic's identity (who is also the picture for this folder): (Nightmare) Fredbear. Who in turn, is also Golden Freddy.
  • Why do all of these pictures have teeth in them and are emphasized to give you nightmares? Think about it: The Bite of '87. BITE.
    • This leads to a heavy dose of Fridge Horror when you realize that that tooth-embedded torso is at about a young child's head-height.
  • As they say, good things come in small packages. Not so with this one, though...
    • While this picture is nowhere near as horrifying as the others, it does have a few noteworthy details. If brightened enough, you can see a purple… thing next to the small Springtrap. In the source code, there is a encrypted image. This time, if decrypted, it says Plushtrap.
  • The release of the trailer trailer made clear that this is set to be the most balls out horrifying game in the series. It takes place in a regular house that is currently being haunted by the Nightmares. Not only that, but you can now freely move around the house by yourself, a first for the series, so you can potentially find the animatronics anywhere, and not just from a certain camera viewpoint.
    • For actual trailer moments, the thing at the end of the hall, Foxy's grinning mug just peering out of a closet door, the vibrating Freddy plushes on the bed, and Bonnie's lunging out of the closet jump scare at the end are all edge-of-your-seat, wetting-yourself terrifying.
      • What makes Foxy's appearance scary is that he doesn't pull a Jump Scare nor uses a Scare Chord, he's just there, staring into your soul with a Slasher Smile that puts Sonic.exe to shame. And now, his infamous jaw looks like a second mouth, as it's so long you can't even tell where it ends.
    • There's also some severe Paranoia Fuel when you consider that you can't see shit without your flashlight on, and even then the end of the hall is still shrouded in darkness. There has always been a way to see what's coming in these games without a flashlight or player-controlled light source, so the lack of it in this game is going to be horrifying for long-time fans of the series.
    • When it says in the trailer to "close the doors", you'd expect something pretty sturdy considering you're dealing with foul hell-robots, but no. Hell no. Instead, you're shown two standard wooden doors that you would see in a regular house like this. If these things were strong enough to force you into a suit so hard that it kills you in the first game and the dexterity to crawl around inside vents in the second, it's highly doubtful that a pair of plywood doors are going to do much to halt borderline demonic versions of them.
    • The end of the trailer when Nightmare!Bonnie attacks the child. It's the screaming of a little kid. It's even worse when you really listen to it and realize it's apparently a hybrid of the screams from FNAF 1 & 3. Either these things are those animatronics brought back to life or whoever is getting hunted remembers that scream. The eeriness of the music really doesn't help either.
      • Another thing to consider: Is the child's scream coming from Bonnie, or from the protagonist?
    • The eerie church bells that play over an otherwise innocent-looking and colorful household. Especially since early on, they play the familiar Westminster Chimes… and make them sound haunting rather than relieving.
    • There are no cameras. NO. CAMERAS. Your main method of defense is gone.
    • If you thought Plushtrap was Nightmare Retardant, this trailer fixes that. How? For one, you see him move. For two? His eyes. They're the same, human-like eyes as Springtrap. And they're staring right at you.
      • Just across from where Plushtrap is sitting are two pieces of white duct tape stuck into a cross shape. If you figure out that the toy seems to quickly sit down when you shine your light on it, it seems that Plushtrap is trying to sneak forward without you noticing. The question is, and knowing who this toy is meant to represent, what will happen if it reaches that duct tape?
      • It turns out that you're supposed to have him reach the tape. So fortunately, nothing bad happens.
      • Although you could be using a camera equipped with a flashlight (like in FNAF 2), as ghosthunters mark the floor of a room with white tape where they put their cameras.
    • "What game do you think you're playing?" It can be taken as a fourth-wall message to the player, but when you watch the trailer, realize the camera view is at a child's height, and realize the child is looking for something, doesn't it feel a bit like hide-and-seek?
    • The trailer also shows the Mini Freddies will be threats on their own, and we get to see them sitting in our protagonist's bed, thrashing in a creepy manner before slithering away.
    • All of the Animatronics that move do so very quickly. Almost as if they're ghosts…
  • The first game was scary because you had to hold off the animatronics while unable to leave your office. The second game upped that feeling by having you try and fend off more of them. The third game has you only fending off one, but you also had to deal with hallucinations which could potentially allow your enemy to quickly close in on you. This game? You can move around freely and you'll have no way of knowing where they are at any given time. And to make matters worse, the animatronics look like goddamned demons straight out of Hell, and it takes place in an ordinary house, which elicits one of the worst kinds of Paranoia Fuelyou are not safe even within your own home.
  • The kid. The poor little kid who has to deal with this is chased by the most horrific animatronics of the entire franchise, who should be stalking someone like Mike instead. And he has to deal with utter paranoia and sleep deprivation, for five nights. How is he/she going to fare after all this? How will he sleep properly, go to the toilet at night, open his closet to dress himself, walk down the corridors, or even live in the house after his experience? He could get fucking PTSD, for Christ's sake!
    • Not to mention that, unlike the pizzeria, he/she can't quit the home unless he/she moves out. Unfortunately, the only way he/she can move out is to tell his/her parents about this, and what parent would believe their kid is being stalked by dolls and animatronics?
    • And given all the animatronics now have More Teeth than the Osmond Family, it's not hard to imagine what they'll do to him when they catch him.
    • Plus the kid has no means to protect himself save run and hide. All he can really do is hide in his room and close the doors and wait for dawn. Also, he needs to open the doors to see where the animatronics are, and he won't know whether they're already on the other side of the door.
    • If all of the above wasn't bad enough, we quickly find out the kid's brother is a major a-hole. He locks him in his room, scares him with a Foxy mask, and leaves him at the Pizzeria despite knowing he doesn't like it there. What a jerkass.
  • Watch the trailer in reverse. It's even more interesting than when you watch it normally.
  • The new game banner/logo, featuring Nightmare Freddy. That stare, combined with those teeth…

     The Game

  • The fact that in this game, the player needs to actively listen to audio cues, making the jumpscares more jarring.
  • The animatronics are shown to be slightly taller than the doorways, implying that they stand around seven feet tall. These animatronics are likely taller, or at least some are. Now remember, the protagonist is a little child this time.
  • Before a night starts, it says [x] days until the partytake a guess what that means.
  • The title screen. Unlike the last three games (which just showed the animatronics), it's just a house in the middle of nowhere with the screen all red and a showing of the nightmare animatronics at the bottom of the screen. Oh yes, this one is indeed not like the others.
  • Rather than the traditional static from the previous three games, after the jumpscares, it's just…blood. And also unlike the previous games, there is no sound whatsoever.
    • The same goes for losing the Plushtrap minigame — though the blood screen has the words "Too Bad" on it, regardless of how you lose.
  • This game is Nothing Is Scarier made manifest. The challenge in Freddy's 1 & 2 was making sure that you could actually see things coming before they reached you. The third game had an antagonist that almost hunted and stalked you, sometimes walking THROUGH the office or hanging outside the door, taunting you and filling you with dread for your coming demise. This game? Almost every single interaction involves sticking your head into an inky black void, and making the judgment of whether or not you want to see what's there. Even the Mini-Game is about staring into the darkness and deciding when to shine a light on the activities, and not knowing when it's too late until a huge pair of jaws is coming at you.
    • What makes it worse is that there is almost no sound in the game. You are literally treated to pure silence, sans for the animatronics' breathing, your flashlight turning on and off, and the jumpscare scream. At least the first three games notify you if something's coming by using increasingly intense ambience, but this game is just silence.
      • Remember those Westminster Chimes that sounded off when you made it through a night? Well, they're still present… but now they come from a grandfather clock in the hall. Muffled, echoing, haunting. Even the herald of your survival has abandoned you.
  • Perhaps one of the most unsettling things about this game is how… different this game is from the previous titles. There's no twitching animatronic on the title screen, no cameras to check the rooms in the house, and there's no person on the phone to offer you advice on what to do. It's a pretty scary thought when being stuck in a rundown pizzeria is your comfort zone.
  • In one of the minigames where you control the kid at Freddy's, you get your first glimpse of the Purple Man.
    • The most horrifying fact about this? The game ends with the Bite of '83, meaning at some point during the week of the game, this guy murders those children. It's established by the young girl that you talk to in one of the Mini Games that the Animatronics were already in 'come to life at night and try to stuff people in suits' mode, implying that the Puppet is already pulling the strings. You're a small child who's not five feet away from a child-murdering Serial Killer who has already killed one child, and is either about to or already has killed at least five more. That alone is utterly terrifying.
      • On the way home during the Night 3 minigame, you run into five kids who all love Freddy's a great deal. If the Bite happens at the end of the week, that means five children get lured into the back of Freddy's by the Purple Man and murdered sometime before it. One kid even asks you if you're going to the party since everyone else is, only to laugh it off because it's your party. However, while the brother's teenage friends are present, none of the other kids show up to the party. While nothing is confirmed, it's certainly chilling to even consider…
      • Even worse, this confirms beyond any doubt that the killer was indeed an employee at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Imagine a child murderer working as an employee at a place where children are frequent.
      • And if the popular theory of the child being the Purple Man's son is canon, then he wasn't even aware about his son's injury and death before it was too late. And it would also explain his motivations behind his murders quite well.
  • Nightmare. He acts similarly to Nightmare Fredbear, except that he acts even faster. And if he kills you, then a picture of his face (the current picture of this folder) fills the screen, before the game reboots.
    • What's worse is that similarly to Shadow Freddy and Bonnie, no information is given about him.
      • There is a possibility that Nightmare IS Shadow Freddy. Color scheme aside, both of them cause the game to malfunction when looked at for too long (Shadow Freddy terminates the game outright, while Nightmare is more forgiving and simply sends you back to the main menu… after resetting the game.)
    • And what noise does he make when he gets you? Horrific static-esque screaming.
    • And now there's this picture of Nightmare's graphic render from the game's files. Without the gallery's red and black background and static effects, what do we find out? Not only is his body completely transparent, there is a brain inside of his head. An actual, human brain.
    • Let's just say that Nightmare is probably one of, if not the scariest character in the series. And that's saying a lot, considering that we had Shadow Freddy and Shadow Bonnie, who are probably on par with him.
    • According to the game files, he could possibly be the former of the two…
  • And now The Reveal: Fredbear did the Bite of '83. Ironically, Fredbear didn't do it by choice. The protagonist's brother and his pals placed the kid in the animatronic's mouth as a prank; when the mouth closed, it crushed the poor boy's skull.
    • The solution to one of the biggest mysteries of the franchise is finally revealed, and many wish they hadn't seen it. Teens Are Monsters indeed.
    • The brother never indicates that he meant for this to happen either… and goes utterly silent when it does. Imagine, no matter how bad of a brother you are, seeing your little brother's head crushed in the jaws of the death trap you just put him in, and that's assuming things were as bloody as we saw and not far far more so.
      • The worst part is that, in the ending, you can hear a flatline. Not only did the older brother have to deal with severely crippling his younger sibling and putting him into a coma, but he also has to deal with the insurmountable guilt of killing his own brother. Adult Fear at its most potent.
    • Even with the Atari minigame visuals, it still looks horrific and disturbing. In addition, the minigames are usually mostly quiet with the exception of the background music. And the last one seems to go this way until… *CRUNCH.*
    • What's worse is the implication that Fredbear was the child's favorite Fazbear character. Combine this with the fact that he hates the actual pizzeria and animatronics, and it shouldn't take long to think that the brother ruined his favorite character for him.
      • Now you know why Golden Freddy was so significant in the series. Not only is he Fredbear, but he unintentionally pulled a Bite…and it's likely that its victim is now possessing him. Now as for who did the Bite of '87 — well, that could easily have been his doing, too.
      • Even worse is if you imagine yourself in a situation. Your brother and friends are mocking you for seemingly no reason, before picking you up and start bringing you toward Fredbear. You try to get out, but it's in vain. And when you enter Fredbear's jaws, you can just feel your skull slowly being crushed, and you're just completely helpless all the way through, despite your screams and flails. And when Fredbear finally chomps down, it all culminates in an explosion, and then, your consciousness disappears, never to come to again.
  • How Fredbear essentially becomes the main threat. Just imagine yourself expecting a normal but difficult fifth night, but once you check the bed and/or closet
  • There's an extra subtle level of horror to the jumpscares in this one. If you look closely, the background moves as the animatronics jump out at you. Now, remember that in this one, the protagonist is a child. The animatronics aren't just lunging at the kid, they're violently picking the kid up and bring him towards their crunching jaws.
    • It's not just the animatronics picking up the kid that's scary; during the cutscene revealing the events of the Bite, it's shown that the older brother and his friends picked up the child, carried him to the stage, and held him over their heads as they put him into Fredbear's mouth. That poor child was traumatized by what led up to the Bite, and is forced to relive the overwhelming feelings of panic, helplessness, and complete dread every time he gets caught.
  • At this point, waiting for the potential horrors the Halloween update brought pure terror mixed with tons of Paranoia Fuel. Many believe that the mysterious locked chest would play a part in the update, and many have also noted this box's resemblance to boxes that puppets are carried in…
    • The caption that accompanies the locked box is "some things are best left forgotten, for now." With all of the awful things this kid has been subjected to already, what could possibly be so bad that he's apparently REPRESSED the memory?
      • Remember, in an earlier minigame, the Fredbear plushie told you you'd seen something bad and had to get away. What exactly did the kid see…?
  • The fact that with each shining of the flashlight, Fredbear gets closer.
    • The laughter from the first game returns. And it is even worse since it no longer sounds just goofy but offputting, but joyously malicious.
  • It is heavily implied that the events of the game (sans the minigames) are actually the child's nightmares that he experiences while in a coma. We never get any kind of indication that the kid's nightmares are over or that he came out of the coma. It's possible that the kid is going to experience this game's events every night for the foreseeable future.
    • Or worse, if the sound heard on Night 6's minigame is the sound of a heart monitor flatlining, then these horrific nightmares are among the last things this kid experienced before he died.
  • This game takes Cerebus Syndrome and uses it as one hell of an advantage. Every game before this entry in the series features some kind of reprieve — Phone Guy's calls are laden with Black Humor and the comical "Yaaayyy!" of the children when you survive a night in FNAF 1, the calming music box's music when you complete the sixth night in FNAF 2 (along with the phone calls from Phone Guy), Phone Dude's calls and some of the more Narm-laden animations in FNAF 3 (such as Springtrap walking in front of your window). Here? Nothing. Nothing but complete silence, dread, and terror. The only remotely comforting thing is the fact that Freddy's nose can still squeak, but if you press it a tad too much…
  • The Nightmares' behaviors are completely terrifying when you really think about them. They react to the light with extreme aggression, fear, and anger like some monster from a child's fantasy, and the way that they move around the house is pretty horrifying. You get the impression that it's less that they're hunting or stalking you, and more that they know where you are and could kill you at any time, but they're just choosing not to up and kill you because it's more fun to see you at the height of terror.
  • Even in an otherwise touching picture of all the animatronics grouped together, Golden Freddy, specifically the first incarnation, ends up being terrifying. Whose eye is that?
    • May just be his actual animatronic eyes. Remember that without a proper lightsource, the eyes tend to look black... Still, though this is a heartwarming image, even seeing the Nightmare animatronics waving good-bye… this image can be terrifying simply for the fact that every single killer robot from the games is present and accounted for. Except for Shadow Freddy, Shadow Bonnie, and the Phantoms.
      • Even worse? The Shadow and Phantom animatronics are heavily implied to be mere hallucinations, which would explain why they aren't in the picture. However, the Nightmares are still present. While one could interpret this as Scott wanting to include the antagonists of his final game, the alternate explanation is that the Nightmares were real, physical threats.note 
    • Or alternatively, they may still be in the picture, but just hiding in the darkness...but why would they?
    • If you squint, it kind of looks like the skull inside Springtrap seems to also be smiling. Kinda creepy, considering who Springtrap is.
    • At one point, Withered Golden Freddy disappears.
  • If his Extra menu image is inspected enough, one can see that Fredbear has a certain substance on his right hand's claws. If that didn't clue you in, it's blood. Meaning that he might have killed somebody. Likely in another poor soul's nightmares.
    • Tying into the Fridge Horror section and the theory that the animatronics may have gone berserk on the kid's brother during the commotion of the Bite, Fredbear may have acquired that blood from swiping at the bully or one of his friends and scoring a messy hit.
    • However, Nightmare doesn't have the blood on his claws. Thus even further confirming that he isn't just a mere Palette Swap of Fredbear, but a whole new entity.
      • Additionally, the roots of Nightmare Fredbear's and Nightmare's teeth are covered in blood. Since we now know who caused the Bite, it should be obvious what this references…
  • Remember those child-sized handprints found on Freddy's head prior to the second game releasing, and how Golden Freddy is pretty much just a recolored Freddy (meaning both animatronics have the handprints)? And how Golden Freddy is the original Fredbear? Those are the handprints of the boy, made as he struggled to get his head out of Fredbear's mouth.
    • Admittedly, this theory suffers slightly from the handprint in question being a right hand (thumb to the viewer's left) and not the left hand that would normally be seen if that's the case note . The handprint does match up with Freddy taking his face off in the poster sometimes seen in the first game's Camera 2B, though.
  • Even if the Nightmares have a Meaningful Name, who in the right mind would even dream of horrific abominations like these? This is justified with the kid being the Bite victim, but still… what the hell?
  • In-Universe, since the player character is having nightmares about the robots. Keep in mind that this is before they get haunted. Just imagine what kind of nightmares people would have after this game's events…

     Post-Release and Updates

  • In this post, a fan thanks Scott for the franchise and gives some encouraging words. This may seem like a heartwarming moment, but do you know why this is terrifying? Scott, in his response, hinted that he may be adding a NIGHTMARE BB.
    • Worse is that Scott implied that there will be more Nightmares. Nightmare Spring Bonnie being very likely to appear, and even Nightmare Mangle was implied.
      • Yep, BB and Mangle made their way into the game after all. Most agree that Nightmare BB's jump scare is downright frightening — with his deeply Uncanny Valley face grinning over the entire screen.
  • After weeks of promoting FNAF World, Scott's site was left with a single image that doesn't appear to hide anything, simply called "inthedark". Nothing Is Scarier indeed…
    • The logo has changed to a pitch black, with only the fourth dot below the title glowing orange. Literally everything sans that dot is just… darkness. You'd expect a Jump Scare to come out of nowhere, at any time. Worse — said jumpscare may finally reveal Nightmare BB, as Scott teased. Though he may not be the only new Nightmare…
    • If you drag the picture, it looks like it has a pattern: it may not mean anything important, but it's something that needs to be said.
    • Now, we have this image — Jack-O-Bonnie's eyeless, jawless head, with his bowtie, all of which are colored orange.
    • The very fact that it's just… there. Staring at the screen, with its eyeless face. It's very hard not to be unnerved by this lifeless Bonnie head, colors and all.
  • Here's another teaser, showing NIGHTMARE BB in the darkness. The logo has been updated, now having two orange glowing dots. Looking closely, you can see that Nightmare BB has shark-like teeth and claws. Brighting up the image reveals the message "HELLO?" in blood-red paint.
  • Now, Scottgames has changed again. Parts of the title logo are glowing now, with three glowing dots. The image is just a Freddy plushie, but seemingly nothing else. Once you brighten it, though, it seems that the plushie won't be safe for long, almost certainly confirming a Nightmare Puppet. Also, when you brighten the image, the plushie becomes golden.
  • And, guess what! There's a new image, titled "gotopieces.jpg", consisting of a black screen with the words "COME HANG OUT. 10.31.15" written in dripping orange. And when you brighten it, there's something hidden in the background: Nightmare Mangle. In addition, the Scottgames logo looks to be almost completely lit, now with six dots glowing.
  • And finally, this image shows up, appropriately named "BOO". The animatronic shown is an orange glowing Chica attacking, similar to the orange Bonnie from before. Her huge glowing eyes and maw are quite unnerving to see, with the caption saying — "SEE YOU SOON."
  • The worst part? The challenges menu shows that there is a blind mode. Combine it with the other cheats, and you get the most torturous, most anger-inducing night in the entire franchise possible. When you really think about it, Let's Players will probably be driven into complete madness.
  • You thought Nightmare was bad? Meet Nightmarionne, pictured above. Or if you prefer, Nightmare Puppet. It's the Puppet, but completely devoid of any color that isn't black or white on its person, with a totally featureless face like Slender Man, save for two glowing white dots for eyes, tentacles for arms, and its slim body now an emaciated skeleton. Now instead of a demonic, pitch-black Fredbear with blood-red eyes staring into your soul with demonic static blaring in the background, you have the series' infamous Monster Clown pressed up against your face, staring into your soul with dark, soulless eyes and a Slasher Smile on its face… without any teeth. That's right, the inside of its mouth is a pitch-black void of nothingness.
  • Blind Mode. It seems one of the four dastardly ways Scott Cawthon devised to make life even more of a living hell for players was to completely take away their sense of sight. Remember how the previous games depended on sight via the cameras? Well, now Scott has stripped us of it and has forced us to depend on intuition and hearing alone. You can't look down the hall with the flashlight to see the Animatronics (even Nightmare), and you have to truly listen for the breathing and close the door to save yourself, meaning you have to go right down to the wire.
    • Mad Freddy (Mini-Freddies appear on bed at lightning speeds), and Insta-Foxy (Foxy is in the closet from the start). These are the other two challenges, and you can stack them with Blind Mode. Both of them.
    • All Nightmare. This is the high-gear version of Night 5. It too can be played with Blind Mode.
  • And after all of this, Scott's site is now sheer darkness. The logo and image are just a very dark gray, with the file name being "dark.jpg". This is similar to the teasers in the Halloween update, but there doesn't seem to be any glowing dots this time.
    • That alone is eerie, but also worth mentioning is that the site for the upcoming spin-off game, Five Nights at Freddy's World, is also sheer darkness, even has a similar logo at the top of the page now…what this means remains to be seen.
    • And then we get this. Jesus Christ, Scott. And to think FNAF World is becoming a kids game!
      • The image, since replaced as of 11/3/15, looks to be of the FNaF World version of Mangle. Many interpreted it as Scott trying to get us to stop arguing about Mangle's gender and making it a dead issue, but now it seems that it's connected to the upcoming game. Either way…it's somewhat disturbing.
    • Now it's changed into... this. MADNESS TAKES MANY FORMS
  • On Dec 11th, Scott's site was updated with a really unexpected image, this time not relating to FNAF World. The game being adapted into a novel. While it's an Awesome Moment in of itself since it's going to cover some new lore, the cover is pretty creepy, showing Freddy with red eyes and behind a crimson-soaked background that is somewhat reminiscent to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
    • On closer inspection, the background looks a lot like the main menu of this game. Who knows? We might see inside that box yet...
  • With the release of Sister Location, players have found a secret room with three screens displaying constant static. However, if you input the code "1983" into the nearby keypad, the screens light up...with images of the house. But wait, if the house was Real After All... does that mean the Nightmare Animatronics were too?
    • Oh, it gets worse. You might just shrug this off as being a simple Easter Egg, but no: when you go to reboot the power in Night 2, the last two buttons are for maps that match up to the FNAF 4 maps exactly. And they're called "Observ. 1" and "Observ. 2". Just what the fuck is going on with this pizzeria franchise?
      • If you pay close attention to the map, you'll notice there's a white dot on the map in every location you encounter an animatronic — implying the white dots correspond to functioning animatronics. Now look at the sections of the map that correspond to FNAF 4's rooms. There's four dots in the room/hallways (Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy), five dots in the set of room# corresponding to the "Fun with Plushtrap" minigame (one for each location Plushtrap can appear), and two in the section that likely corresponds to the old Fredbear's Family Diner (Fredbear and Springtrap). The map implies the Nightmare Animatronics are VERY real.
    • Related to the above easter egg, you can spot the Fredbear Plush on the desk, complete with the purple accessories, white pupils, and most horrifying, a walkie-talkie.


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