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As this is a Headscratchers page, spoilers will be left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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  • Why doesn't the kid just keep both doors and his closet door closed?
    • Because it's a nightmare, and try as the kid may like, he has no control over the nightmare. Also his frontal lobe was damaged, so thinking ability is impaired from the get-go.
  • Why can't the protagonist just go under the bed? Assuming that the WMG about Nightmare Freddy being under the bed isn't true, of course.
    • Because the protagonist is missing his frontal lobe (which means that his decision-making ability is impaired), and the nightmares are literally that. If he hid under his bed, he would find them under his bed.
    • Well, where did you think those crazed Freddy dolls actually go?
  • I've replaced my previous Headscratcher with something more simple - what are the Nightmare animatronics? Are they nightmares themselves? Or are they machines built to murder?
    • The former.
  • If the Bite of '87 took place at Fredbear's Family Diner, then what happened at the end of Five Nights at Freddy's 2 that got the restaurant shut down?
    • One of the last tapes of FNAF 2 (if not the final one) tell us that "someone has used a yellow suit". It's quite possible that the breaking point of FNAF 2 was the Purple Man running into the Springtrap suit and getting killed by it, at which point, as we learn from FNAF 3, the management immediatly decide to cover the whole story by sealing the Springtrap suit in the service room. This may explain why the old animatronics of FNAF 2 are broken, cause as we again learn in FNAF 3, it was the Purple Man's doing.
    • Probably the missing children incident, and major sales drops because of it.
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    • Furthermore, Fredbear's was closed down for years before '87. How could it possibly happen there?
    • Think back to the 6th night of FNAF 2, and the training tapes from 3. Now, we know that both Springtrap (pre-TRAP) and one other animatronic were left over from Fredbear's. We also know from the night 6 message of FNAF 2 that "none of the animatronics are working right". Now, assuming the murders were committed or at least discovered in the day preceding Night 6, it's possible that the management saw the animatronics acting twitchy, and decided to lock them away for safety. But they still have that party, so what do they do? Well, we have this old Fredbear robot that seems to be behaving. Why not bring HIM out of retirement for one last party? TL;DR, Fredbear was on active duty at Freddy Fazbear's because the rest of the gang were out of commission that day.
      • If it is the restaurant from FNAF 2, then why were there only parts from Fredbear and Springtrap/Spring Bonnie in the Parts & Services room? Where were the withered animatronics?
      • Actually, that would be the Backstage area, similar to the one seen in the first game. Note the empty heads and animatronic endoskeleton parts.
      • Conservation of Detail?
      • I present 2 possible answers, you may decide which to accept: 1) Unreliable Narrator. We are seeing these events through the eyes of a child, and a particularly traumatized and brain-injured one at that. Children at the best of times don't have the best recall, let alone one going through the fucking hell this poor kid's going through. It's possible he didn't see the Old Animatronics because he simply did not care to look. This would also answer the below troper's question about why all the Fredbear signs are around in the minigames. The child is fixated on Fredbear, and so that is what he chooses to see/remember. OR 2) In the 6th night phone call of FNAF 2, Phone Guy might have been including the withered animatronics in his statement that "none of them are working right." It's possible that both the Old and Toy animatronics have already been moved out of the restaurant.
      • That makes sense. However, it doesn't answer why the Springsuits appear to be in commission during FNaF2.
      • They're leaning on the other walls. We're only seeing one side of the room, after all.
      • It doesn't really work that Fredbear is at the Freddy's 2 location because in the sequence between nights 2 and 3 (the first look at the establishment) we can see the shadows of the characters in question. Notice that, along the floors, the shadows extend beyond the left side of the screen. In the regular ending, we are taken to the left of the screen, and lo and behold, we find that the shadows end (or rather, originate), from the stage where the characters in question are currently residing. This implies rather strongly that Fredbear has been on the stage the entire week, or at least the majority of it. Even if we were to attempt to justify this discrepancy by claiming that there are multiple stages at this location, it only raises the question of why there was never a camera watching this particular stage. It would be in the management's best interests to have one there to prevent just such the incident we witnessed in the cutscene. Even with the management's record of poor design choices, it's still a huge stretch of the imagination to have all these coincidences taking place.
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    • IMO, it didn't. Viewing the TV during the minigame after night 3 implies this takes place during 1983. There's also the fact that Phone Guy says the Bite of '87 victim lived, while the child dies after night 6 (listen for the flatline tone). I figured this was a different bite victim, and it caused Fredbear's Family Diner to shut down. The chain reopened after a couple years under the new name of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. It's also probably because of this incident that Fredbear was changed to Golden Freddy and only existed as a suit and not as an animatronic. Anyway, I've always thought that Fritz Smith (FNAF 2 Custom Night guard) was the Bite of '87 victim at the next day's birthday party.
  • Why does the child have toys of Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy when this takes place while Fredbear's Family Diner is open? And why are the brother and his friends wearing masks of the four at that location?
    • It's hinted at in FNAF 2 that the Old Animatronics are leftover from Fredbear's Diner. It's possible Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy are unaltered animatronics from the old diner. As for Freddy... well, that's still up in the air.
    • A cartoon by Fazbear Entertainment playing on a TV in one of the sequences between nights shows both yellow and brown bears. It's probable that the 'Fazbear Four' did indeed share the place with the original springlock duo, perhaps being an Ensemble Dark Horse or a Creator's Pet.
      • Given the above spoiler, it's also possible that Foxy and Chica were Canon Foreigner characters introduced for the animated series. This would even explain why only Golden Freddy/Fredbear and Spring Bonnie have Shadow versions. As the only real animatronics, they would be the only ones able to cast a shadow.
  • Where are the Toy animatronics? The game takes places in the same time as Five Nights at Freddy's 2 game, which had the Toy animatronics active, so why aren't they active in this game and why don't they have Nightmare versions?
    • We see a mangled Mangle toy in the brother's bedroom.
      • How do you know that's the brother's bedroom? On a side note, we also see a little girl with toys of... well, the Toys.
  • One thing that puzzles me: I understand the concept that Fredbear was used to replace the Toys during the party. What I don't get is why HIS face is on the outside of the restaurant. Actually, I'm quite baffled. In one minigame, when you're stuck there and get scared (we see Purple Guy in this one), it looks like it's Fredbear's Family Diner, complete with a man in a Fredbear suit (probably the springlock one). And yet the 2nd to last minigame is supposed to be at the FNAF 2 restaurant. It looks like the Fredbear's from earlier minigames. I don't get it. From what I see, it looks like either Fredbear's was open during FNAF 2, the Bite happened there, or both.
    • Fredbear's was very likely open during the events of FNAF 2, but not under the Fredbear's Family Diner name. Going back to what we know from Phone Guy's messages (mention of a "sister location" in the third game, his tone reflecting unfamiliarity with the Family Diner establishment in FNAF 2, etc.) Fredbear is probably a carry over from the Family Diner days. Whoever owns Fazbear Entertainment bought the rights to the character, and made him the star of a new location. It seems Phone Guy has worked with the Fazbear company since early on, and based on his instructional videos for the springlock suits, Spring Bonnie didn't arrive on the scene until after the buy-out. The Fredbear and Friends show seems to indicate that the franchise grew to be quite popular, introducing the Fazbear Four either here or at a different location. Either that location closed down, or these characters were scrapped to be parts for the Toy Animatronics at the FNAF 2 setting. Now, the question is: why would they scrap the main 4, but not the eldest characters? Something must have happened between the glory days of 1983 and 1987, and going by Phone Guy's comments in FNAF 2, there is some evidence that Fazbear Entertainment was in a hurry to rebrand itself under a new corporate image.
    • That would suggest 1983 was the year the Purple Guy got his first victim, the crying kid who became the puppet. If the Puppet case at the end is any indication, the Puppet had always been there since it happened, it just wasn't always active, and Fredbear turned it loose so it could "fix" the bite victim.
  • Why is Springtrap's official character name "Spring Bonnie?" I'm sorry, but that doesn't make sense to me. In FNAF 3, when Phone Guy called him that, I assumed that "Spring" meant the same thing as "Toy": the generation he's from. But when you meet the little girl with the Springtrap plush, she specifically refers to him as "Spring Bonnie." So did kids go around calling him that? That's like if at the FNAF 2 restaurant they always call the animatronics "Toy (character name)" instead of just "(character name)." Aren't the kids supposed to think that they're real Funny Animals instead of robots? Now, above, it shows evidence that Bonnie and Springtrap may actually come from the same generation. But if that's true, then why not call Fredbear "Spring Freddy?" See, THIS is why up until now, Springtrap's real name has been "Benny" in my headcanon.
    • Fredbear is the character who happens to be a spring-lock animatronic. 'Spring Bonnie' is simply Bonnie who got remade into the purple Bonnie when it was put into retirement. The 'Toy' titles are for our convenience as the players and tropers; in-universe, they are simply the new Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy (who got renamed to The Mangle).
    • Given the little girl's comments — that the toy has something in it that can pinch her finger if she's not careful — the plush apparently has a spring mechanism inside.
  • If the killer was an employee at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, and on at least one occasion, helped a coworker into the Springtrap suit (confirmed by his cameo appearance in this game), how did he not know how to get inside of the Springtrap suit himself in the minigames of the third game?
    • That thing looked like it had been left to rot for quite some time. Either he had forgotten how to properly put it on, or the state of decay meant that his assumed method wasn't proper.
    • He did know how to safely get into the suit during the third game, but it's stated that moisture can cause the safety mechanism to suffer a catastrophic failure, and it was raining in an old and worn-down building when Purple was killed by the suit.
  • How come the protagonist's brother wasn't punished for leaving his brother at the diner that one time or causing the Bite of '87? I can... just barely understand the first as severe parental neglect, but the second one? Do none of the security cameras have VCR recording equipment? I mean... the police would've wanted to watch those tapes, and this was an incident of Grevious Bodily Harm!
    • It's quite possible that the brother never actually confessed it's part in the incident, and that the animatronics were blamed for that, which could have been the start of their creepy legend...which became reality after Fredbear was possessed by the soul of the bited children and the others by the souls of the killed ones.
    • What makes you think he wasn't? We don't exactly see the aftermath of what happened with him, at most we have him apologizing while the boy is comatose, and he might be doing that in handcuffs. In fact, for all we know, he was charged with the murders, allowing the Purple Guy to get off.
      • Would he be tried as a juvie or an adult?
      • More than likely as an adult. Murder (even accidental murder) is one of the few crimes where the default (at least in the US, where I assume the games are set) is to try juveniles as adults.
    • Additionally, there were at least five active animatronics in the building that are known to react badly to kids being in peril. Even assuming the Withered weren't able to throw themselves through the Parts/Services Room door, the Toys and the Puppet would've probably reacted violently. Jail time would be a mercy compared to facing them down.
  • Where is Jeremy when the incident is going down? Did the bullies trick him and lock him in the back room?
    • He wasn't working there yet. His tapes are out of date: we know the Missing Children happened in June and the Bite happened in 1987 and the FNAF 2 tapes start with the mention of a summer job, but now that we know Jeremy isn't the Bite victim, there's no reason to think his paycheck is postdated, so we know he works in November.
    • Some have speculated that he was too busy keeping an eye on the Toy Animatronics to notice the bullies, as that was what Phone Guy told him to do.
    • Two theories: 1) This game takes place in 1983 so Jeremy wouldn't be working there for four years. 2) Jeremy is at the new location while this game takes place at the old location.
  • Where are the death/startup screens (i.e. Eyeless Bonnie in FNAF 1, Springtrap opening his head in FNAF 3)?
    • Hang on, we just haven't found them yet.
  • Is the protagonist's older brother a child or a teenager? On one hand, I don't think any teenager would be gutsy enough to be seen wearing a cartoon mascot's mask in public unless they wanted their reputation to go down the tubes. On the other hand, I can't really imagine a kid jumpscaring his own brother for the lulz and then shoving his head into an animatronic's mouth.
    • I disagree. There are teens that would view the tradeoff for wearing a cartoon mascot mask (in this case, scaring and bullying someone and feeling a sense of superiority) worth it. Also, I doubt four kids would be strong enough to lift a struggling kid that high. Four teens, yes, I could. Besides, his reputation can only go down the tubes if any of his peers were there to see it, and from the looks of it, the only peers of his there were his cronies.
    • I can see a jackass teenager being willing to wear the mask for the express purpose of messing with someone. Plus, they look too beefy to be kids.
    • Unless they're all kids of bodybuilders that turn into Stage Dads, but the likelihood of all four of them being that is unlikely.
    • So why are the brother and his cronies still quite a bit smaller than the adult in costume that shows up in the same area on different days?
      • It's either a) Stylistic Suck or b) They just haven't hit their growth spurts yet. Remember, 'teen' can go as young as thirteen.
  • Are those actually the animatronics or is that the main protagonist's brother and his friends doing their nightly scare tactics? The way they're moving through the house and how Foxy is in your closet is telling me that all these night you play the game, these are the four a-holes that's messing with you through the night; right?
    • They're literal nightmares.
  • Honestly, I just don't see how the ending is the Bite of 87. In FNAF 1, Phone Guy says that they used to roam around until the Bite of '87, meaning that the Bite stopped them from being able to walk around. Yet, there would be absolutely no logical reason why a teen stuffing his brother into the mouth of an animatronic would lead to the result of the animatronics losing their ability to walk around when the teen intentionally placed his brother in harm's way as opposed to the animatronic just walking up and taking a bite out of someone's head. Can someone please explain this to me?
    • The Bite showed how dangerous these things were to have around kids. The basic "Talking" movements of the jaw were enough to chomp into the boy's head, so the walking around feature was promptly axed because parents put two and two together and realized having these things freely able to move about when even the mouth flaps for speech could nearly crush skulls was just suicidally stupid. The animatronics effectively ended up as scapegoats once again.
    • It really couldn't have been the infamous Bite of '87, because the victim dies. It's subtle, but you can hear the long beep of flatline in Night 6's ending when the kid fades away. Amazing that the human body can live without the frontal lobe, right?
    • The kid wouldn't have had to live that long for Phone Guy's statement to be true. If the theory is true that the minigames takes place during the week of Five Nights 2, then Phone Guy took the night shift and recorded the messages we hear in Five Nights 1 during the following week. That means the kid would only have had to live for one weekend for Phone Guy to make that claim.
      • Besides, you don't know if it was the frontal lobe specifically that caused the flatline. It could have been anything, heart attack or something.
      • True that we don't know when Phone Guy recorded his messages, but the pizzeria reopening in few days in a new location, with the withered animatronics completely renewed and remodeled to be more kid friendly like the Toys, seems a bit too good to be true even with supernatural things going on in the game's background. The guy himself even says that the robots have been in gross old-ish and dirty state for a while (they obviously wouldn't be if they just reopened and the pizzeria still wasn't going bankrupt as he was recording).
  • The layout of the Child's room in the main game is completely different from the minigame. There's only one door, only one branching hallway, and no closet in the minigame. Not to mention the bed and a dresser are in different spots. Usually, such as in 2 and 3, the minigames replicate the pizzeria's layouts as closely as possible. Why is the Child's house different?
    • Because the main game takes place after the minigames, which end with the protagonist suffering severe brain damage. In the main game, the protagonist has an IV drip next to his bed. Chances are they moved house to somewhere that would be better for their health; having two doors, for instance, would allow his carers easier access to the room no matter which side of the house they're on.
    • It could also be that he really is just in the hospital but the game takes place in a nightmare version of his room where all 4 directions are dangerous to amplify the scare factor.
    • The room in the minigame is reality while the room in the main game is the Child's nightmare.
  • You can see the grandfather clock down the hall when you look to the left and the furniture is way too big for a little kid. It's most likely that it is the same house, but the bedroom in the game is actually the room down the hall from the one in the minigames, probably his parents' bedroom that he's warded with his toys. It fits with the Parental Abandonment theme. Of course, it's all just a nightmare he's having, so it's probably not really relevant either way.
  • Why not invest in a nightlight, since the light is what keeps the nightmare animatronics at bay when they're down the hall? The child most likely gets an allowance for doing household chores or what have you, and at least one of the parents has to be employed. I don't think a nightlight would break the bank in 1983/1987/whenever this game takes place. Or would the easiest answer be because if that were the case, there'd be no game?
    • I honestly got a bit of a Parental Neglect vibe. They probably wouldn't get him one.
    • You're assuming the midnight to six AM portions of the game reflect any form of reality, and are not just a literal nightmare/series of nightmares that the protagonist is having. Given that the game makes a lot more sense under the latter view (like why the animatronics look so horrible, why this is the only one where they leave the establishment, the only one where they attack children instead of adults), it can be reasonably argued that the even if the kid has a nightlight in real life, the "nightmare" version of his bedroom he winds up in would lack one.
  • Since FNAF 2, it has been thought that the Crying Child who would become the Puppet was killed outside of Fazbear's Family Diner. Now that Fredbear is finally revealed, he looks different from the Freddy in the GIVE CAKE minigame. So, here's food for thought: where was the Crying Child killed?
  • If the FNAF 4 protagonist is supposed to hinted at to be the marionette, then who was the puppet in FNAF 2? Some other dead kid who's ghost was transferred into a suit and started killing security guards? Design-wise, it would make sense due to them sharing certain similarities, but logically speaking it just doesn't; especially given the already shaky timeline.
    • The Crying Kid from FNAF 2 is a different kid from the Poor Kid of FNAF 4. The Poor Kid is the ghost inside Golden Freddy; Fredbear, or possibly the older brother, turned the Puppet loose so it would "fix" the Poor Kid... and it put his soul in the suit.
  • Why did Fredbear bite down on the kid's head? We know the animatronics are sentient to some degree and protective of children so why did this happen?
    • Who is to say Fredbear was retro-fitted like the others? Unlike the roamers, Fredbear could have been a mundane animatronic for the time period, just a pre-programmed bot in a suit. Heedless of what's around it.
    • Oh, God, the Fridge Horror. In 2, Fredbear watches the puppet kid get murdered right outside the building, but there's nothing he can do about it, he just shuts down. In 4, the exact same thing happens. He's completely powerless to stop a child being attacked because he's aware of what he's doing, but he can't act outside his programming.
      • Assuming Fredbear is at all sentient and not like a real-life animatronic beyond 'built to entertain'. Still... either the above glitch or the simple weight of the Child's head in his mouth would explain why it took a short while for the moving mouth to close.
      • The Bite supposedly happens after the kids all got done over by Purple Guy and stuffed by the Puppet, so Fredbear's got a ghost in him and is at least partially sentient, programming or not. I'd wager that ghost is not happy about what their new can just did to someone they may or may not have known personally and considered a friend.
  • Okay, here's my... concern and confusion... If the child did indeed flatline and die what of Night 7 and Night 8? Where would that fit in?
    • Here's a possibility to consider: the "nights" in the game are not literal nights, but possibly rare moments of lucidity in an ongoing comatose state. since it is already established that the Nightmare animatronics are just that, it would make sense that the nightmare sequences also do not follow real world logic. To the child, he is living through eight nights of terror, whilst in the real world, he might be unconscious for simply a couple of days before finally succumbing to his injuries.
      • Or, if you like an optimistic outlook (and assume Scott has done his homework), he may just be having coma dreams. Coma dreams are most commonly seen in patients who eventually wake up (though EEG traces suggest they happen in other patients), as they require intact deep brain tissue (without which there's no sleep for the dreams to come) and a mostly-intact outer layer of the brain (without which there's no dreaming). In fact, patients with pre-frontal lobotomies have shorter dreams with fewer activities, fewer characters — fewer of which are female — and fewer settings. Given the series has one consistently-female character, a maximum of 11 characters appearing in a game, and one setting per game, this may indicate Scott Did the Research.
  • Does the Golden Freddy next to Toy Bonnie in this picture have actual eyes now? Or am I just seeing things?
  • Fredbear and Nightmare are intimidating, yes, but... what's the point of the stomach mouth? You'd think there'd be an extra killscreen where the protagonist gets shoved inside, but there isn't, so why have it beyond Rule of Scary? Seems kind of disappointing.
    • Rule of Scary is the entire point. It's a child's perception, not the exact reality.
      • Fredbear is a Spring-lock suit right? I would assume that there has to be someway to get access into him, as in his stomach area could be cranked open so you could jump in, wear his bottom half like pants and secure the other half on top of you. The kid was in Pn S so he probably saw half a Fredbear or something. Even worse, the terrible thing that he saw in Fazbear's could've been a Springlock failure, or possible the murder of the Puppet
  • Sooo, does this mean Golden Freddy from the previous games supposed to be the ghost of the Poor Kid taking the form of Fredbear? If so, then why do you have to deal with Golden Freddy in Five Nights At Freddys 2 despite the game taking place during the events of this fourth game?
    • There's a hint that the game might actually take place in 1983, not 1987, which makes it a little easier on the timeline.
  • One of the kids you meet is chubby and holding a balloon. We thought the kids were the victims of the Purple guy that got turned into the 4 main animatronics, but is this kid actually destined to be Balloon Boy instead?
    • No room. BB's too small even to place just a head inside.
      • Not to mention his hollow head. Just because the kids resemble certain animatronics, doesn't mean that they'll haunt those specific ones.
  • If the game takes place before the bite (Which I firmly believe. See the WMG entry "The game takes place before the bite actually happens" for more details), How is he still having the nightmares in nights 6-8 after losing his frontal lobe? You can't dream without your frontal lobe, so how are they still happening?
    • A very interesting theory (and one that Scott implied when he shot down the Game Theory video) is that you're not playing the child, you're playing his brother, traumatized by his actions and now hallucinating horrific versions of the animatronics that he used to love cosplaying as haunting him to punish him for his sins.
    • For starters, you can still dream without the frontal lobe but you can lose the ability to have nightmares. Secondly, losing the frontal lobe is not a surefire way to lose fear or nightmares. You can lose your frontal lobe and not suffer loss of fear as a result, so it's not impossible for the child to have nightmares as it's presented in the game.
      • To be more exact: "Frontal lobe" is a catch-all term for the part of the brain at the front of the skull. The exact effects of damage to this area, even assuming a professional lobotomy, are kind of random, as no two brains are exactly alike.
    • Isn't it the stimuli that causes fear in the human brain and not the frontal lobe?
      • Emotional responses are shaped by the amygdala, a small area far back in the brain that checks all of our senses for emotional cues. While it is possible to interfere with communications between the amygdala and the frontal lobe (by breaking connections in the frontal limbic mass), it's not generally a good idea — the amygdala handles all the emotional responses and our ability to interpret them, meaning the result can be anywhere from a lack of emotions to emotions running out of control.
  • Why do we hear a flatline at the end of the night 6 cutscene? The co worker from the first three games ( I know his Fan Nickname is phone guy but I am more professional than to call him by his fan nickname, not insulting anyone who does it though, go ahead) stated in the first game that the bite victim survived. Not "intially survived", "survived". In his own words, "it's amazing the human body can live without the frontal lobe". If the child died just a short time after the incident, he couldn't have lived without his frontal lobe. Did he live or not? The co worker should know because if the child died, the people at Freddy's should have known.
    • Leaving aside whether it's meant to be the sound of a flatlining ECG or EEG (it could just be an artifact of the music track), it would be unlikely for a person to hear their own flatline. Hearing the flatline of another patient is much more likely.
    • If the child didn't die immediately and died at minimum 6 days later then yes, he did live without a frontal lobe if only for a short amount of time. The way I see it, what Phone Guy states is true since the human body can live without the frontal lobe, he just doesn't specify how long.
    • Or it's just likely we haven't seen the bite of 87 yet. This seems to be an entirely separate incident.
  • Okay, know how the image changed the Gen 1 endoskeleton to a new one? Is it just me or does the endoskeleton look like it belongs to Balloon Boy?
    • Its official name, Endoplush, confirms it to be a Plushtrap endoskeleton.
  • Look behind Toy Bonnie and next to the FNAF GF in the updated group image. WHO is that pristine Toy-esque Golden Freddy? Will he be in the Halloween update? Will he be deadly?
    • Well, at least this one's been answered: The characters are getting a makeover for use in the upcoming game FNAFWorld, where they'll be the group from which you select your adventuring party. Of course, we have no idea what sort of enemies will be in the game, and the current image's inclusion of the crying child and the paper plate dolls seems a little... well, odd. To say nothing of the short-lived image with a box over most of the characters, saying, "Four Games, One Story". Could it be that Scott is trolling us again?
      • That was actually the last message of that update before the box was removed. The messages, in order, were:
        In the FNaF4 minigame, why would the tiny toy chica be missing her beak?
        What is seen in shadows is easily misunderstood in the mind of a child.
        Four games. One story.
  • The Nightmare Puppet's name is "Nightmarionne", which presumably is supposed to read "Nightmarionette". It seems like a clear mistake, but how did it happen? Longer names came out just fine, and it's hard to miss three letters of a word. The whole thing really baffles and annoys this troper.
    • It's simply a typo.
      • The next question is why was it never fixed? It seems like a simple thing to patch.
  • Nightmare BB's canonicity seems to prove that regular BB and the Toys existed during this game's timeframe, so... why aren't Nightmare Mangle and Nightmarionne canon, too?
    • It's entirely possible that The Child never saw either of them. He's likely a bit too old to hang around Kids Cove, which is where Mangle dwells, and he likely never opened Puppet's box in Prize Corner even if he's gone there and seen Balloon Boy.
    • Nightmare BB is more of a Throw It In! case; he fits the story, so why not? Now if only we knew what the story was...
  • Why isn't there a Nightmare Spring Bonnie? He was on the stage with Fredbear.
    • Technically, there is a Nightmare Spring Bonnie: Plushtrap. He's based on a Spring Bonnie plush that appears in one minigame. This implies that Spring Bonnie doesn't scare the kid as much as Fredbear. Plus...what purpose would Nightmare Spring Bonnie serve? Where would he go?
  • Why is there so many yellow bear? Father must have bought them like they were being discontinue.

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