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As this is a Headscratchers page, spoilers will be left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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    Game's date and time? 
  • When and where exactly does this game take place? The trailer implies it's underground somewhere, but the animatronics all look like they're singing and performing like the regular Fazbear crew did for kids in previous restaurants. What kind of restaurant is located somewhere underground? Also, the animatronics look way too modern and advanced, even moreso than the Toys... so for those to assume this is a prequel due to Funtime Foxy why do these guys look lightyears more advanced than any we've ever seen?
    • Perhaps this game is set after 3, and these animatronics are lesser known ones that were put into storage. The scene with them on stage was either a flashback or you start out above ground.
    • It's also possible this is a building/testing facility for the new animatronics.
    • It could be taking place beneath an amusement park, around maintenance and machinist shops.
      • That could be appropriate on a meta level, as well. In the theatre, the area above the stage was once called the Heavens. No prize for guessing what the area beneath the stage was called...
    • I'm starting to think the game takes place in the future, after 3, but the mini games will take place back in the day when the pizzeria the phone guy mentioned in fnaf 3 was still open. The one with the multiple spring lock failures.

    Opening Faces? 
  • Why do their faces open? I get that it's supposed to be creepy looking, but why would they build animatronics like that In-Universe? They don't seem to be any good for making facial expressions, since they open outwards and don't move up and down like an actual face would.
    • Maybe for maintenance purposes. Like if there's a malfunction in the inner mechanisms, the repair person can just open them up with little to no effort to fix them.
    • It's also possible that they're spring-lock suits, suits introduced in Five Nights at Freddy's 3 that are hybrid suits and animatronics. In this case, the face (and by extension, the rest of the body) would open up to allow the person wearing the costume to get in and out of it.
    • It may also be possible that the panels are meant to shift to alter the expressions of the animatronics.
    • It could be that the company wanted more springlock suits following the success of the Fredbear/Spring Bonnie set, but it turned out that the more plastic-like shells didn't really conceal the springlock mechanisms as well as the more felt-based classic suits. The management, being what they are, was too cheap to go back to square one. Perhaps the Sister Location was doomed to fail regardless of what tragedy inevitably happened there.
    • The opening narration reveals that the new animatronics were designed by William Afton, a.k.a. the Purple Guy. Feel free to draw what conclusions you like from this.

     The Freddy's Franchise a Weirdness Magnet? 
  • Is the Freddy's Franchise a Weirdness Magnet for murder and bots? The first four Five Nights at Freddy's games had an interconnected story, and reasons why the bad stuff kept happening: the murders, the Purple Man, and the Puppet "giving life". The sister location seems to be different, though; the animatronics are drastically different and seem to have more advanced technology. Is having Freddy's as as the umbrella corporation an invitation for trouble?
    • Perhaps you know who killed here too but wasn't as successful as at Freddy's?
    • Or, what if the Sister Location had its own murderer?
      • Not out of the realm of possibility.
    • The way the voice, presumably Baby, speaks throughout the trailer, maybe something else entirely happened here? "You don't know what we've been through."? This seems to be deliberately building up what did happen as something special. And if it's just more child murders by the guy who, in the third game we see face justice, that would frankly be a bit of a let-down. It's what everyone is expecting so if it's just more of the same it's long lost the impact it would have had. This might be Scott directly hinting that something else, possibly even worse than the ten-to-fifteen child murders, happened at this sister location.
    • With all this being said, keep in mind that the lore still hasn't accounted for the deaths of any employees besides Phone Guy...
      • Wait, when did they ever say what happened to Phone Guy?
      • Of course they didn't say directly. The company has a strict "hide-the-body" policy. However, last we know of him being alive, he got cornered by the Fnaf 1 animatronics when Golden Freddy showed up to finish the job. Considering how fast a threat the latter is in the games, there's not much hope that he escaped, especially when the other four are blocking the exits. Phone Guy's gone.

    The first trailer's jumpscare 
In the Jump Scare at the end of the first trailer (as seen here), why isn't Baby facing the camera? It seems a little odd.
  • Perhaps she's jumpscaring the player from a different angle, or Scott didn't finish up her jumpscare to face the player directly then.
  • Who's to say it's even a jumpscare? That might just be how she gets when she's angry.
  • Or maybe it's when she's Getting scooped..
    • It might be when she's getting a 'controlled shock'.

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     The Animatronics' behavior? 
  • What is up with these guys? Without going into spoilers, based on their actions, they're not mindless robots haunted by dead children. They seem to be all-out sentient. Plus they talk A LOT, and I don't mean using random pre-programmed messages in a threatening manner, I mean, they all out talk to you as if they were regular people. What the hell is going on here?
    • Considering who designed them, maybe it's in their programming. Maybe they can't help it, but remain fully aware of what they're capable of, and what they've done.
    • Wonderful, a dark spin on the fanfic Memory. The robots gain a bit too much sentience, get emotional, and things go to hell.

     The Fake Ending (Spoilers below) 
  • is Ennard going to kill you, or did you adopt Ennard?
    • Debatable; the fact that in this timeline, Ennard, with no explanation, somehow managed to escape without a disguise, avoided detection from both the company and the general populace, and doesn't seem to present nearly the same level of hostility as the night before pushes this scenario into Gainax Ending territory. It's sweet in a way, though, to think that Eggs Benedict did have at least some sympathy for the animatronics, specifically Baby, and somehow smuggled Ennard out of the building in an effort to try to give it a better life than what its caretakers could offer (despite how they were going to kill him in the most gruesomest way possible, and basically snatch what was left of his body).
    • I mean, if the theory that the girl that died was Eggs's daughter is true, then it makes more sense. It's the closest he'd get to having his daughter back.
    • Ennard has said it's gotten out before but was always caught in the end. Not hard to imagine that it got out and eluded pursuit long enough to make it to Eggs' location, especially if Eggs lives near the establishment.
    • Or maybe this time it was too powerful to be stopped...
    • Since this is a joke ending, it is perfectly plausible Eggs brought him back home for reasons below:
      • No explanation for Ennard escaping. It is easier to think Eggs found a way to smuggle him.
      • If Ennard really wanted to kill him, he'd go for a jumpscare instead of dragging himself slowly.
      • Eggs seemed badass enough to survive the private room, he is casually eating popcorn and watching TV after each night shift. He is also trusting Baby (enough to be tricked into scooping room in the real end). It's possible in the fake end he is confident enough he can handle Ennard, and trusting him enough to bring him home.
    • So if we say the player really is Mr. Afton, does this mean that now he has a cool little buddy to help him with future murders?
      • FNAF 3 would absolutely have not happened the way it did if Ennard had been present to save Afton from or even prevent him from getting into Spring Bonnie. While Fazbear's Fright would have a truly functional animatronic (since Spring would be decayed but otherwise safe, assuming they don't try to use his suit mode), it might instead have two killers lurking the halls: Afton, by now an old man, and Killer Robot Ennard doing the heavy lifting for its master. The Fright guard wouldn't stand a chance.
    • Assuming Ennard was also built from the Baby (and might be posessed by the dead girl), the custom night suggest that it was just a normal family time for Michael and his sister, watching soap opera together.

     The Real Ending (Spoilers below) 
  • So, Ennard scooped out your innards so it could wear your skin to pretend to be human. How the heck does it think it'll get away with that?!? Dead bodies doesn't heal, so the wounds it made while scooping you will remain forever — sure, maybe it could hide that via clothing, but the damage would only get worse over time through a combination of normal wear and tear, injuries, and the skin decaying because it's DEAD. Eventually, its disguise is going to fall apart — and that's assuming that its cover isn't blown beforehand as a result of maybe getting hospitalized or something. Honestly, the whole scheme reeks of awful Fridge Logic.
    • The obvious answer is A Wizard Did It. Five Nights at Freddy's is loaded with explicitly supernatural stuff (possessed animatronics, teleporting costumes, mummified corpses controlling animatronic costumes) that's never explained in any detail. It's entirely likely that Ennard's ability to steal your body is just another part of the supernatural strangeness that surrounds everything that happens at Freddy's. Also, it's an interesting inversion of the first animatronics. They were human bodies stuffed in to animatronic bodies, causing them to become the animatronics. Now Ennard is an animatronic who willingly put himself in a human body to become human.
    • Well, the most logical answer is Ennard just didn't think that far ahead. All he wants is out of there and to avoid any more scoopings and controlled shocks. He was most likely too busy thinking up how to scoop you to get out that he didn't factor in all the things that would come after.
    • Ennard/Baby specifically tells you that you won't die from the scooping, so there's a possibility that you aren't getting everything scooped out. Of course, isn't it impressive that someone can survive without their frontal lobe?
    • On top of this, there's already problems with the actual way the body is being scooped. The Scooper is a spring-loaded arm with an oblong scoop on the end (the thing basically punches you out). If Baby is intending this to scoop out your flesh, organs, and bones without so much as damaging the skin, she has another thing coming. Not only that, but the limbs would still have flesh in them and the skull would likely be ripped off of the body.
    • Not to mention that in a single night, an employee walks in normal and walks out looking like they were stuffing pizza like there was no tomorrow. This troper would say that anyone running Sister Location should notice the missing animatronic and put two and two together, but to be honest, that would be giving the businesses in this franchise too much credit.
  • Given the implications that Baby/Ennard was controlling Funtime Foxy on Night 3 (which is why it didn't kill you), it might be that Ennard is actually probing you with its consciousness so it can live through you on the outside.
  • And another thing: If Ennard completely scooped you out and wears your skin and you're the Purple Guy, where did all the blood that comes out of him when he's iron maidened in FNAF3 comes from? Did it only scoop out enough so that Purple Guy would still be alive, just not in control?
    • Either that or it was just meant to be symbolism.
      • Symbolic of WHAT? There comes a point when something becomes far too esoteric to even be worth including. If Scott wanted to hint at Purple Guy being Ennard, it would've been a better decision to leave the blood out, so as to hint at something unusual.
    • Perhaps Ennard devised some way to keep the body alive. That would solve the first problem, explain the blood by extension, and even explain Springtrap animating afterward without having to involve a haunting.
  • Maybe Ennard merely meant to use the skinsuit long enough to find a place in the outside world to lay low and form another plan. On the other hand, it's pretty obvious that these animatronic characters aren't the most sane beings we've come across.
    • Or maybe Ennard takes his trusty scooper and find himself a replacement suit? No qualms about killing and all, considering. The blood of the purple guy in FNAF 3 could be a fresh and juicy victim of Ennard, probably Mike Schmidt?
    • How could Ennard be Purple Guy/Springtrap though? It seems very unlikely that an animatronic which was never designed in the first place to mimic human proportions (heck, Ennard is custom-made and he just barely pulls it off with malleable human skin considering the unusual shape in the ending) could somehow be able to fit itself inside a Springlocked suit which can hold an average human inside, moreso if Ennard's doing it with a skin-suit. Why would Ennard then decide to sit down and rot away inside the resteraunt for 30 years until he was found again? The only possible way this would make any sense is if the "Real Ending" isn't the canon ending at all, but rather the Fake Ending is the true one.
    • Let's not forget the various, intact, human organs clearly visible inside Springtrap. If Eggs is Afton/Ennard, either the organs were scooped out and forgotten, or forced out of the way of Ennard's body and (most likely) hideously damaged. Either way it don't add up.
    • Assuming the player isn't Afton, the deaths of the technicians and the bizzare way all the animatronics were left (to the outside world it would look like someone stole all the endoskeletons), this might be the moment where he realized that he lost all control and it was best to just cut and run. That, plus the coincidence that he also worked at Freddy's where other kids also died, he may have decided to all out disappear. The heat probably died down by the time he returned to Freddy's to destroy the original crew. This doesn't explain Ennard though...
    • Actually, I just proposed a WMG where there are two Purple Men: Ennard-in-Eggs's-body and Mr. Afton.
    • The custom night cutscenes showed it's exactly what happened. The body rot, but somehow it's still alive.
    • Also, if we're being honest here, Ennard is basically a bunch of children's animatronics (Very advanced AI children's animatronics, but still), and possibly the spirit a young girl who's around 5-10. I sincerely doubt any of them knows that bodies rot, or that the Scooper will kill Eggs.

     Rascally Rabbit 
  • I had a thought: considering how Futuristic the technology is, if this game happens around the time of FNaF 3, wouldn't that mean that Afton built the entire facility and animatronics AS SPRINGTRAP? Just imagining a decrepit yellow bunny suit possessed by a serial killer calmly building the facility and robots is strangely funny.
    • Then how did he give that little speech at the beginning when his throat is pierced and his mouth is speared open from the Springtrap suit? He couldn't manage more than a hiss in FNAF 3. (Of course, perhaps my first question should've been "why are a bunch of people talking to a decrepit rabbit suit with an amazingly suave accent?")
    • I don't see the funny, especially if the end result is Ennard, who, with a few more groups of animatronics to harvest, would end up looking like an Eldritch Abomination. As it is, without the human suit, put Ennard in a tux, have his wires act like combat tentacles, and you have yourself Mecha-Slenderman.
    • Considering this game is part of a universe where there was children's animatronics with facial recognition technology, are bipedal with complete mobility and the ability to crawl in vents, somewhat sentience, move around despite being torn apart, and being able to jump, and having the strength, logistics, vision, detection, and feedback necessary to pick up a human and stuff them into a suit in 1987, I think that we can say that anything is possible with these things. Considering that this game takes place after F Na F 1 closed down, I'd put this game at late 90's to early 2000's.

  • Just whose suit was the spring suit you were trapped in on night 4? It most likely isn't Spring Bonnie or Fredbear, as neither have the face plates that open.
    • To be fair, we never saw the original Spring-Freddy suit in any detail other than 8-16 bit. It's possible that Spring-Freddy had a face more like Funtime Freddy's.
    • Even then, the suit's face seems to lack many of Fredbear's features. I.E. the teeth and even the bulk of Fredbear's snout when you can see it open up.
    • Based on this theory from Reddit, it's possible that you were inside a scrapped Spring Chica, due to the fact that the eye and mouth holes resemble Toy Chica's face when she removes her beak.
  • Maybe it's Baby herself? She did mention being on stage only once (when she killed a kid) and the springlock suit in question was only used once, and not for its intended purpose (her words). After all, how else could she open the face plates unless she had control of them?
  • The mask's features dont match up with Baby's in the slightest, the image on the nightmare fuel page is proof enough of that.
    • Maybe not from the outside, but at that point, the view is from the inside. Besides, it's more plausible at this point than assuming a phantom beak exists.
    • Again, the image is proof that it isn't as Baby's entire head splits open and expanding pipes, the mask on the springlock suit is opened by mere hinges and it's only the face part, unlike Baby's, whose entire head splits in 4 directions.
    • It could be springtrap, for the irony's sake.

     The Incentive: Who Benefits? 
  • Following up on my earlier ask, it seems the weird stuff happens thanks to the Purple Man aka Mr. Afton. My question is this: how did the Purple Man benefit from creating killer robots and planning a new franchise? He obviously wanted more victims, but what he was doing before (creating a suit just to lure them to the back) was more cost effective and had less loose ends, given the police either let him go following flimsy evidence or arrested someoene else he framed. Wouldn't having an entire franchise based on killing children have even more of a risk to him getting caught?
    • It's difficult to know exactly what his contribution to these animatronics are. He definitely has executive power, having his name on the company title, but the critical question is: was he in charge of every design choice, or just the ones that causes the animatronics to stalk and harm children? If the latter is true, there's a few ways he could do a cover up. He could feign ignorance and claim that those modifications were made without his knowledge. He could pin the crime on someone else, or even act as though these "quirks" are unfortunate glitches. And keep in mind, throughout all this, it's implied that the animatronics only go after lone children. If a child disappears, people would be looking for a human predator anyway, giving Afton enough time to form a plan and absolve himself of any blame.
    • Of course it must be kept in mind that psychopaths can be very convincing in pursuit of their goals — their singular drive and focus makes them very compelling to ordinary, scattered people. So of course the franchise isn't built around killing children — Mr. Afton would never kill a child! No, it's very simple:
      • The "storage unit" inside each animatronic is an emergency measure. In the event of fire or other dangers, the animatronic can be used as a safe refuge, their armored bodies keeping the child safe from all harm. Of course, it will be Dummied Out in all models unless specifically selected otherwise, and only available through a specific series of software commands.
      • Funtime Freddy's 360-degree scan? Strictly a security measure, like the proximity sensor and grouping monitor — we don't want them to ignore obvious crowding issues, do we? And the voice mimicry module is simply to allow a range of voices and let him keep the traffic flow moving. (The need for parental tracking should be obvious — we certainly don't want the precious darlings going home with the wrong people!)
      • Funtime Foxy's Parental Voice Sync/Replay Unit is a countermeasure in the event that a very young partygoer becomes too stressed — the gender-neutral Foxy can sound like either the mother or the father, whoever is on record. Likewise, the variable scent release is useful for party ambience — what child won't be attracted to the scent of chocolate, popcorn or bubblegum? (It even includes a deodorizer to eliminate undesirable scent trails.)
      • Ballora's Deter/Misdirect Remote Activate/Deactivate is likewise a needed distraction in case of the children becoming rowdy. With a wave of her hand, she can activate or deactivate any electronic device in her network, from lights to cameras.
      • And, of course, Circus Baby can not only dispense balloons — whether with the internal helium tank or the built-in compressor — but she can even dispense ice cream. There's not much room for ingredients, however, so of course that, like the "storage tank", will only be accessible through specific software commands.
    • See? And, of course, since these are rentals, any disturbances or — regrettable incidents — are case-by-case only, and have nothing to do with Circus Baby's Pizza World animatronics.

     Night Four: What was the point? 
  • So Baby/Ennard — whoever's in control at the time — has Foxy knock you out on Night 3, bring you to the Scooping Room, and stick you inside the Springlock Suit. Then they taunt you in a way that suggests that there is something wrong with your helpful ghost from before (she calls you "Dummy" as her voice becomes more hissing and sinister, and stresses that she knows how to "pretend"), clearly indicates that the Scooping Room is dangerous, and has you watch Ballora's painful fate. Then she removes your facemask and sics the Minirinas on you. That's a lot of trouble to go to for an incident that has no bearing on their ultimate plan. If anything, the night in the scooping room might sabotage it, because it screams "BEWARE!" in the technician's face. If they weren't so foolish (and the player wasn't laboring under the illusion of But Thou Must! on Night 5), they should have gathered (a) that "Baby" was no longer trustworthy, (b) that the Scooping Room is not a place you want to go to, and (c) the animatronics have a good reason for holding a grudge. Leaving aside the eternal question of "why didn't you just run and not come back after that ordeal?!!", why on earth did your captor bother? Best case scenario, you're idiotic enough to forget the whole incident, come to work the next day, and continue to trust "Baby's" instructions so that their plan comes to completion, in which case it was a waste of time. A better plan would be to continue to win your trust, and walk you to the scooping room without telling you of the danger. Other outcomes are that despite showing up for work on Night 5, you stop trusting Baby and dodge the scooping room, that the Minirinas kill you (ruining your viability for use as a skin-suit), that you get maimed by the springlock suit (also ruining your viability), or that you take the hint and flee after Night 4. From a gameplay perspective, it provides exposition, tension, and a really challenging mini-game... but narratively, it doesn't make much sense. Were they stalling for time? Or am I missing some essential element from that night?
  • My guess is to probably make the other two workers find you and give a good reason to why you never left, and Baby stated that the cameras WERE looking for you.
  • By putting you in danger, she was probably testing to see if other humans would save one of their own from a dangerous place like the scooping room, leading to her later statements "If we looked like you, no one would be afraid."
  • Maybe it wasn't part of the plan. Maybe Baby legitimately tried to rescue you. Her slightly ruder tone could be her warming up to you and becoming more informal (which would make sense since you went out of your way to hear her story on Night 3). If that's the case, then the plan may not be Baby's doing. My guess is that Ballora is the prime suspect, since she seems smart enough to organize the others.
  • We don't know for certain that Funtime Foxy catching you was part of Baby's plan, so as said above, she could have legitimately rescued you from Foxy. Putting you in a springlock suit could be to test the people watching the security cameras; she may have purposefully put it in front of a security camera to see if humans take notice of the innards of a closed suit. This is useful as on Night 5, Baby's plan involves you interacting with her already scooped body, and she needed to know if you'd notice there wasn't a proper endoskeleton inside by looking in her eye-sockets. Finally, the minireenas are shown on the map to exist within Ballora Gallery and stand beside Ballora in the Extras, so presumably, they listen to Ballora, not Baby, who might not have been in on her plan yet. As well, the Bidybab's whisper "She's watching us" on Night 2, if this is referring to Circus Baby, it might imply the Minireenas and Bidybabs don't act within the proper animatronics' wills at all.
    • There should totally be a comic/animated video of this exact scenario where they tell the player not to panic due to being in the springlock suit, but he'd panic anyway and die, leaving the animatronics to wonder "um... what now?"
  • It's also possible that Baby/Ennard came up with the plan in that precise moment — that seeing you in the suit, combined with talking about "pretending", suddenly brought the plan to mind. Suddenly you're important, so the faceplates are opened to allow a rescue.

     Holy shit! Some sort of monster that's an amalgam of a bunch of possessed endoskeletons is out there wearing someone's skin, and a person has been trapped inside an animatronic?! What is gonna happen with them? 
  • Given that this game takes place at least three decades before the events of the third game, one has to wonder, in 30 years' time, what happened to the technician after he was imprisoned in an animatronic and Ennard after it stole his body. Did they ever pass on when Afton was killed and the Fazbear's Fright guard did all of that stuff to release souls? Is Ennard still out there by the time of circa 2017-2023? What about the technician? Did his soul ever pass on? What happened to them?
    • The minigames seem to say that the killed technician possessed his own corpse after it decayed enough that Ennard couldn't keep using it, and, assuming it is Purple Guy, would have went onto to do all the things that happened in the other games, but it's hard to be sure.

     Lolbit: Canon or not? 
  • What is the potential significance of Lolbit to the point her mask occasionally appears where Ennard's is. Just a cameo? An implication she's Real After All? Or a further link towards World and Sister Location?
    • Well, Lolbit is the one to go to for a Byte...
      • Now that Custom Night is out, it seems it was a hint that she would be appearing there.
      • Custom Nights, not canon, but minigames are.

     Ennard and Baby 
  • So was there ever a Baby? Her recalling the girl she killed seems with genuine regret and confusion. She's nice to you all the time and only starts calling you dummy and talks about pretending once Ennard enters the picture. Is Baby really evil, or is Ennard that mysterious out of order animatronic that 'killed Baby' and took over and then started to kill the others to assimilate them? Pretend could also mean that Ennard was pretending to be Baby at that point. Sometime after Night 3, Circus Baby died and Ennard started making its move?
    • Let's examine what we know of the game. Ennard only forms when all the robots are scooped, since it's a One-Winged Angel. Ennard is also an Unreliable Expositor because its goal is to wear your skin, and manipulates you into sending Baby's body to the Scooping Room on Night Five before luring you there. Ballora was seemingly against the plan to form Ennard, Freddy and Foxy try to kill you along with the Biddybab and Minireenas, Baby keeps you alive long enough to be stuffed into a springlock suit and later on scooped. It's possible that Baby was dead the whole time, since you never see her on any of the Nights even when you administer three shocks, but Ennard specifically mentions that she gets scooped on Night Five "earlier today" in the Real Ending. Ennard at that point doesn't have a reason to lie and is engaged in a Just Between You and Me monologue. What do we know that's true? Let's list:
      • Baby killed a girl by accident, or at least as how she was programmed.
      • You don't see Baby until Night Five, when she's already scooped.
      • You hear a girl's voice on Night Two in Baby's room. It's a different voice from the girl in the cutscenes since it has an American accent while the girl who got killed has a British accent.
      • Handy's instructions will get you killed. Someone else with a girl's voice keeps you alive for three to four nights
      • Ballora is also blind and the most compliant of the bots to electronic shocks, but she still wants you dead.
      • Funtime Foxy doesn't kill you on night three when he/she/yes catches you.
      • Funtime Freddy haunts the power stations and would kill you if they see you.
      • Ennard is made of every bot. It also uses the "we" pronoun.
      • Ennard lies about how the scooper won't hurt.
    • It's highly possible that Ennard had taken over Baby to keep you alive long enough to use. Someone portrays Baby as a victim of circumstance on night three, and Ennard could easily fill that role.
    • It's possible that Baby was real, as in she was the one helping you up until Night 3, but was scooped, and added to Ennard in between Night 3-4.

     The Other Technicians (yet more spoilers) 
  • On Night 5, you're told that two other technicians remain in the building, even though they should have left. You see shadows of their bodies hanging in front of Ballora's and Foxy's stages. Putting aside whether they were killed by the animatronics (perhaps they were the techs who put Ballora in the scooping room, and they were murdered in revenge), or simply Driven to Suicide, why didn't Ennard just use the skin from one of them to make good its/his/her/their/yes's escape, rather than murder Eggs? Was it simply a matter of He Knows Too Much?
    • It could be possible that they were used to keep the Hand Unit from noticing that Ballora and Funtime Foxy were missing from their stage. They were left hanging in their stages. The only problem is if Eggs got scared off from a night 4's events and didn't come back, everything would have been ruined.
      • But that brings up the very obvious issue that if the fact that the animatronics are missing and there is likely a very bloody mess in the Scooping Room wouldn't be enough of a red flag for the people running the place, the two dead technicians would point fingers all that much more to the only person who did supposedly leave, as opposed to taking one of the two technicians and then leave more guessing as to which of the three could be housing an animatronic inside.
    • Except that there isn't anyone running the place. Remember, your only access — and presumably that used by the other technicians as well — is a vent through a lot of Danger tape. Aside from the animatronics and Hand Unit, the only voices we ever hear are the two technicians who put Ballora on the conveyor to the Scooping Room in Night 4. Those bodies will remain undiscovered until and unless somebody runs to the police instead of going straight to work.
    • Also it's fairly likely they weren't the right size to hide all of Ennard's innards. There's no need to kill them for revenge against Ballora since she was supposed to be Scooped for their plan. The bodies don't look quite right, either. They look more ragdoll-like than you'd expect, so they might have tried them out. The floor of Funtime Auditorium is wet, after all, when you aren't crawling through the middle of the room.

     Unused voice clips  
This might be spoilers but wasn't one of Baby's lines ("I'm ready for the show to be over." in a sad tone of voice)? What happened to that and where would this have applied?
  • Could possibly be for FNAF world, honestly.

     Incompetent Springlock Suit Design 
So we finally see how the springlock suits work in action. No wonder they're basically a deathtrap, the springs aren't so much 'locks' as they are kitchen timers. There's nothing even to lock the spring cranks in place! Did Afton design these things deliberately, or what?!
  • There's a reason the suits were discontinued, after all. To be fair, the springs should lock automatically when you're using the crank from outside the suit — but to be completely fair, the third game mentioned multiple spring lock failures even with the suits used according to instructions.
  • Also, Baby said that Eggs's breathing and heart rate were making the locks go down faster, plus you have the Minireenas crawling up the suit. Still, such tiny gestures shouldn't affect it if you're meant to walk about in it. Though it's possible the suit was tampered with by the Minireenas or the Bidybabs.
  • Considering that the Sister Location is pretty much a storage warehouse/repair center for the animatronics, its possible that the springlock suit Eggs is placed in is a broken one that somewhat worse condition
then a proper suit.

     Off Limit Areas 
So Ennard plans to scoop out your insides and use you as a skin suit. In Five Nights at Freddy's 3, we are told that there are certain areas animatronics can't go into, like the Safe Room or possibly outside (why else would they stay in one place instead of leave to hunt for the Purple Guy?). Wouldn't Ennard not be able to leave the establishment and have his plan foiled from the start?
  • Remember that the CB crew are rented out, presumably to backyards and other establishments, they probably weren't given that programming.
    • Mh, no, that's probably not it- they should still have the programming. There are OL As in the building, after all. The guard station, the Scooper control station and probably the Scooping Room itself, and any of the maintenance areas. It's more likely that Ennard tampered with their programming. I mean, granted, the Custom Night isn't canon and there's really no way for it to be considering Ballora, Funtime Foxy, Funtime Freddy, and Bon-Bon had all been Scooped that very day.
    • Considering Ennard is them all mashed together, and the animatronics AI, its possible that the bots are aware of this programming, and when custom building Ennard are they removed whatever parts contained that programming.
    • Considering that the animatronics react to specific triggers, it's likely that external security measures activate upon sighting the animatronic going somewhere it's not supposed to. Ennard mentions that they're stopped every time they try to leave, so there's likely some stimulus or tool that the guards activate if the animatronic goes somewhere not allowed, i.e. the recording that sends Funtime Freddy back to his stage. At night, the site is locked up tight so they can't escape physically.

     So after all that trouble.... 
Why on Earth would Ennard go back to Circus Baby's to work every night? Was he that secure his disguise wouldn't fool anyone? Was he that attached to the place that he couldn't help himself and continued to work there? It's hard to say if the custom night is canon or not, but it seems to be since it does seem to show the origin of the Purple Guy, so that just adds more confusion.
  • The Custom Night is not canon, Scott Cawthon said it himself. The minigames, however, are canon.

     Ennard's Cosmetic Issues 
This is more of a mind exercise than a deep inquiry into the lore, but when Afton's corpse starts decomposing, what excuses does Ennard use to keep people from finding out that they're talking to an animatronic abomination stuffed inside a dead person?
  • Most likely Ennard was just oblivious, after all people are seen avoiding him more and more as time goes on.
    • What I'm curious of is that why would Fredbear Family Diner, a children's restaurant, hire a (man who looks like a) walking corpse? I'd understand Night Shift, as it would benefit both FFD and PG (Less weirded out citizens looking at him), but I remember that he worked day shift as well.
      • Maybe they kept him around to promote diversity in the workplace? I'm sure Leperous American is a box not many businesses can claim to have checked off. It's not like Freddy's is known for their stellar hiring standards.
      • If they kept him in the back area, I doubt they cared much. Out of sight, out of the eye of concerned parents.
    • My question is why none of the neighbors call the police or someone about the man who's rotting.

     Killer Rabbits... How? 
How do Bon Bon and Bonnet kill you? Tickle you to death? At least, in the previous game, you could assume the cupcake and Jack O'Lantern kill you by biting you, not to mention the fact that it was "just" a nightmare.
  • They are small, I think physical effort are out of question. Maybe some sort of poison or bombs? Bullets? Neurotoxin?
  • Choking hazard. The puppets go down your throat, your screams are muffled as you suffocate to death. Or they get inside you, cause a lot of damage and you die via chestburster. Or they go for your face, probably the eyes... happy to have asked?
    • Spring trap themselves to your hands, making you unable to operate buttons at least, and causing you to bleed out from your hands at worst. Although, if you survive the night with two hand puppets permanently stuck to your hands, hilarity ensues.

    Why Assume Innocence? 
  • In Custom Night, we learn that Mr. Afton had a son, Mike, who became Springtrap. Why are people claiming that Mike is innocent, or more innocent than his father? Based on the hints in the lore, not to mention him stopping Freddy from saving the kids in one of the FNAF 2 mini-games, he is at best an Accomplice by Inaction and at worst part of The Family That Slays Together. He may have also gotten his younger brother murdered by Fredbear, if he was the older brother in the fourth game, and kept jumpscaring the poor kid and locking him inside. Even if Mike is genuinely sorry for hurting his brother, he's not exactly an innocent.
    • As a Mike Afton fan, I can say that a large part of Michael's "innocence" (because I do believe he was a reluctant accomplice, doing his father's dirty work) comes from the question of William's (high) likelihood of abusive parenting - he didn't think twice about sending his son to dismantle the murderous animatronics, and his son just does it. Makes one wonder about the psychological grip William has on Michael, which would not excuse any of his actions but could certainly explain them. And if he is the brother from FNAF 4, it's implied that Character Development kicked in and took him to the other extreme of becoming A Dutiful Son and brother to where, again, he risked certain death against animatronics to free his sister's spirit. A heroic quality, even if he ultimately occupies a villian's role. Plus, some fans may feel that even if Mike was his father's accomplice, what is implied to have happened to him wasn't in proportion to his likely crimes (accidently killing your brother, which you already feel horribly guilty over, and cleaning up your father's murders doesn't mean you deserve to have your insides scooped, then be springtrapped by an animatronic and left to rot in a safe room for 30 years).
    • TL;DR: It would seem that some people are willing to absolve Michael of any potential accomplice actions because it's quite likely that, in a way, he's just a much a victim of his father as the murdered children are, and his motives may yet be sympathetic.
    • The series is full of tragic monsters, and people want to assume innocence because people assumed malevolence and ended up being mistaken. They want something, to see that the monsters as something other than monsters, to see a murderer not be a murderer; they want to see something salvagable, something that can be fixed be fixed and everyone who deserves a happy ending receive a happy ending. Nobody wants children getting murdered and being forced to murder Night Guards forever as robotic monstrosities, Karma Houdini serial killers getting away with their crimes, or innocent people getting springlocked or scooped and becoming the stuff of terrifying urban legend without an out. Maybe it is just me.
    • As of Five Nights At Freddy's 6, Springtrap is indeed confirmed to be William, not Michael.

     The dialogue in the last cutscene 
  • Michael said he 'found something' and 'puts her back together'. What does he find? The chip in the baby? If by 'her' we're assuming the daughter (who got killed by the baby), he didn't put her back together. Ennard built himself and ended up in the sewer in the previous cutscene. Something for future games, maybe?
    • It could be that he's referring to the time he went to whatever location and encountered the souls of the dead children, who scared him into hiding inside Springtrap and dying. Not exactly talking about the Circus Baby location, but the original location, where Baby got the suit from Night 4 from.
    • Its possible that when he was scoping out the old location for his dad and encountered the animatronics/kids ("found something"), and dismantled them, freeing the kids souls before getting springlocked. ("put her back together")

     How Does Night 4 Make Any Sense? 
  • Night 4 makes no sense. Baby kidnaps Eggs and locks him into a springtrap suit, keeping him there for the night. Why, exactly? Given whatever evidence we have, Ennard is not ready yet, so it can't be that they are going to kill Eggs and take over his body. (Evidenced by how Ballora is mentioned to have been in the Scooping Room 'today' on Night 5, not Night 4) Is it an explanation of the Scooping Room? That thing needs no explanation because it's called the Scooping Room. Why are the Minireenas climbing into the suit? If Eggs cannot move enough to get out of the suit on his own, how did he work the locks on the sides and get out in the end? Why does he return the next night? And the weirdest part is, after the events of Night 4, it just cuts to Eggs watching his beloved soap opera, like nothing happened.
    • It's possible she showed him firsthand Ballora getting Scooped so he'd trust her more and paint the employers as monsters for Scooping the clearly sentient animatronics. Especially for Scooping Ballora, who Baby/Ennard says was against the plan all along. Considering that Ballora was supposedly against the plan, the Minireenas could either be trying to help and failing (and the jumpscare is them issuing a late warning about the locks), or actively trying to kill Eggs in a way that would make his body unusable in the plan. And it's possible he went home and watched his soap either to calm down or because he genuinely wasn't affected by his almost-death. Since clicking is all you have to do to rewind the locks, it's possible that he's touching the buttons with his nose or clicking those rotating locks is just a visual representation of Eggs pressing a button inside the fingers to rewind that one specific lock (and can only do one at a time).

     Afton and Baby 
  • If Afton's daughter wanted to see Baby, but Baby's killer programming only activates when the child is alone, why didn't Afton let her look at Baby when he was around? Or give up days his daughter was there as too risky for child murder and have his eldest stay in the room with the killer animatronic so she'd never be alone with it? Then she wouldn't have been munched. She got munched because her dad wouldn't let her look at the animatronic she thinks he made just for her. Since he knew that, and since she kept begging to see it, why did he not take precautions? Is it possible he really did not care that much about his daughter?
    • We don't really know why, but its possible that he was concerned there might be a failure and she'd get munched. Also, considering the animatronics had facial recognition programming, there might be something where they recognize him but still kill the kid as he watches or whatever. And considering what we see in 4 with the Brother/Micheal and his younger brother... would you trust him to watch his siblings alone and not bully or ditch them?

     Hand Unit's Assimilation 
WAS Handy ever actually assimilated? It's implied that in order to be made part of Ennard, a Scooping is required. But because Handy isn't an animatronic, wouldn't him being part of Ennard be kind of impossible? He can't be Scooped. Plus, Handy was against the plan in his own way. The only things Handy says that would be of benefit is insisting the other animatronics, Baby especially, have seen usage on any given day.
  • Its likely that he wasn't, considering he was with Eggs when he got Scooped and wasn't separated.

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