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As this is a Headscratchers page, spoilers will be left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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  • Does Cassette guy really think he can kill Springtrap in a fire? The same Springtrap who already survived one? He clearly knows enough about Springtrap to lure him into a trap and tell him he's going to hell, so he must know about the incident at Fazbear's Fright.
    • Fazbear's Fright was either an electrical accident or the night guard burning down the building himself. This game's location was designed from the ground up to trap Springtrap and kill him permanently, so it would be far more effective.
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    • It should also be noted that, in the case of the Fazbear's Fright fire, there was minimal to no control over its effectiveness. If it was an accident, then nobody was controlling it and Springtrap could easily escape. If it was a planned arson by the Night Guard to destroy him, keep in mind that the Night Guard would have to simultaneously commit the arson AND deal with surviving Springtrap at the same time. That kind of stress could easily throw off one's mental state rather severely, and without any proper planning to trap him, Springtrap wouldn't have a hard time escaping that either. Cassette Guy, on the other hand, kept Springtrap in a thoroughly sealed and trapped location where there would be no escape from the fire.
    • Considering that it seems that the restaurant and the area you are in aren't connected; Fright was meant to be an attraction, a place you could evacuate. As others have said, the new place was designed for one purpose only. And besides, he might have just gotten lucky the first time; it's not like managing to survive certain death makes you invulnerable or anything.
  • The girl playing the arcade — what was the meaning behind her being happy the first time you play it and sad the second time?
    • Each time you complete it out of three times, her mood turns much sadder as the game glitches. By the third play, she's visibly crying and after the game ends, you get to clearly see the reflection of her and what seems to be Spring-Bonnie behind her. Who tells her that "He's not dead yet" and to "Follow me".
    • Additionally, she goes from picking up fruit to picking up a dog that looks like it was squashed flat (and the warning that the countdown timer is nearly over is a car alarm). You can just draw your own conclusions as to why this upsets her.
  • So, what do the animatronics do when they catch you in this game? For most of them, they probably just kill you, but there is one in particular for whom it really isn't clear: Lefty/The Puppet. According to Cassette Guy's monologue in the ending, his daughter, who is possessing the Puppet, really does have good intentions. So why does she attack(?) you? Yeah, the player character is presumably an adult, and The Puppet seems to have a disdain for adults, but it still seems strange. Does she simply not know about her father's plans?
    • If it's true that you're playing as Mike Afton, she might still mistake him for William Afton.
    • It might just be playing along. Unlikely, yes, but if any of the other animatronics got suspicious and realized its true purpose, Cassette Guy's entire plan would be in jeopardy.
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    • Honestly, the way I see it is that she does have good intentions. For Children. Any adults, regardless of reason, are the enemy — making it entirely possible she would even attack her own father if she ever found him.
    • Some Blueprints from the Insane Ending seem to indicate that Lefty was designed the same way the Circus Baby Animatronics were — to lure and kidnap children. If that's the case, then the Puppet might have claimed Lefty not only as a disguise to get into the Pizzeria, but also in order to counteract Lefty's malevolent purpose. This would also explain why Lefty attacks you — the Puppet is thoroughly good this time, but is locked in a struggle for control with Lefty, who could very well kill you even with the Puppet fighting it.
      • Lefty wasn't made to kidnap children, it was made specifically to get the Marionette. Henry knew his daughter was possessing it and wanted to give her the same peace and freedom. Fridge Brilliance also kicks in when you realize how spindly and physically weak the Puppet probably is compared to the rest of the malevolent animatronics — he wanted to give his daughter some way to fight back if she ever encountered someone like, say, Springtrap by accident.
  • Why give the player the option to throw animatronics back into the alley? It would make sense if you needed to keep some and get rid of others to get the best ending, but it's apparently All or Nothing.
    • Doylist explanation: It's possible to have the animatronics brought into your pizzeria just by being really cheap and getting certain items at a discount, including straight-up just buying Lefty at one point. So throwing them back into the alley gives the player a longer stretch of easier nights, in exchange for forfeiting a lucrative cash bonus. Watsonian explanation: Cassette guy wants to give you every opportunity to back out safely, if you want to, including having an escape route planned for you in the ending. If you decide to be a responsible pizzeria owner and not grab animatronics that quite literally crawled up to your door, that's fine... however, you're still not what he's looking for/needs, so he'll have to fire you.
  • And for that matter, if the animatronics want to get in so badly, why do they just let you throw them out? Why don't they come back? (Unless "Throw it back into the alley" is actually a Deadly Euphemism?)
    • Yeah, I honestly see no reason for them to not suddenly 'spring to life' and attack you as you try to grab them and throw them away.
      • Throughout the series, the majority of animatronics don't seem to move when you're looking at them. Even in this game, during the tests, they will only move when your vision is obstructed by something (sans the opening, which may not be canon). Haunted or not, the animatronics seem limited by their programming to some extent, so maybe there's something in that programming about not moving in someone's line of sight outside of normal operating hours. If that's the case, you could safely throw them out as long as you maintain eye contact the whole time.
      • You got them into the room safely, so there must be some way to transport them without being attacked. It's also stated that you're supposed to seal the room after the test is complete, so maybe someone else entirely is in charge of handling the animatronics after you bring them in.
      • I know you weren't serious, but it cannot be a Deadly Euphemism; If it was, why not just that instead of burning the place down?
  • What kind of cosmetics is Michael using to hide the fact he's a rotted corpse?? If he really was Mike, then management would probably remember the decayed man working for them.
    • Given that Cassette guy was planning an Afton family reunion/viking funeral, it wouldn't be much of a stretch to assume he just doesn't care or even actively sought you out, so it's something of a moot point.
      • "And to you, my brave volunteer, who somehow found this job listing not intended for you: although there was a way out planned for you, I have a feeling that's not what you want." Emphasis mine. Henry didn't intend for Michael to be involved in this, it was just a happy accident. Granted, he could have still overlooked it for the same reasons, it just wasn't part of his original plan.
    • I always assumed he was just wearing bandages all over. He could pass himself off as a burn victim. Which would make this game ironic.
  • The final message implies the job opening was not meant for you, even though there's a very high chance you're Mike. So... who was this job opening originally for?
    • The job was just open for hire to anyone who wanted to take it. The fact that they had an escape route planned for the employee at first implies whoever would've taken it would be spared, but it just so happened that Mike took the job.
  • What exactly is Ennard? Was he his own thing or a combined consciousness of all the Funtimes? How did Baby seperate herself from Ennard? How does it function without her?
    • Wasn't it was established that every other animatronic part of Ennard chose to throw her out for being a bother? It seems that Ennard is whoever is in charge at the moment, and it was Baby before FF got the job. Why would he care if one animatronic was thrown out, he still has more than enough body mass.
      • Ironic, isn't it? — Baby nearly saves all the Ennard animatronics by being thrown out! Baby is William Afton's daughter, Elizabeth, so if she had stayed in charge and they'd all come to the simulator Pizzeria all as one, there'd be one less animatronic around and it'd be easier to kill them off. By being a controlling control freak who was "a bit of a bother", she made it less likely that they'd all die and that at least one of them would live...
    • I think the bigger question is why neither of them are trying to tear each other's robotic equivalent of a throat from being in the same building.
      • Who says they weren't? Mike just got in the way — once he's dead, then they can rip the shit out of each other.
      • And who's to say that their beef with Baby didn't end the moment they kicked her out of their combined consciousness? It's hinted that Molten Freddy isn't just there to fulfill his(/their?) programming of being child killing machines — but that Springtrap and Baby might actually be using him(/them?) as a soul jar for the souls of the original five kids... or other children's souls. The Golden Ending includes Molten Freddy in his rant about giving up the souls that "don't belong to them", so he(/they?) have got something inside them they shouldn't.
    • Molten Freddy is Ennard and also holding five of the original six children's souls captive. Ballora, Funtime Freddy, and Funtime Foxy go up in flames along with Baby, William, Puppet, Michael, and Henry.
  • So what was the deal with the whole freak show thing anyway? These guys are all scraps, and as far as I know did not come from some freakshow. Everything seems to indicate that you're trying to run a legit kid friendly Fazbears restaurant and not another 'Fazbear Fright'.
    • The freakshow idea just came from the ending of Freddy Files, which had a drawing of a deranged clown with the word "FREAKS" under it next to Scrap Baby. It was only ever just a theory, which was disproven by this game.
    • The Animatronics look the way they do because of what can be theorized that they rebuilt themselves with spare parts, it's also pretty much stated they are found in the alleyway outside. (How they got there is another question in itself.)
      • According to Cassette Guy, the animatronics themselves came to the alleyway and pretended to be broken so that they could get into the facility and continue killing children.
  • Does the "Design Pizza" option in the first menu have any significance, or is it just part of the Red Herring that this is a pixellated tycoon game?
    • I'm pretty sure that it's the latter. Although knowing Scott, I wouldn't be surprised if putting a certain combination of toppings triggered the Insane ending. Who would ever put X in a pizza?!
  • Who exactly is in the Puppet? Who is Cassette Guy's "daughter" (whether figuratively or literally)?
    • With the implications that Cassette Guy possibly being the game universe's Henry (who died by suicide before the 1990's in the Silver Eyes), the logical conclusion is that the Puppet's inhabitant is the Games' counterpart to Charlotte, who outlived her old man in the books.
  • I am no fire fighter, but how would a fire burn a bunch of animatronics? Considering that one of them survived a fire before.
    • The heat was reaching nearly 200 degrees. Plus we can assume that the maze is pretty much comprised of only metal passageways. Heat conducts metal, so 200 Degrees in such a closed-off metallic space and you're basically looking at a Huge Oven. Unlike Fazbear's fright which could easily be escaped.
      • Also keep in mind that near 200 degree heat... that was what the temperature gauge in your office was reading. The one place where there was supposed to be an escape route from, the place that would be the slowest to burn/heat up when Cassette Guy put his plan in action. It is possible that outside your office, things are getting even hotter.
    • While that in and of itself might not be enough to destroy any significant part of the animatronics, Cassette Guy intended for the place to burn down, so there could very well be a mix of accelerants and other chemicals in the walls that keep the fire burning at much higher temperatures, specifically so there'd be nothing left of the animatronics he was trying to destroy.
    • The blueprints also indicate that there was something implanted into the robots called 'remnant' that kept souls bound to them. And that 'remnant' broke down under intense heat. If the robots weren't fully destroyed, then the remnant certainly was.
  • So after all is said and done... we know the majority of the animatronics were haunted by several kids, and one even by their own murderer, but does that leave Ballora, Funtime Freddy, and Ennard... and possibly the Toy animatronics to just be... random evil AI? I mean I know it's a game, but at least a vengeful spirit controlling what would be a normal animatronic makes more sense than Afton creating evil sentient machines.
    • The toys were implied to be tampered with AIs well as supposedly having a glitch in their face recognition software. As for the Funtimes, they were specifically designed to be killers, only their advanced AI supposedly made them aware enough to break programming, and I'm pretty sure none of the robots comply to the 3 laws.
      • Not to put too fine a point on it, but exactly what about the premise of "crazy roboticist builds animatronics to capture and kill children" makes you think they were ever intended to comply with Asimov's laws?
    • I was moreso talking about all the other animatronics. I.E. the ones intended to entertain and not kill. Afton's lot are a no-brainer on whether they comply or not.
      • They're all Afton's lot, with the possible exception of the Marionette, which we now know existed before the first murder, and the original Fredbear. The rest were either made by Afton or altered by him (or made by his creations, ie Ennard). It's never made explicitly clear what the actual effect of having a soul does for the AI, but the Funtime generation were deliberately designed to kidnap children by Afton himself. Keep in mind that up until Sister Location, the animatronics were exactly that: animatronics, simple robots that have (admittedly very sophisticated) simple abilities. They can follow sound, move within a pre-rendered map space that limits them to the property, and they sure as shit can get violent, but of all the actual animatronics (ie, not Springtrap, who had a human mind the entire time, and the Marionette, whose programming limitations were different and discontinued), the only ones that have true artificial intelligence are the ones introduced in Sister Location and Pizzeria Simulator. The rest are basically just given human motivation while still being limited by their programming. The easiest way to tell them apart is that except for Springtrap (human) and the Marionette (not limited to a map), only the animatronics with full artificial intelligence are capable of leaving their home building under their own power, and they're the only ones who can actually speak beyond one or two pre-recorded phrases.
    • Alright, then, I'll admit my mistake. I was under the heavy impression that all of the animatronics prior, by which I mean the first incarnations of the Fazfour (who were implied to be upgraded between 2 and 1) and possibly the Toys were mostly designed and programmed by Henry. Especially considering that I highly doubt Willy A would feel comfortable with a criminal database in robots he helped design on the (unlikely) chance he already has a criminal record.
      • Chances are, Henry did design the first few generations, but Afton altered them. It's never made clear (because it's FNAF, practically nothing is clear), but I always figured the tampering came with the disappearance of the day shift guard to disable the criminal database. After all, it never says what kind of database it is, it's not necessarily limited to convicts. It wouldn't surprise me to find out they were using a database of mugshots and wanted posters.
    • Remember when Ballora got scooped back at Sister Location? That wasn't random. All of the animatronics have Remnant in them, though the original five (now bound together as Molten Freddy) have the most of all. The hidden blueprints reveal that the Scalable Creation of Ulterior Presence — the S.C.U.P., or "scoop" — injects the animatronics who get "scooped" with Remnant, so none of them are untouched.
  • Why does Afton speak with his own voice (except modified and deeper, more of a gutteral growler) as Springtrap when Baby sounds the same despite the fact that she appears to have Elizabeth's personality now? Also, why does she have Elizabeth's personality now when in the last game she spoke of the two as though they were completely different people? And what made her snap and go crazy and desire to be a killer when before that's exactly what she didn't want but was forced into?
    • Afton's case is possibly due to the fact he died when Spring Bonnie was in suit mode. Meaning IF Spring Bonnie had a vocal system in the first place, it wouldn't be active (and might even be beyond repair at this point). Baby's case seems to be pointing towards a common theory that a soul and an animatronic's soul intertwine when together for an undisclosed amount of time. It's quite possible that Baby's inhabitant has gone insane from everything that’s happened.
  • If you are playing as Michael Afton, how come Springtrap and Baby want to kill you? Doesn't William realize that's his own son? Even he must have some kind of restraint! Plus, Baby technically has no use for Michael now that she's out of the Sister Location place. So why is she trying to kill her own brother? Are the Aftons are that messed up?
    • They must be too far gone mentally, especially if this game is supposed to take place after FNAF 3 and all that time has passed. They're just vengeful spirits out to kill children and any adult witness that might stand in their way.
    • It would be very suspicious as to why Michael is not only alive but present at this establishment. Assuming he is also 3's protagonist, then he knows a lot about both of them; he even hindered and messed with Springtrap. To them, it cannot be a coincidence that Michael is present.
      • Baby and Springtrap probably compared notes about the events of 3 and SL at some point, coming to the conclusion that Michael's being held together by a large collection of remnant from the scooper and Ennard, and may hold a grudge against them over the whole "disemboweled and turned into a revenant" thing. And if Michael really was all the night guards, William definitely won't trust his son's presence, given the last time they met, Mike brought Fazbear's Fright down on his head. If Michael had wanted to actually reconnect with his father and sister, he could've easily spoken to them in private during the salvage operations, or called out to them during his shift in hopes they'd remember his voice - assuming, of course, that he didn't get himself murdered by the vengeful Lefty/Puppet for his trouble in the latter case. Instead, he subjected them to multiple Brown Notes, tazed them any time they looked at him funny, and then proceeded to run them around the maze like rats. Plus, William enters the building already knowing the whole thing is a sham, simply curious about what's truly going on, and maybe even already suspecting Henry's involvement. Baby and Springtrap have no reason to trust Michael, and a lot of reasons to believe he is their enemy. For them the optimal solution would be doing their brother/son one final kindness and putting him out of his undead misery, removing him as a threat and giving him the death he has long sought.
      • Plain and simple, William is an abusive father to Michael, and sent him to Circus Baby’s Entertainment and Rental as a Scapegoat, ensuring that William himself wouldn’t have to face any danger. He obviously doesn’t care about his son, so he doesn’t have any problem with killing him. Elizabeth’s reasoning is due to corruption and Pragmatic Villainy; Baby’s A.I. has corrupted Elizabeth’s spirit, causing her to want to become a Serial Killer with the intention of continuing her father’s legacy and immortality experiments, and is willing to kill her own brother if he gets in the way of this.
  • In the good ending, Tutorial Unit tells you that "Fazbear Entertainment is no longer a corporate entity." Hold on, what? How come? Was the restaurant in this game like a Load-Bearing Boss for the entire corporation? Was the company already functioning so poorly that the loss of this restaurant was the straw on the camel's back? Or had the corporation been disbanded long ago, and this was all part of Cassette Guy's masquerade?
    • Simple. It was all a lie. The company was that ONE restaurant after so long, and so many deaths. There were no additional companies, as there was no reason to keep them around. They were just bad news to run, but a Freddy Fazbear's Pizzaria would be a surefire way to attract animatronics to your door. Henry and HAND-Unit (who could have been programmed by Henry to give the story he wants) needed someone to help them without being aware of why, so why not lie? Making a situation seemed more grand to attract more willing workers, to lure and capture animatronics.
  • If Henry and William are both coworkers in the 80s, why does the former sound so young in his speech in the ending? Shouldn’t he be at least 80+ years old already?
    • Maybe he isn't human anymore either.
    • Maybe this was a plan several years in the making and the final message was pre-recorded well in advance, and it was being played while Henry was elsewhere setting the place on fire.
  • What purpose do the two vents serve in the office? Could Henry/Cassette Man seriously have not just equipped the room with ventilation that didn't run through his maze of death? Surely there was another way, he stated there was an escape route there if the pizzeria manager chose to utilize it to escape the fire.
    • It's likely the player character was the bait to keep them interested. Henry mentions that it's a maze with no prize, but that could be referring to the end of the game when the map of the pizzeria shows the main office being disconnected from the hallways. They needed to think there was something just out of reach, or they might have gotten bored and left, or even realized that it was all a trap.


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