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Baby will be The Unfought again.
Because Scott's showing how Creepy Awesome she may be now... and then, being a Trolling Creator that he is, she'll once again be an animatronic that won't try to kill you (or at least, not directly).
  • She's an actual enemy this time, so Jossed.

Math Man from The Freddy Files will be an animatronic.
Or at least an easter egg, thanks to his unexpected popularity.
  • Jossed.

This game will be FNaF's Grand Finale.
Whatever animatronics are left will be offed somehow, whether they factor into the gameplay or not. After so many decades, the Fazbear legacy would come to an end here and now, and it would end on a huge bang.
  • Pretty much confirmed by the game's ending.

The FNaF6 Animatronics will be called the Freak Animatronics.
The theme of FNaF6 seems to be a freakshow, so the Animatronics will each be called Freak something (i.e. Freak Freddy, Freak Baby), based on the fact they are part of a freakshow.
  • Jossed. The two names are Scrap and Molten.

The game will be Hijacked by Springtrap.
That is, if Springtrap is William Afton. If he's actually Michael, he may turn out to be Good All Along.

Springtrap is part of the freakshow
The game could take place after 3, and Springtrap was bought from the auction. Baby and Springtrap form an alliance to get rid of William. Afton's son and daughter, together again, going after the man who ruined their lifes.
  • Scott confirmed Springtrap is still William, so the latter part can't be true. He might be a part of the show though, since it's unlikely Springy is ignored after what SL's cutscene revealed.
  • Confirmed. Springtrap is in the game.

This game will give Chica the Chicken A Day in the Limelight and have her as the Big Bad.
Freddy, Bonnie, Foxy have had A Day in the Limelight so this time it will be Chica's turn.
  • Seemingly confirmed, as a heavily withered Chica appears at the very end of the Survival Guidebook, and is implied to appear in the game as well. While it is unlikely she would be the Big Bad, it's a safe guess that she will be a prominent threat.
    • Nope, jossed. Chica barely appears in this game.
    • Eh... Chica didn't get completely shafted. There is a Funtime version of her that appears in the game as one of the best (and most expensive) animatronics that you can possibly buy. So she does kind of get her special treatment here, but in terms of threat level as a Big Bad, then no, that didn't happen.

The main antagonists will be a trio of Springtrap, Circus Baby, and Golden Freddy.
Because honestly, psychotic robots and horror attractions are all well and good, but what could be scarier then an Afton family post-mortem reunion? It would make sense, given the way Baby is portrayed, the apparent survival of Springtrap and the possibility that "The Happiest Day" isn't canon. Of course, how the three would interact is a mystery given the distinctly different goals each of them have. It's also unclear what poor schmuck would get stuck with them this time or why.
  • Somewhat confirmed. Springtrap and Baby do return, and it actually is an Afton family reunion — but Golden Freddy is nowhere to be found, instead replaced by Molten Freddy.

The game will be Hijacked By Freddy.
The game may seem like it's focusing on Baby right now, but later on will the Big Bad Ensemble be one-upped by a variant of none other than the big guy himself. It's called Five Nights at Freddy's, it's about time he gets back into the spotlight!
  • Jossed, but Freddy still becomes slightly more important. A new iteration of Freddy known as "Molten Freddy" (identity uncertain at this time, but possibly consisting of the remains of Ennard) does make a pretty major appearance, but he's not the only threat or even the main threat.

According to the Survival Guidebook...
Chica might be coming back around for FNaF 6. The WMG comes into play here; she will return in 6, but she won't be alone. In fact, all of the original five animatronics (including The Puppet) are coming back. Hearing of Springtrap's survival and realizing that they only made their murderer become something worse, the spirits seek to finish the job by putting their respective, although old, heavily worn out and withered animatronics together to put an end to Springtrap (and the player), becoming those old Killer Robots they were over 30 years ago... one more time.
  • Jossed.

The man in the ending...
Not only is he Henry, but he didn't actually die in the fire. "I am nearby", he said — it's possible that he was right in front of the maze and simply just watched it burn up from a safe distance, giving his message through some walkie-talkie or some other handheld device.
  • This is possible but probably not the case. In the hidden secrets you find by purchasing the Egg Baby Data Archive, he essentially states he intends to die (well, he says he could "make himself... sleep. But not yet", which... come on, that is certainly not an implication that he's gonna go take a nap and wake up refreshed and free of deep-rooted survivor's guilt), but can't do it yet because he has to fix the problem his creations caused. Also, the "memory of everything that happened" wouldn't be dead if he didn't die with it. So this could be the case, but I highly doubt he'd continue to live for much longer afterwards.

Lefty is Nightmare/Shadow Freddy, as well as Marionette.
Because it's a Black Fazbear recolor, similar to those other two.
  • Or, more properly, Nightmare is Lefty. Nightmarionne was twisted into the gummy flesh of Nightmare and had to be melted out.

Lefty, otherwise known as The Puppet, survived the fire, and unlike the rest of the Animatronics, both good and bad, has not passed on yet.
We are shown the pictures of three of the Animatronics burning beyond repair: Scrap Baby, Springtrap, and Molten Freddy. However, there is no additional picture of Lefty burning with the others. It's because unlike the other animatronics, he, or rather, she was not destroyed, either because she survived or because she protected herself through some magical means? Why? To make absolutely damn sure that Springtrap and Scrap Baby were destroyed for real, once and for all. Springtrap/William has already survived one fire in the past, and there was a chance that he could escape again. Not to mention that the arrival of Scrap Baby means that there could now be two murderous child-killing animatronics who could cause havoc if left unchecked. For obvious reasons, neither the Cassette Guy nor the Puppet could allow this to happen. It's unknown if they were collaborating the entire time, but it makes sense that Lefty would avoid the danger of the fire and, afterwards, inspect the ruins and check that Springtrap, Scrap Baby, and Molten Freddy are irreversibly destroyed, and the spirits within released (or in William's case, damned to Hell). While she might move on simply after she's certain this has been accomplished, she may choose to stay behind even longer to make sure that Freddy's stays dead and nothing horrible like this can ever happen again.

Lefty is Charlotte.
Cassette Guy (possibly Henry) implies that his daughter has a role in the events of the finale. If Henry is indeed Cassette Guy, then we know who his daughter is, since Lefty is the only new antagonist thus far (Melted Freddy is Ennard).
  • Confirmed.

Elizabeth was not originally evil and was forcibly corrupted at some point after FNAF 5.
When Elizabeth was killed and consumed by Circus Baby, her soul took control of the animatronic over time. However, Circus Baby's animatronic had one additional and deadly feature that the other animatronics didn't have: it was designed to lure and ultimately kill children. The programming and malevolent purpose of the AI corrupted the soul of Elizabeth, turning her into a malevolent being who desired to follow in her father's footsteps of being a child murderer. But none of that was by her own choice, and if she had taken control of a non-malevolent animatronic like the original Freddy or any of the other ones instead, she wouldn't have been turned evil. Assuming that she wasn't a complete Bitch in Sheep's Clothing in FNAF 5, the corruption might not have taken into effect until after the events of FNAF 5, since it isn't until FNAF 6 that she starts exhibiting evil tendencies.

This adds a layer of Fridge Brilliance to the Cassette Man's words at the Good Ending. The Cassette Man makes it clear that he despises William/Springtrap and that he'll be going to Hell for his crimes. But he specifically says that only one soul will be going to Hell that day, and it's blatantly obvious he's talking about Springtrap. Assuming that Cassette Man speaks the truth and that only Springtrap will be damned, why would Scrap Baby/Elizabeth spared eternal torment, when she too had murderous and evil intentions? Because unlike her father, her evil was because of corruption and not because of free will. When Scrap Baby is reduced to ashes, her soul will not only be free from the animatronic's physical confinements, but also be free of the corruption that tainted her soul. Of course, she'll very likely have a humongous My God, What Have I Done? moment when she's in Heaven, but that's still infinitely preferable compared to damning a child to Hell.

Baby/Elizabeth was corrupted into being The Dragon for Springtrap/William, the true Big Bad.
This is why Baby is much more evil in this one than in Sister Location — Springtrap found her, helped put her back together and appealed to the daughter within her to be like him, probably making it sound like a much better goal than it actually was. He may have even caused her to become Brainwashed and Crazy through his supernatural power, or else why is he the only one condemned to Hell and not her?... because she doesn't deserve it.

The clown on the freakshow poster isn't just a generic clown.
He was the original design (In-Universe or out) for the character who we saw in Sister Location as the mask that Ennard uses as their face. The character was probably scrapped very early in his creation, with nothing remaining but a face mask and promotional posters.

Lefty's suit and inhabitant
While his "inhabitant" is the Puppet, his suit is a combination of the Shadows. It's pretty much a black Freddy, and while Shadow Freddy is purple, Shadow Bonnie is black. It's possible that the two combined into a corporeal form that the Puppet uses to cover his future tracks.
  • Jossed. The Cassette Man created it.

Molten Freddy’s 'One Big Happy Family' line

This is partially based on MatPat's theory that the Crying Child from FNAF 4 went on to possess Golden Freddy while the player character is Michael Afton/Eggs Benedict.

Assuming Molten Freddy/Ennard did absorb the spirits of the five dead children, that means that if the player is killed by Molten Freddy, the two Afton brothers have been brought back together as parts of Ennard (possibly even with Mrs. Afton/Ballora along for the ride). Mix this with Big Bad Springtrap and possible Dragon Scrap Baby (see above), then the whole Afton clan has indeed been reunited as one big happy child-murdering family.

The Fazbear's Fright guard is named Gabriel.
Considering two of the murdered children's names were Fritz and Jeremy, and that strengthened the 'Michael is all the protagonists' theory, he probably worked at Fazbear's Fright under the name Gabriel, after the third male victim whose name we know.

The reason that Elizabeth is evil and wanting to follow in William's footsteps now is because being a part of and then ejected from Ennard messed with her — along with the process of having to reconstruct a body and then the sheer loneliness.

While Baby was not exactly 'good' in Sister Location, she at least did what she did because she felt that the animatronics there had no other choice. However, merging herself with all of the others meant that for a while, they all shared memories as their individual personalities began to merge together into a single mind, and it was too much for her to handle alongside the memories of the animatronic AI known as 'Baby' and the soul of Afton's daughter, 'Elizabeth'. She began to lose her mind, which kept her from fully merging with the other Funtimes until eventually what remained of 'Funtime Freddy' ejected her from the gestalt entity that was Ennard. There might even have been something of Baby left behind in 'Ennard' (or as they'd now be on the road to becoming — Molten Freddy) which accounted for her loss of morals.

Baby's expelled innards did eventually manage to put herself back together... but her AI/human mind was damaged and warped — and her new body reflected that in its terrible claw. And then William found her and took advantage of a delicate mind teetering on the very edge of sanity...

Scott is planning to retire from game development.
Idk... given what has happened along with the closing phrase "It's been a pleasure making games for you." Gives off that implication.
  • Jossed.

The Puppet is a wrathful spirit just as much as good-intentioned.
It's the only fathomable explanation as to why she attacks you as Lefty. She’s still angry and just as willing to take it out on those somewhat connected to the tragedies. Plus Cassette Man's statement of "Let me save you now" gives off the vibe she's being mercy killed.
  • She doesn't control Lefty. She's stuck inside, not able to do anything. If she could control Lefty, then she would kick William's ass.

William Afton has two Freudian Excuses.
The first, as implied in the Orange Man minigame, is that he has an abusive dad, and that the animatronic footprints were actually from some stranger in a rabbit suit that gave him nothing but pure Cold-Blooded Torture for a while, before Orange Man put a stop to it...but nothing he could do could stop William from giving into the trauma and losing his sanity.
  • Jossed. William is the Orange Man.
  • Jossing Jossed, because how do you know?

"Fruity Maze" shows Springtrap's M.O.

Specifically, he finds a way to make a child sad, then uses Spring Bonnie to comfort the sad child and lure them away. The first time he killed a kid, he found a sad little girl while driving, killed her, and dumped her body in an alley. So what does he do next time, when he's had time to plan it? Run over a little girl's dog in his car, drive away, put on the Spring Bonnie suit, and come back to find the little girl, lure her away with promises of comfort, and kill her in secret.

  • Adding on to this, the girl depicted is the one whose soul inhabits Chica.

The Cassette Man was the security guard in Five Nightsat Freddys 3
Explains why the place was burnt down. Some of his dialogue implies that he will free the souls himself, which is what was done in the "Happiest Day".

Alternatively, Cassette Man was the unnamed Fazbear employee that told Phone Dude about the safe room where Springtrap was found
He had heard that someone was collecting pieces from Fazbear Entertainment and using them for a horror attraction. Seeing this as a chance to destroy an Old Shame once and for all, he helped Phone Dude and co get all the remnants in one place so he could destroy it once and for all. Whether he knew about the animatronics' supernatural nature at this point is unknown.

He ultimately fails, but while trying to burn down Fazbear Fright, he encounters the night guard, Michael Afton (based on the 'Mike is every FNAF protagonist' theory). Michael tells him about the animatronics' paranormal nature as well as the existence of Baby, Ennard, and the Puppet. The two, working together, hatch a plan to lure the remaining animatronics into one place, destroying Ennard and Baby, finally killing the murderous Springtrap/William Afton, putting the souls of the dead children and the Puppet to rest, and finally ending the Freddy Fazbear saga.

Elizabeth turned evil because she learned the truth about her death from Ennard — specifically, Ballora — and it drove her mad.
This hinges somewhat on MatPat's theory that Ballora is possessed by the spirit of Mrs. Afton. Elizabeth may have been quietly inhabiting Baby's body until her escape, but once she was melded with the other animatronics, she may have learned from her mother the truth about her father and why he created the animatronics. How could an adoring daughter reconcile her love for her father with the knowledge that his animatronics were designed to murder children and hide their corpses from discovery? Maybe she couldn't — maybe that knowledge broke her, twisting her mind until she came to believe that her father's actions were noble and worth duplicating, and she overwhelmed the mentality of Baby with her own. It may have been this growing mania that led Ennard into "ejecting" her.
  • Jossed. As found data in ScottGames and other official websites shows, Ennard ejected her because she has abused and pushed them around one time too many while acting like her opinion was the only one that mattered. You can clearly see this by "You can't tell us what to do anymore." and "Yes, I can. You will do everything that I tell you to do."

This game is before FNAF 3.
In 3, you're constantly “attacked” by hallucinations of burnt animatronics, while the real threat, Springtrap/William Afton, is the only killer animatronic. What happens at the end of this game? Every Animatronic is burnt down; not just the living ones, but the standard ones that are meant to entertain children. However, we know by the end of 3 that Springtrap can survive being burned alive. Even though we 'see' Afton burning at the true ending of 6, it's possible it didn't actually do the job, and he escaped, just as he'll escape in 3.

On top of this, there is evidence that this is possible. 3 doesn't have a lot of evidence that points at the existence of Sister Location, except for Mangle. As we know in SL, she's a complete animatronic, but in 2 and 3, she's just her endoskeleton and her head. This would imply that 2, 1, and 3 are also set after SL. Another piece of evidence is Henry, who we know kills himself shortly after his children's death. Meaning either Casette Guy isn't Henry, this game doesn't share the same canon with the Novels, or this is set before Henry kills himself. And if it's option 3, Henry might have killed himself because he failed to kill William. (And yes, it is implied that Baby was the Animatronic that killed him in World, I don't know how to contend this point right now.)

  • Several points to say to this WMG:

1: Mangle and Funtime Foxy are 2 completely different Animatronics. The former probably being based on the latter when they wanted to make Foxy more "kid friendly".

2: Springtrap is much more broken and damaged to the point he is missing his left arm. Compare his appearance to how he looked in 3, which was (albeit still rotting and hole-riddled) much more intact than he is in FFPS.

3: It's only implied that Cassette guy is Henry and until Scott says otherwise, there is not a definitive identity besides a few strong implications.

4: Yes, the novels don't share the same canon as the games, which means they could very well be alive in this continuity.

5: In a more Meta sense, 2 and 1 never had evidence towards SL either, and the only reason Funtime Foxy and Mangle share a colour scheme is because FT Foxy was based on Mangle.

Not to be rude, but your theory has more holes than Springtrap's remains.

  • Jossed for so many reasons.
    • Mangle isn't Funtime Foxy. At least, not the one from Baby's.
    • Cassette Guy is Henry. Unlike the novels, he didn't kill himself, but is seriously considering it by the time the game takes place.
    • Henry isn't the Desk Man from Workld.
    • However, I gotta say, you were right about William surviving.

All the endings are canon.
Cassette Man went through a series of employees, many of who had the brain cells to 'nope' out of anything that involved taking the animatronics in from the alley. Some were corrupt, some incompetent... then Cassette Man hit upon Michael Afton...

I'm reviving the 'Mr. Afton wanted her to get killed by Baby' theory.
With the recent revelations, my thinking is that after seeing how the souls of the children he killed started possessing animatronics, William was trying to get a possessed animatronic on his side. Someone with unquestionable loyalty to him. So he built Baby 'just for Elizabeth' and used reverse psychology to get Elizabeth to approach Baby alone.
  • Originally, this theory was sound with the possibility that his daughter was an unwanted bastard child. But the revelations do make this WMG stronger than before. Perhaps Afton wanted to make Michael into one too by sending him to the Sister Location, but we know how that went.
    • If that's true, he's got a lot of faith in Michael's loyalty then. I think he specifically targeted Elizabeth because from the look and sound of things, she was pretty young, and young=impressionable. It'd be easy to sway Elizabeth over because she's young and wants to please her father, and would believe him if he said, say, 'oh, an accident happened, but look, daddy built you a better body!' Michael's an adult with his own judgement, and probably wouldn't take it at face value that an 'accident' happened. What's more, he understands the concept of right, wrong, and revenge. I think even if Michael had succeeded in possessing an animatronic, we'd just end up with the animatronic vs. animatronic fighting game I still wish would happen. Final battle: Ennard vs. Springtrap.
      • There's also the Scooper blueprint, which shows a reservoir for "remnant", a substance for keeping a soul intact, and active after death. William could have baited Elizabeth to get killed by Baby, and then, the minute he could, he transferred remnant into Baby, to facilitate Elizabeth's possession.

Cassette guy was the protagonist for games 1-3.
If you go through the trouble of getting the secret ending and completing the game, you get to see a grassy hill with a few tombstones on it. Presumably the ones at the front are those of the five murdered children and the one at the back belonged to the puppet/Cassette guy's daughter. Among these are some very familiar names and some unfamiliar. Jeremy, Fritz, Susie, and Gabriel with one additional name covered by grass. That name was Mike or Michael, and the Cassette guy has been using the names of the murdered children as aliases to get hired in various Fazbear locations, digging around looking for the information he needed to find the murderers, the souls of the five kids, and his daughter. Then put all of it together to release them.
  • Jossed, but the protagonist for the first game was Mike Afton.
Candy Cadet is sentient and/or smarter than it seems.
It doesn't actually tell kids those horror stories. That would be a sure-fire way to get any restaurant using it sued. Instead, it somehow knows what's going on, and tells you the horror stories to try and warn you.
  • Alternatively it is simply playing random stories that were already in the robot. Or someone is speaking through it.

William named his son after one of his victims.
Considering that Henry and Charlie have video game counterparts, what's to say that the name of the Golden Freddy child isn't Michael Brooks. Scott isn't above coincidences, and it's possible that it could just be a case of shared names, but William is a serial killer, and lots of serial killers like to keep trophies from their victims. In a sort of creepy and twisted sentiment, William could have named Michael Afton after Michael Brooks as a symbol of one of his achievements.
  • Jossed. The murders happened while Michael Afton was already born.

Lefty was in FNaF 1.
It wasn't Henry who made Lefty - it was William. He decided to create it to trap the Puppet inside and ensure that he would be paralyzed and Go Mad from the Isolation. The carnival background music that plays every so often in 1? That's Lefty's dream wand playing music as it gives the Puppet an electric shock. It's only after the events of 1 and possibly after 3 as well that Lefty is finally able to move again (possibly from the Shadows and Nightmare fusing with it or something).

Downloadable Content will be made for this game, much like Sister Location.
And whatever it is, it will unveil the remaining mysteries behind the series - who the FNAF 3 guard is, the identities of the Shadows, what Nightmare is, who the crying child in 4 becomes... and finally the culprit of the Bite of '87.
  • And hopefully prove MatPat wrong, because the bitching would be glorious.

William Afton's motive wasn't sadism. It was developing A.I.
It never made much sense in Sister Location for him to make incredibly advanced animatronics with human-like A.I just to kidnap and kill kids for fun. It seems like way too much effort, and if he was truly in it For the Evulz, wouldn't he only want to kill up-front like your average Serial Killer? The remnant heavily suggests it was intentional on his part for the animatronics to become haunted. Was it an attempt to bring his family back? Unlikely. The Funtime models were already made to abduct and kill before Elizabeth died. In fact, it was why she died. The Crying Child could be his kid, but we know the Marionette was his first kill. And we see it in a more primitive pizzeria than in Five Nights at Freddy's 4, so it probably came before it. So unless it's an earlier location still running or an Accidental Murder, what gives?

Mr. Afton's motive is one of a Mad Scientist, though likely with some natural sadism mixed in. He wants to do what robotics have dreamed of and create truly human A.I. Cassette Man and the Fredbear/Fazbear franchise gave him the opportunity. It also gave him a reason to do what he did in droves — he needs to keep up with supply and demand. Perhaps William thought he could use this A.I. for more important projects, like Terminator-esque soldiers for the military or sentient vehicles. By killing someone and extracting the soul, he has a model on which to base an A.I. And what better model than human intelligence? This is why he kills. He could use anyone for this, but chooses children because they're easier to get a hold of. His partner supplies the kids, though obviously he doesn't know what William is doing.

While his kids dying is tragic, it's not the reason he started this. However, it did accelerate things and led him to commit even more murders — he has an extra incentive. And it made him even more numb to human suffering. Then the company closed down, and he was left without someone to cover his ass or continue the project. So he came back and disposed of the evidence. If the remnant is destroyed, William thought, it will eliminate the consciousness. What he failed to realize was that there was something truly supernatural going on, not just Fantastic Science — hence the ghosts. He got into Springtrap, springlock mutilation, and spending thirty years alone, completely destroying his Mask of Sanity. The remnant there kept his soul bound. However, unlike the children, William has no unfinished business and is only being kept in the physical realm because of the remnant. Once it's gone, there's only one place his soul can and will go to.

If Ultimate Custom Night is supposed to be William's Hell, then Endless Tycoon Mode is Phone Guy's Heaven.
Keep in mind: Phone Guy's stuck around with the restaurants due to his love of the animatronics. Being put in a position where not only those characters thrive and entertain children, but do so without the corrupt background and notoriety Fazbear Entertainment gained over the years, would probably be a good way to put him at ease. Plus, he's making sure that the restaurant does its job and doesn't put any of its patrons at harm.

For extra deliciousness, those phonecalls he gives in UCN really are from him during Tycoon Mode, but they're for a "night shift guy" he has yet to see — In this case, it's William dealing with all the horrors of a Fazbear nighttime shift that never ends.

The Mediocore Melodies were animatronic ideas that didn't make the cut.
They were mascots Cassette Man had in mind that he wanted to add, both to expand the Freddy franchise and later to displace Mr Afton's influence. The Fazbear corporation decided not to because either William Afton didn't want robots loyal to his business partner getting in the way of his murder spree, and/or they were afraid to get a They Changed It, Now It Sucks! response. He managed to get them as part of a spin-off franchise when Fazbear's went belly's up and to clean up whatever the now Artificial Zombie William Afton was up to. That didn't last, eventually ending in them being the Rare Finds in the Pizzeria Simulator.

This is assuming the Crying Child in Fnaf 4 is the Purple Guy's son, and Sister Location is before Fnaf 2. When he died in 1983, Afton was angry and killed Henry's daughter in an attempt to "make them even". He started treating Michael poorly because he caused the accident as the older brother, and probably killed his friends because of their involvement in it. The Funtime Animatronics would kidnap kids so as to try and resurrect his son, but that backfired when his daughter died. Deciding that if he can't have kids nobody can, he started personally killing kids until his death, zombification and destruction.
  • Jossed. William killed Henry's daughter before his son died, his friends weren't killed due to lack of proof, and the Missing Children Incident happened before Baby's opened.
    • Jossing Jossed. Freddy in the Give Cake minigame (Which I believe you're referring to) is brown, and we know that Fredbear, who is gold, came before him. Also, just because it looks like that doesn't necessarily mean its earlier in the timeline. It could simply be another, less detailed Freddy's restaurant. Scott didn't put much details in his minigames back then. Also, your assumption that the Missing Children Incident happened before Baby's opened is quite incorrect and fallacious. Freddy Fazbear's Pizza is said to be closed and Circus Baby's Pizza World stepped in to fill its void shortly after, but Freddy's has closed two or three times across the series: Fredbear's Family Diner closed sometime between the fourth and second games, Freddy Fazbear's closed immediately after the second game to reopen in a new location, and Freddy's closes for good sometime in the 30 years between the first and third games.

There are FOUR Afton siblings/children.
It's been speculated that the Crying Child/Bite Victim is the brother of Michael and Elizabeth. Well, he is, but there's a third brother: the Older Brother. Why are there four kids rather than two or three? Well, look at the picture of the four children in the canon ending. Two of the children look like they could be our protagonists: Michael is said to look like "Purple Guy." He's the tallest/oldest boy, in the purple suit and light-colored hair, and looks the most like William Afton (assuming the smiling man in the training clips is indeed William). The Bite Victim is the younger boy in the tie, and his hair is gelled just enough to keep that stray lock of hair out of his face. Elizabeth is the youngest, being the little girl hugging Freddy's leg, who loves the animatronics and because of her interest, is William's favorite (being the only daughter likely helps). Who's the devious little shit in front of Michael, and next to the much happier Bite Victim? He's the Older Brother. Come on, they're the only four children actually shown in this game, why would Scott show a picture of these four children if they're not important at all? The Older Brother had gray text in FNAF 4 after all, and then in this game, we see him speaking in gray text again as Gray Person watching TV, telling Yellow Man/William to leave Michael alone, because he's had a rough day. Or, perhaps, Michael is Gray Person, and he's telling William to leave his new, traumatized Un Favorite alone.

If you interpret 4 as being the nightmares of the Older Brother rather than the Bite Victim, several more theories make sense. While the Bite of 83 takes place four years before the Bite of 87, FNAF 4 itself takes place possibly quite soon before FNAF 2. This gives the Older Brother a good My God, What Have I Done? moment, as well as motivation to become a night guard to see for himself the veracity of the rumors surrounding his father and his new franchise. Older Brother assumes the fake name Jeremy Fitzgerald, and is later promoted to day shift- and, karmically becomes the victim of the Bite of 87. It's simply not possible, or very very odd, for Michael to be both Jeremy and Fritz.

Perhaps he's reconciled with post-Sister Location Michael, who is waiting in the wings ready to take over for his younger brother who is absolutely furious with William. When "Jeremy" gets promoted, Michael takes over as "Fritz" and tampers with the animatronics, as he already worked as a technician as "Eggs Benedict." We don't see the Older Brother after 2 because he's been lobotomized already; it's down to Michael to avenge his younger siblings and get revenge on his father. Cue the events of FNAF 1, where he's bold enough to take the name Mike Schmidt; FNAF 3 which takes place 30 years later, FNAF 6/Pizzeria Simulator where Michael burns William and Elizabeth to kill them off once and for all.

  • Heavily jossed thanks to the Fazbear Frights.

Scrap Baby's claw is the one that was seen inside her stomach in the video game cutscene where she killed Elizabeth.
  • It's unknown how Baby rebuilt herself, but ths fact that she has a huge claw hand can't be a coincidence given that a claw was seen coming out of her torso to grab Elizabeth. Perhaps she found the same pieces and used them for a hand.