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Nightmare Fuel / Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator

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As this is a Nightmare Fuel page, spoilers will be left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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While 4 and Sister Location are often seen as the scariest of all the games, Pizzeria Simulator manages to outdo all five gamesnote  that came before it — with frightening as ever mechanics, absolutely terrifying character designs that are out there even for this series, utterly chilling lore revelations that make the story darker than it ever was before, and the simple fact that it lays within a seemingly innocent facade that left the entirety of the fanbase fooled... as the Grand Finale to the games as a whole, Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator pulls out as many stops as it can to make the series go out with a bang... and many screams.

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  • As of June 2017 has been replaced with a closeup of a very damaged-looking Circus Baby's eyes... and nothing else.
    • Also, within the source code of both this site and ScottGames, there was some disturbing lines of dialogue that, when put together, may wind up explaining part of the plot:
      You are crowding us.
      Be quiet.
      You can't tell us what to do anymore.
      Yes, I can. You will do everything that I tell you to do.
      We outnumber you.
      That doesn't matter, dummy.
      We found a way to eject you.
    • The conversation ends on what appears to be Baby's side as she says "I can put myself back together". Even if she was puked out of Michael Afton and then was forcibly removed from Ennard, Baby is far from done. This should give you an idea of how scarily persistent she can be. And sure enough...
  • The teaser in The Freddy Files shows us Baby's new look in much greater detail. She's got a massive claw-hand, wires protruding from her torso with eyes attached to them, realistic human hair, and a crown.
    • Several fans have noticed that the above mentioned claw-hand bears a heavy resemblance to the mechanical claw that extends from Baby's stomach to pull Afton's daughter inside herself and crush her to death in the Sister Location mini-game. Given that Baby was torn apart to form Ennard and then put back together after being ejected, there's a good chance it could be the very same claw.
  • Behind Baby in the new teaser is a poster showing a Monster Clown with the caption "FREAKS," strongly implying the game will be set in some kind of animatronic-themed freakshow. And we thought Fazbear's Fright was creepy.
  • And now we have a new teaser, seemingly featuring a decayed Baby. While it's creepy on its own, looking into the source code of both and (which got a different, decidedly not creepy teaser, one of 8-Bit Freddy juggling pizza) reveals this:

     The Game 
  • Recently, a new game has been teased, Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Tycoon. A troll game was released for it too! It starts off funny, with the game obviously being a troll. Then it gets more and more difficult, and finally, once you start round 4, the entire game starts glitching out, and eventually fades to a different, non-8-bit screen. What does it show? A much clearer image of "Freakshow Baby". This thing looks like an absolute MONSTER. You can even see small, white reflections above her eyes, making it unclear if she has more that one pair of them.
    • To make matters worse (or better, depending on how you look at it), the MFA confirms that this 'Pizzeria Tycoon' game is actually FNaF 6.
  • The opening past the initial "troll game" facade. You're sitting at a table under a dim interrogation light, directly away from everyone's favorite hulking manipulative child, Circus Baby, as you try to evaluate her functionality. Only this time, she looks absolutely horrible, even by the standards of the Sister Location animatronics. The cassette tape next to you plays four different suspected Brown Notes. As you try to play a fifth, the tape suddenly gets shut off mid-countdown, with Baby's voice finishing it. You then see Baby's eyes roll up to stare at you.
  • Leave it to Scott to turn the content warning screen, of all things, into this. Occasionally, when you wait around on the content warning screen, the message continues after "and maybe some jumpscares!", giving us this:
  • Springtrap's redesign, while divisive, is so deep on the Uncanny Valley, it could scare everyone else out of said valley just by looking at them. The suit's head is much more humanoid, and the large holes in it show what might be bone (since if it were skin, it should be red and rotting, but isn't). He’s also lost an arm, which is just disgusting. What's worse, William has regained his ability to speak. Scott isn't even trying to hide the monster inside the suit anymore.
    • Springtrap was already rather terrifying even before the series delved into voice acting... and now that it has, he's gotten worse. Springtrap is voiced by PJ Heywood, who voiced his previous identity William, and his son Michael, only this time with a Guttural Growler tone that barely hides any of his emotions.
    "You may not recognize me at first — but I assure you, it's still me."
  • Some of the new animal animatronics fall directly into Uncanny Valley.
  • Scrap Baby — possibly one of the creepiest and most horrifying designs of the entire franchise. While all the past animatronics were creepy in their own right, you could still say they had a certain charm to them. You might even consider the Nightmares to be badass, but there is nothing charming about Scrap Baby. Her design — especially her hollow skull-like eyes, wide Slasher Smile, giant spiked claw, and overall much creepier demeanour whilst still maintaining the polite, almost-soothing voice of the original Baby — is literally the stuff of nightmares; to the point where staring at it for too long will ensure that you lose hours of sleep.
  • Molten Freddy. Just... Molten Freddy. To elaborate, he is what's left of Ennard, having taken Funtime Freddy's heavily decayed faceplates and modified them to its... own image. Since we hear nothing from the other remains of Ennard, it can only be assumed that Funtime Freddy is the one Sole Survivor, with the other A.I.s having burnt out. Plus, it's also implied that he has the original 5 murdered children with him.
    "Thanks for letting me join the pa-a-arty... I-I'll try no-o-o-ot to disappoint."
  • The atmosphere of the new attraction. It's just... some maze, with virtually no exit. While there are decorations abound, you can't help but feel more alone than you ever have before in the franchise. The maze just feels barren, there's not much sound to speak of, and once more, there is no guy on the phone giving you advice. You're just... there. And as seen later on, you're just waiting to die.
    • Though, Cassette Man says that he did plan an escape route for the protagonist, but soon realizes that the protagonist has no intention of leaving the pizzeria, and chooses to stay and die with him.
  • Some of the images seen in the FNAF 6 Good ending, especially the animatronics all burning beyond repair. The images of the past FNAF locations also adds to the unsettling effect. Without question, FNAF 6 presents one of the most creepy, disturbing, and even downright terrifying Good Endings ever shown in a video game.
  • Lefty. He's first shown in one of the creepy children's drawings in the office — a poorly drawn, black and red Freddy with no left eye, his head unnaturally tilted to the side with his mouth wide open. But considering the more pressing issues, one creepy drawing is easy to ignore. Then, at some point, the Rare Finds Auction catalogue is unlocked — probably around Night 3 or 4. Look through the catalogue, and Lefty sticks out like a sore thumb. For one, despite being surrounded by items easily in the ten-thousands range, Lefty's price by default is five dollars. And while his entertainment value is nine, his liability risk is also nine. That, combined with his lovely color scheme, will make any sane player avoid purchasing him. Cut to the end of Night 4, and guess what animatronic is up for salvaging... yup, it's Lefty. Which means that he's either possessed or has a malevolent A.I.. And he's just as important to Cassette Man's plan as Baby, Molten Freddy, and Springtrap. Oh, and it gets worse in the good ending. Baby, Molten Freddy, and Springtrap are shown burning up — but not Lefty. Where did he go? Did he survive the fire? Honestly, what makes him so frightening is that we know next to nothing about him, and yet he seems to be a key player in everything...
    • Some additional details clear up Lefty's past and motivations, and may serve as Nightmare Retardant or even Heartwarming in Hindsight. It's implied that Lefty is actually the Puppet wearing the animatronic suit. While that alone doesn't decrease the Nightmare Fuel factor anyway and may in fact add to the Paranoia Fuel, the Cassette Man's final words in the Good Ending indicate that the Puppet is actually his daughter, who came to the new Pizzeria to continue her mission of protecting the children from Springtrap and Scrap Baby's murderous ways.
    • Of course, it slips right back to Nightmare Fuel when one sees the blueprints in the insanity ending. Mainly because Lefty is designed as a trap for the Puppet. Think about it. The full acronym is Lure - Encapsulate - Fuse - Transport - & Extract. His microphone is a "dream wand"/soother — just like the music box. The Puppet isn't at the new location willingly. And one has to wonder... who designed Lefty?
      • Cassette Guy did, to ensure the Puppet would be there. As questionable as his methods are, he wanted it all to end. No more haunted animatronics. Good or bad. No exceptions.
  • Candy Cadet, a purchasable attraction for your pizzeria, seems just a little bit... off. It should be just a cheerful talking candy dispenser, but its robotic monotone and vague promises of a future "story" as it slowly looms toward the camera are unsettling. If you talk to him enough times, you'll hear the story in question. It's about a woman who was given the Sadistic Choice to select only a single key in order to save 1 of 5 children. In her desperation to save them all, she melted all 5 keys into 1. Unfortunately, all this did was make the keys useless, meaning that she had doomed all 5 kids to certain death. The story is made worse by Candy Cadet ominously moving closer and closer to you as it tells it.
    • There are two other stories he can tell as well. One involves a little boy who found 5 baby kittens in a shoe box; said boy also owned a red snake who would eat one kitten each night. After the 5th night, the boy cut the snake open to free the kittens, despite the fact that they were most likely dead by now. The remains of said kittens were stitched together into one... The other, perhaps the scariest and saddest one of them all, features a man who adopts 5 orphans and brings them toys and gladness. One day, he leaves home to buy food and when he returns, he found that a burglar had broken into his home and killed all 5 children. Unable to afford a casket for all 5, the man chose to stitch their bodies together into one and then bury that body. That night, there was a knock at the man's door... and that story just ends there...
    • The implication that any one of these three stories can serve as a metaphor for Molten Freddy, who has somehow assimilated the souls of the murdered children from the first game into itself, only makes it worse.
      • Or, alternatively, that this is the origin story of the Puppet. She could have easily saved one of the original five, but tried to save them all, and got killed for her trouble.
    • Each story contains a similar theme of 5 things being merged together, which ominously fits with the typical number of nights you go through in the games.
  • Remember the largest threats of the previous games? The Puppet, Springtrap, Nightmare, Baby, Ennard... Now think about the fact that with the exception of Nightmare, you're alone with all of them. As bait to keep them from leaving. Having fun yet?
    • Considering the fact that Lefty is a Dark Freddy Animatronic/suit, it's entirely possible that you also are dealing with Nightmare.
  • There's a deadly implication with Baby having "all of those little souls in one place" and continuing in her father's footsteps. Had Baby's plans gone right, they would have used the souls to possess the Rockstar Animatronics and start a whole new generation of terror throughout the Freddy's franchise. Good thing that restaurant was a decoy.
    • Even worse, she could have even used parts from some of the cheaper animatronics to repair Springtrap's body and become a father-daughter team with him, which she even implies a desire for in her dialog after Night Five. The family that slays together, stays together, as they say...
  • How 'bout the fact that Springtrap, Baby, Freddy (Ennard minus Baby), and Lefty (The Puppet) are able to move around on their own and just purposely plant themselves outside the seemingly brand-spanking-new pizzeria, just waiting for some poor sap to carry them in so they can continue their reign of terror in a brand new Fazbear location? These guys just can't help themselves! Though given what the Cassette Man says in the Good Ending about the Puppet, her intentions at least were probably more noble and pure than the others.
  • Fruit Maze: Starts off as an innocent Pac-Man knockoff involving a girl running around a maze collecting fruits and kittens. As you play, you occasionally see the reflection of a little girl (seemingly the player) beaming happily. But on the second play, the game starts to glitch out and her expression becomes a more concerned one. By the third play, the game is totally crapping out to the point some of the power-ups won't work. The kittens are also seemingly dead and bleeding. The character is leaving bloody footprints and the reflection of the little girl looks to be crying. The level is unbeatable, and after time runs out, the screen turns off revealing Spring Bonnie behind the girl in the reflection. Who states that "He's not dead" and to "Follow me". We probably just watched William Afton lure off one of his victims...
  • The salvage sections at the end of each night are rather unnerving. You sit directly in front of a killer animatronic, testing their responses to... not very pleasant noises... while said animatronic is not-so-subtly preparing to murder you. Thankfully, there's a bit of Nightmare Retardant, because you get a taser to defend yourself with. That being said, if you end up failing...
    • Oh, and in between sounds, you have to pull up and mark down notes on a piece of paper... taking your eyes off the murderous animatronic sitting feet away from you as you're actively trying to piss it off. And sure enough, it often moves while you're not looking.
    • Though you've brought it upon yourself if you see it (especially considering that buying Lefty is the most surefire way to do it), there is something absolutely chilling about what happens if you're supposed to salvage an animatronic that's already gotten inside. Instead of it sitting there, there's just a little dummy/sign, written on which are the words, "No one is here. (I'm already inside.)"
  • The idea that the animatronics are inside the main room of the restaurant during the day if you buy an object that they hide in, watching the kids from their hiding places and waiting to kill them.
  • The car minigame has its own ending, and it's...not nice. To elaborate, it reveals that the driver of the car is some type of orange-colored man similar to Purple Man, but also seems to be an Abusive Parent judging by how he talks about his own child, whoever he is. It immediately gives chilling vibes just from how real an issue like this can be.
    • Some speculate that this Orange Man is actually William Afton's father — if this is true, then this serves to be Purple Man's Freudian Excuse — finally possibly confirming his origins and why he killed so many children in adulthood.
      • On the other hand, the fact that there's a set of animatronic footprints outside affects this theory (unless there were killer animatronics before William started), but at the very least, we can be pretty sure that William — at least by himself — cannot have been the killer this time, since it's raining, and he couldn't form the footprints without a suit. What happened to this kid, whoever they are?
    • The hidden segments of the minigame are already creepy, but a special mention goes to the hidden screen, which... is entirely empty, save for a pile of dirt. Why is this location relevant? What happened in there?
    • Others note that what's happening in the minigame matches the modus operandi of the twisted animatronics from the books almost exactly (the book's twisted bots also may or may not be the game universe's Nightmare animatronics); kidnap a kid, crush them to death inside their belly, and bury themselves in the ground for a while. It's speculated that the kid runs away at regular intervals (forming a set of footprints), but since there's a set of animatronic footprints outside the house and a strange pile of dirt in a hidden screen between the house and the only other location in the minigame... Doesn't explain why the 'tronic's footprints don't go up to the window or into the woods if this was the case, but otherwise the theory makes a lot of sense.
  • Cassette Man's ultimate plan. He's arranged for a new Freddy Fazbear Pizzeria to be built to attract all of the remaining animatronics, then essentially constructed the entire building as a giant steel furnace; trapping everyone inside with no way out, then setting the entire place on fire. An endless series of corridors built out of metal floors and walls superheating so that even if you don't catch fire, every single surface will sear your flesh. Even if everybody inside was either ready to die or already dead, being trapped and incinerated in a tight impregnable furnace is a pretty Hellish way to go out.
  • The Puppet's minigame starts out with you having to watch a child with a green wristband, even though none seem to be in sight. Eventually, though, the minigame takes a bit of a delay because a couple of kids weighed down the Puppet's spot with a heavy box and locked the girl with the green wristband out in the pouring rain. If that weren't enough, when you get out of the box to get the girl, it's already too late; you go out in the rain and get progressively worse before you lie by the girl's corpse, murdered and dragged into the alley. The Puppet was never the nicest of the animatronics you faced, and now you know why — he was forced to watch a child he was explicitly charged with protecting disappear into the night and die by William's hand. Worse still, the bullies who left her outside to be snatched by Afton suffer no consequences for effectively having gotten her killed.
    • And then you notice Lefty has been designed to emit the same signal as the security bracelet. The perfect way to Lure the Puppet in so he can be Encapsulated, Fused, Transported, and Extracted.
  • The jumpscare scream. In the first game, it was a child's scream, in the second, a garbled robotic yell, a zombie-like hiss in the third, a combination of the first and third in the fourth, several uniquely different robotic screeches and roars in the fifth... and in this one, it's a reverberating, roaring mechanical scream that just reeks of the presence of a really, really, really pissed-off Mechanical Abomination having finally caught its prey.
  • Looking at the first of the insanity files reveals that the Scooper doesn't just, well, scoop animatronics, it puts something in them too. What thing is that? Something apparently called remnant, which seems to be super-glue for souls. This raises a shit-ton of questions, like: how was it discovered? Why is Afton using it? Does anyone else know about remnant?
    • Essentially, this is the reason why the animatronics were haunted to begin with. Baby had remnant on her. The original five had remnant on them. The Puppet had remnant on it. And it's entirely possible that every other animatronic had remnant smeared all over them...but it also raises another question about Springtrap. Was his birth truly a gruesome accident on his part, or did he just Die Laughing and was actively Driven to Suicide to have the remnant bind his soul to the suit because of there being no other way out of being cornered?


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