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Nightmare Fuel / Five Nights at Freddy's: The Silver Eyes

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As this is a Nightmare Fuel page, spoilers will be left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

What? Did you think leaping from game to book would diminish the Nightmare Fuel Five Nights at Freddy's is known for? As if!

  • The cover alone is rather disturbing. Freddy is in a red-tinted area with trees, similar to the FNaF 4 title screen. What really sells it though, is that Freddy doesn't have his Creepy Blue Eyes, nor his white on black Glowing Eyes of Doom. He has red glowing eyes.
    • And if one looks closely, the rest of the Fazbear Four are hiding in the picture, just behind Freddy...
  • Remember the springlock suits from Five Nights at Freddy's 3? And how horrible the idea of a springlock failure while inside the suit was? Well, a certain someone gives us a cheery and gorny description of just how bad it is:
    • He himself ultimately becomes a firsthand demonstration of all of that, courtesy of a self-defensive and vengeful Charlie. Yes, he deserves it all, being the Purple Guy and all, but still...
  • The animatronics. Yes, this is a given, but here they're even stronger and scarier than in the games. In the first chapter they can easily toss and destroy arcade machines without a problem. The descriptions also make them out as such - easily making them seem like Expies to Terminators.
  • Golden Freddy retains his powers from the games, seemingly teleporting away from the heroes and somehow moving despite being a completely empty costume. Thankfully, he is a lot more benevolent than his canon counterpart.
  • The final night that the main characters break into Freddy's, the door has been welded shut and their entrance is a one-way trip. They are stuck in the restaurant with a serial killer who abducted their friend- then the murderous animatronics begin stalking them- all with absolutely no way out.
  • A bit of Paranoia Fuel for you: whenever the heroes get caught by one of the animatronics, it disappears, the tension is relieved and everybody believes they are safe... only for the animatronic to then lunge out of nowhere and attack.
  • Charlie thinks back on her childhood where she regularly saw the incomplete Foxy hanging on a wall, thrashing as though it was in intense pain; all this before any of the animatronics were haunted- let alone even finished.
  • Foxy's preferred method of attacking people? Impaling them with his hook hand and dragging them away by the hook! He does this to a character's leg.
  • It's mentioned that kids will periodically visit the abandoned mall constructed around Freddy's to screw around and play. The mall is completely abandoned aside from one security guard. That security guard just happens to be a serial killer who murdered at least five children! Any guesses to what could have happened to those kids?
  • In one scene, Charlie thinks back to the day of her father's suicide. Depressing enough on its own, but becomes unleaded nightmare fuel when she remembers seeing a half-formed animatronic standing in her living room, holding a knife, standing in her father's blood, then realizes that he altered the machine to kill himself.