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Nightmare Fuel / Five Nights at Freddy's World

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As this is a Nightmare Fuel page, spoilers will be left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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For all that may change, some things stay the same. Although FNAF World is a Lighter and Softer spin-off of the original horror series, it still managed to have its fair share of creepy moments, for different reasons this time.
  • The Phantoms still look rather creepy despite their new Adventure design... but the Puppets arguably look even scarier than they did in before, due to the Puppet's huge eyes and the Phantom Puppet's sudden mouthful of small, sharp teeth.
  • Being able to play as the PaperPals sounds ridiculous at first, but then you remember that in the previous games they would move around sometimes. That's right, these things are sentient, and they always have been.
  • The beginning of the teaser trailer is a bit unnerving, as it shows the seemingly empty and lifeless heads of the four main animatronics. Accompanied by ominous-sounding music heard in the trailer for the first game, you'd expect something nasty to come up (especially if you had no idea what this is a trailer for). This quickly changes when the FNAF World incarnations of Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica pop up, followed with someone shouting "WHAT THE-".
  • Just when people thought it was safe, the creepiness has finally gotten into FNAF World. Both of Scott's webpages has gone entirely dark save a barely visible logo. No picture, no music, nothing. And this happened after the Halloween update in the previous games. No one knows what it could mean.
    • The image was changed for a few hours on the FNAF World website, if you managed to brighten it, you get quite possibly the most horrifying sight in the entire series. As this very page's picture depicts, it's Mangle being hanged to death and the text below reads "See what you've all done?". So much for the game being Lighter and Softer. Whether this was directed towards the Fan Dumb, the people still debating over Mangle's gender or a reference to the kids who tore Funtime Foxy apart in the second game we'll never know. Alternatively, it could've been either some sort of foreshadowing to the events seen in the game or Scott just messing around. The image was later removed, but it was still a disturbing thing to witness.
    • The shift in tone was so dramatic and unexpected that a number of fans actually believed the teaser was Scott's suicide note. Thankfully, he's confirmed that he's fine, but it adds an entirely new dimension of creepiness to an already creepy image.
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    • Although, if you look closely enough, you can see the ball from her paddleball stuck in her mouth. Seems Mangle got a bit carried away with INTENSE PADDLEBALLING.
    • Not to mention, animatronics don't need to breath. So, Mangle hanging his/her/themselves seems pointless.
  • In what seemed like forever, Scott's site was updated with a brand new teaser. It's similar to the teaser where Mangle hangs itself, and while it's slightly less disturbing, it's still has some unsettling implications. This teaser shows what appears to be Balloon Boy all torn apart, leaving nothing but his head in plain sight and his eyes all whacked out. Below it is the caption that says "Madness takes many forms". This may or may not have any connection to the Dangle Mangle teaser, but it's pretty clear that FNaF World is not going to be a cutesy game.
    • The creepiest part is how the teaser seems to be a GIF instead of JPG, because it seems like a light is making it more and less visible, either way, still creepy.
    • Some people speculated that the character in the image wasn't Balloon Boy, but rather Ballboy, who is one of the new enemies seen in this screenshot. If this is the case, then it seems that the dark themes in the game aren't just aimed towards the main characters.
  • The Christmas teaser, while rather sweet, introduces a new pig animatronic/boss named Porkpatch, with bolts in its neck, akin to Bubba. The new Browboy enemy has been added, as well as a giant endoskeleton.
    • Upon closer inspection, Porkpatch also has multi-colored patches on his body, as if he were made out of multiple animatronics.
  • This screenshot that Scott recently uploaded is rather unnerving. It shows two glowing white dots at the bottom and above it displays a really familiar quote. The quote in question? I will put you back together. It's made even creepier that the quote was said by the Fredbear plush in FNaF 4, where it comforts the Crying Child at the end of Night 6.
  • The bosses featured in the second trailer are pretty unnerving. Mad Endo, the giant endoskeleton, debuts and has a manic glaring skull-like face. There's Snowcone, a giant snowman with gatling guns for arms. And though he's hard to see amid the explosions and effects, and a giant jellyfish boss named Seagoon who also appears to have an angry glaring expression.
  • Ever try to get Fredbear to talk to himself? They malfunction and explode, causing the universe to end. Funny? Yes. Still a bit creepy? Yes.
  • The underground area of the game is creepy enough on its own, but really nothing too bad... then you run into Eyesore...
  • In the Dusting Fields in general are rather creepy. The unexplained, disused Ferris wheel that serves no purpose is bad enough, but then there's the mysterious, unreachable dancing figure behind the mine entrance with animation so smooth compared to the rest of the Atari-style graphics that it ends up right in the Uncanny Valley. The update's art shift does nothing to help, as it looks more like a ghost.
  • Want to get all of those strange red chests that seem to be out of your reach? Some of them can only reached by finding intentional glitches in the system that allow you to travel above the game world, that wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the fact that you can still find enemies but these ones are constantly glitching themselves between forms, are in photo-negative colors and carry some of the most powerful attacks in the game.
    • The glitch plane itself is quite unsettling; both the "area" and the enemies don't have proper names (they are written mostly in punctuation signs) and it's quite likely that unless you were using guides, you only ended up in there by accident while looking for fake walls, something that a player might be prone to do given how many chests and new areas are reached like that.
  • Discovering the real purpose of your little journey requires you to wait for Fredbear to finish speaking and then wait some more, causing him to go from cutesy 3D Adventure mode to a much more familiar pixellated 2D Fredbear form that seems unstable and informs you that you're being played by someone behind the scenes as the jolly music just stops. It's somewhat jarring, especially if you managed to stumble upon it by accident.
    • It continues to get get creepier, as you can do it each time you meet Fredbear and he starts to give you additional instructions to fulfill your quest.
  • Some of the loading screens have rather creepy phrases associated with the animatronics:
    Shadow Freddy: I will eat your soul.
    Golden Freddy: It's me.
  • The True Final Boss (Scott Cawthon) can be pretty terrifying. Scott directly attacks the animatronics out of anger at his fanbase, who constantly demand more and more while saying what he makes is bad. The nonthreatening blue sprite used to represent Scott then becomes an enormous, glowing figure that can literally throw the Fourth Wall at you to attack. After a long and grueling fight, Scott finally dies, his last words a Take That! to the people who caused him so much grief. And then the entire universe ends, because the story can't continue without its storyteller.
  • If you go down through the Sub-Tunnel four times, you'll be in a place of no escape, and the only one that is around is Old Man consequences, whose name greatly shows that Freddy has ignored Fredbear's words. Considering that every animatronic that dies just comes back to life in the next fight, Freddy will be stuck here forever with no way to end this misery.
    • Another creepy thing about it is that the same area gives you a different ending. If you go on top the lake and go down while moving left and right, Freddy will eventually go in the water. What happens is a bit scary, he starts to fall down endlessly with no music playing and goes on for about two minutes. What you see afterwards is more confusing than scary though, but understanding what the ending means makes it more of Tearjerker/Heartwarming moment.
  • Update 2 introduced a few more horrors:
    • The new minigames you can play in the update may seem funny and are filled with enjoyable references, but then you realize that these games are horrible in concept. Foxy Fighters is a complete rip on Star Fox (with intentionally bad voice acting), FNaF 57: Freddy in Space is a Mega Man and Metroid knock off. Foxy.exe is a satire on Sonic.exe and Chica's Magic Rainbow is a parody of I Wanna Be the Guy with the titular star of the game taunting and kills you if you die too many times (or turn the voices off). Given to what the boss in Freddy in Space said, he'll continue to make more absurd games like this (he even lists them as you go on). These games seem like they're a desperate attempt to keep the series alive and dragged on to the point where it not only got stupid, but that the creator ditched the roots and sacrificed everything just for the success the games got. While it's all In-Universe and Scott made it clear in the past that this sort of thing would never happen, imagine if they exist as full-fledged games, and it's not done as a joke.
    • The aforementioned Foxy.exe. It's like Scott cooked up a creepypasta. When you first click on it, the pseudo-Windows background becomes bloody for a split second. You play as Adventure Bonnie walking along a near-featureless path with a picture of the original Foxy's head in the background. Foxy's voice is convincingly menacing, and his repeating sentences over and over makes it even creepier. As you walk from one screen to another, the background gets more and more warped, and the picture changes to reveal his endoskeleton. Of course, it wouldn't be a step back into the familiar horror tone of FNAF without a few jumpscares courtesy of Freddy (with the FNAF 1 screech) and Withered Foxy (with the FNAF 2 screech). Speaking of which, just like the source material for this game, a pleasant mugshot of Withered Foxy's face will sometimes fill the screen without warning. Oh, and the secret character you unlock from completing this mini-game? Nightmarionne.
    Foxy: Enjoy your step... through the heart of madness.
    • At the end of the update after defeating the True Final Boss, you are teleported back to the place where the Desk guy and asks why you killed his games. He then tells you of a character he made called Baby and says it's too late to deactivate her. Soon, the place goes dark with two strange dots glowing and a feminine voice saying to "stay in your seats". Once the place lights up again, the Desk Guy appears to have been killed, with blood slowly pooling around his head. What makes this more jarring is that it comes right after the final fight against the Jerkass rainbow that, when beaten, accuses you of cheating and calls you a dumbass. If you come back to that place afterwards Desk Guy is still there, dead.
    • Also in the new update, there's a very rare chance that the aforementioned Baby will begin speaking to you through text as soon as you boot up the game. Even veterans of the first version can still find this horrifying. It all ends in the screen Scott uploaded with that same, familiar quote... I will put you back together. More disturbing is when you get this when you boot up the new version for the first time.
    • To be honest, the fact that shortly after you begin speaking with him to kick off the new content Fredbear basically just gives up on staying in character and sounds so down to the point of telling you to just leave really tips you off immediately that something actually is really wrong in the little Fazworld this time. And that unsettled thought stays with you all through the update until at the end you find out. Oh boy do you find out...
  • It ain't over yet. is now completely dark. No picture, nothing.
    You are crowding us.
    Be quiet.
    You can't tell us what to do anymore.
    Yes, I can. You will do everything that I tell you to do.
    We outnumber you.
    That doesn't matter, dummy.
    We found a way to eject you.
  • On June 11, changed again—-no logo, no contact information.....just this.
    • Even more chilling: the source code for the page now adds this to the "conversation" started in's source code:
    You would be lost without me.
    I can put myself back together.
  • We thought it was over, but after two years of silence, has changed once more.Out with Scrap Baby, in with... the number 58 in brackets.
    • However, that’s not the only thing this surprise teaser brought. Brightening up the image reveals several fake reviews, all brutally negative. Coupling that with the 58, and the fact that the last time we saw FNaF World, we had to play through a minigame called FNaF 57: Freddy in Space, we’re looking at a potential Third Update to FNaF World.


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