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Nightmare Fuel / Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location

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As this is a Nightmare Fuel page, spoilers will be left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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I was covered in glitter...

After Five Nights at Freddy's 4 held the title for being the scariest game in the series, Sister Location may have usurped the crown. With new gameplay elements and situations that change constantly and a dark story that goes as far as to break the franchise's own rules, Sister Location provides a new wave of terror that not even veterans of the series are prepared for.

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  • The first teaser of Baby is pretty freaky. She's mostly obscured due to the lighting, but she resembles the Toy animatronics (except for the leather-like texture upon closer inspection) and appears to be some sort of monstrous hybrid between Toy Bonnie, the Puppet, and Balloon Boy (or JJ).
    • Also, look at her face. Notice the long line going through it? It's a good guess that her jumpscare is opening up and revealing what's inside of it.
      • With the new trailer (and the image of Baby as seen on this page), it shows that the panels of her face open up in several directions, and the main animatronics all have this feature.
    • The tagline on that teaser — "There was never just one" — has a frightening implication of its own: How many Fazbear "spinoffs" could there actually be besides Circus Baby?
  • A fan asked Scott on Steam which animatronic he himself considers the scariest. His answer: He's only ever had nightmares about two animatronics. One was Bonnie's FNaF 1 incarnation. The other one?
    "I can't talk about her yet, but, she scares me. A lot."
    • With Update 2 in Five Nights at Freddy's World, it's finally confirmed that Baby is the animatronic Scott is referring to, as hinted with what the Sad Desk Guy said at the end:
    "I've made something terrible. Her name is Baby. It's too late to deactivate her. I'm sorry."
  • Scott mentioned that the game will have voice acting, and he won't be the only actor this time. If you heard the voices in Update 2 and the end speech given by Baby (possibly), you can tell how much the game is going to ramp up in the horror department.
  • On May 16th, Scott posted a clearer image of the animatronic (possibly Baby) in the first teaser. This animatronic, as speculated, looks like a clown, but also has traits of a jester and a child with pig tails. The quote below (which is heard previously in Update 2 of FNaF World) doesn't help.
    • Someone color-corrected the image, and if you look closely at it, there is something reflecting on the animatronics nose. It eerily looks similar to Springtrap.
    • Even worse, the animatronic looks very similar to one of the children in FNaF 4's minigames. It might be possible that the game will finally explain on what happened to those kids.
    • Said animatronic also has hands that look similar to the ones on Springtrap. Remember that in FNaF 3, the Phone Guy mentions there were springlock failures at a sister location. It's possible that the new animatronics in this game are all springlock suits and it'll explain what happened at said place, and possibly what happened to the "previous employees" that was mentioned very briefly in 2.
  • The trailer is unnerving (par for the course), but this time, it seems that this game is shaping up to be even scarier than 4. The trailer implies that the game takes place underground, in what may or may not be a factory. The game also offers an atmosphere that's possibly even darker than 4, and new mechanics—it's implied that the player can crawl through a vent. Not to mention that all four of the animatronics shown are extreme cases of Uncanny Valley, especially the main animatronic, which is likely Baby. And the jumpscare at the end...good God!
    • Baby (possibly) (it's actually Bidybab) whispers throughout the trailer "Don't hold it against us" and finishes it off with "You don't know what we've been through." The pain in that voice combined with the creepy whispering tone makes one shudder to think what their existence must be like.
    • Near the end of the trailer where it shows the last scene with Baby with the other animatronics, you can hear a siren. This could give some hints on where exactly the new location takes place.
      • Deep below ground, where memories sleep. Overall, these hints seem to give the━ odd implication that the game takes place underground, possibly in a bomb shelter. Which would raise probably the scariest question: Why? Why would these animatronics be trapped and calmly performing in such a place? And how did you end up there with them?
    • There's just something unsettling about that ballerina animatronic in the trailer. It never once opens its eyes...does this mean it's capable of tracking the player down without the use of its eyes--and if so, how?
    • The setting itself is rather intimidating. Unlike the previous games, which features settings that looked like actual places and restaurants, the Sister Location setting is dark and creepy with the various background elements strewn about (e.g., the hanging puppet in the monitor room). The Elevator might also raise some hairs, especially if you have claustrophobia. In short, this location gives off the feel of an Umbrella Corporation lab, but with killer robots instead of zombies.
    • Take a good look at Baby's endoskeleton, which is visible while her face plates are open at the end of the trailer. Looks very similar to Nightmare Mangle's extra endoskeleton head, doesn't it? And look at Ballora/Minireena/the ballerina animatronic's endoskeleton's teeth, again visible while her face plates are opening. They look awfully sharp and wavy, just like the Nightmares' teeth. So here's where the nightmare fuel kicks in: Why do official animatronics and the Nightmare animatronics share the same extremely creepy and odd endoskeleton designs?! What is wrong with these things?!
    • It isn't easy to spot, but as the stage zooms closer and there is enough lighting behind what is presumed to be Baby, you can see a series of pinlike structures in her arms and legs. Not only is Baby a clown and an animatronic child, but she also beckons forth thoughts of what is commonly believed to be a voodoo doll of sorts, if this is anything to go by.
    • And you know the scariest part of this trailer? It's titled "Sister Location Trailer 1". There's another trailer coming.
      • Unfortunately, Scott announced that trailer 2 was cancelled because he felt it would give away a lot of stuff in the game.
  • On June 17th, we got a new teaser showing... this thing. It's apparently a brand new animatronic that wasn't teased in the trailer, and it looks to be even in a worse state than Mangle with tubes and wires running all over the place. The message on the image this time is there's a little of me in every body. Apparently with the copyright leaks and the quote, it's possible that this new animatronic teased here is Ennard.
    • In the source code for the website, there's another secret. This image lays the whole thing out, and it appears to be a schedule of sorts for the animatronics, and the names for them seemed to be abbreviated. For example, ANM01BBY is Baby, ANM02BAL is Ballora (possibly the ballerina animatronic) and ANM03FTF and ANM04FTF is Funtime Freddy and Foxy (they both share the same letters). This may not sound too scary, but at the end, there's another animatronic name that is named ANM05OOS, which according the image mentioned above, its short for Out Of Service. This means that the animatronic in the teaser image above is discontinued, and if you know the other characters in the series that met a very similar fate, it's no surprise that it's still capable of going after you.
      • Take a look at this thing's eye. It doesn't look animatronic or otherwise mechanical. It looks HUMAN. It also looks like it's just floating in the socket....
      • Not to mention that it looks RED...
      • And if you look closely at the left side of its head, you can just make out the other eye tangled in the wires.
      • Here's the brightened image. Good freaking God.
  • Scott uploaded another new teaser on June 19th, this time existing only in the website's source code. It contains references to something called "Chica's Party World" and suggests the animatronics were built by a company called Afton Robotics. Afton presumably as in "William Afton" as in The Purple Guy.
    • It also mentions a private birthday party being scheduled for "50L" (presumed to mean "five or less") children...
  • As of 7/9/2016, there's another new teaser, showing a number of animatronics looking at the viewer, with the caption, "Don't hold it against us". Raise the contrast and brightness, and you'll see that these are animatronics the size of those toy figures in the trailer's control room, because there's Baby leaning out from behind a curtain behind them...
  • On 7/21/2016, another teaser came up. It, at first, consists of a...device thing, with the rather chilling message: "Get back on your stage. NOW." Upon brightening the teaser, you then see four different Ballora-like animatronics behind the device.
    • Look closely, and you'll see two bright spots on top of the device, hovering there like the eyes we see in one ending of the FNAFWorld game. But they're not eyes — they're antennae. Brighten the image, and one presumes those four are Minireenas — the last name in the leaked list. Looks like there will be two "companions" for you in that air vent...
  • The Steam page icon does not feature Baby like you would think — but instead Funtime Freddy, staring directly forward with his cold robotic eyes, as if analyzing the person in front of him. Baby may be the biggest threat in this game, but now that he's finally physically back in the picture, you'll never be ready for Freddy.
  • Also what springs to mind is one of the images given on that Steam page, showing Funtime Freddy leering out of the shadows. Standard sort of picture, right? Except this has no camera feed filter on top of it, so Funtime Freddy is right in front of the protagonist. This has sort of happened before, as in 2 and 4 — but in 4, you were instantly killed, and in 2, you could fend them off somewhat easily (if you were fast enough). Both also only attacked you in one spot, and as long as you could keep them at bay, you were fine. Now? They're right in front of you no matter where you are, with no camera to safely view them with and no methods to defend yourself apart from running away. You are never safe here.
    • And what could be the chances of running away from one animatronic...and straight into another?
    • The worst part comes in when you look above Freddy. Two animatronic eyes, leering out of the darkness. Fridge Horror sets in when you realize how big the animatronic is. It's about a head taller then Freddy, who, if we're going by his usual size in the other games, is about as tall as a door frame. Even worse, even if you brighten the image, you can't make out any other details of this giant. Closer inspection shows two spotlights similar to those seen in the Primary Control Module. Nothing Is Scarier, indeed.
  • Just picture going in blind and HEARING THIS voice play out of nowhere. It will creep out anybody, especially since this will be the first time the Five Nights at Freddy's series has had voice acting from anyone but Scott. This may or may not be Ballora's voice actress.
    • This voice may imply something terrifying. Especially as the series went on, the animatronics were implied to have some level of sentience, but these… do these lines mean that Baby and her crew are fully sentient?
  • As of 8/16/2016, all previous teaser information was removed from the website and source code at, replaced by a message: "Cancelled Due To Leaks". Brightening the image reveals that it's actually the in-universe grand opening of Circus Baby that was cancelled due to gas leaks — except that the story hidden in the shadows indicates that something happened during the testing phases for the restaurant. Something that was quickly followed by the removal of large pieces of equipment from the facility.
    • Which brings to mind one huge question: When does the game take place in relation to this image — before, during, or after?
  • Scott's 8/27/2016 update (the announcement of the game's release date) came with a surprise in his site's source code, which one Reddit user found within minutes of the update: The game's full map. It reveals that all of the maintenance equipment you're supposed to be taking care sits on the other side of a room full of animatronics. The animatronics won't be in the rooms with you; instead, you have to go through their rooms.
    • Brighten the image, and we see two rooms that are invisible on the normal map, sitting above and below the animatronic's show room. Remember, the only "invisible rooms" that we know of up to this point are safe-rooms designed for changing into and out of spring-lock suits...and for employees to die in should they set them off. And there are TWO of them...
      • Of course, there could be another explanation. In the third game's pre-release map, the ventilation system was hidden until you brightened the image. Of course, if that holds true here, then these are areas the animatronics can use to hide and attack you...
  • On Sept 24th, there was an unexpected update to the teaser where Ennard completely vanished. To make matters worse, brightening up the image reveals nothing. It makes you wonder if something else is going to take its place or it'll be like that until the game is released... especially after what occurred the last time something vanished from a FNAF teaser image.
    • Come Oct 4th, and the release date is gone. Although there is a tiny bit of pixels, it meant nothing. While this is subverted at Scott did this to troll the community by delaying the game and release a separate "mature" version of the game (which is a reskin of Sit 'N Survive), it's a bit spooky since many assume that given to the former update something would replace Ennard.
    • Here's a little added Paranoia Fuel for you about the teaser's mask vanishing way before the game released. When does the same mask vanish in the game? Night 5. The Night when Ennard has already been formed and is just waiting to put their plan into motion and scoop the protagonist to wear their skin. Does that mean that Ennard escaped the site?? Where are they now?

     The Game 
  • The game is fully voiced acted for one. So you will hear the animatronics speak. You'd think that gives you an advantage. Heh... nope.
  • Once you start the game, the creepiness already sets in with just how coldly sterile the place is. The elevator doesn't really give you a great feeling at all (not helped by the keypad malfunctioning and the computer selecting your choices for you). But then you go into the second room, and it's utterly bleak-looking with darkish brown and animatronic clown heads on the wall (which you can squeak, but don't expect the standard honk sound). Then you're directed into the room where you control Circus Baby, and it's powered by nothing but a flickering light source with creepy-looking toys on the wall and utter darkness far as the eye can see through the windows. By this point, you'd start to wonder if it's too late to resign.
  • The first night gives you the lowdown on how things work. We have to get the animatronics working by shocking them. The Ballerina starts moving no problem after one shock. Foxy takes at least two to perform. But when we get to Baby, there's... nothing. What's worse, you first think, it is like Foxy and you have to shock her multiple times, but after the second shock, the voice snarks about her not working. This does lighten the mood a little, but it doesn't change the fact that you don't see Baby anywhere. Worried yet?
  • Night Two, things are going as usual, but when you check on Baby, a malfunction forces the computer to reboot and plunges you into darkness:
    • Then, a voice suddenly calls out to you and warns you something is coming, a Bidybab. She informs you there's a crawlspace under the console and to hide and not make eye contact. Fine and dandy, except the door is full of holes. The Bidybab isn't fooled for a second and keeps peering through the holes and trying to open the door, which you have to struggle to hold in place. Eventually, it'll give up and go away.
    • But it's far from over. That voice returns and instructs you not to listen to the computer's instructions when it turns back on or you'll be killed. The computer tells you that you must crawl under Ballora's stage as fast as possible; however, Ballora is blind and will only catch you if she hears your movements, so you must be as slow and quiet as possible. It certainly doesn't help that the area is pitch black, meaning you must listen for the sound of Ballora's music to know where she is. (And partway through, the computer suddenly pipes in to tell you to hurry up. So Much for Stealth!) When you get close to the door, you must stop and wait, because Ballora dances her way across the room in front of you.
      • Speaking of Ballora, her jumpscare here is very terrifying as it is the only time she opens her eyes. And they look menacing!
    • You're directed to a wired area where you have to restore power. But this puts you right out in the open where Funtime Freddy can get you (And he can speak, in a creepy, stuttering, high-pitched voice: "I see you over there in the dark! C-come on out!"). And your only protection is a computer voice that commands him to go back to sleep. Plus you have to alternate between checking the wiring and making sure Funtime Freddy doesn't get close to you. The flickering lights that make it look like Freddy is jumping around as he moves only makes it scarier.
    • And then you have to go back through Ballora's room to leave, and this time she's not playing music. She'll say the last three lines from her voice leak as you go through the room ("Is someone there? I can hear someone creeping through my room. Perhaps not."), and each time she speaks, you must stop and wait for a few seconds after she finishes before moving again, or else she will attack.
  • It's made abundantly clear that your buddy, Mr. Handy the instructive unit, isn't exactly too reliable. No worries, though! A friendly female voice is here to give you proper instruction and saves your life multiple times. Trouble is, that voice is Circus Baby herself, and once she knows you trust her, she does try to kill you. To be honest, Mr. Handy isn't trying to keep you safe at all. Most of his instructions are trying to get you killed.
  • Night 3 is nothing short of an exercise in pure Paranoia Fuel.
    • It starts as soon as you hit the lights to check on Ballora and find that a gang of Minireenas has dismantled her.
    • You are given the option to hide in Baby's room again. If you do, no one will come after you; instead, Baby tells you a story about her one and only time on stage, which resulted in gory, ice-cream-filled death. The genuinely sad, confused tone to her voice — almost as if she's not entirely sure how or why it happened — and when she reminisces about how much she enjoyed it before the gruesome accident happened helps to make it an effective tear jerker as well:
    Baby: Did you know that I was on stage, once? It wasn't for very long — only one day. What a wonderful day, though! I was in a small room, with balloons and a few tables. No one sat at the tables, though — but children would run in and out. Some were afraid of me. Others enjoyed my songs — music was always coming from somewhere else, down a hall. I would always count the children — I'm not sure why. I was always acutely aware of how many there were in the room with me. Two, then three, then two, then three, then four, then two, then none. They usually played together in small groups of two or three. I was covered in glitter, and I smelt like birthday cake! There were two, then three, then five, then four. I can do something special — did you know that? I can make ice cream! Although, I only did it once. There were four, then three, then two, then one. Something happened when there was one. A little girl, standing by herself. I was no longer...myself. And I stopped singing — my stomach opened, and there was ice cream. I couldn't least, not until she stepped closer. There was screaming for a moment — but only for a moment. Then other children rushed in again, but they couldn't hear her over the sounds of their own excitement. I still hear her sometimes. Why did that happen...?
    • It's subtle, but both times Baby says the word "children," she uses the exact same stilted inflection. For the normally expressive animatronic to suddenly sound so mechanical on that specific word is unnerving, to say the least.
    • This time, you have to go through the Funtime Auditorium to the Parts and Services room to fix Funtime Freddy. The problem? Funtime Foxy is active and is described by Mr. Handy as motion-controlled, hence why the room is pitch black. You're given a flash beacon, but using it too much will let Funtime Foxy find you, so you have to be extra cautious.
    • Once you get to the Parts and Services room, you are tasked with removing Funtime Freddy's power module, but to do that, you must first open Freddy's exoskeleton. The horror comes from the fact that you're locked in a small room with an animatronic that you know can come to life and kill you at any moment (thankfully, that never happens). Once you remove his power module, you must do the same to Freddy's Bonnie hand puppet, only to find... the puppet has moved. Now it becomes a deadly game of hide-and-seek as you try to find Bonnie (failure to do so results in a jumpscare).
      • The Paranoia Fuel is only heightened by Hand Unit's explanation of why you're being asked to handle this job: The two technicians assigned to disconnect Funtime Freddy's power supply failed. They would just tell the techs to try again, but that would require waiting six to eight weeks for "recovery and physical therapy". While not explained, this heavily implies that Funtime Freddy broke some bones, there...
    • Once you do that, you think you can finally end your shift and go home, right? WRONG! The game forces you into a scripted jumpscare where Funtime Foxy catches you, sending you straight into Night 4.
  • Night 4 features you trapped inside a spring lock suit, Forced to Watch as Ballora is decommissioned in front of you, then survive until help arrives by keeping Ballora's Minireenas from climbing on and into the suit by wiggling them off while preventing your wiggling from undoing the suit's spring locks. A truly harrowing and heart-pounding experience. Also, early in the night, you're told the relevant costume was never used... not for its intended purpose, anyway...
    • The best part is that eventually the Minireenas give up trying to climb in from the sides, and just crawl right in under your chin. Their wriggling, of course, also means the springlock is under more and more tension.
  • The dark portion of Night 5 is one of the most tense in the entire game. You have to walk across Funtime Auditorium again. So what do you have to light your way this time? Nothing. All you have is Baby telling you where to go and how to move. And just before you reach the Scooping Room, you're told to hold perfectly still, because Ballora wants to kill you, and she's right in front of you. (And once you're in the Scooping Room, well... just see the first-level bullet point immediately below.)
    • Speaking of the Scooping Room, once you're there, you find out something even better which you might have realized if not walking carefully in Funtime Auditorium: Ballora isn't the one that is trying to stop you. She had been scooped and awaits you already in the Scooping Room. A different animatronic, on the other hand, is following you and gets very tense, if you don't do what it wants...
    • Also, on the trip back across Funtime Auditorium, your feet make decidedly wet, sloppy noises as you walk. Considering the dead man hanging by his neck somewhere in the area, it's not hard to guess what you're walking through... the sound clip of the squelching sound made as you walk is even named "Bloody Guts" in the game's files.
      • The Funtime Auditorium is bad, but a single, slight change in the narrative makes it even worse. Ballora was never there. She was already scooped and combined with the rest of the animatronics form Ennard. And Ennard is just there, watching you, guiding you to the Scooping Room, using your own fears and expectations against you and ready to kill you the moment you deviate even slightly from their directions.
  • The Night 5 bad ending. You get your insides scooped out of you. Oh, and better yet, it's so that an animatronic abomination can wear your skin to escape.
    • The cutscene. We pan over a darkened room, set to creepily distorted music... and the scene stops over a mirror with a shadowy, human-shaped figure in the reflection. Then the music stops... and then the figure's eyes open. Purple animatronic eyes.
    • In the good ending, you stay the hell away from the scooping room, go to a private room instead, fend off Ennard FNAF 1 style, then go home and watch TV... and then Ennard shows up in your house. We can assume that right after the Fade to Black, Ennard jumps you, drags you back to the Sister Location, and then, well, see the bad ending above for what ultimately happens to you.
    • The beginning of Night 5 is pretty horrifying as well. You go into work as normal and check on the Foxy and Ballora animatronics. Instead, you see the silhouettes of the two technicians you were supposed to try and find, hanging by their necks from nooses tied to the rafters. They'd either been Driven to Suicide, or there's the possibility that something murdered them...
    • The scariest part of that? The bad ending is the canon ending. The alternate names for the bad and good endings are the 'real' and 'fake' endings respectively.
    • Another terrifying thing is that in the first three nights, there's a clown mask right above the center vent of the control room. By Night 5, it's gone. It's Ennard.
  • Ennard. He's literally made out of the scraps of the other funtime animatronics after they've been decomissioned. Oh, and in the Bad Ending, he's also the animatronic wearing your skin.
    • All of a sudden, the quote from his teaser makes a lot more sense.
    "There's a little of me in every body."
  • The Private Room. Take the power limitations of the first game, combine it with the three paths into the office of the second game, one hyper-aggressive Animatronic in the vein of the third game, the sound-based detection system of movement from the fourth game, and combine them together. Scott takes the best from all four past games and combines them into a night worthy of 4/20 and Aggressive. Have fun taking on Ennard.
    • All the while, the hauntingly sinister soundtrack plays. Ennard continually tries to persuade you that they need you and that you've got to let them into the security room. You won't die, and it'll only hurt a little while. Then, at 6 A.M., they declare that they will find a way to escape. They do.
    • Even more terrifying? As the night reaches its climax, Ennard decides to try to get under your skin by changing its voice from that of Baby's to the voice of a little girl. Specifically, the voice of the little girl possessing Baby - the little girl we hear in between every night. You're now fending off a mechanical Monster Clown with the voice of a seven-year-old. Uncanny Valley doesn't even begin to describe it.
    • Leave it to Scott to turn an Easter egg into one of these. In the secret room, you can see there are three TVs displaying constant static. However, if you input the code "1983" into the nearby keypad, the screens light up...with images of the house from Five Nights at Freddy's 4. But wait, if the house was Real After All... does that mean the Nightmare Animatronics were, too?
    • Related to the above easter egg, you can spot the Fredbear Plush on the desk, complete with the purple accessories, white pupils, and most horrifying, a walkie-talkie.
    • That's not just a walkie-talkie. That's a camera remote. Someone was definitely watching the child that night...
    • The music itself is very unsettling and ominous while you try to defend yourself. It sounds almost like a more demented and creepy version of the already ominous Trailer theme.
  • A bit of a lesser one, but still quite gripping. You go through the entire game never once coming face to face with Baby herself, and given how the promotional images have displayed her, you expect her to be quite small. Then you finally see her on Night Five, and she's not. She's gigantic, even dwarfing Freddy and Ballora, looming over you with empty eyes. Suddenly, being able to cram a child into her stomach makes a lot more sense...
    • Look off to the sides when it's in front of you and you'll notice something moving. Wires. Looking into the game's image files, the loosely-composed humanoid figure of Ennard is mere feet away behind Baby, and only barely trying to obscure itself as it guides you along. Ready to kill you the moment you go off its desired path.
  • During the giving cupcakes to children mini-game, if you grab the ice cream at the end and run all the way back to the start before the timer runs out, Baby drops the ice cream down and a little girl appears. She walks towards Baby and the ice cream and at first it comes across as sweet, until... Baby opens her chest and pulls the little girl inside of her. Complete with an off-putting screech and Baby suddenly having no eyes. The even scarier question is, why did Baby do that and what does this mean?
    • In a secret conversation you can have with Baby on Night 3, she will mention that she was used once to entertain kids, and even had a function to make ice cream. She only used it once, however, when a girl who was interested in the thing went up to her. She makes a point of mentioning the specific numbers of groups the kids came in — exactly as the minigame displays. Finally, she says that when the children returned, they "couldn't hear" the one girl who'd come...
      • It gets worse when you notice a specific detail in the mini game: the color of Baby's eyes. They're blue. The little girl's eyes were green. Guess what color Baby's eyes are in the game?
      • And it doesn't stop there. The little girl is most likely the same one we hear at the beginning of the nights, begging her father, the creator of the animatronics, and William Afton, the Purple Guy, to let her play with Baby. To recap: The robot creation Afton created to capture and kill children turned on his own daughter, because she snuck away, alone, to see the animatronic her father tried to keep her safe from.
    Little Girl: Didn't you make her just for me?
  • On night three, you have to decommission Freddy, right? Well, according to images that were mined and put up on the wikia, Freddy had a voice mimicry module. Baby starts talking differently on the same night you wake up in a springlock suit. You gave Ennard free access to the voice mimicry module. And given that Baby was empty on the final night? Once he had that voice mimicry module, he probably took out all of the others and harvested them. And he was probably watching you to do it, given that his clown mask is seen in the room you shock the animatronics from up until the last night where it's mysteriously gone.
    • And Ennard never speaks in his own voice that we know of, but when he's stalking you in the secret room, he uses both Baby's voice and the little girl's voice, adding credence to the above theory.
    • Not exactly. It's not that Ennard isn't Baby, it is, it's just that on Night Five, you can't be clued in about Baby not being in her body anymore for their plan to work. The real usefulness of the voice mimicry module is much more Fridge Horror. Think about it: how can they leave and pretend to be you, if they won't sound like you?
    • In that image, the voice mimicry module is described with the word "luring". As in, being Lured into a Trap.
  • By putting together little details from blueprints, such as Funtime Freddy's "luring" voice mimicry module, and from dialogue, like Baby recounting how when she subconsciously detected that there was only one child in the room and automatically began luring her with ice cream to capture her, you can finally figure out why these robots were built by William Afton and why they behave the way they do: they were created to lure children at parties in when the room was empty and capture them, in order to aid Mr. Afton, AKA the Murderer, in his killings. It's disturbing to think about too much.
    • If William Afton is the protagonist, then the moments when you hear his daughter complaining that he refuses to let her play with Baby become chilling. He was perfectly aware that the robots were dangerous to the children and he tried to protect his daughter, but she secretly disobeyed him and went to play with Baby. William Afton AKA Purple Man was unwittingly responsible for his own daughter's death.
  • In Funtime Freddy's blueprints, you can see the outline of a child. And the blueprints seem to indicate that it's a storage tank. Now, why would an animatronic need a storage space in the shape of a small child? William Afton seemed to think it was important.
    • Also, in Funtime Foxy and Ballora's blueprints, they have the features 'Parental Voice Sync and Replay' and 'Deter and Misdirect', respectively. These are not entertainment robots. They're abduction machines.
      • "Variable Scent Release"? Does Foxy have the ability to release chloroform?!
      • That's probably how it knocked you out at the end of Night 3...
      • Considering it was enough to knock a grown man unconscious for just under 20 hours, that much chloroform would possibly kill a child on the spot.
    • For a Fridge Horror bonus, Funtime Freddy's blueprint shows he should have a Voice Mimicry Module, allowing him to sound like — well, anyone. Judging by his Electronic Speech Impediment, he doesn't have it anymore and that means Ennard might have it already — Freddy's voice may be a stealthy foreshadowing of what's to come.
  • Here's one for you. Why does this place have an extra mask anyway? The mask that Ennard eventually wears is obviously designed to open up like the face plates on the others, and if it was just meant to have been decoration, why would it need to? Does this hint at there having been yet another animatronic around previously that has long since been decommissioned? After all, the schedule that was found in the source code of did seem to list an animatronic that had been retired and put out of order. Who did that mask previously belong to, and are they part of (or even the main consciousness of) Ennard?
    • In the facility's animatronic schedule that Scott leaked, Nights 1-4 have Baby, Ballora, Funtime Freddy, and Funtime Foxy listed. But on Night 5, it says OOS, Out Of Service. Whatever that animatronic was is likely where the clown mask came from and what became the beginnings of Ennard, angry with how he was decommissioned and either working with Baby and the others so they all could escape or assimilating them against their wills to aid his own escape.

     Post-Release and Updates 
  • We thought it was over, but Scott has now confirmed an upcoming Custom Night which may very well feature every single animatronic in the game. All at once.
    • Let this sink in. Custom Night has returned. And it's very likely that it will contain a Harder Than Hard mode, in a game that already has a difficult Night 4note . Be. Very. Afraid.
    • Not just one mode. You can take your pick and face down a whole new gang of animatronics that have their own ways of attacking.
    • The fact that this teaser image shows that Funtime Freddy's Bonnie hand doll moves via slithering or dragging itself on the ground is immensely creepy.
  • Another thing to keep you awake from the Custom Night update: the ending cutscenes. All of them. It starts off as normal, with your character walking down the street being greeted by his neighbors. But as you complete more Custom Night modes, the cutscene changes as his skin starts to rot. It's even nightmare fuel in-universe, as all the neighbors are disturbed by this change and start hiding from him out of fear. In the final cutscene, while traversing down the sidewalk, hunched over like a zombie, your character all of a sudden stops and heaves for a moment, before raising his head up as if screaming while his chest shakes and convulses. He then snaps forward and spits out Ennard before crumpling in a heap, seemingly dead. And for those willing to wait a moment, an echo of Baby's voice from the Private Room plays. Then, the player character rises up, no longer hunched over like a corpse, his eyes glowing silver.
    Baby: You won't die.
    • Put yourself in Mike's position. The last thing you remember is a mechanical appendage lunging into your body and ripping your guts out — likely excruciating pain beyond description — and after dying, you wake up back in your own body to find it completely rotted and decayed beyond recognition.
      • Worse still. The quote is "You Won't Die." Not "You'll come back." Odds are, the character was there and aware the whole time, as the body was puppeted and rotted. But a combination metal endoskeleton could easily overpower any attempts to control the skin.
  • Funtime Freddy's voice in Custom Night is outright psychotic. It sounds like he's gone absolutely insane and is fully ready to murder you. He even seems to drop his Affably Evil nature in favor of outright threatening you.
    "Bon-Bon...GO GET 'EM!"
  • Funtime Foxy's smile when he/she/yes jumpscares you. It just looks so delighted to kill you. Witness.
  • The final Custom Night (GF Challenge) cutscene implies that Purple Guy sent his son to find something and to repair "her" (likely his daughter) on the old restaurant. The dialogue mentions that "they" (likely the ghosts from 3) were there, that the ghosts couldn't tell him and his son apart, and that "I should be dead, but I'm not", before Springtrap jumps from the ruins of Fazbear's Fright. Contrary to what had long been believed, an innocent person was horrifically crushed to death and trapped inside Springtrap while the serial killer got away completely free. This also means the Purple Guy knowingly sent his own son to die in his place. This also means that the children killed innocent security guards for years hunting their killer for nothing, ending up getting the wrong guy. This theory would turn out to be false.
  • went dark again. I repeat, went dark again. Here We Go Again!.
    • If that's not enough to give you chills, the website for Five Nights at Freddy's World went dark as well...
    • Scottgames and FNAFWorld have lines hidden in the source code that, when pieced together, lead to a very disturbing conversation. The conversation is the rest of the Funtime Animatronics ejecting Baby from Ennard, foreshadowing Pizzeria Simulator.
      You are crowding us.
      Be quiet.
      You can't tell us what to do anymore.
      Yes, I can. You will do everything that I tell you to do.
      We outnumber you.
      That doesn't matter, dummy.
      We found a way to eject you.
      You would be lost without me.
      Ha ha! Say goodbye to our friend!
      I can put myself back together.
  • And then, on the 11th of June, this jolly fellow turns up. It's another version of Freddy, seemingly a hybrid of the normal and Nightmare versions, but is all bubbled up on the left side of its head. Almost like it's sustained heavy fire damage...
    • And take a look at the background, too. It's burning embers. And Freddy clearly looks like he's digging his way out of the ground...or some rubble. Looks like Springtrap wasn't the ONLY thing to survive Fazbear's Fright burning down...
    • Oh yes, and the filename for the image reveals his name - Twisted Freddy. Hmm. As in, The Twisted Ones?
    • What's even worse? He's not alone- there's Twisted Bonnie, and..."Twisted Wolfie."
    • And there's an image of Twisted Foxy. He has holes and pores all over his body, and seems to have been taking notes from Nightmare Chica, what with having three rows of teeth.
    • On June 26, 2017, the site has changed, and there's nothing but static. Almost as if Scott is trying to hide something within. Why does this not bode well? June 26 is the in-universe date the children went missing.
    • With the removal of the static, visitors to the site now see a rainbow-trailing Fredbear, seeming to act out part of the "GIVE CAKE" minigame from the second game.
    • The image has changed once again to the 8-bit Fredbear now juggling pizzas in the air. Also the Scott Games logo is now glowing orange.
    • Now the 8-Bit Fredbear is holding a pizza while the words "Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator coming soon!" is shown.
    • Then the image is now changed to 8-Bit Fredbear serving pizzas to kids.
  • Meanwhile, on, there's this thing. Just a pair of eyes, glowing green. From how it looks, it could easily be a withered Baby. And, by the way, there's nothing else on the page except that image.


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