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Nightmare Fuel / Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted

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As this is a Nightmare Fuel page, spoilers will be left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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Considering this page was created after a handful of teasers and one trailer, and since it's a V.R. game, this might be one of the scariest games in the franchise.

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  • The first teaser (which has since been taken down due to copyright issues) shows several different animatronics (Freddy, Bonnie, Foxy, Funtime Foxy and Spring Bonnie) melted and twisted together, with a quote from Fazbear Entertainment stating "Everything is working as intended!" It's hard not to be a little creeped out when you see this melted abomination for the first time.
    • Becomes even worse when you realize there are hidden phrases sprinkled throughout the teaser. It takes a trained eye (or skilled use of editing software) to find them, but the phrases are... a little odd.
      Don't listen to them.
      We let something inside.
      It was an accident.
      Remember Jeremy.
  • Poking around in the source code of reveals several different hidden teasers, revealing several different aspects of the game. Some of these are relatively normal: Bonnie and Freddy needing repairs, confirming that we will be playing as a late-night technician and Springtrap peeking into the FNAF 3 office, hinting at the fact that the technician segment may not be the only segment in the game. However, the first of these images stands out: Baby looming over the protagonist, eyes glowing. Look at the background. Recognize it? That's the bedroom from FNAF4! Which begs the question: why the hell is Baby THERE!?
    • Teaser footage confirms that in addition to Baby, Funtime Freddy can also be found in the FNAF4 environment. Combine that with that old map from the Night 2 minigame, and you're left with some chilling possibilities...
  • Some eagle-eyed viewers will notice that there are several typos in the source code of Assembling the spare letters together, type them in next to the main link, and tack a .jpg onto the end, and you get... this.Explanation 
    • With the full release of the game, this... thing... can be either of two things: It's either the glitchy Bonnie that stalks you throughout the game, or it is indeed a movie trailer. The implications of either of those are not very pleasant...
  • Scott has posted another teaser on his website. Remember the melted amalgamation of the animatronics? Well, it's returned, and now we can get a better look at it. Chica has been added, and the Toy Animatronics from FNAF 2 have as well. Plushtrap has been assimilated as well, and Baby, too. But most notably, filling the space where Spring Bonnie used to sit... Nightmarionne. That stare, combined with those teeth... Brrrr...
  • When providing an update on the VR situation, Scott also mentioned how when he was playtesting, he hadn't been impressed with the Funtime Foxy section. Then Steel Wool tweaked it. Now Scott (and his son Braden) say they'll never play that section again. What happened to make them say that?
  • The first trailer briefly showcases the Chica maintenance mission, in which the player has to deal with cockroaches crawling on and inside Chica's endoskeleton. Anyone in the audience with a phobia of insects will have a hard time with this level.
  • Footage of a section wherein you repair Freddy involves seeing a pair of child's shoes highlighted by your flashlight. It seems part of your duties will involve pulling the remains of the dead children out of the animatronics.

  • Well, let's start with the fact that the game is in VR, meaning you get to experience all the terror of possibly being maimed by the animatronics up close and personal. Yay!
  • One side effect of the game being in virtual reality is that you get a good idea how big the animatronics are; they are utterly gigantic, practically towering right over you. It's no wonder they could easily subdue a human if they wanted.
  • In the first level pack, a remake of the original game, you're now able to move and interact with things at your leisure. This likewise means getting up close and personal with the animatronics and, unlike the first game where Bonnie and Chica just peer in through the windows, they now move about and you can see them full frontal when they're near your station; sometimes they even stand right outside the doors. So there's a good chance you'll think you're safe and open the doors, only to find yourself face to face with one of the animatronics.
    • This time around, you can now lean out of the door and peer down the hallways. A somewhat alternate way to check for the animatronics, provided they don't teleport right on top of you (still gotta check the cameras). But there's a good chance you can see Foxy now sprinting straight for you down the hall. If you manage to get the door shut on him, Foxy doesn't just slam against the door and head back; no, he tries to force it open with a cacophony of screeching metal that sounds like something out of a nightmare.
    • Night Five for the first game is given a greyscale filter, putting everything in black and white. Worse yet, there are brief power flickers that cause the doors to reset, meaning that you can no longer reliably keep Foxy at arm's length just by keeping the door closed when he's coming. You need to keep him from attacking for as long as possible.
  • Being an adaptation of the second game, the office in the second level pack has no doors. The dread has only become worse as, even with the flashlight, the hallway feels like a void from which anything can emerge to attack you. And that's not even getting into the vents... Putting on the mask is significantly more stressful, as you now have to physically reach for the mask and put it on; and though it does protect you from the animatronics, you can now barely even see out of the thing.
    • Now that the animatronics can be watched moving around, you can see wonderfully scary things like Toy Freddy swaggering straight toward you with nothing you can do about it and after standing at the entrance for a bit actually duck under the door frame and enter the room, Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica walking into the side rooms to the vents, Withered Foxy actually gets closer the longer you take to flash him, and now Mangle can climb into the office from the front entrance as well as use the vents. And after using the Freddy mask to ward off Balloon Boy you can watch him waddle out the front entrance and down the hallway.
      • As if that’s not bad enough, you get to see the Puppet as it emerges from its box if you watch the Prize Corner camera feed when the music box begins to run out, showing its long, lanky arms. What makes it worse is that the camera feed makes it appear rather jerky as it emerges instead of smooth, making it look as if it’s emerging slowly. And if you look down the hallway and activate your flashlight after the music box runs out, you can see it approaching you slowly. Unlike in the original game, it walks. The walk itself is pretty unsettling. Once it gets close enough, it then leaps towards you. It also seems like this one doesn’t wait around either so if that music box runs out, you better brace yourself.
  • The third level pack is an adaption of the third game. You're at a console with a barely functioning computer that constantly has to be rebooted while being on the lookout for Springtrap. Then you turn to your right and realize why you keep seeing those Phantom versions of the animatronics. Your console is right next to an open vent, meaning you're getting a major face full of the fumes that cause the hallucinations the whole time. If that wasn't bad enough, it's large enough for a human to get through and, if you don't seal a vent in time, there's a good chance that you'll see Springtrap crawling slowly towards you. Oh, and there's nothing you can do about it. But that's not all, you know how bad it is when the Phantoms jumpscare you causing the console and lighting to go haywire, forcing you to look away from Springtrap to reboot the systems? Well, try doing that when you see Springtrap standing right outside your office, knowing that you are seconds away from a jumpscare. Fun times!
  • The minigames taking place in the ventilation system have to be some of the tensest moments in the franchise.
    • In the first level, you're sent to investigate problems with the main ventilation shaft, only to discover Mangle has been trouncing around in there; he/she/they/it/yes starts out inches from your face before scuttling into the darkness of the shafts. You spend the remainder of the level desperately fending off Mangle using your flashlight while you try to perform the necessary tasks for fixing the ventilation. The Blacklight version ups the ante by opening all shafts at once, and having you deal with two Mangles.
    • In the second level, you come face to face with Ennard as you try to fix the boiler room controls. The gameplay here is effectively the same as the first level, except the systems you have to work on require much more concentration... concentration that requires you to take your eyes off the vents where Ennard could be lurking. What makes it worse is how bold Ennard can be with how it attacks, particularly a moment where it briefly forces a shaft open to try and get at you.
    • The Blacklight version is immediately offputting, with seemingly the entire building flipped upside down, and is littered with dead animatronic parts everywhere. The further down - or, up - you go, the further the entire scene devolves into a hybrid of a scrapyard and a world of utter chaos, with a gigantic Phantom Freddy looming in the background, every severed animatronic head staring at you with red eyes, and Springtrap crawling agonizingly slowly towards you, if not to kill you then as if to plead for help. The worst part is that unlike the original level's ending, Ennard doesn't get fried in the boiler. Instead, as the elevator starts plummeting up (down?), Ennard leaps for you while screaming bloody murder, clutching onto the window and crawling for you as the screen fades to black.
    • Not to mention the fact that you don't get any instructions prior to this, and you have to figure everything out through trial and error.
  • The maintenance minigames are just as frightening if only due to the immense tension of the animatronic just sitting there right in front of you. Combined with an intentionally obtuse narration at certain points it's actually very reminiscent of a nightmare.
    • If you wait a moment and listen closely while working on Chica after you get her mouth open you can hear what sounds like breathing.
    • The Blacklight versions don't make things any better. Just to name a few details:
      • The neon glow on Bonnie and Chica feels more unsettling than it should be, and for Bonnie's level, can be incredibly distracting when you're trying to tune his guitar, which requires either knowledge of a guitar's tabs or paying attention to color.
      • The cockroaches in Chica's level are replaced with spider-like monstrosities that would make anyone squeamish. Not to mention the fact that there are mega-sized versions of them crawling around in the background. Oh, and the Chemi-spray stops being effective after the first spritz and you have to get rid of them by hand.
      • Not only that, Chica's cupcake is now Nightmare Cupcake, and while it doesn't necessarily jumpscare you, watching it hop around can be unnerving with all the teeth it has.
      • Freddy's level is completely in black and white, surrounded by screens with static. Occasionally, some Freddles would appear in the background or replace the object you are currently holding, accompanied with a loud static sound (the one that Nightmare and Nightmarionne made during their jumpscares in FNAF4) that is sure to make you jolt. Not great when "a slow and even pace is recommended". All the while, Freddy would be seemingly staring down at you with white glowing eyes. As if he wasn't intimidating enough as he is...
      • Foxy looks as if he's been burnt in hell, and the surroundings wouldn't look that out of place in hell anyways. Foxy's movements are a lot faster in this mode, and the colours on the fuses would either blink off or change entirely, meaning that the timing on the placement of the fuses is now much stricter.
  • Spring Bonnie. This... thing... gradually makes its presence known as you continue to collect the glitched tapes. With each tape you collect, it starts getting uncomfortably close to you, and gets put back together. By the time you finally realize the ramifications of doing so, you are presented with a completed, horrible monstrosity. He looks and acts more like a costumed man than an animatronic. His eyes glow a vivid purple and bulge out of his head. His very design looks like a crude children's drawing of a cartoon character. His face is permanently etched into a horrific Slasher Smile that would give The Joker himself pause, And you just released him from his prison.
    • And then there's the plot details behind him. For one, he isn't meant to be in the game's coding at all. Somehow, he just randomly appeared out of nowhere during the transition of data assets. The tapes you've been collecting are an Apocalyptic Log about how he had to be sealed away within them. That's right — you're not dealing with just a mere glitch. Spring Bonnie is the equivalent of a full-on virus that had to be quarantined. And the true nature of this virus? It's the digital ghost of none other than William Afton. And he's just dying to escape to the real world using your body, which he accomplishes in the normal ending of the game, trapping you in a Freddy suit as he dances in victory.
    • The sheer fact that, no matter what you do, Spring Bonnie technically wins. If you complete the Pizza Party minigame, he recreates the Missing Children Incident with you and then presumably takes over your body to escape into the real world. If you gather all 16 tapes but fail to carry out Tape Girl's instructions, he takes over your body directly. And even if you do follow her instructions, triggering a hard reset of the VR game, Spring Bonnie isn't destroyed like Tape Girl believed; instead, you're treated to a brief sequence of him watching you from behind a locked metal door (currently the page image) before you're kicked back to the pizzeria menu with a new glitchy green Bonnie plushie- the implication being that Spring Bonnie / William has simply been quarantined and will just try to escape again once the game goes live.
      • Strange thing about the locked door ending, though... what are the scratches and bloody handprints doing on YOUR side...? And where's the handle to open the door? If you were the one that imprisoned him, shouldn't it be on YOUR side?
    • Even if you don't collect any tapes, Spring Bonnie still shows up at the end of Pizza Party. He doesn't need you to put him back together, he can do it all on his own!
    • A bit of Fridge Horror to add to William's increasing amount of terror. Given that Fazbear Entertainment was likely aware about the "glitch" and were willing to silence Jeremy even before he commited suicide over it, and given they were perfectly willing to release a game containing the digital "soul" of a known serial killer, just how many copies of the game were released? How many copies of William's soul were created? How many people got taken over by him? Forget one William Afton, there could potentially be millions out there now just waiting for their next opportunity to kill.
    • This also opens up a huge question- if literally dying and being sent to Hell isn't enough to stop William from trying to kill people.... then what is?
  • Baby's Night Terrors segment. It's just you, a closet full of Plushbabies, and Circus Baby herself, prowling the room outside looking for you. If her attention is drawn towards the closet, either through her passive looking or if she's seen you, you need to slam the closet doors shut until she gives up and looks elsewhere. The problem? The darkness of the closed-off closet agitates the Plushbabies, and if she'd seen you, she'll stay in front of the doors for a few seconds, primed to barge in and kill you if you open them. You need to be very careful about how long you hold the closet doors shut.
  • Everything in the Glitch/Blacklight world.
    • The first time you flip the switch, you notice the world around you has completely changed. Darkness is everywhere, a few objects glow as if illuminated by harsh neon lights, and it's all backed by an eerie tune that sounds like a broken music box.
    • You thought everything was already bad? After completing a category of the games and flipping the switch, you can access a harder difficulty of games in that category. And by harder we mean not only more aggressive animatronics, but also extreme changes in the environment which will cripple you, most of which may or may not include severe lack of light. And add to the fact that even the simplest of mistakes can lead you to your death...
  • After beating all other levels and Blacklight levels, you unlock one final Night Terrors segment; Pizza Party. You find yourself in a maze made of different areas from the various FNAF games, trying to navigate them while avoiding certain doom at the hands of various animatronics that will come for you if you make a wrong move or take too long to move forward. It's a confusing, non-euclidian nightmare with your only guide being the mysterious red paintmarks scrawled all over creation. When you do get to the end, you find yourself with a cake and pizza... and a purple starry curtain that is pulled back to reveal the glitchy Bonnie, fully reconstituted, beckoning you to come with him behind the curtain. Next time you are in control, you are Freddy Fazbear, while Glitch Bonnie is just dancing around, implying that he stuffed you in a suit. This is the normal ending of the game.
    • It gets even worse when you consider that William's victims were probably in a very similar situation (sans the non-euclidean-ness of the minigame); getting lost, trying (and failing) to make their way though the area, finding Spring Bonnie offering to guide them to safety, only to be killed by them and stuffed in an animatronic. It's incredibly unsettling to think about. This is the seed of all the horror in the franchise, and after all these years, you don't just get to see it in person. You get to live it.
  • Funtime Foxy. Whoo boy. You need to reach the other end of the room in complete darkness, and your only help is a small light that lights up the room for a few seconds. With most other animatronics, you usually at least know when you're screwed, but Funtime Foxy almost always comes out of nowhere. Making things even worse, his jumpscare is uncomfortably close to your face. As mentioned above, the mission is so terrifying that Scott and his son Braden refused to play it again after experiencing it once while they were testing the game.
    • And if things weren't bad enough, fucking Lolbit is an actual threat who will kill you if you step on the wrong type of tile, and in the Blacklight version of the mini-game, they become the main threat only visible by the whites of their eyes, and said eyes only make the jumpscare worse.
  • Even the reward screen isn't safe, since there's a slight chance that the box that usually contains a prize at the end of each level will have Plushtrap inside of it, who will immediately proceed to Jumpscare you.
  • Several gamers have noticed that, once you collect all 30 coins, a basket of Exotic Butters will appear on the counter of the prize corner. Inside the basket is a small red button. Once you press it, one of the monitors above the prize shelves will flicker static for a brief moment, then switch back off. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? In the original version of the game, real life pictures of animatronic parts would appear. According to Scott this would have been something related to Help Wanted, but was removed when people found out the irl images came from Showbiz Pizza. In update 3, however, pressing the button will cause Lolbit to appear on the TV Screen with the message "Please Stand By."
    • With the addition of the Withered Animatronics to the game, this changed as well. Now, pressing the button reveals an image which seems to show an arm rising from the grave in front of a computer screen, presumably in advance of Halloween DLC. Hoo boy...
  • Apparently if you eat any of the plastic toys a total of three times (choking sound and all) you can choke to death, bringing you to a game over screen.


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