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Nightmare Fuel / Ultimate Custom Night

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As this is a Nightmare Fuel page, spoilers will be left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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"He's here, and always watching - the one you shouldn't have killed."

Don't let the 'fact' that this game is non-canon lure you into a false sense of security, since it is nothing like the previous non-canon spin-off. While there may be no more lore revelations, the game is still jampacked with more animatronics than ever before; drawn from every corner of the series such as the creepy Classics, the broken down Withereds and the enigmatic Springtrap just to name a select few, combined with a large plethora of positively mortifying mechanics only befitting this franchise, and bone-chilling secrets and Easter Eggs that will strike the player to their very core, Jump Scare or otherwise. With all of this included and even more, the aptly named Ultimate Custom Night perfectly lives up to its role as the end of FNaF games, and may also well be taking the top spot as the scariest game in the series, period.


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    Pre-release info 
  • Two months after the release of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator, Scott gave the fans a decision what to pick — an endless tycoon mode, or a Custom Night. The latter was the winning choicenote , and it has been confirmed that the mode will feature not ten, but forty — no, wait... actually fifty animatronics, all of which come from both this game and the previous five! The roster includes: the original Freddy's crew from the first game (including Golden Freddy in his FNAF2 incarnation); two withered animatronics not counting Golden Freddy; the Toy animatronics; three Phantoms; eight Nightmare animatronics; Ballora and Funtime Foxy; the Puppet, Nightmarionne and Lefty; several of the purchasable animatronics from FNAF6, including the Music Man; and not one, but BOTH versions of Baby, Ennard, and Springtrap. One can only imagine what would happen in a mode where every single one of those things wants you dead. There appears to even be Evil Former Friends in the roster, since it includes Helpy and Phone Guy. And it even includes Old Man Consequences. We do not jest. And that's just who he's telling us is appearing. Pray for your lives.
  • Now the office has been revealed, and it looks to be a composite of not just the first three, but all six games in the series. What's worrying, however, is that it has a grand total of six entrances to the office, as Scott confirms. And even worse — that's just in the screenshot, which means that perhaps there's one more entrance not shown...
    • And with the announcement of Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica, it turns out there are at least two more entrances not listed: trapdoors to the left and right of the desk.
  • Scott himself has been testing 50/20 as of recent. Not even he has survived for longer than one in-game hour, at one point dying to Nightmarionne in less than a second. Just how hard is it?
  • In response to Dawko, Scott has let something slip: there may possibly be a 51/20 mode.
  • On May 30th, Scott updated with this teaser. A new character is coming and is being referred to as an "irritation". Not only does this mean that 51/20 mode isn't a joke, but it implies that the new character that was never teased before will be even worse than BB, JJ, and all the other annoyer animatronics in UCN combined.
    • On June 7th, it's finally revealed to be Dee Dee of all characters. Her mechanic is revealed to appear at any time without warning, add a new character to attack you, and set it at an unknown difficulty. Yes, there's a new Enragement Child in town, and she somehow outdid all the others combined! Even worse, Scott confirmed on Reddit that she'll make 50/20 mode even more difficult!
  • The page for Ultimate Custom Night is out, and with the trailer, we get some disturbing details...
    • For one, there's Old Man Consequence's mechanic, which was finally revealed when his description was shown in the trailer. What does Old Man Consequences do? Why, he simply makes you play a minigame! Press C to catch the fish! And if you fail, he then proceeds to temporarily lock your monitor, preventing you from winding the music box, helping Toy Freddy play Five Nights With Mr. Hugs, checking to see if either Circus Baby, Nightmare Bonnie, or Nightmare Mangle are coming after you, checking to see what time Funtime Foxy will come out, checking on Foxy, finding Rockstar Bonnie's guitar, setting up a vent snare, playing an audio lure for the Mediocre Melodies (meaning that you'd have to turn up the heat to repel them, causing all sorts of problems with certain other animatronics — and that's assuming the one coming after you isn't Happy Frog)... Old Man Consequences has the potential to screw you over harder than any of the other animatronics in Ultimate Custom Night. Unless, of course, the Trash Gang turns out to be worse.
    • As it turns out, you can customize your office after enough points. You can make it look downright hellish if you have 3 or 4 furniture.
    • Golden Freddy's jumpscare is back to his lifeless head staring at you on a black screen... though this time, you see his entire head.
    • Some of the jumpscares are a bit... basic (understandable, considering Scott had to make a huge amount of them), but some animatronics get upgrades to them compared to their previous ones, Toy Freddy in particular.
    • And worst of all, the game still has Game Over quotes like the main game. The one used in the trailer? Deep, demonic, clearly made up of multiple voices. And from what they're saying, no doubt about it... this quote is coming from the Nightmares.
    • Somehow, what makes this worse is that this quote isn't from multiple animatronics. It's from one. Which one in particular? Nightmare Fredbear, which makes this a terrifying Ironic Echo of the Fredbear plush's words: "I will put you back together".
  • On June 15th, Scott updated the teaser again, revealing that there are two more animatronics to worry about. It gets worse, indeed...
    • On June 19th, Scott revealed that the first one was Shadow Bonnie of all characters. Once Shadow Bonnie is activated, he will make the office go black for about ten seconds. You will not be able to see the doors, meaning you will have to keep track of what is open and closed through other means. But don't worry, this can only happen once per night.
    • On June 22nd, Scottgames was updated again, revealing the other character, who turned out to be Plushtrap. His mechanic is that he'll appear on a random camera, and you have to scare him off before getting a jumpscare.
    • But Plushtrap isn't the worst part: the "Things get worse" caption was changed to now say "Things get much worse" and a third slot was added to the picture, meaning now we have three more threats to worry about!
    • Come June 23rd, and Scottgames was updated again. The third slot? Nightmare Chica. It's not yet known what her mechanic is, but there's something worse: there are THREE new slots, bringing the grand total up to SIX. And the caption has changed again, now to "Things get much, much worse." How much further can Scott go?
  • Then, (what appears to be) the final character. He was only on the website for just a minuscule period of time before the image blacked out (only a few minutes), but from what can be seen in this mirror is a portrait of FNaF1!Golden Freddy with his Face Framed in Shadow accompanied by his Glowing Eyes of Doom, with only one minor difference. His hat and bowtie are colored purple instead of black. Meaning that, after 4 years, perhaps it's finally time to see the ultimate threat unleashed. The single animatronic that has gone to be The Unfought for so long, but now no longer. Variations of him have been seen in previous entries; and yet, the original version was never encountered before until now. While William Afton was directly responsible for all of the evil in the franchise, it was the creation of this animatronic that properly started the dreaded Fazbear legacy, and now he is here. The first of his kind. The true origin of the horrors. The great, fabled, olden animatronic: Fredbear.

    Animatronic Mechanics 
  • Golden Freddy is up to his old tricks again, randomly appearing in your office when you lower your tablet.
  • Remember how much of a problem Balloon Boy was in the second game? Well, meet his pal JJ, who is even worse. Balloon Boy and JJ both enter your office through the side vent, and you have to lock it before they get in; if you aren't quick enough, or don't notice them... well, Balloon Boy will just temporarily disable your flashlight, but JJ will disable all door controls until she decides to leave.
  • Scott's just come with another update, and boy does it please. Nightmare and Nightmare Fredbear will come at you from opposite sides. The scary part? You can't see them on cameras, only by the lights of their eyes when they're right at the door. That already makes them some of the most dangerous of all the animatronics, since by the time you even know they've moved at all, you may have only seconds to react.
  • Phantom Freddy slowly fades into your office, and will strike unless you manage to hit him with the flashlight beam before he fully materializes. Now, much like in his original game, he can't actually kill you; however, his jumpscare causes you to momentarily black out, giving the other animatronics all the opportunity they need to stroll right into the office and finish the job.
  • Old Man Consequences has a description which simply reads "Better catch a fish," with no further information provided.
  • Remember the music box from FNAF2, which was needed to keep the Puppet from getting out and almost immediately killing you, with no way to put it back in the box? Remember how it made 10/20 mode from that game ridiculously difficult? Guess what you need to control the Puppet in this mode?
  • On the subject of Puppet variants, Nightmarionne is back once more, and his mechanic is totally new for the series: he will appear in different places in the office, and will gradually appear and eventually jumpscare you if the cursor is on him for too long. You'd better hope he doesn't appear on the door controls, the vents, or any other area that requires your immediate attention, or...well, you know what will happen...
  • Music Man, the terrifying spider-like humanoid animatronic from the Tycoon mode, finally sees some action, and it's exactly as terrifying as everyone feared. Music Man is always located Right Behind You, and will activate if the player makes too much noise. The closer he gets, the louder his cymbals bang, until eventually he reaches you and...
  • Nightmare BB continues the unnerving trend of animatronics starting in the office, and he'll usually be slouched over unless you shine your light on him. However, if he stands up on his own, you need to shine your light on him, because otherwise he'll attack when your back is turned. Also, the exact wording is that Nightmare BB will "attack when you turn away," which, combined with the Music Man, all but confirms that yes, we will need to check behind ourselves.
  • The Mediocre Melodies crew (Happy Frog, Mr. Hippo, Pigpatch, Nedd Bear, and Orville Elephant) all share a similar mechanic: they crawl through the air duct system above your office and attempt to enter through the large tubes. The only ways to keep them from getting in are to turn up the heater (which will presumably come with a negative gameplay consequence, like in the main story) or to use an audio lure; however, some of the animatronics can No-Sell one or the other of these strategies. Orville, for example, is only tricked by the lure 10% of the time; worse, he's also the fastest of the five, meaning you'll probably only get one or two chances to stop him. Happy Frog, meanwhile, is by far the slowest of the bunch, and is tricked 100% of the time by the lure; however, she is also totally immune to the effects of the heater.
  • Springtrap, Ennard, and Molten Freddy all share similar mechanics: they crawl through the vent system to the grate in front of the player and then attack unless the vent door is closed. However, each of them has their own spin on it: Springtrap moves silently, meaning the player doesn't get an audio cue to tell when he's near (forcing them to physically check the vent instead); Ennard doesn't show up on most of the vent cameras, so the player might not even realize he's there until it's too late; and Molten Freddy moves far faster than the other two, giving the player a small window of opportunity to shut the door on him.
  • Phantom Mangle will appear at random in the viewing monitor; if the player doesn't quickly close the monitor or switch viewing modes to make it disappear, it will "invade your office temporarily, causing audio distractions and increasing your noise meter". This doesn't sound so bad... until you consider that the "noise meter" is probably in reference to Music Man, who will undoubtedly start approaching you as soon as Phantom Mangle sets foot in the office.
  • Mangle. Holy shit, Mangle. Mangle also crawls around in your vents, but unlike the other vent animatronics, he/she doesn't get dissuaded by a locked grate; instead, he/she waits right at the grate until you open it back up, then enters the office immediately. If it gets in, it hangs around on the ceiling for a little while before jumpscaring you; it also creates audio distortions while doing so, meaning that if Mangle doesn't get you, Music Man definitely will. The only way to keep it from getting in is with something called a "vent snare", which can only be active on one vent at a time; and since Mangle is capable of moving between both vents, this forces the player to keep a very close eye on Mangle's location at all times. Oh, and you know how Withered Chica can sometimes get stuck in the front vent, preventing Springtrap, Ennard, or Molten Freddy from getting in? Well, guess what? Mangle can slip right by her with no problem.
  • Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica attack you through a pair of hitherto-unmentioned trapdoors, Toy Bonnie from the right and Toy Chica from the left. As Scott himself points out, there is no way to stop either of them from entering your office; and the only way you can prevent them from attacking you is by immediately putting on a Freddy Fazbear mask and looking at them to convince them you're an animatronic. Of course, if this is anything like FNAF2, the mask will also obscure your visibility and prevent you from doing other crucial tasks...
  • One thing that hasn't been mentioned yet is the note Scott added to the top of his post shortly after he added Springtrap, Molten Freddy, and Ennard. What is this note? Well, it just clarifies how the vents and ducts work...which wouldn't be too bad if it weren't for the fact that, according to said note, there are no vent or duct cameras, and instead the vent and duct systems rely on sensors like the system in the main game. Yeah, this may complicate things...
  • Jack O' Chica has been added! And what does she do? Why, appear at both doors at once, of course! Apparently closing either of the doors individually won't have an effect, and instead you'll need to check on Jack O' Chica using the hallway cameras. When she fully materializes, you'll have to close both doors at once to get rid of her. Thankfully, Jack O' Chica only appears when the office starts to overheat... so hope and pray that the Mediocre Melodies aren't out for your blood, because if they are... well, someone's going to get you.
  • The big man (or bear) himself, Freddy, has been added in. He comes out of the left hall (as he does when the power goes out in 1), emerging from the dark in stages (which means that he may regain his Evil Laugh), and while the player can close him out...he will not stop coming through the hallway, especially if the temperature is hot, in which he'll just go in faster. Mistime clicking the door button or end up forgetting about him, and your night at Freddy's is done.
  • Phantom BB has basically the same mechanics from FNAF3: he appears on your viewing monitor at random, at which point you will have to quickly change cameras or close the monitor to avoid his jumpscare; getting jumpscared by Phantom BB will cause you to black-out temporarily. Yeah, remember Phantom BB's absolutely horrifying Nightmare Face from FNAF3? There's a good chance we might be seeing it again!
  • Phone Guy will call at random into your office, and you will only have a brief amount of time to mute his call. If you fail to mute the call, then you will be forced to listen to the whole thing, which will aggravate you as well as any animatronic that is sensitive to the noise level. Also, the mute button will appear in unpredictable locations. Effectively, the calls are sure to get Music Man's attention and cause him to get you!
  • Nightmare Freddy has received something of an upgrade: he's still summoned by letting the Mini-Freddies accumulate (and you can once again disperse them by flashing your light on them), but this time they don't just appear in one location; oh no, they appear on a number of locations throughout the office, including your desk. Better hope that Nightmarionne isn't lurking on top of one of the Freddles, or things will go south very quickly...
  • Chica's back, and she mostly hangs out in the kitchen (which is also where the music box is). Like the Puppet, her mechanic revolves around the music box, which involves changing tunes to satisfy her (indicated by her knocking over pots and pans). If you change tunes while she's happy, she will come after you personally, and there's no way to stop her once she leaves.
  • Lefty sits in the closet off of the left hallway. He becomes more and more agitated if the office becomes too noisy or too hot, until eventually... Lowering the noise won't reverse the effects, nor will reducing the temperature, and doors won't prevent Lefty from getting to you. The only way to ease his temperament is to switch on the Global Music Box, which soothes all music box animatronics... at the expense of extra power being drained.
    • Also, the mere existence of the Global Music Box implies that there are more animatronics that can only be stopped by the music box. As if the Puppet wasn't enough...
  • Withered Bonnie slips in through the trapdoor while you are viewing your monitor. You'll know he's there by the audio and visual distortions he causes just by standing there ominously. You only have a short amount of time to put on the mask to ward him off, otherwise a jumpscare is all you'll have to look forward to.
  • Toy Freddy sits in the Parts and Service room playing Five Nights With Mr. Hugs on a TV. The problem is that if Toy Freddy loses his game, he will blame YOU for it. In Five Nights With Mr. Hugs, there are three ways into the office, and only one door can be closed at a time. Click the cams on Toy Freddy's monitor, then be sure that the appropriate door is closed to prevent Mr. Hugs from getting into his office. If you check on Toy Freddy and see GAME OVER on his screen, that means that Mr. Hugs has already jumpscared him, and now Toy Freddy is on his way to Jump Scare you. Once Toy Freddy has been jumpscared, there will be no way to calm him down, and no way to save yourself.
  • Funtime Foxy hides behind his curtain, waiting for the show to begin. The showtime is always on the hour, but the hour will be random. For instance, showtime may be 1 am, 2 am, 3 am, etc.. Remember that time, because "showtime" is the exact moment that you get jumpscared. There is only one way to prevent showtime, and that's by viewing his stage the moment the hour changes. Successfully doing this causes the show to be delayed by several hours (and the sign will change as well). Of course, the other animatronics demand your attention, so don't get distracted or else.
  • Ballora will approach from either side, disabling all of your camera feeds as she approaches. You'll have to rely on the sound of her music to determine which side she's approaching from, and close the correct door before she reaches you. Close the door in time and she will retreat into the darkness. Don't close the door in time, and — do we really have to spell it out at this point?
  • Rockstar Bonnie will occasionally appear in the office and is conspicuously missing his guitar. In fact, the only way to appease him is to locate his guitar on the camera system and double click on it. Fail to do this in a timely fashion and the player will lower their monitor only to be greeted with a jumpscare.
  • Rockstar Foxy's mechanic doesn't seem that scary at first. Click his parrot companion when it flies through the office and Rockstar Foxy himself will be summoned. He can increase your power meter by adding 1%, restore the room to a cool 60°, or soundproof your office for 5 seconds. However, there is a risk factor in doing this, as Rockstar Foxy will occasionally be summoned presented as being in a bad mood. If found in a bad mood, he will bite back.
  • Circus Baby, Nightmare Bonnie, and Nightmare Mangle will all approach from the right hall, but each of them will only attack once per night, and they change their order of attack each night so that you won't know who to expect first. There are two ways to defend against them. One is to shut the right door and leave it shut (which is obviously impractical, as it will drain your power). The other is to purchase their plush toy from the Prize Corner. You must use Faz-Coins to purchase the plush toys, and there are two ways to accumulate them throughout the night. One way is to block the attacks of other animatronics. Each successful block earns one Faz-Coin. The other way to earn coins is to find them on the cams and scan your mouse cursor over them to collect them. Of course, you'll have to buy each toy in the order the animatronics come from the hall — guess wrong and it's Game Over.
  • What Scraptrap's mechanic lacks in complexity, it more than makes up for in scares. Sure, he only attacks once per night, but you have no way of knowing when that's going to happen, if at all. When he attacks from the right vent, your only warning will be a loud noise from the corner and a flickering of the lights; you'll then have only a fraction of a second to close the vent door before Scraptrap gets you. Oh, and even if you block him in time, you'd better hope that Music Man hasn't gotten too close to you, or else that clattering sound might just push him over the top...
  • Once per night, Scrap Baby will appear on the other side of your desk, slouched over and appearing to be decommissioned. You can shock her at any time by clicking on the shock panel next to her, but it will drain 1% of your power each time you do so, and it will have no effect until she is poised to attack. Shocking her at the stage where she's going to attack will cause her to leave your office and not return. If you fail to notice that she has moved and bring up your monitor again, you'll have nothing but a jumpscare to look forward to.
  • Rockstar Freddy's mechanic is mostly chuckle-worthy, but it does continue the alarming trend of animatronics starting in your office and staying there the whole night. Oh, and the only ways to stop him when he activates are to pay him Faz-Coins (potentially opening you up to an attack from Circus Baby and her pals) or to turn up the heat (which could cause all sorts of other problems).
  • The Trash Animatronics were posted the same day as Rockstar Freddy, and their mechanic is... three question marks. What the hell are these things going to do?
    • In the game itself they are more of an annoyance with them whispering in your ear to check a certain part of the screen then they bomb the screen with a buzzing sound. Still though it is just another thing to distract you from the more dangerous animatronics. They also open up the game whispering in your ear as part of a sound test, only to blare their jumpscare.
  • After a long wait, Bonnie and Foxy finally make their appearance, and it's about as terrifying as could be expected. The two share the same stage in Pirate's Cove, and alternate between which of them is active. The only way to tell which one is on stage is a tiny figurine on the desk; if you miss the warning and respond incorrectly, well, there's a couple horrible possibilities in store...
    • Bonnie doesn't like having the camera on him, and will use his Eye Beams to disable your cameras. And Scott's dialogue suggests the disabling effect will last for quite a while, leading to you almost certainly getting killed by one of the various animatronics that require checking the cameras.
    • As for Foxy, his mechanic is a blast from the past for FNAF1 fans: if you don't check Pirate's Cove enough while he's active, he'll slowly emerge from the stage and approach the office. However, this version of Foxy has picked up a new trick: he can disassemble himself into multiple pieces and slip them into the office one at a time, using any door or vent. And if you should pull up the camera while all of Foxy's pieces are in the office, he'll reassemble himself and...well, you probably don't need to be told what happens next.
    • The worst part about these two? If you leave your camera on Pirate's Cove and Bonnie is the active animatronic when you lower the monitor...chances are you are going to be locked out of the monitors a while as you cannot switch cameras when you pull it up.

    Post-Release Info 
  • The jumpscare animations were smooth, even dynamic at times in previous installments; but still rather terrifying. Here, thanks to Art Evolution, the animation instead shows the animatronic violently flailing at the player and presumably tearing them to pieces, which punctuates the jumpscares much more than before with how sudden they are and just how savage the animatronic is behaving.
  • A lot of the voice acting for the characters, especially ones that are broken or nightmarish, are incredibly mangled and creepy (in a good way);
    • All of the voiced Nightmares have the standard sort of demonic reverb added to their lines. Nightmare Freddy is a deep Creepy Monotone, Jack-O-Chica is a crackly reverberated voice, Nightmare Fredbear has a multi-layered voice, while Nightmare and Nightmarionne have voices so deep it's like they came from Hell itself.
    • The Withered Animatronics aren't much better; Withered Bonnie has a heavy mechanical reverb added to his lines, while Withered Chica sounds like she's speaking through an industrial-grade fan.
    • Mangle's voicebox is...well, mangled, leading to a hazy, high-pitched voice that, if you listen carefully, has both male and female voices.
    • The Puppet's voice is a little girl's. Creepy as hell.
    • Lefty's is worse. It's the same as the Puppet's but even more scratchy and dry. Like Afton in Springtrap, years spent in another body clearly did a number on Charlie's vocals.
    • Rockstar Bonnie's voice is very echo-y and hazy, like it's coming out of a cheap speaker.
    • Music Man's voice is warbled and singsong, an alien tone of voice to match his alien design.
    • Fredbear speaks in either Black Speech or an utterly demonic Evil Laugh.
    • Springtrap doesn't produce anything audible either; just the horrible shuffling and moaning he makes when moving around in his introductory game.
    • Even Pigpatch, as goofy as his banjo stingers are, has a weirdly menacing tone to his voice when he delivers his one-liners. The lack of any distortion can also be unsettling by comparison.
  • More of a In-Universe Nightmare Fuel, but it's heavily hinted that the whole game is William Afton's own personal hell, from the comments that many animatronics give to him. While this is a sweet relief for us, Afton's hell is perfectly fit for him: he now has to go through the same role he inflicted on many innocent night-guards (potentially including his own son), facing over 50 animatronics at a time, seeing inane cutscenes, dying over and over again at the hands of the animatronics, and never having the slimmest chance of escaping no matter what mode he beats. He is, in the words of his old colleague, in the deepest pit of Hell for all eternity.
    • What's worse is that there's an Easter Egg related to Old Man Consequences - set his AI to 1 and do the minigame - where you return to his pond from FNaF World, where he says the following; as he says this, you can hear a loud metal droning sound that, when sped up, becomes robotic screaming that many are theorizing is William cursing Michael and Henry's names, and crying out for help that will never come.
    Old Man Consequences: Come and sit with me for a while. Leave the demon to his demons. Rest your own soul. There is nothing else.
  • Dee Dee's gimmick in this game is that, if an animatronic is not enabled for your run, she has a random chance of appearing, and enabling a random animatronic, with a random difficulty setting. If you're playing on 50/20 Mode, then all animatronics are selected at their highest difficulty. That means you're safe from her, right? Wrong. On 50/20 Mode, when she shows up, instead of popping up from the bottom of the screen and singing her cutesy sing-songy rhyme about adding a new threat to your night, instead she turns into a black and white glitchy nightmare (referred to as "Xor" in the game's code), flickering as she warps across the screen, and a corrupted, muffled talking sound plays in the background. Then she disappears without warning. And if all that wasn't enough? A NEW CHALLENGER HAS APPEARED! That's right, even if all the selectable animatronics are selected, you are not safe from Dee Dee, as she'll just select one of SIX unselectable, ultra-hard animatronics to make your ultimate challenge even harder. And since they're unselectable by you, unless you look it up online, you have no idea who has just been added to your night, and you have no idea what it is they do that you have to look out for.
    • Actually if this video is any indication, it doesn't have to be 50/20 mode. There's a chance you'll encounter this character all the same.
    • What's worse: XOR doesn't summon one new animatronic, it summons multiples at once! It seems like the game is telling you, "If you're intent on facing all the selectable animatronics at their most difficult, then you'll be facing every animatronic I can throw at you."
    • As show by this video, Dee Dee can summon the non-selectable animatronics too!
  • The FNaF 3-inspired office is still creepy as one would expect. Phantom Chica staring at you from one of the arcade machines, and Springtrap looming in the darkness of a window in the background, implied to be a hallucination since he's still there whether you have him selected or not.
  • Fredbear has been found in-game, and he proves to be fucking terrifying. Activated by Golden Freddy being set to 1 and then using the Death Coin on him, he is the single animatronic who you cannot fight against; you will be killed by him instantly. While all of the other animatronics utilize a screech from their own respective games, Fredbear has a unique one. His scream is by far the most violent out of the series, sounding like a feral machine breaking all hell loose, and his animation is just as rapid as the others, if not moreso; overall, he proves to be one of the scariest elements in the entire game. And, when the game over screen appears, you can hear Black Speech or an Evil Laugh. Even if he is the one animatronic who must purposely be triggered, Fredbear proves to be one of, if not the scariest of the lot.
  • The final cutscene of the game opens up on a blank screen with eerie music playing in the background. after a few seconds, Golden Freddy will appear on the screen in his iconic FNAF 1 pose, only this time, he's twitching uncontrollably. Then it just ends. No words. No fanfare. Nothing.
    • This is also where the series overall ends. With Golden Freddy fading into the darkness, it displays a perfect metaphor for the FNaF universe's overall state after everything that has transpired. No more survivors. No more animatronics. No more restaurants. And no more continuations. 3 and FFPS had climatic endings, but this scene seems to be the end of everything. The show is finally over, as there is nothing left. It's the end.
    • There is also another theory. Remember that William Afton wore a Golden costume to kill the five children in the first and second game. That final cutscene could be what is going on with William while he's trapped in a hell of his own making. One layer has him facing animatronics...and another layer has him contained in the same costume he wore to lure those children. Twitching in agony as he's dragged into the darkness. Forever.
    • Another equally frightening possibility is that Golden Freddy represents 'The one [you] should not have killed'. Since it's been accepted that the game is the child spirit punishing William Afton for all eternity, the ending can be seen as this child refusing to move on, instead choosing to keep Afton in torment indefinitely. Notice that Golden Freddy's eyes are still lit up as he disappears into the dark, signifying that the child still remains. There's no happy ending to be found here, no neat resolution. Just a murdered child, utterly consumed by hate and vengeance, vanishing into the darkness to endlessly torture the man who killed him forever. Not that Afton doesn't deserve it, but brrr....
    • Then again, one can potentially interpret the sight of Golden Freddy vanishing into the darkness as the kid finally growing satisfied with his torment and ascending. Of course, this means Afton will have to go down and have some tea with Old Scratch himself.
  • A rare kill screen has revealed a barely-visible, oddly-colored child's face placed behind the "game over." This face has also been reported to appear in the vent opening, providing the page image. Sweet dreams.
  • Okay, yes, it's not like Toy Chica was innocent before, but there's something unnerving about Toy Chica being reimagined as a lovestruck girl who it's implied kills and takes trophies from the boys who reject her. Like, Yandere vibes. Making it creepier is she's supposed to be a metaphor for William Afton.
  • One of the secret animatronics that Dee Dee (or Xor) can summon is Nightmare Chica. You'll know she's active when rows of razor sharp teeth close in from the top and bottom of the screen until the entire screen is blocked out. By the time you know she's there it's too late; you're in her grasp. And what's worse: Nightmare Chica's mechanics are not explained and nobody's quite pinned down her behavior yet. Her jaws just close in on you out of nowhere and you have no idea how to get out.note 
  • Some of the animatronics say they're planning on eating you in their jumpscare dialogue. That alone is creepy enough, but it doesn't beat Rockstar Bonnie's jumpscare dialogue. He starts singing in an oddly raspy voice, with the last line of the song always mentioning how he will kill you, including but not limited to plunging his guitar into your heart. Most of the other animatronics want to kill you, but Rockstar Bonnie seems to be one of the few who enjoys causing you pain.
  • Sometimes when Happy Frog, Nedd Bear or Orvile Elephant kill you, they will speak in extremely out-of-character lines with a child's voice echoing over them — often saying a variation of "This is what you deserve for what you did. I will never let you leave." On their own the quotes just drop their happy-go-lucky tones and sound really sinister, but together with the child's face that keeps appearing and the "one you should not have killed" lines, it's implied that Afton isn't exactly in Hell, but is being tormented by one of his victims — a restless, powerful, and royally pissed off child ghost. One of Orville's lines more or less confirms this to be the case — referencing the ending of FNAF 6 and establishing that whatever has Afton trapped, it's going to torture him in perpetuity for as long as it's able.
    Orville Elephant: He tried to release you. He tried to release us. But I'm not gonna let that happen. I will hold you here. I will keep you here. No matter how many times they burn us.
    • This — plus the Golden Freddy Cutscene — also has the possibility of overriding the happy ending of Pizzeria Simulator. Despite the children all supposedly being released and the murderer being brought to justice at long last, it's possible the cutscene means that someone was left behind, and that the nightmare still isn't over for good. If this is the last Freddy's game, it may never end.
      • What makes it even worse is that even if the pissed off spirit finally decides to free him, he will very likely be going to Hell anyway. Which means that if the UCN ever ends for William Afton, it won't be finding relief for him but rather jumping out of the frying pan and into the literal eternal fire.
    • But perhaps most of all...why do the Melodies say this? One would expect quotes like these to come from Freddy and co, the original generation. But only Foxy speaks out of the five, the rest are silent. So why is it just these three random, just-introduced animatronics? How many people did Afton kill, again?
    • This plays into a theory about the Good Ending of FFPS. Think about what Cassette Man says, about finding the job listing "not intended for you". Now, presumably, he's referring to Michael Afton, because if he knew about Elizabeth, why wouldn't he know about her older brother? However, if the job listing was intended for Michael, and the person who took it wasn't who it was intended for, then how could we be playing as Michael as we thought? This whole thing could be either setting up yet another game, or it could be meant to show that, for William, the nightmare will never truly end.
  • While the idea that this is William Afton's Hell, or pseudo-Hell (if not the actual one) brought on by the Vengeful Spirit is nightmare fuel, let's consider the idea that the children who inhabited the Animatronics, and maybe even the animatronics might also be in this hell as well! Many of the animatronic quotes imply the suits being sentient or the spirits are in there with him and killing him over and over. It's no so far of a stretch to consider this.
    • The Animatronics were made from the get go to murder people, but they were also shown to have a sort of Sentience as well, if Baby and the garbled message in FNaF 1 of how metal can achieve sentience is of any indication. More than a few of the FNaF 1 and 2 Animatronics have supposedly killed the Night Guards (the Phone Guy for sure), Springtrap was possibly used by William Afton (and in turn, DID kill Afton), Golden Freddy accidentally kills the Child, the Sister Location animatronics did murder two technitians and technically Eggs Benedict. The Nightmare fuel (and partially tearjerker) is the factor that most of the Animatronics were doing what they were programmed to do. They didn't have any agency or ability to decide otherwise, and yet they were sent to Hell as well for things they couldn't help.
    • The Children were notably enraged at being murdered, and the factor that the animatronics were made with remnant, which acts as a fetter that can hold dead souls, makes them the perfect vehicles of their vengeance. However, they went after the Night Guards rather than the one who actually killed them. They took misplaced retributive justice, and have killed just as much, if not more than William Afton ever did. The nightmare fuel (and just as possibly tearjerky) is that these kids shortsighted actions have caused them to enter Hell for eternity. No seeing their loved ones, no heaven, the image of their gravestones on a sunny day only a sweet illusion covering their true fate. Oh, and they're now stuck in the form of the very animatronics they were trapped within while haunting the earth. Baby's quotes in particular, who in FNaF 6 wanted to be a killer like her father, showcase that she (or rather, William Afton's daughter) is at least in the same place. Though at the very least, they'll be able to deliver their vengeance towards William Afton, who is also in the same place...
      Baby: (In a somber voice) Oh... I guess you forgot about me.



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