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Nightmare Fuel / Five Nights at Freddy's

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The Five Nights at Freddy's franchise has gotten a reputation as one of the scariest video game franchises of all time. And for damn good reasons, as it features nightmarish character designs, unsettling atmosphere, and chilling lore... all made out of the concept of a Suck E. Cheese's, no less. Each game is more terrifying than the last, and it only proves to show how hellish a mere children's entertainment franchise can be, for every person involved.

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  • As if the Nightmares from the fourth installment weren't enough, fans have taken things a step further by making the animatronics as nightmarish, twisted and monstrous-looking as possible, blurring the lines between an animatronic and a straight-up demonic monster, this giving the birth of the Corrupted Animatronics. See for yourself!
  • A Youtuber named ZBonnieXD thought he could beat Scott at his own game, so he made a video of Nightmare animatronics fused together and again, but with the Corrupted animatronics. Imagine having to face these abominations made of the heads of animatronics, they are arguably even more terrifying than everything Scott could come up with. The latter's Jump Scare looks like they're going to eat you alive, making them one of the most terrifying fan creations in FNAF history.
    • Of course, this has horrifying implications. The child would be dead frightened seeing the Nightmares together as a single animatronic. Meanwhile in the latter, the mod seems to take place in FNAF 1, causing an Adaptation Deviation. Had Mike Schmidt note  actually saw the amalgamation of the Corrupted Animatronics, it would be much more frightful and alarming than anything he had ever seen beforenote  and he would undergo a huge Sanity Slippage and judging by the Jump Scare, die a very Cruel and Unusual Death, even for the franchise's standards, whoever built this (and have Fazbear Entertainment not only approve this, but also put it beside the normal animatronics where children are usually seen) is a deranged Mad Scientist.note  This is a testament of how far the fans can go with playing with Nightmare Fuel of the franchise. Definitely a Darker and Edgier twist on the franchise's rules.