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For a Horror Game series, the songs made by fans of Five Nights at Freddy's are very impressive. The soundtracks to the games themselves are equally so.

Games with their own pages:

Other games:

Five Nights at Freddy's

  • The ambience sounds amazing. A perfect mix of supernatural and technical sounds, it's exactly what an abandoned place would be if it was turned into audio. It's PERFECT.
  • The Act I Prelude from Carmen (Freddy's music box jingle) in its original form is an absolutely beautiful piece. (Freddy's jingle is from 1:20 to 2:08.)
  • Foxy's little pirate tune is catchy and fun to hum along to! "Da da da dum dum diddly dum dum doo..."

Five Nights at Freddy's 2

  • "Ride On" (by Paolo Quartuccio and Christian Di Buccio), the game's trailer music, is nothing short of badass. Creepy and ominous as always, it sets the stage for the game and the horrors it packs in.

Five Nights at Freddy's 3

  • The legendarily emotional "Don't Go", which plays during the Golden Ending much like "Nowhere to Run". However, this song is purely a peaceful piece, befitting the fact that the animatronics' spirits have gone free and rose up to the afterlife as they should have long ago, free from the pain that William Afton had gave them... At least until Pizzeria Simulator, anyway.
  • "Bonnie's Lullaby", a heart-rendingly beautiful music box tune that plays during the Night 5 minigame.

Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location

  • At last, there is Creepy Awesome music from the series itself! The track that plays in the final conflict with Ennard, titled "Watch Your 6", is impressively ominous, and serves to underline both the menace of Ennard and the wariness required by the player. A perfect musical accompaniment to a sequence which is basically a summary of all FNaF gameplay thus far.
  • The game has a particularly cool title theme, entitled Gradual Liquidation. It's a menacing industrial piece that fits how technologically advanced the Funtimes are at this point, with a piano at the end which depicts their desire to be free from the underground facility. It's haunting all the way through, and yet you just can't stop listening to the beat.
  • The Shift Complete jingle is incredible. You might as well jump.
  • Turtle Crusher is a delightfully happy 8-bit tune. The Mood Whiplash is strong with this one. See also its slower variation.
  • From Custom Night, we have Venta Black, a slightly Dark Reprise of "Watch Your 6". Just the tone of it gives you the feeling that you're in the Darkest Hour, that there is no escape and that your fate's already sealed.
  • MVP, similar to Turtle Crusher, is one of the happiest 8-bit tracks you will ever come across.
  • Demolition Inevitable, which plays during the ending for Custom Night. It's a dark, melancholic, almost evil sounding piece ending with a bassy Scare Chord, that perfectly accompanies Springtrap being shown to have survived Fazbear's Fright burning up as his son delivers his message. It even includes fire sirens in which It Makes Sense in Context and even the first five notes of the Toreador March.

Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator

  • The Midnight Motorist minigame has a surprisingly funky track by the name of "Smashing Windshields" that plays when you take a hidden "detour". It fades out as you venture further down the path, but perhaps that's for the best.
  • The incredibly climactic tune of Nowhere to Run, which plays during the Golden Ending as Cassette Man lays waste to the final remaining animatronics of the Fazbear line. It starts off ominous and mysterious as Cassette Man begins his spiel about how the animatronics had been fooled into sealing their fates, but then the moment the fires start up, the song explodes into a surprisingly intense and dramatic piece, that is easily one of the most powerful sounding songs in the franchise. It just screams finality over and over again, and really does bring a feeling that says "And now Freddy's doors are closing forever".
  • The unnamed credits theme. While not poignant sounding, it still just reeks with a feeling of peaceful finality, and can even be reminiscent of FNaF 1 to a degree. It just bluntly says "it's done, there is nothing more to show".

Ultimate Custom Night

  • Hibernating Evil is a truly menacing tune, being one of many ambient soundtracks for the game; giving many vibes of "Venta Black" and perfectly befitting this Custom Night as its status as the definitive final FNaF game. It simply just says to you that there will be no escape, and that whoever wins, one side will die.
  • Sleep No More is also a great track, and almost sounds like the FNaF 1 menu theme turned into an ominous in-game song.
  • Where Dreams Die sounds particularly emotional and ethereal, really hammering in the fact that most of everyone has been gathered for one final Fazbear party, and that the end of FNaF as a game series is finally here.
  • Sonata for The Fallen is dark and solemn, giving identical vibes to "Hibernating Evil"; again emphasizing that here in this game, there will be no escape, no reprieve, no mercy.
  • Last Breath, a mysterious, peaceful track that sounds shockingly similar to FNaF World's unused "Ice Cave" track and even has a twinge of "Watch Your Six", and contrasts nicely to the other dark, more threatening ambiances.
  • And finally, Void. A simplistic but ominous piece accompanying the final cutscene where Golden Freddy fades into nothing. It's a perfect mix of creepy and tragic, the ultimate summation of Five Nights at Freddy's as a whole; a fitting song to finally end the series with.

Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach

  • The Main Theme of the game, which plays in the introductory cutscene, is a catchy track that gets you pumped up for the game.
  • D.J. Music Man, which plays during the DJ Music Man's boss fight, is an upbeat track that makes you feel like an intense battle is happening and is highly praised by fans.
  • Space Lobby plays in the lobby of Fazerblast and is essentially a sci-fi version of the game's main theme, which is extremely fitting for the area you're in.
  • The game features a simple remix of the main theme which is used for elevator music, and it's a cute little tune which is perfect for waiting in an elevator. The official soundtrack of the game also includes an 8-bit version which doesn't seem to be used in-game.
  • Mimic Chase, the track that plays when Cassie is being chased by the Mimic in the climax of the Ruin DLC, is a pulse-pounding techno theme with heavy drums that really emphasizes just how dangerous the demented endoskeleton is. Everything about it just screams "run".
  • Your Special Day is a quiet, heartbreaking track that plays during the equally heartbreaking scene where Cassie encounters Roxy trapped under the forklift and is forced to shut Roxy down despite their friendship.