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For a Horror Game, the songs made by fans are very impressive. The soundtracks to the games themselves are equally so.

  • The trailer music for Five Nights at Freddy's 2 is nothing short of badass.
  • Five Nights at Freddy's 3:
    • The legendarily emotional Don't Go, which plays during the Golden Ending much like "Nowhere to Run". However, this song is purely a peaceful piece, befitting the fact that the animatronics' spirits have gone free and rose up to the afterlife as they should have long ago, free from the pain that William Afton had gave them. ...At least until Pizzeria Simulator, anyway.
    • "Bonnie's Lullaby", a heart-rendingly beautiful music box tune that plays during the Night 5 Minigame.
  • Sister Location:
    • At last, there is Creepy Awesome music from the series itself! The track that plays in the final conflict with Ennard, named Watch Your 6, is impressively ominous, and serves to underline both the menace of the animatronic and the wariness required by the player. A perfect musical accompaniment to a sequence which is basically a summary of all FNAF gameplay thus far.
    • The game has a particularly cool title theme, entitled Gradual Liquidation. It's a menacing industrial piece that fits how technologically advanced the Funtimes are at this point, with a piano at the end which depicts their desire to be free from the underground facility. It's haunting all the way through, and yet you just can't stop listening to the beat.
    • The Shift Complete jingle is incredible. You might as well jump.
    • Turtle Crusher is a delightfully happy 8-bit tune. The Mood Whiplash is strong with this one. See also its slower variation.
    • From Custom Night, we have Venta Black, a slightly Dark Reprise of "Watch Your 6". Just the tone of it gives you the feeling that you're in the Darkest Hour, that there is no escape and that your fate's already sealed.
    • MVP, similar to Turtle Crusher, is one of the happiest 8-bit tracks you will ever come across.
    • Demolition Inevitable, which plays during the ending for Custom Night. It's a dark, melancholic, almost evil sounding piece ending with a bassy Scare Chord, that perfectly accompanies Springtrap being shown to have survived Fazbear's Fright burning up as his son delivers his message. It even includes fire sirens in which It Makes Sense in Context and even the first five notes of the Toreador March.
  • Pizzeria Simulator:
    • The Midnight Motorist minigame has a surprisingly funky track by the name of "Smashing Windshields" that plays when you take a hidden "detour". It fades out as you venture further down the path, but perhaps that's for the best.
    • The incredibly climactic tune of Nowhere to Run, which plays during the Golden Ending as Cassette Man lays waste to the final remaining animatronics of the Fazbear line. It starts off ominous and mysterious as Cassette Man begins his spiel about how the animatronics had been fooled into sealing their fates, but then the moment the fires start up, the song explodes into a surprisingly intense and dramatic piece, that is easily one of the most powerful sounding songs in the franchise. It just screams finality over and over again, and really does bring a feeling that says "And now Freddy's doors are closing forever".
    • The unnamed credits theme. While not poignant sounding, it still just reeks with a feeling of peaceful finality, and can even be reminiscent of FNaF 1 to a degree. It just bluntly says "it's done, there is nothing more to show".
  • Ultimate Custom Night:
    • Hibernating Evil is a truly menacing tune, being one of many ambient soundtracks for the game; giving many vibes of "Venta Black" and perfectly befitting this Custom Night as its status as the definitive final FNaF game. It simply just says to you that there will be no escape, and that whoever wins, one side will die.
    • Sleep No More is also a great track, and almost sounds like the FNaF 1 menu theme turned into an ominous in-game song.
    • Where Dreams Die sounds particularly emotional and ethereal, really hammering in the fact that most of everyone has been gathered for one final Fazbear party, and that the end of FNaF as a game series is finally here.
    • Sonata for The Fallen is dark and solemn, giving identical vibes to "Hibernating Evil"; again emphasizing that here in this game, there will be no escape, no reprieve, no mercy.
    • Last Breath, a mysterious, peaceful track that sounds shockingly similar to FNaF World's unused "Ice Cave" track and even has a twinge of "Watch Your Six", and contrasts nicely to the other dark, more threatening ambiances.
    • And finally, Void. A simplistic but ominous piece accompanying the final cutscene where Golden Freddy fades into nothing. It's a perfect mix of creepy and tragic, the ultimate summation of Five Nights at Freddy's as a whole; a fitting song to finally end the series with.

     Fan Works 
  • The Living Tombstone has The Five Nights at Freddy's 1 song, which somehow managed to stay more-or-less relevant - and, more impressive still, accurate - after the three sequels. If you want a heartbreaking example, the song "It's Been So Long" is about a mother losing her son to the purple guy. There's also "Die in a Fire", which depicts the Purple Guy returning to the run-down ruins of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria to demolish the animatronics once and for all. "I Can't Fix You" is sung by Baby to Mr. Afton as she and her fellow robots tear themselves apart and reassemble themselves as Ennard to get revenge on Afton for being made into monsters and being hurt, all in an extremely well-animated video. Oh, and it's a heavy metal song. And Scott himself voiced his love for it in the comments.
    Scott Cawthon: This is an amazing song. :) Absolutely amazing.
  • DA Games has "It's Time To Die" for Five Nights at Freddy's 3 and "Break My Mind" for Five Nights at Freddy's 4. Both scary and catchy as ever.
  • MandoPony's "Just Gold", which paints a chilling depiction of Golden Freddy (and is, of course, catchy as hell) and "The Show Must Go On", which is simultaneously eerie beyond all reason and oddly sad. The former sounds even MORE awesome when put on 1.5 speed. He also made the song "Repair" for Sister Location and the emotional ballad "Balloons" for FNAF 3.
  • Groundbreaking's "Mr. Fazbear", which paints Freddy as a particularly badass case of He Who Fights Monsters while sounding great and managing to find spots to work the Toreador March into the song. Springtrap Finale also sounds amazing. In this song, Purple Man as Springtrap admits that he deserves his Karmic Death, and says that the night guard is his only hope in being freed from his ultimate fate. The real kicker is that one lyric is sung to the tune of the aforementioned Toreador March.
  • On the note of "He Who Fights Monsters", there's also "Jaws" by Aviators, in which Freddy promises to deliver death unto the night guard, believing that he's avenging the murdered children (including himself) by doing so. Also from Aviators is "Our Little Horror Story", where Springtrap reminisces about the Cruel and Unusual Death that birthed his new identity, and shows a twisted obsession with killing the guard, promising their death by the end of the night.
  • Someone remixed Freddy's Toreador March to make it sound like something by Grant Kirkhope. It's as interesting as it sounds.
  • NateWantsToBattle made an amazing song featuring the first four games.
  • "Salvaged" has been described as a Yandere anthem despite being about Springtrap.
  • This metal remix of the Toreador March is absolutely brilliant, and it already came from the really messed up Five Crimes at Freddy's animation.
  • VideoGameRapBattles made an FNaF 3 song named "Sprung the Springtrap".
  • Five Nights at Freddy's: The Musical by Random Encounters. It's just so hilariously over-the-top, how can you not get off on it? At least until goes into Nightmare Fuel near the end. Here's the complete supercut.
  • Rockit Gaming's She Knows has an eerie, ominous tune to it, being from the perspective of the supposed security guard while MissEXP's Wicked Sister has a more upbeat tune to it from the perspective of the robotronics, especially Baby. Both sound just as frightening in Nightcore.
  • TryHardNinja released a rap song called Welcome Back. It sounds like it's from the perspective of the robotronics as well and the robots seem to be welcoming the night guard with sadistic glee. It also sounds a lot like a Michael Jackson song.
  • JT Music has written a rap song for each Five Nights at Freddy's game, including World. And all of them are indeed awesome. As if JT's "Join Us for a Bite" wasn't awesome enough by itself, Enchanted Mob animated it, Minecraft style!
  • Madame Macabre has written spooky yet playful and accurate songs on each of the first four games.
  • Stay Calm by Griffinilla, a catchy song from the point of view of the protagonist in the first game, Mike Schmidt. With the majority of the FNAF fansongs being about the animatronics, it's a breath of fresh air.
  • CK9C's made a playlist that is fairly electronic/pop in sound. Sister Location's songs have some fantastic SFM animations to go with them though.
  • Tymime has created an entire makeshift audio tape that portrays a Halloween show at Freddy Fazbear's. The covers of all of the songs are wonderfully done and fit well with some of the game's themes if you listen closely. Someone has animated the Foxy segment in SFM and added some new horrific glitches.
  • Labyrinth by CG5 is an excellent song that is truly fitting of a grand finale of the franchise.
  • The Stupendium brings us Fazbear Family. A song that begins as cheesy as the faux-franchisee videos from Pizzeria Simulator before slowly becoming more threatening. It also includes some nice, ominous vocals from the three main animatronics of the game with great animations.
  • Nothing Remains, a song sung from the perspective of Henry as he burns down the pizzeria with the animatronics within it, about how he's going to put an end to everything.
  • Afton Family is a song about the infamous Afton family. The song is from the perspective of William Afton the serial killer, Michael Afton the crying child, and Elizabeth Afton the daughter who possesses Circus Baby. The song has a catchy beat and clever lyrics. There's a remix for those who want a more energetic version.
  • Ultimate Fright goes hand in hand with the Ultimate part, the song giving the feeling that the Animatronics have begone a legion and are coming for you in the darkness.


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