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Spoilers are off, You Have Been Warned!


Michael Afton is the Crying Child's older brother which would make the latter Elizabeth Afton's younger brother and William Afton's youngest son and child.
  • All but confirmed.

The murderer has something to do with Fazbear Entertainment.
Considering they appear around the company's establishments very often this seems like a given.

The killer's motivations and intentions are not what they seem.
They say there's supposed to be a reason for everything and murder should be no exception.
  • Left uncertain. If you put the cutscenes of FNAF 4 first in terms of chronological order this paints a more tragic picture of what we've been shown.

The creators of Fazbear had something to do with The Rat and Cat Theatre, Candy's Burgers and Fries and Rowboatics Corporation.
Free-roaming animatronic characters that are part of an entertainment franchise associated with tragedy? Sounds familiar...

The Crying Child's name is Evan. Evan Afton.
Other names for him have been given such as Joseph, Chris and Norman. However, the Security Logbook strongly implies his real name is Evan.

The first name of William's wife is Clara.
This is based more on speculation after players viewed the between-night cutscenes of the fifth game.

William and Henry's dynamic before the series began was presumably that of Heterosexual Life-Partners, Those Two Guys, Sensitive Guy and Manly Man, Red Oni, Blue Oni, Vitriolic Best Buds and Technician Versus Performer.
That last one seems to be confirmed by the respective designs of the pre-Pizzaplex animatronics since a noticeable way to tell who primarily contributed to each one is their jaw shapes.