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Nightmare Fuel / Five Nights at Candy's 2

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As this is a Nightmare Fuel page, spoilers will be left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!
Why didn't they like me?

Managing to outdo the first game in the nightmare fuel department and dark tones in multiple ways, Five Nights at Candy's 2 also provides nothing but raw nightmares for all to have.

  • To start with, the Night 1 minigame has you opening up the room where RAT is kept as Chester. The minigame ends as soon as you enter the room, but the next night, you play as the Penguin, picking up Chester's scattered remains. In short, RAT had obliterated Chester in one fell swoop.
  • Then there's the Night 5 minigame, where you play as Candy, exploring the restaurant after hours. As you make your way to the night guard's office, you notice that the building is on lockdown by police officers. Ignoring it, you press on and enter the night guard's office... where you find the bleeding corpse of the night guard. At this point, the ambient, melancholic background music turns into evil laughter, and you follow it to the room where RAT is stored... which is open. You try to enter it, but RAT slams the door shut and police officers burst in, taking Candy down.
    • As the third game reveals, what RAT did all along was kill the night guard and frame Candy for it, resulting in the restaurant closing down, which all appears to be For the Evulz.
  • The music that plays during the minigames is actually distorted music from Tom and Jerry. It doesn't stop it from being rather creepy, especially during the Night 5 minigame.
    • Speaking of that music, the music on the Extras menu is rather upbeat and cheerful, until you reach RAT and CAT, at which point it becomes distorted and somber music that emphasizes not only how terrifying they are, but the fact that they are very out of place, compared to the colorful and child-loving Candy characters.
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  • RAT and CAT's scream when they jump you is basically unnerving in and of itself. While not as terrifying as RAT's scream from Five Nights at Candy's, it's still rather chilling...


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