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Five Nights at Candy's 3 will focus on the Rat
He's a lot like Springtrap, and Springtrap is the star of the third game. And yes, getting the 4th star in FNAC 2 reveals there WILL be a 3.

The animatronics in 2 aren't the same as the ones from the first game.
As this image points out, there are a lot of differences between the ones in the first game and the second. In the first game, the legs were directly attached to the body, while the second game gives them another segment in the lower hips. Plus, the joints are smaller, Cindy's bow is different, the eyebrow positions are different, and Candy's body is more of a square than an oval.
  • While it is true that they look different, this only applies to Candy and Cindy, and with good reason. They were rebuilt and redesigned, as stated in the trailer. Plus, in the Extras menu, they are referred to as "New Candy and Cindy." They're the same robots, they've just been redesigned between games.

In the upcoming third game...
Another character will get the Suspiciously Similar Substitute treatment, as Old Candy suffered this and was replaced with CAT.
  • Jossed.

Marilyn Schmidt will return in Five Nights at Candy's 3
I am sure she isn't done yet "losing bets".
  • Jossed: One of the teasers implies the game takes place in 1962, many years before Marilyn Schmidt was born.
  • Ultimately confirmed. In the third game, you play as Mary... as a child.
    • Uh, no? Jossed.

In the third game, you'll play as Marilyn Schmidt's child!
Plot twist..? It could even take a Five Nights at Freddy's 3 turn and be far into the future.
  • Possibly Jossed. The first teaser for the game says "No Story Can End Without a Beginning", and since it's going to be an Expy of Five Nights at Freddy's 4, it will probably be a prequel.
  • I believe I (the OP of this WMG) posted it before Emil posted the teaser and/or saw the page. Either way, it maybe Jossed and I accept that!
  • Confirmed to be Jossed.

The story so far.
At some point in the distant past a place had a CAT and RAT animatronic, old wire based animatronics probably, based on pulling wires to make them move not complex machinery or on board computers. Something, we don't know what, happened and the place closed down getting them both decommissioned.

At some point in the future someone took the idea and built on it into a mascot, Candy, before opening a restaurant based on them. It was meant to snag business from the Fazbear entertainment group that owned the popular Freddy Fazbear's franchise by appealing to the same demographic but offering different services. Things were good for a while. They briefly brought back RAT to work along side Candy but he was old, in disrepair, and kind off-putting for the kids so the idea of reviving him entire was shelved and the animatronic was left in the back room locked up but the restaurant didn't have any major incidents.

Eventually though business started to slow down, it was still making money but not as much as before, but management saw an opportunity as their primary rival was shutting down soon. With that in mind they commissioned a whole new set of animatronics expanding the cast significantly while splitting Candy into a pair of twins, Candy and Cindy, to try and appeal more to both genders. However something happened at the factory, some sort of incident where people got killed involving the assembly line, among them a pair of young twins.

Not long after the new machines were delivered along with a stripped down version of Old Candy, who'd been sent back along with the RAT to see if there was anything worth taking out of them to get a discount on the new hardware. Old Candy had been stripped of a significant amount of parts but RAT was too old to have anything worth any cash and too beat up to become a museum piece. At some point just after delivery a night guard went missing but was never found and no evidence of a body ever discovered.

From there Candy and Cindy gained popularity, Blank was a hit, and the Penguin was a necessity to deliver food. Chester the chimpanzee however was not getting as much attention as the others. The animatronics were very expensive and being seen as a liability Chester was disassembled and sent back to the factory while the others remained in operation. He was partially stripped of parts like his cameras before being put into storage for later reuse.

The restaurant kept going for a while and eventually Candy and Cindy made enough money to justify some modifications to the original design meant to smooth out bugs in the operating system. This had the misfortune of happening just before another fatality occurred. A second night guard was killed, most likely by the RAT despite the fact that the RAT shouldn't be able to move at all. Candy discovered the body and an automatic alert was sent to the police, a hold over from technology that had been used by Fazbear Entertainment but with the company gone was now a standard feature, but because it had left the room where the body was in search of the culprit rather then stay put like it was supposed to and the AI had known issues the updated Candy and Cindy along with Rat and the Penguin were sent back to the factory to be disassembled while the company dealt with the media fallout. The decision was made to wait for a time before opening again and to get new animatronics based on the same designs, during which FNAC 2 occurs.

  • Some parts are Jossed.
    • Candy's existed before Freddy's.
    • RAT's location has its own Candy, CAT.
    • Blank was in Old Candy's location.

RAT and CAT are wire-controlled animatronics, and are possessed by the twins.
The newspaper shown on Night 5 states that a pair of twins went missing in the robot factory prior to its shutting down, and that the factory started out making wire-controlled animatronics in 1962. The very next night after this newspaper is shown, RAT and CAT are introduced. RAT is shown in one of the cutscenes in the original game to have already existed in (and was already damaged by) 1964. CAT looks just as old as RAT, is made out of the same materials, and is in the same state of deterioration as RAT, implying they were built at the same time, just like twins.
  • Actually, the twins died in 1987, and are probably possessing Candy and Cindy. If anything, RAT and CAT are possessed by murderers.
    • RAT and CAT are possessed by two actors.

Taking the above comment, it is true that The Rat and The Cat are possessed by murderers.
  • Our friend The Rat actually did murder the child, which got Candy's closed down originally or at the very least a big police investigation.
    • Candy's originally closed down because Old Candy killed/assaulted an adult. It closed down the second time because RAT killed a guard. And RAT wasn't a murderer during his human life. Doesn't make him a saint, tho.

If Five Nights at Candy's 3 is going to be like FNAF 4...
Another child will be having nightmares featuring Candy, Cindy, The Rat, The Cat, and maybe Penguin along with Blank. I am sure Emil will take their own twist on the FNAF 4 concept, however, though.
  • Alternatively, the third game could take a FNaF 3+4 approach, having RAT as the only animatronic, possibly with CAT appearing in secret nights.
  • Both confirmed and jossed. The main threats are RAT, CAT and Vinnie.

He was in the same room as RAT. Why he didn't go after Mary is anyone's guess, but it was probably the same reason RAT took so long to show up.
  • Candy's Remastered jossess this. CAT wasn't in RAT's room, and seeing as Shadow Candy is a thing, CAT was left at the factory.

The third game is about a child having nightmares about RAT, CAT, and the other animatronic characters.
It will be during the early period of the establishment when RAT and CAT were active.
  • The newest teaser seems to confirm this, as it has the number "1962" hidden in it.
  • Confirmed, but the only threats are RAT and CAT. Until Vinnie shows up.

Minigames will explain about RAT and how he has human eyes.
In the first game, when RAT jumpscares you, he has human eyes. (which is actually one of the reasons people thought he he was a spring lock suit.). Emil has said on the Candy's subreddit that the 'human eyes' will have a meaning, it'll all make sense soon, etc.
  • Maybe a confirmation with the third game? I dunno. The eyes are connected only to the original three mascots - RAT, CAT/Shadow Candy and Vinnie/The Reverse Puppet.

Repairment protocols
The RAT and the CAT were programmed to update themselves; with better programming, and with better parts. Sometimes they cannibalize other animatronics, as to the reason Chester got dismantled. Now, we all know the compatibility of human body parts to the machinery. That explains RAT's eyes in FNAC 1 (the previous night guard's), why the RAT killed the guard and possibly the child (Spare parts), and why Marylin Schmidt is described to be the like a victim of a bear attack (CAT and RAT both in disrepair); sometimes people have the better parts...
  • Jossed.

RAT and CAT were made with Human Transmutation from Fullmetal Alchemist via Soul Binding
RAT and CAT were a team of likely serial killers, so what better way than to get someone who knows how to do this?

  • RAT and CAT weren't serial killers.