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RAT and CAT are reverse-Springtraps/Ennards before Ennard was a thing
Effectively, as there's knowledge of kids who were killed in the factory by putting them on the assembly line, it could be possible that endoskeletons were put into the children that damaged their bodies heavily, killing them obviously, and shaping out their skin to look a rat and a cat. This explains the oddly human-like eyes of RAT despite them not actually being springsuits. The color of RAT and CAT is also skin-colored, either tan or caucasian-white.
  • RAT and CAT are not springsuits or anything like Ennard according to Five Nights At Candys 3. The original location may likely have been a theatre where they were actors playing as the two characters who died in the suit.

Pink Guy died inside RAT and is possessing him
Given RAT's strongly implied to be yet another hybrid suit which may very well contain another corpse inside him, it is likely Pink Guy (going by the Two Killers theory) eventually found his way into Candy's burgers and decided to help Purple Guy with his murders here. He wore the RAT suit and used it to kill some children there, however, this suit was even more unstable than the Fazbear ones and killed him in a brutal, gory fashion. However, his restless spirit remains there and keeps haunting the suit. Years later, Purple guy would meet the same end, entombed inside Springtrap.

The Reverse Puppet is a dead security guard.
Somebody (the killer) broke into the robot factory at night, and the guard tried to stop him, only to end up dying. Unable to pass on, he possessed the Reverse Puppet and used the Rat costume to kill the murderer, trapping him in the factory. That didn't work, though. The Rat ended up killing more security guards who ended up possessing Blank and Old Candy, and then, years later, a group of children who would end up possessing the other robots in the game. The Reverse Puppet has tried and failed to stop him each time. Eventually, he had him delivered to Candy The Cat Entertainment so that the factory would finally be rid of him.
  • alternatively, he's the guard that attacked blank

RAT will return in the sequel.
And he will be in the absolute worst condition out of all of the other characters, who look very broken already.
  • Confirmed in the trailer!
    • Well, partially confirmed. While RAT does indeed return, he actually aged pretty well (at least in comparison to the other Animatronics).

The robots were recalled in the sequel.
Given it's implied that the game is set in the robot factory, Candy and pals were probably sent back due to malfunctions (or so they thought).

The game will be set in 1992/3.
OP of the Reverse Puppet and recall theories. Since FNAF 2 and FNAC 1 are both set in 1987, and FNAF 1 is most likely set in 1992/3, then it only makes sense that FNAC 2 would be set in the same year, since Emil said on reddit that cameras back then were different, meaning the sequel is set in the past. Of course, this is assuming that FNAC 2 is not a prequel like FNAF 2.

The Night 6 Post-gameplay camera feed is showing the murders- or, rather, right before them.
Going on the above theory that Pink Guy (a second child murderer and Purple Guy's accomplice) used the RAT suit (which was also a spring-lock suit) in his killing of the children, the Night 6 camera feed shows him getting ready for the task. Prior to the camera feed, he snuck into the factory, stole the RAT suit, and hid in it while the the workers shut down for the night. When everybody left, he got up, unlocked the doors for purple guy, and took out the cameras so that Purple Guy couldn't be seen. The Night 5 Camera feed is the aftermath of this: the Reverse Puppet arrives too late to the scene, and uses its powers to call out Mary Schmidt for letting this happen.
  • This is a good theory (even though I don't believe in the Pink Guy), but the Night 5 and 6 cutscenes are set in 1964. Mary worked at the factory in 1987. This has led me to believe that there were 2 separate murders: one set in '64, and one set in '87.

Scott will probably add the FNAC cast to Fnaf world.
While this is unlikely, he did comment on the trailer, so there's always a possibility...
  • Jossed. FNAF World doesn't have any Five Nights at Candy's characters. Even if Scott wanted to add it, he wouldn't be able to, since he doesn't own the characters.

The previous night guard at Candy's was the murderer who put the kids on the assembly line, and after he met his end a week before Mary Schmidt took the job, he haunted RAT.
This is a two-part theory. The first part is that the previous night guard was guilty of something, most likely going after the murdered children. This makes sense; in the canon FNAF games, the animatronics went after the first night guard (who was heavily implied to be Purple Guy) because he killed them, and went after the other night guards because they didn't realize that the first night guard was moved to a new job. Likewise, in FNAC, the animatronics are implied to be going after Mary because she was indirectly responsible for them getting killed. If the animatronics' method of operating seems to be to target those who wronged them, and they went after the last night guard, it makes sense that he did something wrong.

The second part is that the night guard is haunting the RAT suit. Since it's heavily implied the animatronics flat-out kill you when you die (no shoving-you-into-a-suit antics), this seems unlikely; however, remember that Phone Guy says that the old night guard wasn't there when his shift ended. In other words, they never found the body. Now, where's the one place that nobody ever looks in the restaurant? The room where RAT is stored. Adding to that, where's the one place within that room they would never think to look? Why, inside RAT himself, who's a spring-lock suit! Thus, the old night guard came to reside within RAT. Why didn't he go after you on earlier nights? Simple; he was just recently murdered, so it took him some time to figure out how to use his ghostly powers to move the suit. Admittedly, there are holes to this theory, (there should probably be more evidence for why the previous night guard was the murderer), but I think it holds up fairly well.

  • It makes a lot of sense, although Emil M actually confirmed on reddit that they don't stuff you into a suit. Then again, that might just be because Mary wasn't the one who killed them.
  • Jossed, at least, the bit about the corpse being in RAT. Emil's confirmed that RAT is no spring suit.
  • Rat and Cat aren't springsuits at all but actors at a theatre, so Emil was telling the truth
  • Jossed. Two hidden minigames in Five Nights at Candy's 3 reveal that not only did CAT murder the twins, but the guard before Mary was murdered by RAT, who was most likely already haunted.
The animatronics think you're an endoskeleton.
Just like FNAF. But instead of stuffing you into a suit, they want to "dismantle" you, and store your "parts" in the Parts & Service Room.

Five Nights at Candy's 4 (or whatever it will be called) is a sequel to Five Nights at Candy's 2.
It'd make sense to see an even further grown up Mary/Marylin

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