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Eden will have its own currency.
Obviously all real world money like dollars became worthless after the world ended, so Eden's got to have its own money that people use to pay for things.
  • Possibly confirmed: this trailer shows that there is some sort of currency in use for this game. This also wouldn't be completely unprecidented; the two Famicom RPGs of Fist of the North Star also used currency systems.
  • The Currency in the game is known as "IDL".

Kenshiro will have to deal with loan sharks and debt collectors while in Eden.
This is technically a Yakuza game, so we could expect a few re-treaded steps here and there.

Shin will turn out to be Not Quite Dead.
He has official concept art for the game despite the game supposedly taking place after his death. He will probably reveal his survival in Eden.
  • The trailers also showed Rei, Toki, Raoh, Jagi, and Souther. It's possible that their fights will be in playable flashbacks.
  • Shin serves solely as a Starter Villain.

Bat and Rin won't appear.
Hide Your Children will be in full effect here.
  • I don't know there's clearly a kid in this trailer. So maybe they just won't be here for other reasons?
  • Jossed: While if you don't pay attention it might be quite easy to miss them, they are both clearly in this trailer.

Kenshiro will be able to sing karaoke in one of Eden's many clubs.
Because it's made by the Yakuza team, so why not?
  • For extra cool points, let Kenshiro sing "Ai wo Torimodose", "Silent Survivor", and "Tough Boy".
  • Karaoke has been replaced by the Medic minigame, where Kenshiro performs pressure point maneuvers in tune with classical music.

The retro arcade games from Yakuza 0 will be playable in this game.
The extended TGS trailer shows Kenshiro stumbling upon an old
OutRun arcade machine. It may be playable, along with Space Harrier.
  • Mostly confirmed. Fantasy Zone is replaced by the Master System version of Fist of the North Star but everything else is accounted for. If you can find the machines in the wastelands and bring them to Eden, you can play them.

There will be a Sudden Downer Ending.
  • Someone will press the Self-Destruct button in Eden, killing everyone except the Main Characters from the main series for obvious reasons. Just like in the ending of Kenshiro Den.
  • Jossed: Everyone except Lyra and Nadai lives.

The events of the manga will play out in Eden.
Shin, Raoh, Jagi, Souther, and other characters are shown in this trailer indicate that they will play important roles in the game's story. Chances are, the events of the manga's first half, from Kenshiro's final fight with Shin to the climactic battle with Raoh, will play out with Eden as the backdrop.

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