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Trivia / Five Nights at Candy's

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  • Approval of God: Scott, the creator of the original series, quite liked the teaser trailer and finished product.
  • Name's the Same: Candy the Cat is not to be confused with Candy Cat.
  • The Wiki Rule: Right here.
  • Word of God: Through interviews on Reddit, the game's creator Emil Macko has revealed some interesting facts and trivia about the games:
    • The Penguin is voiced by a text-to-speech program. This text-to-speech program to be precice.
    • Chester is his least favorite of the group. In fact, Chester was mainly created for filler! At least this explains his status as The Generic Guy in the first game.
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    • Blank was created by sheer accident: originally part of a tutorial video on modeling fan-made animatronics, Emil realized halfway through that he forgot to record his process. Instead of deleting Blank, he finished him as he was and added drawings on him, making him a drawing attraction. A pre-damage version of Blank is also visible in the Night 5 and 6 cutscenes. He also mentioned that Blank is cleaned on a weekly basis to make room for new drawings.
    • RAT and CAT never had eyes to begin with. He also confirmed on Twitter that contrary to belief, RAT and CAT are NOT hybrid suits like Springtrap. He has also said that RAT is his second favorite (behind Candy) and that he finds RAT the scariest.
    • Old Candy mostly performed onstage by himself, but was occasionally accompanied by Blank.

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