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Fridge Horror
  • In the fourth star minigame, we see that RAT and CAT had their own restaurant, most likely the original Candy's. Notice how the sign on the wall says "Grand Reopening." This means it had closed before. Now, remember why Freddy Fazbear's had to close: there were corpses in the animatronics' suits. Now recall that RAT and CAT are implied to be spring-lock suits, since they both have five fingers. Remember why the spring suits were recalled in FNAF, and how RAT seems to attack a child, as if he's already haunted. Could the people who performed in the RAT and CAT suits have died in them, forcing the place to close so they could clean out their corpses, with their souls haunting them?
    • Jossed. It's been confirmed that they aren't spring-suits.
    • Even then, it's kind of a rather creepy thing... to know that the problems in Candy's Burgers & Fries go so far back that we can see one of the earlier versions of the chain when they didn't have more than two animatronics and that even that version was not the first one that would have any issue that required the place to close down and then come back at a later date and maybe even get rid of old models and have new ones made. What happened that forced the previous version to close down and for how long has the "malfunctioning/sentient/haunted animatronic gig been going on?
      • At this point, as far back as mankind has been making human shaped things like puppets and dolls is a very real and disturbing possibility.

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