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We're playing as the character who Rat attacked in the 4th Star Mini-Game In FNAC 2
Now while it's been hinted that Rat killed him and that's what caused the original establishment to shut down. Who's to say we won't end up with a Five Nights at Freddy's 4 situation where we only THINK we're playing as someone new, but it's the victim all along?
  • This one has to make some sense, but so does the below WMG.
  • The protagonist is Mary, whose brother was attacked by RAT (shown in FNAC 2). He wasn't killed (as far as I/we know), just hurt. Since the incident, Mary has nightmares of the "wire" animatronics (RAT and CAT).

The player is the little girl from the 4th star minigame in FNAC 2
The loading screen for the demo doesn't directly show the player, but their shadow seems to have pigtails. The Gamejolt page has the protagonist saying "they'll hurt me for what I didn't do. For what I couldn't do". This implies that the player character is the girl from FNAC 2, dealing with nightmares after seeing whatever the heck RAT did to that kid. The nightmares might even be made worse from guilt over not helping the kid before it was too late.
  • OP of the first WMG on this page here. That seems more plausible than mine, but what could she have done?
    • Survivor's guilt doesn't always have a reasoning. She saw someone about to be attacked, and feels guilty for not doing anything. Hindsight's always 20/20; in the heat of the moment, she didn't notice anything to do, but thinking back, she knows that she could've pulled him back, or warned him to stay away from RAT, anything really.
  • Here is the screenshot you can see for yourself for reference'# sake.
  • Confirmed, the player's sprite matches the girl from the FNAC2 minigame.

Rat grabs onto the flashlight and shuts it off, not the protagonist
Well, this would add to the child's nightmare, right?
  • Jossed.

The protagonist will be admitted to an insane asylum for children where he/she spends the rest of his/her days having nightmares of Rat.
It's an overdone trope in horror films and media, but it'd be one hell of a Downer Ending.
  • Jossed: The exact opposite happens, she gets over her nightmares and even starts drawing the characters she once feared again.

The Rat's original name was supposed to be Randy
Based entirely on the dialog of a child NPC on night 5's minigame, where he talks about how he wonders if Cat and Rat's real names rhyme like their species names. Given how the Cat's real name is Candy this would at least hint to such a possibility, unless this dialog is a Red Herring, this troper wonders why this NPC would imply such if it wasn't the case.

Mary was inspired by Boo from Monsters, Inc.
Fear of monsters? Seemed quite familiar to me. Both characters get over their fear of monsters as well.

Rat was the one crying in the staff room on Night 4, the reason he was drunk on Night 5 was because he was trying to drown his sorrows.