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Nightmare Fuel / Five Nights at Candy's 3

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As this is a Nightmare Fuel page, spoilers will be left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!
As the third of the Candy's series, it also ends up being the darkest and scariest of the lot by quite a fair margin, outclassing its two prequels (or rather sequels) easily as a terrifying romp.
  • The icons for the characters themselves are very unsettling, especially Monster Rat's.
  • Much like the game that inspired it. Being alone in a house with these things is a terrifying thought because they could be anywhere. Then there's the fact that you play as a child.
  • Monster Rat's twitching when you shine the flashlight on his Nightmare Face. It looks a little too creepy…
  • To make up for the game being delayed so much, Emil uploaded a second trailer focusing on the 8-bit minigames. What do we see? Shadow Rat, the shadowy version of Monster Rat, Running on All Fours and chasing after Mary Schmidt, the woman we played as in the first game, and the little girl we play as in this game. She runs, but he runs faster.
    • And even ignoring that, there are plenty of other disturbing things. For example, the Origami Cat that appeared in 1 and in Monster Rat's teaser image is implied to be an Expy of the Fredbear plush from Five Nights at Freddy's 4. And then there's the words that appear in the transitions between the minigames.
      • Look closely at the text when the Origami Cat speaks to the girl. Everything is in italics except the word "me".
    Memories... ...repressed. Secrets... ...forgotten. The past... ...a mystery. The truth...?
    Origami Cat: Hello! It's me!
  • "THEY'RE ALWAYS HERE" by gomotion and Madame Macabre is already unsettling enough on its own, but it becomes a disturbing case of Accidentally Correct Writing now that the game is out.
  • The way Monster Cat peeks at you when he's at either end of the bed is rather creepy and there's this ghostly sound effect when the light is specifically shining on him before he goes away.
  • The first Lollipop minigame's prelude. Via a secret route through Candy's Adventure, you can meet Lollipop in the corner of the screen. Upon seeing him, the game cuts to black, with Lollipop mocking the player in red text, for a short bit... before emitting an Evil Laugh, nearly covering the whole screen. You can also hear the laughter - admittedly 8-bit, but disturbing as hell. At which point, he can provide memories of Flowey with these mannerisms. And then the laughter suddenly slows down, to a deep crawl...and then the screen cuts to black, as Lollipop's Nightmare Face very slowly approaches the screen. It momentarily stops to let you have a good look at the thing, and is accompanied by a buzzing tone with every movement... and then it suddenly launches itself at you before dumping you into the minigame.
  • The Forgotten Ending: If you knock Origami Cat off the table during the first four nights, you won't be able to progress to the fifth. Instead the Origami Cat will prevent Mary from going any further, sharing that memories become nightmares if you choose to forget, with her representing the memory of Mary's mother. As she goes on, her origami form slowly fades before getting completely replaced with the cold, demonic purple stare of her nightmare form. Origami Cat then makes it clear to Mary that she'll will never sleep peacefully, as each time she closes her eyes, the same piercing stare will be looking back.
  • Being a little kid and witnessing two people get murdered while hiding in the locker room closet while playing a simple game of hide-and-seek. Rat's actor is killed by accident by Vinnie's puppeteer during an argument (pushed into a table and hitting the back of his head/neck), and then Cat's actor is killed on purpose (gets choked out) as he calls the police. The authorities aren't told exactly what happened until Mary gives her statement to the local police. Vinnie's puppeteer told a lie to the police, and it's implied he was detained and arrested.
  • After completing the game, you can play another night called the 'Final Night'. Loading this up will trigger a scene with Tragedy Puppet (aka Vinnie) facing away from the screen in which he asks you why you came back after beating the nightmares of the first five nights, remembering the incident and revealing his secret - that he accidentally killed the RAT actor and then murdered the actor in the CAT costume to cover up the first killing. Then he turns to you and swears that he will be the reason you will never sleep again before growing needle-sharp teeth and starting the night.
    Tragedy Puppet/Vinnie: Why did you return here? The secret's out. The weight of your guilt has been erased, so why did you return here? I guess you wanted to confront the problem; me... the problem. I didn't realize what I had done until I was in my bed, about to sleep. I was never able to think clearly again. I don't even know if it still would've happened, if you hadn't been there. But you were there, you saw it all. And now, the truth has come out. And my life ends. It will never be like before... I had everything...
    (Head turns 180 degrees to face camera, eyes slowly light up with white irises)
    Tragedy Puppet/Vinnie: And then you took it away. You don't get to walk away from what you've done to me. You've ruined my life. And now I will make sure... YOU'LL NEVER BE ABLE TO SLEEP AGAIN.
    (Vinnie turns into Monster Vinnie; cue night start)
    • And then you have the way Monster Vinnie plays. Like Monster Rat, he will approach from the three doors around your room, but unlike RAT, he is a lot harder to scare away with your light, dipping and dodging and traveling around to all three approaches to your bed before going under.
    • In FNaF 4, Nightmare Fredbear emits deep laughter indicating his approach to the player. In FNaC 3, Monster Vinnie emits a sound of his own at random intervals; deep crying.note