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Headscratchers / Five Nights at Candy's 3

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  • Who exactly are we playing as in this game? The teasers seem to suggest we're playing as Mary Schmidt from FNAC 1 but it ALSO seems to be a prequel.
    • The person who got seemingly attacked by Rat in the FNAF 2 4th star mini-game? Or even the little girl from the same mini-game? We don't know yet but those are the two best guesses out there.
    • The character on the loading screen appears to have pigtails, not unlike the girl in that mini-game. Also, the game's description on Gamejolt implies that the protagonist is being haunted by the Monsters for failing to do something. It seems that the girl was fully aware of what was about to happen to the boy unlike the rest of the people in the establishment, who don't look worried until RAT reaches out to the boy. However, she doesn't know what to do and just looks onward helplessly. Alot of this is consistent with the description, don't ya think?
    • The protagonist is Mary, whos brother was attacked by RAT (shown in F Na C 2). He wasn't killed (as far as I know), just hurt. Since the incident, Mary has nightmares of the "wire" animatronics (RAT and CAT)
  • The real question now is why would the puppeteer man kill Rat and Cat to begin with?(they are actors when they were killed) Was he hiding something, or does he have a Dark and Troubled Past?
    • The puppeteer killed the Rat actor on accident then killed the Cat actor to prevent him from calling the police.
    • As to why he killed the Cat actor when he really had no need to, he was practically terrified about accidental murder, when people are scared they tend to not be in the right mindset. so instead of explaining what happened to the police like the Cat actor suggested. he irrationally acted out an intended murder to cover his tracks. unfortunately for him. there was a witness.
  • I may be missing a few details here but. What caused RAT to attack Mary's brother, and even then commit the murder of the twins in the factory? Assuming the RAT we see isnt the same suit the actor was killed in, who even then wasnt exactly mallicious as he was incredibly reckless and drunk.
    • It was actually the CAT who did this, given how we know possessed animatronics are, I would look upon him with kindness.
  • What is that thing Vinnie's puppeteer takes from the employee room? Is it some kind of schedule or something? It's on the left side of the locker
    • examining it reveals its a diploma for acting, and if you were to examine the boxes in the night 6 minigame Mary said that the man put it in these boxes, the next question would be why? possible shame? or hiding his identity from the officials?
    • Upon further inspection it'd be for a theatre diploma and not a film one unless they actually did make appearances on TV as well
  • Wouldn't it have been easier to avoid this mess by Mary coming out of the closet to reveal she saw the murder? I kind of wonder what would have happened then, but considering how traumatized she was....