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YMMV / Five Nights at Candy's 3

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  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Is RAT's actor a Woobie (Drowning His Sorrows over a tragic event), or just a Jerkass (simply an alcoholic Depraved Kids' Show Host)? Or is he both?
  • Awesome Music: The main menu theme is a nice, if not menacing beat, suiting the finality of the game. There's also the Dreamscape, which has this depressing tune, which suits Mary's traumatized state quite well. Then there's a quieter version that plays when you're in the Deepscape.
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  • Moral Event Horizon: Sure, Vinnie's puppeteer accidentally caused Rat's suit actor's death by pushing him in self-defense, but when Cat's suit actor goes to phone the police on what happened, Vinnie's puppeteer could have potentially been alright given that it was self defense, but what does he do? He strangles Cat's suit actor to death to cover up his tracks like a dirty coward leaving him with two body counts that ultimately leads to the the tragedies in the other games. Worst of all, supposedly in spirit form, he blames Mary for all of it! As her psychiatrist said, "He did those things because of himself."
  • What an Idiot!: Regardless of whatever one may think about RAT's actor, nothing can really excuse him for coming to work drunk.
  • The Woobie: Poor poor Mary, having to witness a fight between the puppeteer and the Rat's actor leading to the latter's death and then the Cat's actor being strangled to death so he wouldn't tell what happened, all behind a closet, has got to be really traumatizing for her age. And then supposedly, Vinnie's spirit blames her for it.
    • The CAT, too. His suit actor understood that Vinnie's puppeteer didn't mean to kill RAT's actor, but simply wished to tell the truth about the crime, not just cover it up. When he goes to do just that, Vinnie's puppeteer simply strangles him to death. While RAT died due to his act of violence, CAT was killed for doing the right thing, and now, he's just a vengeful, confused spirit inside of the CAT animatronic.


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