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Nightmare Fuel / The Joy of Creation: Reborn

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You thought this franchise was scary? You thought it couldn't get any worse after Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location? Well, thanks to this fangame, you haven't seen anything yet.

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  • The Ignited Animatronics. They resemble horribly mangled and burned versions of the already dishevelled Withered Animatronics from Five Nights at Freddy's 2; for instance, Freddy (who is actually one of the least messed-up) has no lower jaw or hands.
  • Unlike most of the official games, where you're fighting the Animatronics because it's your job, in this game you're just some poor sap who gets stalked by the Animatronics in his own house. Ladies and Gentlemen, nowhere is safe.
  • The OST in every single game has a sort of Soundtrack Dissonance and literal dissonance to make it seem creepy.
  • The screams. While the official FNAF games have some pretty effective Jump Scare noises to begin with, this game takes it to a whole new level. Everyone has their own unique one, too: Freddy has a deep, guttural roar, while Chica has a horrifying high-pitched shriek that sounds like the angry screech of an actual bird. The worst by far, though, are the endoskeletons, who had a completely unnatural-sounding, reverberating electronic screech.

    Endless Mode 
  • The objective of all levels in the mode requires you to collect items within the location while avoiding the animatronics. That doesn't sound so bad...until you find out that you have to do it within a time limit. And the items have randomized spawn points. Sure, there are only so many spots where the items can be generated, but it's only doable for small-sized levels with a small number of nooks and edges like Freddy's, which takes place in a house corridor. Meanwhile, Chica's stage is an expansive forest, and yes, there are a lot of trees there. Have fun item-collecting!
  • Every time the animatronics spot you and start giving chase. Oh, god, every time they start to chase you.
    • You think they would easily give up chasing you once you've gone far enough? Well, good news for you, it is applicable to Freddy, who, while he has a tendency to give you heart-stopping hunts, does eventually stop if you manage to reach far enough. The bad news is, it applies to Freddy only. If you get spotted by Bonnie, turn on your panic mode and start searching frantically for the task items, because he and his terrifying blood-red eye lights will never stop chasing you. Forever.
    • You think Bonnie is bad? Well, you'll have to brace yourself for the worst with Foxy. His default mode is actually trailing you, even if he doesn't attack you yet. However, every once in a while, he activates and starts running for you until you're able to flash your flashlight at him. Unlike Bonnie, you literally can't escape Foxy's wrath until you flash your flashlight, because he runs faster than you do. Oh yes, he also has a constant-attack mode, too. Flash your flashlight at him while he's dormant and once you see him flash eyes as blood red as Bonnie's, well, simply stand still and Face Death with Dignity. At least you have it coming.
    • You think Foxy is bad? Well, meet Chica in her Forest den. Basically, she's Foxy turned Up to Eleven. At least Foxy is satisfied with you shining flashlights at him every time he activates. Not only does she run faster than you, Chica wants your attention not more, not less. Not looking at her makes you vulnerable to her sneak attack; looking at her too much turns on her attack mode. And by looking means that you glimpse her anywhere in your peripheral vision, even if you can only see her faint endoskeleton eyes in the distance, so you might initially think she comes out of nowhere because you don't realize you're looking at her for the past 5 seconds. This is guaranteed to be a common occurrence because, as stated above, her stage is a forest with plenty of free-roaming experience. Worst of all? Unlike the others, who have loud stomping and roaring to signal their charges, Chica is completely, unnaturally silent.
  • The game can only register your progress if the animatronics gets you, regardless if you complete your objective or not. Yes, you will need to see each of their jumpscares at least once, even if you're aiming for a No-Damage Run.
  • The Forest stage, where you collect pages while avoiding an Animalistic Abomination, gives off the vibe of another horror game where you also collect pages while avoiding a Humanoid Abomination. For bonus points, the animation for the tree branches in this game makes it look like they're alive...

    Halloween Mode 
  • The ending. Oh dear God, the ending. To go into more detail, after causing a gas leak and blowing up the building, you make your way through the burning rubble to the exit... only for Ignited Springtrap to pop up behind you and strangle you to death. Even worse, while trying to fight back, the player character tries to grab onto Springtrap's head, only to TEAR HIS MASK OFF, REVEALING HIS GRUESOMELY MANGLED FACE. The fact that this is the page image makes it even worse!

    Story Mode 


  • Level one: The bedroom. It places you as a little child fending off the animatronics.
    • The more you look at the animatronics (which will be often), the more insane you get, and the effects are terrifying. Among other things, a black substance starts dripping from the ceiling. To top it off, you fail the level if your sanity drops too low.
    • The prioritizing skills needed to pass the level really racks up the tension. Do you try holding off Freddy at the risk of getting killed by Bonnie, or vice versa?
    • The way Foxy sneaks up on you is very creepy. You hear a scraping noise, then see a hook behind you, then Foxy is right next to you looming over you ominously...
      • Perhaps even worse is his actual jumpscare, in which he not only screams at you but actually swings his hook at you, complete with a short, gory impact sound.
  • Level two puts you in the shoes of Scott's terrified wife, who has to hide from the killer bots' sight in the living room.
    • Foxy is his ever-menacing self at this level, actually growling as he scans the room for you. If he catches you, he roars in your face as he lifts you up with one arm, then proceeds to snap your neck. Ditto with Freddy, but with the added view of him looming over you; leaking out rainwater from his mask in a way that makes him look like he's drooling over your corpse.
    • Bonnie takes Foxy's role in the demo, attacking from the door directly behind you. You have to check the keyhole there frequently to check how close he is, ranging from a slight red flicker a while away to right in your face.
    • Later in the night, you have to deal with Chica, who will attack from the window while making a wonderful array of creepy noises, and will stun you if you don't avert your gaze from her.
      • Chica will additionally audibly loom over the rightmost area of the player if they use the camera system for an unreasonable duration, leading directly into her also stunning you.
      • If the player is confronted by Chica post-5 AM, the player will be vulnerable to her murderous intention, causing the player to die from her attacks instead of an exclusive stunning.
    • This is also the first level where there is a disturbing change at 5 AM: The scenery turns red and black, the ambience gets more oppressive, and all of the photos show creepy eyes staring back at you.
  • Level three takes you to the office, where you have to use grainy security cameras to protect yourself.
    • Freddy will not let you pass the level unless you confront him ten times. If you fail to do this, you are treated to a creepy cutscene where the hour hand moves, but 6:00 AM never comes. The clock just repeats itself endlessly and everything ignites into flames as the words "COME BACK" are flashed. Oh, and for added fun? The scene leading into this is all of the lights going out, the front door opening, and Freddy staring at you from the darkness, eyes flickering, while a heavily-distorted version of his FNAF 1 jingle plays...
    • To fend off Foxy, you have to look at him through the cameras. Disturbing thing is, he shakes more and more violently as you look at him until he howls at you and the feed cuts to static.
    • Looking at Bonnie grants you a terrifying roar as well as him punching out the camera. Therefore, you may be left with only one, or no cameras to protect yourself, and you won't be able to know if the next door you open will be your last...
      • However, Bonnie is also an Anti-Villain for doing this; as Ignited Foxy does not spawn in broken cameras, so if the player looks at Bonnie in all three of the cameras, the night will be a lot easier. Bonnie also only spawns when no-one else is in the room, so the next door the player opens actually will NOT be the last.
      • As of Version 2.0, Bonnie won’t be able to kill you after you open a door containing him. He will, however, still get you if he destroys all of your cameras: which essentially turns the game into a choice of whether to preserve your cameras at the risk of being killed by Foxy, and vice versa.
    • Chica will frequently appear later in the night. She's stuck in the wall, writhing horribly while the mould around her makes terrible organic squelching noises. You must find her three randomly scattered cupcakes before she breaks free and kills you. The cupcakes are not too hard to find; after all, you can hear one screeching in agony when you get close.
    • Once again, the setting changes at 5 AM, with a red hue, eyes on every picture, and the poster of a nicer looking FNAF 2 Chica replaced with her Ignited form.
    • At random points, you can faintly hear the ghostly, distorted voice of a Creepy Child slowly singing the children's Christian song "Jesus Loves Me, The Bible Tells Me So", seemingly from nowhere. Disturbing as hell when it happens.
  • Level four: The Basement. It features 6 separate phases and 4 endoskeleton animatronics. At the beginning of each phase except the 4th and last, the Ignited animatronics talk to the player, Michael in this case, through monitors explaining... something... in a mysteriously confusing and poetic manner.
    • Phase one only includes Endo C "Mouth". It begins with the player waking up in a beaten down bathroom under the house. The player then has to go out of the basement to find a monitor room: this monitor room will tell the player something (see the quote below). The player then has to get out of the basement only to find the way out blocked off by an iron grating. When the player finds this, they then have to interact with it: this turns the red warning light next to the door, triggers Golden Freddy's spectral laugh on proceeded by the words "DON'T COME CLOSE," in which words are also proceeded by "COME BACK" and the door to the bathroom flash on the screen. When the player is told to "come back" to the bathroom they find Endo C idle next to the monitors; if the player gets too close, Endo C will kill the player.
    • Phase two includes two endoskeletons: Endo C and Endo R "Blue" (see note for how Endo R works).Endo R's basement mechanics  This time, when the player gets out of the bathroom, they will be treated with a different room; the room is now decorated in the style of a Freddy Fazbear's pizzeria; posters adorn the walls, colorful banners and groups of paper stars hang from the ceiling, and, most noticeably, several tables laden with party hats have appeared. The faint sound of a music box can also be heard in the background. The monitors will yet again tell the player something (look at the quote below). On the bottom monitors, it will show the player the four objects needed to proceed with the phase. If the player obtains Freddy's hat, which is located next to monitors, Endo C will be idle next to the furnace. If the player decides to obtain Bonnie's guitar, located in one of two storage cabinets, only one of the two cabinets will contain the guitar and the other will contain Endo C; if the player goes near the one containing Endo C, they will hear soft growling. If the player obtains Foxy's hook, Endo C will be standing next to the bathroom door, which will lead to only death if Endo R appears and the player has to "COME BACK"/go back to the bathroom. If the player decides to obtain Chica's cupcake, they will have to go up to the poster of Withered Chica, surprisingly in a clean condition, located next to the stairway, and open it up to reveal a hole in the wall; the player will also hear growling here and will have to wait for it to stop, or Endo C will appear behind the player, turn the player around, and kill them. The player has to put these 4 items in a furnace. However, they can only put one in at a time. Once the furnace has been shut and all the items have been burnt, the Fallen animatronics will disappear and the only thing the player has to do is go back to the bathroom to proceed with the next phase.
    • Phase three includes only Endo B (see note for how Endo B works).Endo B's basement mechanics  When the player leaves the bathroom, the party decorations have disappeared; instead, many objects in the room are now covered with large blue tarps, giving the impression of a storage area long abandoned. For the 3rd time, the monitors tell us something and also reveal who we're playing as in this level; Michael (look below for what the monitors say). If the player tries to enter the furnace room, they will find that their way is now blocked by a cell door with a keypad next to it. To unlock the door, the player must figure out the correct code to enter, using the pictures on the wall next to the door as hints. Four of these pictures have numbers on them; these pictures also each show a fluctuating number of antagonists that have appeared throughout the franchise. If the numbers from each of the pictures are put in order of how many animatronics their picture has from least to most, the player can obtain the code '9632.' The door slowly begins to slide open; as it does so, the player experiences more hallucinations, this time telling them "DON'T TURN YOUR BACK" and "DON'T LOOK AWAY". At this point, Endo B becomes active. The player must lure Endo B into the monitor room by looking away long enough for him to enter the room and allow the player to manoeuvre around him, but not long enough for him to make it all the way over to the player and attack them. Once the player is in the furnace room, they should take the opportunity to press the button next to the door in order to close it behind them, since this will trap Endo B in the monitor room and make the remainder of the phase much less stressful. The path to the stairway is blocked by another cell door; however, just like with the monitor room, there are again several pictures on the walls that can be used as clues to obtain the code to open it. The puzzle here is much more straightforward than the first. There are four pictures on the walls, and each picture depicts one of the four main animatronics and a certain number of presents (from one to four) beneath them. Inspecting the keypad will reveal that four of the buttons have coloured numbers instead of the usual black. Each of these colours corresponds to a different animatronic: red to Foxy, yellow to Chica, blue to Bonnie, and brown to Freddy. The code can then be determined by putting the animatronics on the walls in order from least to most presents, then substituting in their associated number; doing this will produce the code '2541.' Once the code is entered, the door opens, and the path to the staircase is clear. However, the staircase is blocked off by pipes, and the player has to obtain a key hanging from a thread. Once the player obtains this key, they will hear Golden Freddy's spectral laugh for the second time in the level and Endo B will disappear, allowing the player to safely go into the bathroom and proceed with the next phase.
    • Phase four includes only Endo F "Red", who has a significantly bright red glow around it. In this phase, the player has to do one simple thing: walk from one side of the hallway to the other. After walking a certain distance, the screen will flash with "KEEP GOING", "DON'T LOOK BACK", and a glitched frame of Endo F's jumpscare, meaning Endo F has spawned. The hallway will obtain red lighting appearing from the lights above, and deep, yet soft rumbling ambience will start playing. Not obeying the game and deciding to turn around will give Endo F the chance to activate and catch up with the player and then kill them. note 
    • Phase five includes Endo C and Endo B. In this phase, the player is greeted by a long and almost empty room. The player is forced to wait for the Ignited animatronics to stop talking to the player through the monitors to proceed (see quote below). As soon as the Ignited animatronics flash in Michael's face "HE REMAINS", every single monitor turns off, the last Fallen animatronics featured in the phase spawn, the setting permanently has a red and noisy hue with oppressive ambience playing in the background (like the Living Room and the Office), and the player can proceed to play the phase. However, something even more unusual is happening; there are multiple clones of Endo C and Endo B; two of Endo C and three of Endo B. Both Endo Cs are idle under a light and use the same mechanic in the first 2 phases. The Endo Bs blocks the player's path with a 3rd one closing off the doorway to the exit. There is a button on the opposite side of this exit that the player has to push. When the player has pushed this button to open the gate and finds the exit, they will interact with it. When they do, it will open and the red hue and dissonant ambience will halt and the Fallen animatronics will disappear, but a second later the door disappears and Golden Freddy's spectral laugh will be heard concurring with Golden Freddy's jumpscare flashing across the player's face. The player then has to go back to the bathroom to proceed with the final "phase".
    • The final "phase" is set in the area Michael knocked out Scott, with Scott's computer showing one of the anniversary images. The player is now allowed to walk out of the Basement and complete the level entirely.
      • It's implied that these endoskeletons are those of the Ignited animatronics. They're accounted for by letters, being B, R, C, and F, possibly standing for Bear, Rabbit, Chicken, and Fox. Endo B will hide its face except for when it attacks, Endo C has a giant mouth, and Endo F lacks arms completely.
  • Level five: The Attic. A tense final level with a more classic gameplay style where the player is tied to a chair, next to a very glitched digital clock that shows even times that are impossible to naturally show in real-life, and what the monsters plaguing his home can really do to the fabric of space and time, with only a monitor to desperately keep track of the Advancing Boss of Doom animatronic from the basement and using obstacles to block their path.
  • The ending. Hoo boy, the ending. After fending off Creation from the attic, Scott attempts to crawl away, only for Creation to tell him that he won't stop coming after Scott until he's "consumed by flames". Scott begs Creation not to harm his family, only for "Michael Schmidt" to appear before him. We get a brief Hope Spot when we hear Scott leaving the house and reuniting with his wife and kids... only for him to start repeating "you are safe now, that's all that matters" in a Creepy Monotone while his family freaks out. The game ends on some final words from Creation:
  • There's something seriously disturbing about the fact that the main character of the Story Mode is Scott Cawthon himself. The very man that made the games now has to fight off his own nightmarish creations and dies at the end. The game takes place in the future where he is dead and nobody remembers him or the games. It's just so unnerving to think that a real person was killed by something he created and nobody is going to remember him in the future.
    • On a similar note, Scott's Sanity Slippage in the messages during the Office level. In the first one, he calmly explains the situation and the attack patterns of Freddy, Foxy, and Chica, but in the very next one, he goes from ranting about Bonnie figuring out how to break his cameras to discussing, in an eerily calm manner, how the Animatronics seem to be getting smart enough to help each other. There's something profoundly unsettling about a man being caught so completely off guard by his own creations.
    • For bonus Nightmare Fuel, the Ignited Animatronics are not Scott's creations. Scott himself notes this, saying outright that they're just using the images of Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy to give themselves form. Even "Mike" is drawing a shape from the concept of the never-seen "Mike Schmidt" from the first Five Nights at Freddy's game. This also explains why they can break time and make it eternally night for as long as they please and can haphazardly teleport any direction that's open with the addition of making the player blind for a mere second. Scott isn't just up against animatronics. Not even possessed animatronics. He's facing something that isn't even from this world, something that Scott can't even comprehend.


  • Man on Fire: If the player pays attention to the Attic level from what the monitors say and what is shown when Endo R physically attacks the player, it is shown that Michael, the player in the level, gets burnt alive at what seems like after the level is completed, yet lives, which is how his burnt appearance is gained in the very final cutscene.
  • Run or Die: In the cutscene before the Office, Ignited Freddy traipses up to Scott Cawthon from a hallway and attempts to use his super robot strength to punch him to death. Scott diverts this and Freddy misses. He then looks back at Freddy, which unintentionally encourages Freddy to chase after Scott until he gets to the Office. Freddy, after a short period of time (like Endless Mode), gives up on chasing Scott, conveniently when Scott makes it to the Office.
  • Tragic Mistake: In the cutscene before the Living Room, Scott's wife teases him to get laid and decides to wait in the living room for Scott so they can watch TV together rather than get out of the house to check on the kids with Scott, with both completely unaware that the Ignited are getting ready to pounce on both in that very room. However, Scott's wife, Val, is the only one deciding to wait in the living room... alone.


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