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As this is a Funny Moments page, spoilers will be left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!
Never before has a Sickening "Crunch!" been... well, not sickening.

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Though the twist as soon as you start the game is jarring, the series hasn't forgotten on how to get a chuckle out of us!

    Main Game 
  • The Easier Than Easy balloon picking game, with its airhorn-laden "GAME WIN!!" screen
  • The higher ups of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza aren't above shoving googly eyes and string arms to inanimate, everyday items, and calling them new characters. Vacuum cleaner? It's a character now. Frying pan? Tie it into a paper body and draw it a face. One such character is literally a box only with hands and eyes!
    • I guess they really did have budget buddies...
    • And it's not just limited to characters. The first ball pit you can get is quite literally a cardboard box. The first balloon station is just a barrel with balloons tied to the top, and a piece of paper saying "Take one.". Not even a sign - it's just a regular piece of notebook paper.
  • The whole pizzeria chain's incompetence and corruption is summed up in one sentence: "You can't prove anything!", in an advert to seek new employees.
    Advert: And that brings us to - liability. Being a thrifty shopper is smart, but be aware that buying things on sale comes with a certain amount of risk. Aside from the daily risk of lawsuits, there's also the risk that something might be hiding inside whatever you just purchased with that deeply discounted price tag. Of course,note  this would only be a serious danger if there was something outside that's been trying to get in for months now, which we are not confirming to be the case.
    • The funniest thing of all is the implication that Fazbear Entertainment was just randomly handing out ownership of restaurants to literally anyone willing to lay down enough cash. No wonder Freddy's has a reputation for being poorly managed!
    • There's something grimly humorous about the ending of the advert, where it counts up how much money the protagonist has left after buying the franchise package for only one reason... He only has 100 dollars! While there's no indication of how much they had saved up beforehand, it is pretty funny to imagine that they had much more than that, and the package costed him almost everything he had. The intro does call it "a huge gamble". Of course, if the protagonist is indeed Mike Afton, then to him, it would be worth it.
    • Also, after it counts up to 100 dollars, Tutorial Unit cheerfully tells you that that will be more than enough to get started. Considering how cheap Fazbear Entertainment and the products are, he's not wrong.
  • When you first start the salvage procedure for Baby, she has an arm resting on the table as if leaning forward to level with you for a second.
  • Funtime Chica finally makes a canon appearance! ...about an entire game too late to be relevant to the lore. Poor Chica just can't catch a break...
    • For that matter, it took five games but we finally get to see Pirate Foxy in full repair! Turns out he really DOES have a parrot! Too bad it's irrelevant.
  • The lawsuits that offer a neat summary of the things the claimants allegedly suffered at your pizzeria. Black Comedy at its finest. They utilize Minor Injury Overreaction to a hilarious degree. For example, one girl fell into a coma for ten weeks and was essentially lobotomized... because she saw an animatronic head fall off.
    • "When asked if she was okay the girl screamed, staff then told the head to stop talking."
    • It gets even funnier when you keep reading, and the lawsuit says that she requires "medical assistance to do all daily activities, except watching TV, hanging out with her girlfriends, and going to the mall".
    • Fridge Logic makes it even more humorous: the girl's parents claim she fell into a coma for ten weeks after witnessing an animatronic's head fall off. The pizzeria has been open for, at most, one week. Blatant Lies don't come much more boldfaced.
    • While handling lawsuits, the toy Freddy is shown at a desk wearing glasses, an exhausted expression on his face. Adorable, but also hilarious. If you run out of money during this segment, he throws his arms up in despair.
    • Another one was filed because a girl broke her index finger and can't play "itsy bitsy spider" anymore.
    • And perhaps the most egregious is when a little boy supposedly suffers extreme internal and external damage while at the pizzeria. The papers specifically state that they broke 100 bones in their body, and they didn't even notice until after they got home! That's a whole new level of Refuge in Audacity right there.
    • Even better are the ones that specify an animatronic as being the cause of the lawsuit, which can show up even if you've been going out of your way to avoid getting any animatronics.
    • More Black Comedy: While tallying the number of lawsuits, the counter has two digits. Meaning that it's entirely possible for just one Freddy's location to have literally dozens of new lawsuits every day. Ironically, you don't need to get that many lawsuits to actually get the bad endings! The Bankruptcy ending requires you to run out of money trying to pay off any lawsuit, and the Blacklisted ending only requires three lawsuits...a day.
    • The fact that you can never actually win any of these lawsuits is funny in a dark way, too. No matter how obvious it is that the defendant is faking or exaggerating their grievances, or how easily it can be shown that you aren't culpable for the injury in question (such as having no animatronics in the restaurant), apparently, the local court system just doesn't care.
    • Actually, you can win the lawsuits! Though it's unclear how that happens; it could be random chance.
    • And then the funniest part about these lawsuits: the pizzeria is a trap to lure the killer animatronics to their death. So the lawsuits were probably all made up by Cassette Man to keep the ruse that this is a normal pizzeria going.
  • Even more Black Comedy is whenever Springtrap kills you and says, "That was easier than I thought it would be." It's almost as if he's calling the player out.
  • The game has a not-so-subtle Take That! towards ads and sponsorships. Occasionally, when you boot up the computer during the night phase of the game, an ad will pop up instead (one that you've accepted a sponsorship from), along with a countdown timer telling you how long you have until you skip the ad. So, yes, it's entirely possible to be killed because an ad stopped you from getting to your vital systems in time.
    • The kinds of sponsorships are pretty funny too. You can get advertisements for fizzy soda, plumbing services, and wart cream.
  • The mediocre ending, in which you, the player, were so absolutely lazy, that your bosses actually congratulate you for your laziness... right before firing you for said laziness and giving you a certificate congratulating your mediocrity.
    You should feel proud. You stood on two feet and convinced someone you could do something when in fact you couldn’t. Now Get Out!.
  • You can buy a jar of pickles for your children's pizzeria. The kicker is that it gives a bonus to "Happiness", a parameter that normally isn't calculated with the other goods available.
  • If a dangerous animatronic somehow gets into your pizzeria before the salvage sequence, all that appears is a dummy with words "No one's here (I'm already inside)". That means that the creepy, dangerous, nightmare-inducing animatronics took the time to... set up a silly-looking dummy. This includes Springtrap, who is a deranged child murderer.
  • Candy Cadet, while kind of disturbing, can be pretty funny. For one, there's his Catchphrase, which can be kind of chuckle-worthy considering his Machine Monotone voice - "Candy, candy, candy". Also, sometimes he tells you a creepy story... which is followed by airhorns and the "Game Win" text.
  • The Fruit Punch and Lemonade Clown minigames. You try to "surprise kids" by pressing SPACE while they are in front of the clown. When you do that, the kids (who all look like Balloon Boy, by the way) you managed to surprise start crying and the clown ends up with the goofiest smile and says "Fruit Punch for everybody" or "Lemonade for everybody" as if it were run through a text-to-speech program. Better yet, they both speak with incredibly bizarre accents: Lemonade Clown pronounces his words horribly wrong, and Fruit Punch Clown has Elmuh Fudd Syndwome.
    • In addition, since they are voiced by text to speech programs, they also sound completely bored as hell doing as programmed.
    Fwoot panch for ev'ryvone.
    Lehmonadee fo' erreryody.
  • The Ball-pit minigame, which involves having to click at the right moment with an arrow sliding across the screen dictating where Helpy is going to land when he jumps, with the goal of clicking so the arrow stops in the ball-pit while cutesy fun music plays in the background. Failing it? Helpy hits the floor with a Sickening "Crunch!", and just lays there completely still and the game becomes dead silent for quite a few seconds. Only for a videogame sound effect to play and then the minigame goes back to where it began and the fun music plays again. This moment is the page image.
    • Perhaps not even a crunch — it genuinely sounds like he got slapped in the face by a fish. That essentially turns it from Crosses the Line Twice to crossing it four additional times. And it's even funnier as a result.
  • The Riding Rockets and Gravity Vortex minigames turn out to be shoot-em-up games where the enemies are giant pizzas and Balloon Boys, respectively. This game loves taking potshots at BB, huh?
    • If you lose in either of these games, Helpy will look utterly disappointed or gets thrown out of the ride, respectively, again with the game becoming dead silent.
  • The advert you get at the end of the game once you get the Golden Ending is basically the game apologizing for tricking you into thinking it was just a simulator.
  • Although it can be considered Nightmare Fuel, the insanity ending can be darkly humorous when one considers that after the new manager happens to stumble across random three blueprints and a recording with zero context whatsoever, the company decides He Knows Too Much, fires him, claims he's insane so that no one would believe him, and then sends him off to an asylum to get him lobotomizednote . Overreaction, much?
    "Congratulations! You went somewhere you weren't supposed to go, saw something you weren't supposed to see, and prevented a tidy resolution to a messy problem. Needless to say, you're fired."
    • In fact, all of the ending narrations are hilarious. From running out of money and filing for bankruptcy to being so reckless that even Fazbear Entertainment wants nothing to do with you, Tutorial Unit's chipper tone and the cheesy music and art running through the whole thing makes each misfortunate ending go out with a chuckle.
  • In the first five games there has always been a fan somewhere...except for this one, until you figure out exactly why you don't see it. You are literally inside of the fan, and it serves as a main gameplay mechanic. The Running Gag has truly gone full circle.
    • On the subject of running gags, Scott didn't forget about one — you can still honk Freddy's nose, or Helpy's, in this case.

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