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As this is a Funny Moments page, spoilers will be left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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Given the amount of funny moments the last four games had, as well as the fact that FNaF World is Lighter and Softer than those, the funniness was inevitable.

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     FNAF World Teaser 
  • What does the completed cast picture say? "Coming 2016 (Seriously.)". Scott Cawthon is a master of inverting Schedule Slip and he knows it.
    • Not to mention that lots of people would pass this game off as a prank.
    • Even funnier, a lot of people were looking to see if the game would come out before 2016 arrived or on New Years Day. This post that Scott confirmed that this is not happening at all, meaning he was serious about releasing the game in 2016 after all.
    • Oh, but the hilarity doesn't stop there. Once Scott announced that the game would be released in February, he backpedaled and said it would be released on January 22nd... it came out one day earlier!note  At this point, Scott just might as well not even bother putting up release dates.
    • This got subverted with Update 2, as Scott released it on time as it was proposed, on May 13th.
  • Withered Freddy, even transformed, has an expression that makes him seem so unnerved by the whole transition to Lighter and Softer.
  • Nightmare Foxy has an expression and pose that just screams "I'm a monster! Rarr!"
  • Balloon Boy's redesign. Up to you if he's cute or somehow manages to dip even farther into the Uncanny Valley than his predecessor.
  • All the Chicas' expressions in the teaser are hilarious, considering Chica and Withered Chica have buck teeth, and the letter "O" in "FNAF World" makes it look like Nightmare Chica has a drooping eye.
    • Speaking of which, the N makes the puppet look like it's saying, "Really?"
    • Nightmare Chica's wearing the Nightmare Cupcake like a parrot again!
    • Nightmare Chica was the last of the animatronics to be updated, so for a while we had a bunch of super-deformed adorable robots and in the back looming over them was a demonic fang-mawed bird with a clawed hand raised up in a "Can you BELIEVE this!?" or a "And then there's THESE assholes!" pose.
  • Phantom Mangle just looks so cheerful, even though its head is totally crooked.
    • Mangle's expression just screams "Hey guys!"
  • Withered Bonnie's trying his very hardest to look happy, despite missing a face and upper jaw to smile with.
  • Golden Freddy now looks totally shocked. "Like, WHAT? I'm CUTE now? OMG." Nightmare Fredbear also looks surprised, compared to Nightmare Freddy.
  • The tiny endoskeleton looking horrified at the group.
  • The second game's endoskeleton looks rather bored, while his counterpart is smiling cheesily.
  • The paper plates look incredibly ridiculous mixed in with the group.
    • So does the missing child.
  • Once you get past the creepiness, the Phantom Puppet has a very awkward expression aided by its teeth. Some even say that her moving pose looks lile she's violently humping.
  • Withered Chica still has frozen arms, but she doesn't seem to mind a bit. She also looks like she's punching Balloon Boy in the face, aided by how his head is tilted.
  • Purple Freddy and Phantom Freddy look like one of those 'twin' pictures one sees.
  • A rainbow appeared for one day and just as quickly disappeared. When someone complained about it vanishing, Scott responded "rainbows don't last forever."
    • The even funnier thing is how this all started. Long-story short, someone accused Scott of being gay because he was changing the designs of the animatronics and the background from black to blue. They then jokingly asked him "When's the rainbow?". Scott replied with "rainbow is tomorrow," and ever since then, whenever someone asks if he'll add it, he replies the same thing, but once after no one had asked for a brief period of time, he actually added it, leading to the above. He now adds it again every Saturday.
  • Thanks to Funtime Foxy's addition, many people asked Scott whether Mangle/Funtime Foxy is male or female. Scott's response? "Yes."
  • Paper Plate Freddy bears an odd resemble to Pedobear.
  • Toy Chica's cupcake/Toy Carl has a very "I have seen things that cannot be unseen" face.
  • Nightmare Freddy looks like he's trying really hard to be ferocious, but due to the art style, he's having a really hard time of it.
    • While talking about Nightmare Freddy, look at the Mini-Freddy below him and to the right. He's giving a ridiculous side glare to the camera, like he's saying "look at this loser, trying to be scary!".
  • After a long long time of nothing but blackness (and hidden pictures), we finally get a colorful image again... of the cast (plus a few bosses) wishing us a Merry Christmas.
    • And the way the background colors are arranged it looks like one of the endoskeletons is wearing a flower crown.
  • This brand new teaser featured a bunch of brand new characters from the Halloween update. There are some funny bits, such as Nightmare BB still looking the same but having a really goofy expression on him. And the biggest surprise for the playable character, Purple Guy. However, if you look very closely in the image, there are two hidden characters. Contains major spoilers to FNAF World Chipper and the Coffee!
  • For April Fool's Day, Scott added a cat to the image. Not a cat animatronic, mind you. A picture of a real cat. It was a stock photo that was used in Scott's other game, Kitty in the Crowd. Ironically, the cat does appear in the second update's FOXY.EXE minigame, making this rather Hilarious in Hindsight.
  • On April 30th, Scott updated the teaser again with a single rainbow. No, not the rainbow in the background as mentioned above, this rainbow on the top left with googly eyes and buck teeth. Gets better when you realise that despite having experience with Scott's antics, he managed to add another character reveal to the image without us being aware of it!
  • On May 3rd, Scott finally announced the release date for Update 2, which is on Friday the 13th.

     FNAF World Trailer 
  • The trailer. Hands down. It inverts the horror that the series is known for, and then some.note 
    • It starts with eerie shots of the main four animatronics' heads, as the camera moves through an eye in each. They're empty and lifeless, but are accompanied by foreboding music. You'd be forgiven for expecting a Jump Scare, especially after all that. However, just as we're treated to total darkness, the FNAF World versions of Freddy, Chica, and Bonnie pop up. Cue a loud, "WHAT THE-?!"
    • The roster of all the characters' names is presented as an Overly Long Gag. The music plays dramatically, and it all leads to... Mangle playing with a paddleball.
    • That last part is particularly amusing. After so many names flash by, it abruptly cuts to Mangle playing with the paddleball. It holds on Mangle, who then smiles at the camera, like a little kid having the time of their life with that toy. And Mangle's other head looks so done with this shit.
    • Another funny bit to consider is that from Five Nights at Freddy's 2 and onwards, the trailers all ended with a jumpscare. Instead, it ended with Mangle playing with the paddleball.
      • This might be wrong, as in the first game, Bonnie's original jumpscare was removing his mask.
  • Nightmare Freddy will be able to sic the little Freddles onto enemies, as an attack. That is simultaneously hilarious and awesome.

     The Game 
  • The loading screens show several characters with a line of text beneath them. Some of these are pretty funny:
    Endoplush: Because character quota.
    RWQFSFASXC: Say my name!
    Phantom BB: Because reasons.
    Balloon Boy: Everyone's favourite!
    Shadow Freddy: I will eat your soul.
    Paperpals: Huh?
    Phantom Puppetnote : Put it back in the box!
    Purple Guy: I can be drawn in ten seconds!
  • If you set your main character as Fredbear and talk to Fredbear, this happens.
  • Right after you choose your party members, you talk to Fredbear. He then tells how everything is not right, and attempts to create a name for the village, including Animatronica, Animatronic Village, or Village-tronica. They're working on it.
  • In typical FNAF fashion, you can STILL honk Freddy's nose on the title screen.
  • Once you unlock all the characters, this happens. Yeah, that's the office fan, joining your party. And it's every bit as dangerous as some fans interpret it as — the player can't control it, and it can and will end the fight at complete random.
  • Some of the attacks are just plain silly. The 'Hot Cheese' attack, for example, is just the animatronic horking hot nacho cheese at the enemy.
  • The Hyperactive Sprite everyone has can be this. RXQ's animation looks like he's swinging left and right while raising his hands. Funtime Foxy's animation looks like s/he's posing.
  • As of the second update the Purple Guy is a playable character, recruited from fighting him like all the other characters. This has pleased the fans greatly, as it means they have the option to beat him up with their choice of animatronics.
    • Sadly subverted when it finally came out — you never get the chance to beat Purple Guy up.
      • Except you do get the chance because Springtrap was already obtainable.
  • How come you can go three levels down into the glitches, but not four? Simple: until you reach that point, you're above (Old Man) Consequences!
  • Update 2 brought in minigames that are rife with funny moments. Among these? "FNaF 57: Freddy in Space", where you play as Freddy on an alien planet. Your foe? Scott Cawthon...'s head in a jar. His evil plan? Make more FNaF spinoffs, which get sillier and sillier as he lists them off.
    • The minigame was first teased via an April Fools image. Suffice to say no-one saw it actually coming.
    • Said April Fools image said the game was to be released come 2031. Scott's head, however, marks the "release date" as 2030. Oh, Scott...
  • "Foxy Fighters" is a 2D Star Fox parody complete with character portraits and voices. Which Fredbear isn't happy about.
    Fredbear: [sounding like a raspy old man] What is this, a space shooter? Holy crap, is that my voice?! Voice acting?! NOOOOO! He's gone too far this time!
    • Toy Chica acting all like Slippy Toad.
    Toy Chica: You won't get tired of my voice, will you?
    • There's an unused quote for JJ in Foxy Fighters where she flat-out snaps and curses after Souldozer shoots down Nightmare Chica's plane. She immediately regrets saying it.
    • Nightmare Chica, naturally, covers the Falco/Caruso slot of the vain fighter pilot. Considering what she looks like, this is even funnier than it sounds.
    Nightmare Chica: Sorry I'm late to the party. Fashionably late, of course.
    • Souldozer's appearance in the game. His revenge sounds more comedic than grim.
  • "Chica's Magic Rainbow": A happy, bright and colorful game... with Everything Trying to Kill You. The titular rainbow in the minigame goes from giving off messages of encouragement each time you die, to becoming a full-on insulting Jerkass who loses patience with you. And don't even think about turning the voices off either.
    • Of course, it soon gets pretty annoying as you keep trying to play the minigame, with the Rainbow quickly getting on your nerves.
  • As soon as you start Update 2 and talk to Fredbear, he finally breaks down and mentions that the game was a flop and got a job at Fazburger. It's another Self-Deprecation moment from Scott considering what happened to the game when it was first released on Steam.
    • It's also worth noting that talking to him here as Fredbear does not trigger the end of the Universe, which implies that he does it on purpose and is too depressed to do it now.
  • The absolutely glorious Villainous Breakdown Chica's Magic Rainbow gives when you defeat it.
    You cheated! Besides, didn't your mommy ever tell you "you can't kill a rainbow?" Next time you see a rainbow in the sky, that is me, commin' to your house! Dumba**s.
  • As of the mobile release, Scott has given up on trying to make the game serious by any means, with even more Self-Deprecation thrown in for good measure.
    Fredbear: Welcome back to FNAF World, the game that almost single handedly destroyed the FNAF franchise!
    • And even better, most (if not all) of Fredbear's lines have been replaced with completely nonsensical and stupid things; instead of the lines that originally, y'know, helped the player.
    8-Bit Fredbear: Fun fact: Did you know that if you took out all of a person's blood vessels, and lined them up end to end in a straight line...
    8-Bit Fredbear: That person would die.