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As this is a Funny Moments page, spoilers will be left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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Sure, the thought of playing Five Nights at Freddy's on a VR headset is really scary, but you know what the best part about it is? You can play Five Nights at Freddy's on a VR headset and still find some amusing moments!


In-Game moments

  • Scott's description in this post about playtesting the Funtime Foxy level:
    "I’d played the Funtime Foxy section in an early build but wasn’t impressed (it was unfinished and Foxy was MIA), so I complained about it. [Steel Wool] basically said, “Hold my non-alcoholic beverage.”, and they spent the next three days off the grid. They sent me a new build, and again I entered the darkness with Funtime Foxy. I flashed my beacon, again and again, and crept forward. I won’t go into detail here, but I will say this, I have never screamed like I screamed that day. I screamed like a kid falling off a roller coaster. I threw the VR headset off of my head, and it was reflexive, like when you jerk your hand off a hot stove. It was an instinctive NOPE. I told Steel Wool that I would never test that section again. My son Braden, also an eager player of the VR game over here, has also said that he’ll never play that section again."
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  • Doubles as awesome, but the fact that FNAF artists are getting so good, their stuff is being mistaken for the kind Scott himself is pumping out.
  • In the game's intro, Scott himself (or at least an Author Avatar of him) is shown in a supremely goofy pose while the Handiunit refers to him as a "complete lunatic." Self-Deprecation at its finest.
  • In the footage from the FNAF 2 office, Toy Freddy is walking down the hall as the lights flicker. But every time we can see him, Toy Freddy is walking with the most swag strut you'll ever see, nonchalantly strolling down the hall to the office to choke a guard.
  • Every time you successfully complete a level, you get a gift for the prize corner. Very rarely, however, sometimes Plushtrap will be waiting inside instead. As in, the living one, ready to scream in your face just to keep you on your toes.
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  • The minigame where you repair the Freddy animatronic ends by having the player close his chest cavity... by pressing the "Large black button in the center of Freddy's face.". Yes, the sound effect for pressing his nose is still there.
  • Balloon Boy's walking animation after fooling him with the Freddy mask looks like he's waddling his way out of the office.
  • It's entirely possible for you to eat your prizes; This includes action figures. Complete with choking noises! If you do this three times, you'll end up getting a game over because you choked yourself to death!
  • Speaking of which, you can also eat the prizes that are actually edible. Unlike in Job Simulator though, you consume the whole snack or drink in a single bite, including the wrapper or the can itself.
  • There's a couple of ways you can mess around in the Parts and Service minigames without getting punished with a Jump Scare, which implies that the animatronics don't mind you goofing off on the job a bit. In fact, you'll be rewarded with coins for doing these things, which can either mean the animatronics rewarded you for amusing them or that they're exasperated at your antics and would rather you stop, so they give you something for you to get back to work.
    • In Bonnie's minigame, you can start strumming the strings on his guitar.
    • Chica will let you hand-feed her slices of pizza.
    • You can do the "Coin Behind the Ear" trick with Freddy. As mentioned, you get an actual coin out of it.
    • When repairing Foxy, you can wear his face as a mask instead of putting it back on his endoskeleton.
    • On the flip side, there are certain trivial things the animatronics will jumpscare you for, which can give off rather humorous Blue and Orange Morality vibes on occasion...
      • Bonnie will jumpscare you if you don't tune his guitar properly on the first go around, or if you take his eyes out/put them back in the wrong order.
      • Chica's minigame ends with Handy offering the player a slice of pizza... if they refuse, Chica will get all up in the player's face about it.
  • At the end of Pizza Party, Glitch Bonnie celebrates his successful murder... by gleefully jumping around and dancing in front of the stage. It's as goofy as it is disturbing.
    • It becomes twice as funny when one realizes that the one celebrating is in fact William Afton. The Greater-Scope Villain of the franchise William Afton. The Serial Killer of children William Afton. The utterly sociopathic William Afton. And yet here he is, dancing around like an idiot. He must really enjoy getting to murder somebody again.
  • There's an unused Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Theme Song, with the main FNAF1 stage trio finally voiced (after all three of them went unvoiced in Ultimate Custom Night but Foxy actually got voice lines). It's as goofy as you'd expect, and then there's the disclaimers read out twice in the middle of the song, which seem like blatant attempts for Fazbear Entertainment to cover their asses legally (and also legally pointless) but is also as counterproductive as you can get PR-wise...
    "Freddy Fazbear's Pizza! Where Fantasy meets fun!"
    (Fun not actually guaranteed.)
    "Freddy Fazbear's Pizza! Where all the kids are safe and sound!"
    (Fazbear Entertainment offers absolutely no guarantees regarding guest safety.)
    • Overlaps with Heartwarming Moments, but at one point, Chica sings her line in a silly, faux-scary tone, like a mother playing with her kids, or reading a monster's lines in a story. It's just plain adorable:
      "But keep an eye on your pizza, 'coz I'm a bird who likes to eat! Nom nom nom!"
  • While undeniably terrifying in-game, the animations for the animatronics in a broader view and neutral environment, yield some hilarious images.
    • Plushtrap, Nightmare BB and Bon Bon all have animations of them quickly hiding behind a corner. In order to achieve their quick movements, their bodies clip into themselves at the point that they'd already be hidden from view.
    • Marionette's walking animation and movements are finally revealed outside of their jumpscare in FNAF 2, and their limbs wave about like octopus tentacles despite their spindly legs being able to support normal bipedal walking.
    • When Freddy, Chica, Bonnie, their Toy counterparts and Nightmare Fredbear approach the player's area, they look more like regular people than the in-game perspective would suggest. The FNAF 1 and 2 cast look like they're slowly marching down to give the player a piece of their mind, and Nightmare Fredbear looks like he's stomping after a toddler like a father would.
    • During the Bad Ending, where Glitch Bonnie traps the player in Freddy at the menu, we can really only make out his dancing silhouette. In its full glory, the dance is much goofier, especially knowing now that his feet never really leave the floor, resulting in very graceful footwork.
  • In the Halloween DLC, sometimes in the DLC hub world a ship appears in the background. And sometimes the Kraken comes to destroy it. Now granted, that's probably a reference to Foxy but it's so out of place it's hilarious.



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