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As this is a Funny Moments page, spoilers will be left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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The game is much more terrifying, but there are still bits of humor.

Main Game

  • Phone Guy's line in the trailer.
  • The game's description on the Greenlight page claims that the new animatronics are "kid-friendly, updated with the latest in facial recognition technology, tied into local criminal databases, and promise to put on a safe and entertaining show for kids and grown-ups alike!" It sticks out like a sore thumb from the rest of the description. Then you start to think WHY they would have access to that...
  • The circumstances behind the game's early release. Scott wanted to release the demo, but found out it'd take three or four days to do so and felt that'd throw off his schedule, so he decided to just release the whole game over a month early instead.
  • New Bonnie just wants to jam!
    • Pewdiepie's reaction to this? Pretend to make New Bonnie play a song.
  • Scary as it is the first time it happens, seeing BB crawl through the vents is kinda funny.
  • With Foxy's kill screen no longer quite as goofy as in the last game, Toy Freddy picked up the slack.
    • Toy Bonnie did, too. He's supposed to be leaping forward and grabbing you, but his posture combined with the fact that you can barely see his thumbs in the end makes him look more like he's doing a lethal belly flop.
    • Toy Chica, potentially due to the fact that she's thinner and more... cheerful in appearance, looks less like she's attacking you, and more like she's about to glomp you.
    • Unfortunately, despite Toy Chica's design being meant to be kid-friendly and also to allow her to sing and dance in a more realistic fashion, some members of the fandom seem to have taken the Narm up to new heights, and even expressing sexual interest in her.
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  • Scott's released several preview pictures of the sequel featuring the characters and their redesigns under the new management. Although they look a lot more disturbing than they did in the first game, there's just something so perplexing and hilarious about the concept of Toy Foxy/The Mangle wearing makeup.
  • Golden Freddy's killscreen looks like something out of the Sleepy Hollow cartoon. And those familiar with Ebeeto may find it a little reminiscent of another scary flying bear head.
    • Or potentially brings up memories of the old 60s Batman series.
  • The base pay is $100.50 a week. Even worse than the first game. The overtime? $20.10. That means, in total, the second game pays a whopping 10 cents more than the original for the same number of days. Fridge Brilliance kicks in when you realise that $100.50 is exactly how much you would have earned on 1987 minimum wage.
  • The new robotic attack sound is scary at first, but grows a little Nightmare Retardant once you've heard it a lot. It actually sounds like they've tripped and are screaming as they fall on you.
    Old Chica: REAAAAGH!
    • Even better is when the marionette does it. As creepy as that thing is, there's something just plain goofy about having a scrawny clown puppet roaring at you once the shock from its attack wears off.
  • The custom night ends like it did in the first game, with your character fired for tampering with the animatronics and odor (no "general unprofessionalism" this time). The real kicker is the text above your pink slip:
    (in large, colorful letters): "GREAT!!"
    (in normal text): "(Now get out.)"
    • The sheer disbelief of management for the fact that Fritz gets fired after only one night.
      "note: First day on the job? Really?!?!"
  • You can still honk Freddy's nose on the poster in the office.
  • The game references one of the memes the original gave way to. One of the posters for Toy Freddy reads, "Party Time! U Ready?"
    • Doubles as an Ascended Meme.
  • If you're lucky enough, you can actually make it to 6 AM just as a few of the bots start to go into their kill screens. Can you say "denied!"?
    Foxy: RAAAAAHH....
    Kids: Yaaaay!
  • Your rewards for completing any one Custom Night preset include plush toys of the original animatronics (even one of Golden Freddy).
  • Some of the tags for the game include Kid-Friendly, Dating Sim, and Comedy.
  • The newspaper article at the end of completing the 6th Night has some words blurred out beyond the main article. It's because they're literally nonsense used to pad out the white space. Among the discernible text blurbs is, "Blah. Blah. Blah."
    • Actually, if you piece them all together, you'll get a mocking message from Scott Cawthon himself, basically telling you that you're not going to last long, and that you were an idiot for picking this job in the first place. And it's the exact same massage from the first game too, so he's been laughing at us for two whole games now!
    "Blah. Blah. Blah, Blah. Blah. This ad has nothing to do with anything relevant to the game. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. Chances are you won't make it past night three. Blah. Blah. Yackity Smackity. Blah. Blah. This probably isn't the best choice of a summer job, since you most likely won't survive the week. I'd recommend being a cashier, sack boy, or work in a warehouse. They are all very respectable jobs, and you probably won't be killed by them. Well, you might. But it would be unlikely. Blah. Blah."
  • All of the animatronics are nightmare-inducing on the camera, and while on the camera the Mangle seems scary, if you view her stills, it looks like she was poorly photoshopped in many of them. Mainly because she's designed to pop up in any room regardless of what animatronic is currently inside it, save the office hallway when an animatronic other than Foxy is there.
  • Toy Bonnie giving the player a huge, placid wide-irised stare into one of the cameras is a very welcome switch from that terrifying Death Glare from a black-eyed backstage-lurking Bonnie in the first game. And he looks fairly cheerful too.
  • Having a giant collection of plushies on your desk after beating the Custom Night challenges.
  • You know that paper plate boy that moves into your office somehow? Old Chica has fallen under suspicion...
  • Freddy's starting position in the Parts/Service room. Before Bonnie and Chica start hunting you, they just sit there creepily. But Freddy? He looks like he's passed out drunk on the floor.
  • The mechanical voice during death minigames is supposed to be scary in hindsight note , but without knowing what it means, it just sounds like a bunch of funny, narmy noises.
    • Or, as a few people put it, farting or burping noises.
  • Some of the animatronics look absolutely ridiculous when they are in your doorway. Some examples include:
    • Toy Freddy's second animation looks like he's trying to figure out what you look like, more than trying to threaten you.
    • When Toy Chica comes in, she looks like she's trying to offer you a cupcake from the party.
    • Old Bonnie is also a good laugh. When you shine the light on him, he looks like he's sleepwalking.
    • But probably the best of all is Foxy. When you see him, he's holding his hook up next to his face maniacally smiling, which doesn't look frightening at all. Instead, it looks like he's taunting you of your inevitable death in a really weird and stupid way.
    • Mangle deserves a mention for her pose when she's alone or with any animatronic besides Foxy. Her brightly-lit upside-down head, open-mouthed smile, and hand position looks like she's saying "Wuzzap?" or "Fabulous!". Her second pose when she's with Foxy, though, isn't quite as humorous.
    • Given Old Freddy's expression and outstretched hand while inside the office, he almost looks like an angry father scolding you for staying up too late.
      • Or a more popular interpretation is him saying "May I take your hat, sir?"
      • Also, Old Freddy staring at the one of the cameras. Whilst he is partly shrouded in shadow, his slightly absent stare and tilted head makes it look as if he is vaguely drunk.
  • Phone Guy's explanation of the music box. He tells you that winding it up keeps the animatronics from coming to look for you. How helpful! But then he tells you it doesn't affect all of the characters, but it does affect... one of them. *Awkward throat clear*

Let's Plays

  • The amazing lack of knowledge most LPers had about being able to use the flashlight while looking through the rooms. The trailer flat out showcased this, but it took either comments from watchers or getting to Night 2 to make them realize it.
  • Dan TDM played this game, and he played it in the dark, with a Minecraft torch as his only light source. When Chica jumpscared him, he FELL OFF HIS CHAIR! The name of the video is called FELL OF MY CHAIR.
  • Markiplier completely and entirely shits himself around the bots. By Night 4, all the bots have pretty much had a piece of him.
    Markiplier: Great! Now that I've died to everybody, can I move on please? note 
    • The Mangle takes up perch on the ceiling on Night 5. Mark ignores her, only for the expected to happen. Back on Night 4 she got into the office but proceeded to stay on the ceiling doing nothing except making her static noises for an entire minute, frustrating and distracting Mark enough to be killed by Withered Bonnie.
      Markiplier: What was I supposed to do, with him douching up the place?!
    • His reaction to finally seeing Golden Freddy on Night 6 is almost hysterical. His freak out is partly claiming he really did see Golden Freddy, because he had the flashlight on for literally a frame, making for a Freeze-Frame Bonus for the quick-eyed.
      Markiplier: Whoa whoa whoa what the fuck? What the f— NO, NO! NO— I saw Golden Freddy! I saw Golden Freddy! You can't fool me!
    • "Don't wake the baby!" becomes his Survival Mantra in terms of keeping the music box on and the Puppet at bay.
    • The second time Withered Bonnie manages to get into the office and catches him without his mask.
    Markiplier: HIIII! OH GOD AM I DEAD? I'M DEAD! I'M DEAD! I'M DEAD! (Withered Bonnie suddenly disappears and the lights come back on) What the fucking fuck?! That is not okay! So I just gotta hold still? Is that what I gotta do? (Withered Bonnie jumps him as he's looking at the camera) FUCK ME!!! (He breaks down into a sobbing wreck)
    • Nights 5 and 6 are pretty much death montages. Poor Mark getting frustrated with each defeat. Yet he still powered on regardless.
    • According to the comments, his 10/20 attempt took 9 hours. Sanity Slippage ensues.
    Markiplier: (Singing to the tune of Pop Goes the Weasel as the Marionette comes for him) I'm getting screwed! I'm getting screwed! I'm gonna be screwed! (Marionette attacks him) Very very soon! (Makes a bummed face at the camera)
  • Poor Yamimash, still not as lucky.
  • dlive also returns to the night duty. Surprisingly, the multiple deaths just make him more determined.
  • POiiSED once more brings out some hilarious scream-age.
    • He also still seems to think Bonnie, at least Old Bonnie, is a hippo.
  • Lord Minion 777 has a go and is equally terrified that the bots are double teaming you.
  • Despite rage quitting in the last game, PewDiePie gives the sequel a try.
    • He isn't scared of the new animatronics at all, because to him, they are incredibly cute. He also seems to have a crush on Toy Bonnie.
    • On Night 2, he proceeds to start calling Mangle Steve, like he did with Foxy in the first game.
    • After running out of power at 5 AM on Night 3 and then BB showing up, he simply puts on the Freddy suit, holds up both middle fingers in defiance of BB's presence, and waits while quoting Gandalf. The clock rolls over to 6 AM just as Old!Foxy starts his kill sequence.
    • Surprisingly enough, despite the game being harder than the first one, he actually managed to beat it.
    • He also fell in love with Toy Chica.
  • Jacksepticeye talks about how a video was attempting to make the first FNaF not as scary, mentions about Foxy jumping in, and immediately tries to ward off Toy Freddy after cranking the music box. He also mentions on how his subscribers complained about him not being scared for the first three nights in the first game... and then he promptly gets killed by Withered Foxy.
    Jack: AAAAH!!! (laughs hysterically) RIGHT when I fucking said it! (doubles over in giggles) Fuck you, Foxy, I didn't even see ya!
  • Dashie likewise tries part 2. Like many, he got annoyed by the Marionette very quickly.
  • Steam Train got back into the fray despite losing all enthusiasm to continue the first game (though they explained they honestly couldn't get beyond night 4). More scares, snarking, and panic were had.
    • Worth noting that in the fourth episode of their playthrough, the Steam Train crew actually called Markiplier for advice at 2 in the morning.
  • AzuriteReaction and his videos on FNAF2 can be funny, considering he's stated the games don't scare him.
  • After braving the first game, Hank Green tries his hand at the sequel.
  • Der Failure tries his hand at the game... with his friends and Fegelein cracking jokes at his expense (another day at the office) the entire time.
  • More FNAF fun with the 11 Drunk Guys.
  • MessYourself has a shot at the game with the Oculus Rift. Oh, the hilarity.
  • Kaiba plays FNAF2 after the hilarity that was Vegeta and Krillin playing the original.
    • As he sees Toy Chica and Toy Bonnie in each vent.
    Kaiba: I'm being double-teamed by cartoon animals! This is Pegasus's wildest fantasy come true.
    Kaiba: So far, my only friend in this game is the bear, and he is not my friend. I have no friends. Only really confused enemies.
    • Being caught off-guard by Joey- er, "Woody Allen". Which results in him getting eaten by Toy Chica.
    Kaiba: Oh yeah, Woody Allen? Go fuck yourse-
    Kaiba: AAAAAAH! I was killed by a duck! Just like in my nightmares. Damn you, Woody Allen! I mean Wheeler. Damn you, Yugi. I'm gonna beat this game if it's the last thing I do.
  • Fluttershy returns to play Five Nights at Freddy's 2. Cue random terrified gibberish.
  • GIRLS PLAY FNAF2. Highlights include all five of them completely missing the music box on their first go-round. A couple of them catch their mistake eventually, but by then it's already too late.
    • The first time Drea gets attacked by Toy Freddy. She screams at the top of her lungs and then just sits for a couple seconds, then she puts the mask on. Needless to say, she dies.
  • Kamoc (@tortoiseontour on Twitter) streams FNAF2 blind. He had never played even the first game before, and he was joined by KC Greenn, Chip Cheezum, and Voidburger. The first thing he did was immediately mute the Phone Guy (much to the consternation of his co-commentators), so he had no idea what to do or why he was doing it. Later on, after he's managed to get almost all the way through Night 2 without any deaths, Voidburger makes a comment that...well, the timing has to be seen and heard to be fully appreciated.
  • Polygon's gameplay overview with Justin and Griffin McElroy. Highlights include:
    • Griffin explaining the premise to Justin:
    Griffin: Are you familiar with the spoopy concept of the original?
    Justin: It’s like The Rock-afire Explosion right?
    Griffin: Yeah, but they wanna eat you.
    Justin: like The Rock-Afire Explosion.
    • Griffin getting scared by the Puppet after muting Phone Guy.
    • Griffin checking in with Justin:
    Justin: (obviously annoyed) This is not how I wanted to spend my afternoon, Griffin.
    • Griffin repeatedly calling Toy Bonnie a mouse and Foxy a wolf.
    • Toy Bonnie showing up.
    Griffin: (terrified singing) Oh, no, no no no no, no no no no—
    Justin: (laughing) Don’t like this!
  • Once again, Michael and Gavin try their hand.
    • Gavin has a can of Red Bull which he says is to help keep him calmer. The minute Michael turns on the flashlight and sees Toy Freddy in the hallway, Gavin jumps and spills it everywhere.
      • "He's going to walk up to us and finger our eyeholes!"
    • They get caught by Toy Bonnie and Gavin as usual flies back from the computer and across the room. Jack who is walking through bursts into laughter.
    • As he did when playing the first game, Gavin once again retreats to the corner of the room.



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