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     Jeremy Fitzgerald AKA Player Character 
Jeremy Fitzgerald is the murderer.
People seem to believe that the imagery in the mini-games confirms the Puppet's status as the murderer, but there are a couple things that say otherwise...
  • How is the puppet guilty of murders that haven't been committed yet?
  • The older robots have the normal "stuff-you-in-a-suit" M.O., to be sure, but they're supposed to be shut down. What about the new ones? They are linked to criminal databases, so they should be able to separate you from a criminal...unless you are a criminal in a database. After all, Chuck E. Cheese restaurants are notorious for their attraction of pedophiles.
    • That's why they try harder as the night goes on; they're determined to stop a known criminal.
    • They also reactivate the old robots in the hopes of killing you that way.
    • This also explains Night Four, when Phone Guy says that the animatronics are "acting very unusual, almost aggressive towards the staff. They interact with the kids just fine, but when they encounter an adult, they just...stare." They know that the crew of the restaurant are harboring a criminal; the crew doesn't know it.
      • Phone Guy also suggests their facial recognition and criminal database software has been tampered with, meaning they wouldn't be able to differentiate between staff and a criminal.
  • On Night Five, you are told that "the building is on lockdown, uh, no one is allowed in or out, y'know, especially concerning any...previous employees. Um, when we get it all sorted out, we may move you to the day shift, a position just became...available. Uh, we don't have a replacement for your shift yet, but we're working on it."
    • Why is the building on lockdown? Something happened, but it's clearly nothing to do with the robots because, as obfuscating as he is, Phone Guy would probably tell you about it. There's an opening in staff, but the way Phone Guy lets you know about it is ambiguous; either they fired someone who has not taken it well (as in Game Theory's analysis and the real-life incident that partially inspired the game), or an employee has been killed and the police are investigating it.
    • The only reason you aren't singled out and questioned is because no replacement has been found for your position (who would want it?). This gives you an opportunity to be in the the restaurant overnight.
  • On Night 6, Phone Guy tells you that there's been an incident involving the yellow Freddy outfit.
    • Jeremy (you) has killed whoever is responsible for the costume and used it to lure the five children to their deaths, the incident referred to in the original game.
    • The robots go berserk because they witnessed you killing children in their domain, hence Phone Guy saying they "aren't acting right" as well as the noticeable difficulty spike.
  • The Bite of '87 is heavily implied to take place after this level. It's possible that, during the birthday party, the robots just said "Fuck it," and took action against Jeremy, forcing him to live out the rest of his days minus his frontal lobe.
  • The Purple Man has a security guard's badge, and is shown in another minigame to kill one of the children. This all but confirms that the murderer was a security guard.
    • The Purple Man and the Purple Security Guard appear to be two separate people. Purple Security Guard appears to wear glasses, is a lighter shade of purple and is a noticeably different body type.
  • People are saying the Puppet killed the children because in the minigame where you control Freddy, you follow him to a room with dead bodies. But another minigame involves the Puppet placing animal heads on the children. What if the Puppet actually ran into Freddy and alerted him that Jeremy had kidnapped the children, and Freddy was actually following him to the scene of the crime, only for the Puppet to have to perform an Emergency Transformation on the children when he found they were too late to stop Jeremy from killing them?
  • Jossed. We have several clear views of Golden Freddy in this game; that is an animatronic suit. As the murderer wore it, no human could have done the deed, as being forced into it would, as we know, kill them.
    • It's possible he had a spare, since the Freddy mask shows that they can be worn safely somehow. And in fact, Golden Freddy appears as a disembodied head...
    • Phone Guy says "We had a spare in the back, a yellow one, the one used in..." which seems to imply the Golden Freddy was also used in an incident he doesn't want to speak of. On night two, he mentions that part of the reason they didn't use the old animatronics was because of "The smell..." This all seems to imply that the murder of the five children was committed long before the events of the second game, possibly at the previous 'Fredbear's Pizza'.
      • Though most people (including the FNAF Wiki) transcribe the line as "the one used in...", he's actually saying, "someone used it..."
    • The Golden Freddy head had wires and such hanging out of it. The suit was, in its present state, still animatronic, whereas the Freddy head worn by Jeremy was specially hollowed out for the night guard to use. Even ignoring the bits hanging out of the head, you can still see the metal in the joints of the Golden Freddy suit just as they were in the first game's Freddy suit in the "game over" screen; a human being couldn't have worn it and lived. For the latter, the place before was specifically stated to be a diner, and the murder occurred at "Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria". Thus, back to square one.
      • Not quite. The first murder, the one of the crying child, took place in the Diner. The Missing Children were kidnapped from the Pizzeria later on. Jeremy would have had plenty of time to use the spare yellow suit.
    • It's possible that Golden Freddy is, like in the first game, a hallucination, and is a sign of Jeremy's mental state degrading. Somebody who would dress up as a cartoon mascot, murder a bunch of kids, and stuff them into robots cannot be all that mentally stable to begin with. And after several nights of putting up with the robots, by night 6 he's really going nuts, imagining that the suit he wore is also a robot and is coming to get him as well. When it "kills" you, that might signify that he's had a total mental collapse.
    • Jossing Jossed; Golden Freddy was not the suit used for the murders, or at least not the one the Murderer wore, as 3 reveals. It also reveals a drawing of a purple guard with a large smile that is most likely Jeremy, as he had been told to stay close to the animatronics - which he is, specifically Toy Chica - at the end of the Night Six phone call.
      • Jossing Jossing Jossed. The Purple Man certainly isn't Jeremy. He was the one before Jeremy.

Jeremy is innocent of the murders

  • There are two interpretations:

> Although many have been theorizing Jeremy must've been the murderer since he foolishly came to work at the sixth night. It could also be argued that the animatronics have already been hostile to him since his first day. The tragedy happened before Jeremy started working. It's highly unlikely that a predator would come to work at a place where he just murdered, sure you could say that he was clearing of evidence, but after finding out about the homicidal animatronics, one should note that means Jeremy can never leave the "safety(?)" of his office.

Assuming the Day Shift Guy's shift ends at 6 p.m, and the Phone Guy is a security guard whose shift is 6 p.m to 12 p.m. while Jeremy's graveyard shift starts at 12 a.m. and ends at 6 a.m.

Then that makes the Phone Guy, the most likely culprit, as hinted by playing one of the death mini games. If not, the Phone Guy was present during the murders (if the theory of the Marionette is true). Jeremy can't have snuck in to clean up his mess, since there was another night guard during that period.

The animatronics' facial recognition is buggy, they can't tell which person is which. They lobotomized the recently transferred Jeremy, because Jeremy was the bait of murderer, thinking he would be spared if the animatronics believe they've just killed the would be serial killer.

> The reason why Jeremy came to work during his sixth night, might actually be pretty mundane. As soon as the management heard about the murders, they held a meeting requiring all employees to attend, informing all of their legal trouble while evaluating the employees. The strain of fear the animatronics gave Jeremy during his fifth night, made Jeremy extremely fatigued from all the panic, which made him miss the meeting during the day. The management tried to call him up, but to no avail. Jeremy was either too sick or "sound" asleep to notice anything.

> Why Jeremy doesn't quit his job is lost to me though....

> Or why he thinks it's a good idea to earn some overtime, in a pizzeria with obvious hazards.

> The fact that he came to work after the first night (and after that, he should know what is coming for him) means that he seriously needs money. Those who would accept $100.50 for a week in such a place must be really desperate.

  • Confirmed!

Jeremy and Fritz get stuffed into the old models if killed
Which is why the Gameover screen has Classic Freddy looking at them; he's looking at them in the back room the old models are kept. Jeremy gets stuffed into Classic Chicanote  and Fritz into Classic Bonnie. (Or vice-versa.)

  • Jossed, they both get stuffed in a spare Freddy suit. Ironically, two children named Jeremy and Fritz are stuffed inside Bonnie and Foxy.

Jeremy does have a criminal record, but it's for something minor like petty theft or shoplifting.
And the reason the Animatronics keep trying to come after him is because their twitchy systems have caused them to view all crimes as being equal.

  • Jossed. They are possessed.

Jeremy is stuck in a time loop
The game begins with Jeremy replacing the last night guard who was moved to day shift after one week. At the end of the week, Jeremy gets moved to day shift. He's stuck in an infinite loop of being moved to day shift and replacing himself on night shift only to get moved to day shift and replace himself on night shift only to...

  • Jossed.

Jeremy and Mike are the same person.
"Mike Schmidt" is a fake name. Furious at almost dying for a minimum-pay job, then being fired for it, Jeremy Fitzgerald dedicated himself to getting revenge on the company by exposing their dangerous animatronics. He needed time to better understand the animatronics and company, and to fake an identity. Afterwards he had enough evidence to expose them and put the company out of business.

     The Mascots 

Toy Foxy was a ventriloquist character.
Why? She wears a bow tie, a staple of a ventriloquist's suit, and she has two endoskeleton heads. Perhaps the second head wasn't added to her at all, since it has functioning eyes. The second head could have belonged to a mini-Foxy/Toy Foxy puppet that she controlled in her routine. It would also make sense since she takes the role of "entertainer", and a ventriloquist's act would allow her to tell stories and jokes while the kids eat. Not to mention that the Toy crew has designs resembling ventriloquist's dummies. It could also be a reference to Rolfe the Wolf, a doglike animatronic with a hand puppet. Here's a stylized picture to demonstrate.
  • That would explain why in a promo image, Toy Foxy is shown with a hook. It's not her hook- it's her puppet Foxy's hook. Her second head is rather good-sized, so it's possible her puppet could be desgined to have a large hook hand of a similar size to Foxy himself (possibly having a large head, large hands, and a smaller body and legs to give it a "cute" look).

The mascots start rampaging because they realize the murderer is on the loose before any of the adults do.

In this prequel, the robots are going nuts attacking the guard even before the dead bodies of the kids were stuffed inside them. It's understandable that the "haunted" suits in the first game would be going after the guard because they mistake him for the murderer as they want revenge. So what, if not the ghosts of the dead kids, is making the robots hostile, even homicidal? They're smarter than the adults running the pizzeria - they recognize one of the security guards as a risk - maybe even a pedophile. In this case, their attack is a preemptive strike against a possible threat. After the kids die, the older animatronics are still around and they decide the adults in charge are useless - after all, they don't understand what bleeding robots mean - so they switch from preventing a tragedy to vengeance-mode. Any way you slice it, the robots are trying to protect the children they consider themselves in charge of. The only thing that keeps them from being outright heroes is that they keep murdering innocent guards, not just the guilty ones. Unless there are things about Phone Guy and the protagonists that we don't know about...

  • Jossed. The original four are victims of the original set of murders while the new ones are possessed by the set we see in the Chase minigame.

The Marionette is the Crying Child from the death minigames.
You might want to sit down for all this. Okay, So, I'm going to start off with a particular death mini game before I begin. One game depicts 4 or so children being served food, (poisoned, of course, considering the fact that children seem to suddenly die on the premises of the restaurant), but then there's a fifth child, outside the window, crying. The purple man drives up and kills him before driving away. Now look at the puppet. See anything... familiar? Now let's count the children that die in the games altogether. 6 in the first one, and 5 in the foxy game. 11. 11 Children, 11 Robots, One robot bringing back 4 more. One minigame shows the puppet bringing back the original characters. So, who brought the puppet backs? No one. After his murder, he got so enraged at his murderer that he possessed the marionette, fittingly, to seek his revenge. However, the music boss keeps him from doing anything sufficient... So he brought back 4 others. He then controls those four children and forces them into four other suits, then makes them murder any adult they find, since they can't decipher what their murderers face looked like. Eventually, 6 others are brought back, the toy versions and the balloon boy. He also control them into attacking you. Now why would I say he's CONTROLLING THEM? Easy, Mangle's attempting to contact the police via a damaged radio (if you slow her noise down, it's a radio repeating the Lost connection Police Code 10-1), the animatronics scream in pain when they kill you (if you listen to the full files), and the puppet was the first to die, thus making it seem unfair and making him angrier and more powerful.

  • Confirmed! The Puppet is this kid and the first victim. However, a few things to point out:
    • The child is a girl.
    • The food isn't poisoned.
    • The Puppet is actually the most heroic of the robots, and the rest are more revenge-crazy then her.

The reason most animatronics are potrayed as Draco in Leather Pants
Is because the marionette is psychic and can hypnotise people. Forcing them to fanboy over them.

Golden Freddy is the true murderer, not the Marionette, and the series' Greater-Scope Villain.
It's quite possible that the purple man died and returned to haunt Golden Freddy, which would explain his immense powers. He killed the crying child back when he was a human, and the child resurrected as the Marionette, feeling upset that others had joined his fate, and created life for Freddy and the others, giving rise to the first game... Where the murderer (Golden Freddy) still haunts the company.

  • Jossed. Golden Freddy is another victim of the murderer or his son. However, the murderer becomes someone else... Springtrap.

The new machines are coming for you because of cross-contamination with the old machines
We've already seen Bonnie in a state of disrepair, and Foxy is looking more ragged than ever. If the New Freddy's is as cheap as the old one, it would make sense that they would use some existing parts from the old machines to save money. So perhaps putting parts from the old animatronics into the new ones has "infected" them somehow, and that's why the new mascots are walking around.
  • Plausible. Phone Guy says the original plan for the old animatronics was to use them for parts, so it's not unreasonable to think there was some cross-contamination.

The new mascots are going to think you're a suit without an endoskeleton.
Look at the image of New Chica. In the bottom right corner. Doesn't it look like she's dragging an endoskeleton behind her? The theory going around is that the old mascots will walk away if they see you wearing the mask, since they want to stuff you in an empty suit. What if the new mascots are doing the exact opposite? They'll see you wearing the mask and think you're a suit without an endoskeleton and then OH DEAR.
  • Thankfully Jossed, if you look closer at the image you will see New!Foxy's ear sticking out on the corner and considering New!Foxy is just a mask with a badly put together endoskeleton the endoskeleton in the picture is likely her's. Now why would she and New!Chica be traveling together.......

The new mascots and the old mascots will not get along.
Classic Freddy and his gang will not take kindly to being replaced, seeing the new mascots as Evil Knockoffs. The new mascots, meanwhile, will see the old mascots as Psycho Prototypes who threaten the safety of everyone in the restaurant. The security guard, meanwhile, is caught in the crossfire.
  • Jossed, the animatronics will double team you at every given opportunity.

New Chica will be a deconstruction/parody of the sexualized fanart of the first game
As is readily apparent at a glance, Chica's new design is surprisingly feminine and curvaceous compared to the original's more bulky and asexual form, similar to the earliest fanart/rule 34 of the characters. So expect a lot of Interplay of Sex and Violence that shows us that a sexy murderous robot is still a murderous robot.

The new animatronics are designed to prevent another child-luring murderer
The Greenlight page claims that the new animatronics are "...updated with the latest in facial recognition technology [and] tied into local criminal databases". Now, why would they have access to criminal databases, unless they're a preventative measure? Five kids got killed, and that shut the business down. The new animatronics are equipped to retaliate.

The marionette thing in the drawings is behind the murderous animatronics.
IT'S ME refers to him.

  • Confirmed. She gave them life.

There's going to be a ninth animatronic
Hey, Foxy was Sir Not-Appearing-in-This-Trailer in the first game, so who knows.
  • Or a tenth if you count Golden Freddy.
    • Confirmed. So far, we have the main four, both old and new, as well as Golden Freddy, The Marionette, and the Balloon Guy, making for eleven animatronics.

Female!Foxy is a victim of They Changed It, Now It Sucks!.
Somebody on the staff sees her as a Replacement Scrappy, and that's why there hasn't been any rush to repair the one at this location after she was trashed.
  • Alternatively, the (older?) kids who trashed Mangle to begin with were mad that the cool-looking pirate fox they knew and loved was replaced with a girly toddler-friendly version, and so they took their frustration out on it.

The old animatronics will turn the new ones against you.
The new guard may not have a criminal record and is safe from the facial recognition software. However, if the original suits are haunted, that means the ghosts are Technopathic. What is going to stop them from messing with the software to see the new guard as a threat regardless?
  • Jossed. Old and new all try to kill you.

The Marionette is possessed by the soul of a very small child
Possibly a baby. It is calmed by the lullaby from a music box and gets VERY upset when the music stops.
  • Don't wake the baby...
  • Confirmed. The child is three years old, if the books are anything to go by.

Foxy 2.0 is supposed to be a mime
Well look at his(or her) face, it looks exactly like a mime, and that he(or she) will creep around while creepy french music(or the boss theme from the Game Boy version of Contra 3) plays.

Mangle's static is her trying to get a hold of the criminal database
Remember when phone guy mentioned that the animatronics are 'tied to a criminal database'? That is exactly what Mangle might be doing. When you listen closely to the static that she produces, you can hear someone saying '10-1'. 10-1 is the police code on radios for 'bad signal/reception'. The reason why there's bad reception? It's because of her being messed up by the kids.
  • Alternatively, she's trying to contact the police, but can't because of the accumulated damage.

The Balloon Animatronic does not just do balloons, he is also an animatronic who serves ice cream
He looks like a Snowman. Or the Penguin from Batman. He probably has an ice cream dispenser inside him. He also looks like Mr. Blobby. He is probably another incomplete animatronic.

The marionette is the reason you keep coming back.
Think about it. As the night guard, all you can do is look left and right and trigger switches within reach. As Freddy in the cutscenes, all you can do is look left and right. And in the Night 4 cutscene, the Marionette is everywhere you look...

The Marionette in the first game is partially possessed by the new animatronics post Bite of '87
If the second game is actually a prequel, that is. Strengthens an above theory about how the Marionette believes metal has a life force; because it is aware that it is being possessed. In other words, the new animatronics aren't possessed, they simply have their own soul, and each of their souls possessed the Marionette, if that makes sense.

  • Nah, she has her own soul.

Balloon Boy is a Nazi.
He's from a different universe. That's why there are so many of them. They're clones.I was only kidding about the clone thing. He's only a prick.

"Mangle" is supposed to be Foxy's girlfriend.
Whoever her character is supposed to be, she (or at least, the animatronic mask on her endoskeleton) looks like Foxy's Distaff Counterpart. So she's supposed to be the pirate wench to his swashbuckling captain; possibly the First Mate.

Freddy is the only animatronic not haunted.
Freddy himself may be the only animatronic not haunted. As there are likely at least eleven murdered children, that we know of anyway, it accounts for almost everyone. But there are twelve animatronics, counting the old ones, the toy ones, the Marionette, and Golden Freddy. We know the toy ones become haunted at some point, because after the murders of the second game, they start to just stare at the adult staff. And Freddy himself is special. In the first game, he's the only one who doesn't immediately rush you at the first opportunity, like someone starved for revenge would be. He sits back, waits a few days, and learns your patterns. He is the most methodical and cold out of them, because he is a machine. And because he isn't being haunted by anything, he just hates, hates hates hates security guards.

  • Jossed.

The animatronics are haunted... but not by children.
If you look at the bodies in the "Give Gifts/Give Life" minigame (and also the Chase minigame), they don't use the "dead child" sprite image from the Foxy minigame or the "Take Cake To The Children" minigame. Instead, the bodies resemble the only grown-up we see in the mini games — the Purple Man. If this is accurate, it means that Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy are inhabited not by the spirits of children, but by the spirits of adults.

  • Jossed. They are kids.

The bots had been tampered with before you got the job
The previous guard hacked them (or some of them, at least) during his week for less-than-acceptable reasons, and then got himself transferred to the day shift to avoid Hoist by His Own Petard, leaving the next sucker to take the job forced to cheat death for five nights straight. Given the...unpleasant implications of what he got up to during your week, it probably wouldn't be too farfetched for him to pull off some sabotage on the place's most iconic feature. Maybe he did even more tampering during your week just before you came in for work using the Golden Freddy suit to avoid getting brutalized (along with a certain aforementioned other use), considering no one seems to catch on to his acts until sometime between Nights 3 and 4 with his job just happening to open up a day later. (Note that this is around when the game goes from difficult to ridiculously difficult.)

The Marionette is an outlier, and acts independently of these problems, hence the bizarre pattern.

The Marionette's purpose in Freddy's...
...was to be the alarm.

The game states that the animatronics had facial recognition software and access to criminal databases. All well and good, but there is a logistics problem: during peak hours, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy are up to their armpits in fussy, hyperactive children. The "SAVE HIM" minigame shows that the animatronics can get so busy entertaining children that they don't notice when there's danger at the door. At least one child, and possibly more, died because of this oversight.

That's where the Marionette would come in. It was posted at the prize counter in the main dining hall, so it could clearly see everyone coming into Freddy's, and everyone in Freddy's could see it. It's designed so that anyone looking at it will be drawn to look directly at its face, providing it with a clear facial recognition scan. If a person is flagged in the criminal database as a potential threat, the Marionette would use wireless or radio transmission to alert security and coordinate the Fazbear Gang into position between the kids and the would-be predator.

So what happened?

The Marionette's old friends and coworkers got scrapped by Freddy's staff and replaced with new animatronics, with no warnings or explanations given to it, immediately followed by the new pizzeria's Grand Reopening. The new Fazbear animatronics are suddenly overwhelmed with kids to entertain, with Foxy getting torn apart daily. Foxy's damage reports have eaten up all the communications bandwidth, so the Marionette can't raise its security alerts when a Murderer walks right into the place and starts shopping for victims.

Crown it all with the staff not giving a rat's ass, you've got one very pissed-off Marionette at the start of Jeremy's week on night watch.

  • Confirmed! She was made to protect one child and one child only - The daughter of the pizzeria's owner. She failed, she got possessed by the kid, and the rest is history.
The naked endoskeleton is Sparky the Dog
The naked endoskeleton has Foxy-like ears (dogs are relatives of the fox), he is non-aggressive, like it is said Sparky was, and it would hardly be the first piece of Ascended Fanon in the game.

The New Crew and the Old Crew's personalities
Toy Freddy. A kindly, cheerful bear, always encouraging and has nice and often wise things to say. Never seen frowning or grumpy and never speaks a harsh word. Also, the bear never lies.

  • Jossed. He can be grumpy.

Toy Chica. Cheerful and especially interested in what the kids draw and write and make. Doesn't like how the cleanup crew don't do their jobs very well (filth on the walls, things laying about).

  • Jossed.

Toy Bonnie. Puts on a metaphorical mask around the children to fit in with Chica and Freddy, but actually behaves in a no-nonsense manner when around adults only or with the other animatronics. Takes on the role of primary security officer during the night and when he can during the day, which is why he's usually the first into Jeremy's office; he's concerned about whether or not he's a proper security man or just a schmuck trying to make a buck that doesn't give a rat's ass about Mister Fazbear's establishment.

  • Jossed. He's kinda thinking about himself and himself only.

Toy Foxy/Mangle. Very happy and rather innocent. Foxy doesn't speak; the second head does instead. Foxy's head can only emit local broadcast signals. Doesn't like being called the 'Mangle'. She loves kids, and is perfectly happy with letting them do as they will with her, encouraging it sometimes.

  • Jossed. She hated being taken apart and both heads can talk.

Balloon Boy. Not actually meant to be an animatronic; is cursed into being able to move and disrupt electronics like the flashlight. May even be part of the reason the Toy crew are trying to kill Jeremy instead of protect the joint. Has no personality besides stock noises he makes during the day with a proximity sensor and when deploying fresh balloons.

The Puppet. Incredibly cheerful and child friendly animatronic. Doesn't come into direct physical contact with children or leave his box. Kids wind up the music box, and he pops out when it ends, eliciting cheers and laughter as he smiles and gives out free toys, even roping other animatronics into the act if they show up and giving them one too. Completely mime, uses exaggerated gestures and poses that children understand to get across his meaning.

Freddy. Old and cranky about being dumped for parts only. Fully functional.

Chica. Damaged and desperate for help. Can't make proper sounds aside from a scrambled 'HELP' followed by horrible screeches.

  • Jossed. She can talk.

Bonnie. Almost mindless, only wants his face back. Makes horrible sounds when making a move to reacquire his face, whether it be from a staff member or new Bonnie...

  • Jossed. He's a master at face-related puns.

Foxy. Deranged and pissed off about being replaced by new Foxy. Is especially pissed off that all his pirate themed stuff is gone, and blames both staff members and new Foxy, which is why she sticks to the roof where he can't reach her. Without her to lash out at, he beelines for the guard. In his rage, he ignores the Freddy Fazbear mask Jeremy wears.

The bare endoskeleton is gaslighting you
The Golden Freddy suit happens to be one of its favorite toys for this. You end up dying due to the terror caused by this finally driving you over the edge.
  • Jossed.

Golden Freddy in the third game will try and build an army, if not his own robots to further mind screw the protagonist
"What can we use" seems to be pointing toward this, especially with the brightened up picture where Golden Freddy is SPOTTED.

  • Jossed. The robot isn't even Golden Freddy.

The handprints on Freddy's face are from The Purple Guy
During the minigame where Freddy chases the Marionette across the pizzeria, there's sometimes a screen where a purple man comes towards Freddy, holding something in his hand, then the screen blanks. Some people think the Purple Guy is holding a phone, but another theory exists that he's holding some kind of taser or something else that could short-circuit the robots. (Sorta like how the flashlight supposedly causes Foxy's system to reset). Freddy knew what the device did and tried to attack Purple Guy when he came at him- the screen blacks out because he touches Freddy with it, but maybe Freddy managed to grab him for a second and Purple Guy had to shove him off.

The Puppet is the only one who is revenge hungry, the others are forced to go with it.
OP here speaks as the writer of Dante's Night at Freddy's and its sequel and has this theory from the story to propose. Assuming the Purple Man's first victim became The Puppet, we know he is thirsty for vengeance of his murder. And he, most likely, stuck the souls of other murdered children into the animatronics so they could join him in seeking vengeance. But whoever said the kids wanted revenge? Dying sucks, for sure, but The Puppet appears to be the only one who brought himself back on what might have been his own terms. Maybe the other kids just wanted to go to the afterlife, and The Puppet forced them to stay and is making them commit their evil acts because it's the only way they can move on. Judging by the night four cutscene, he's sticking around Freddy, Bonnie and Chica whether they like it or not, and they keep trying desperately to kill anyone who could be mistaken for the murderer so they can escape. Frankly, this makes everything sadder and The Puppet the biggest, most selfish bastard of them all.

  • Jossed. Hell, she's the only one that isn't acting like an animal.

The Puppet was originally created as a memorial for the first murdered child
When the child was murdered as seen in the SAVE HIM minigame, the owners at the time (presumably of Fredbear's Family Diner) created a special mascot as a memorial. That mascot was the Puppet which, unknown to anyone, had become possessed by the spirit of that same child.
  • Jossed. She was made to protect her.

Classic Freddy and/or Golden Freddy's real name is Fredbear
The diner predating the location in the second game was, after all, named "Fredbear's Family Diner." Fredbear's name got changed to "Freddy Fazbear" in the first game to go with the reboot-type feel they were going for and to put a little more distance between them and the past locations ("Fredbear's Family Diner" turns into "Freddy Fazbear's Pizza").

  • Half-confirmed for Golden. They are related, but not exactly the same.
Toy Chica was made as a Parental Bonus, or by a furry.
Explains why she's sexualized.

The Puppet is female.
She isn't disabled during the Lady's night preset, while all other male ones (Sans Mangle, if you count it as a male) are. note 

  • Confirmed!

The mascots are based around a Merchandise-Driven TV Show.
Much like Transformers, Fredbear's Family Diner has a show in order to sell merchandise like toys. Based on FNaF 4, it started as "Fredbear and Friends" in 1983. However the Bite of '87 caused negative PR, forcing them to reboot the cartoon as "Fazbear and Friends." The toy animatronics were made mainly to promote this reboot, and because the Bite of '87 caused a moral outrage that forced them to change things. Each mascot had a role:
  • Originally, Fredbear (aka Golden Freddy) was either the main character, or the Big Good that the Fazbear gang defers to. However causing the Bite of 87 resulted in a Chuck Cunningham Syndrome. Freddy Fazbear replaced it as the main character, though still played a role in the old show
    • He didn't do The Bite of '87.
  • Bonnie played a friendly role as the Deuteragonist, being one of the older animatronics. Springtrap, back when he was Golden Bonnie, was the older friend of Bonnie. Golden Bonnie was the one who, in-universe, made Fazbear's/Fredbear's Pizza
  • Chica's "let's eat" motto comes from being the character who would shill the product. In the show, she was the most interested with pizza, and served as The Smurfette. Toy Chica was her graduation to being the Ms. Fanservice of the group, or maybe just a Parental Bonus.
  • Foxy, as suggested in the Fnaf 1 WMG, was the villain. Originally based around stealing pizzas, he became the Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain. Think Team Rocket from the anime with the motives of Plankton. Fans loved him. Mangle was the Replacement Scrappy big-time. They tried fixing it with bringing Foxy back, but the negative reaction to Mangle mixed with the events of Fnaf 2 resulted in the rebooted show being cancelled
  • Balloon Boy was made to be the Audience Surrogate of the group
  • The Marionette, given what he's designed as, probably wasn't intended to be in the show

Mangle is both male and female.
It has two heads and, as seen in the FNAF World trailer, they each have minds of their own, so one head is male and the other is female. Now which ones are which?

  • Confirmed, I think?

Mangle is a genderfluid or bigender character.
The story is that at least someone at Freddy's was way ahead of their time or identified as non binary and wanted to promote tolerance of people who are outside the gender binary, so Mangle really is both a female and a male and is refered to as both he/him and she/her. However, because the game takes place in the 80s, kids weren't able to comprehend or accept it and disliked Mangle partly because of that. Let's be real, we all know how some kids react to LGBT kids even now...

Mangle in an amalgamation of two or more characters.
Despite Toy foxy being a character designed to look like a female version of foxy Scott keeps trolling the fandom with addressing the character as both male and female. Maybe this could be because the character is not just what is left of the dismantled toy foxy, but maybe could also have parts from scrapped animatronics just randomly thrown in. Which could be why Scott keeps referring to the character as both male and female.

     Phone Guy 
Phone Guy is still very much dead
But since people murdered in Fazbear's have a tendency to come back to life as malevolent spirits possessing machinery... well, it seems our dear friend on the phone is actually IN the phone.
  • So basically, he's Ness's dad?
  • His voice sounds really electronic. If that's not from the phone being a crummy phone, then it might be.
    • And now we know it's a very good phone. For 1987, at least.
  • Confirmed, sort of. Phone Guy wasn't resurrected, he hasn't even died yet. The game is a prequel.

Phone Guy is the original owner of Freddy Fazbear's, trying to Set Right What Once Went Wrong.
Long ago, Phone Guy created Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria as a small business. For whatever reason (I'm gonna go with someone approached him with the idea of franchising or he needed the money) he ends up selling the idea to a corrupt company who ended up commissioning the killer robots. Unable to stop them or go public with the news (perhaps the company's blackmailing him or discrediting him somehow), the only thing he can do is call the night guard and hopefully talk them through the nights. The part where he supposedly 'died' was him trying to throw the company off his trail. He's likely in hiding now.
  • Jossed. He's an Ascended Fanboy and late in the week he mentions management is trying to contact the original owner of the first diner.

The Phone Guy had a Freddy costume.
The reason why the Phone Guy survived is because he was wearing a Freddy costume in his stint as a nights watch, which is how he survived for a long time there. The fist three message has him working while he has a costume, and on the fourth he didn't have the Freddy mask on when Freddy attacked him and he had to grab it in a nick of time, the fifth message was broken because his recorder was damaged. The reason why Mike didn't have one is because the owners were probably cheap and stupid, and only had one for the Phone Guy. Now the new guy has a Freddy mask, as Mike probably gave them the advice on giving the new night watch his own mask.
  • Jossed. It's a prequel. He hasn't died yet.

The Phone Guy has a split personality.
While reading the theory that the Phone Guy's the murderer, this troper was wondering why on Night Six his tone just rings of My God, What Have I Done?. Sure, he could've been faking it, but why would he? This was coming from the guy who was all chipper about the animatronics coming to kill you, so why would he let child murders get to him? This got this troper thinking. What if the Phone Guy killed them under the influence of a split personality, and came to only after the deed had been done? Then, panicked, and horrified, he stuffed their bodies into the animatronics. He now recorded messages for the night guards after him, guilt-ridden that the animatronics are going to be going after someone else completely innocent. This could also explain why he only says "Oh no..." when the 'bots finally get him. He blames himself for what happened, and believes he's getting what he deserves.
  • Correction: the Puppet is the one who stuffed the bodies, as seen in the Give Gifts minigame.
  • Perhaps it's a result of the Marionette using some sort of evil magic on him. He's aware that something's wrong with the puppet, but he's forced to enact his wicked designs.
    • The puppet is a vengeful spirit implied to be one of his victims, so doubtful.
  • Possible, as Five Nights at Freddy's 4 has him helping somebody into Spring Bonnie's Suit like a normal person. Assuming, of course, that he is indeed Purple Guy.
  • Jossed. He's not the killer.

Phone Guy used to go to Fredbear's
as a kid......And that's why he constantly downplays the blatant danger the animatronics pose in the first game. It's not because management is breathing down his neck, he's just flat-out in denial. Listen closely to his first phone call. He sounds almost defensive when he talks about the animatronics, and then there's this bit from the first night of the first game's phone call:

"Blah blah blah, now that might sound bad, I know, but there's really nothing to worry about. Uh, the animatronic characters here do get a bit quirky at night, but do I blame them? No. If I were forced to sing those same stupid songs for twenty years and I never got a bath? I'd probably be a bit irritable at night too. So, remember, these characters hold a special place in the hearts of children and we need to show them a little respect, right? Okay."

When he mentions children, he's also talking about himself. And if the point I made in the WMG two up (the one claiming that the site of the "new and improved" Freddy Fazbear's is cursed) about how the original place was likely harmless is correct, it's pretty plain to see why he's upset. The original, harmless characters were a very dear part of his childhood, and poor phone guy doesn't want to believe the classic characters from his youth are really homicidal maniacs.

And it's pretty clear in the second game that he flat-out loves the characters. He says as much several times throughout the various night messages. Even though adults often find these kinds of things creepy, the only one Phone Guy ever speaks ill of is The Marionette, which we have no reason to believe was part of the original set of characters, and, if my aforementioned theory is correct, would probably be far more justifiably creepy than the others. Note how Phone Guy just says "But it does affect... one of them," like he doesn't like talking about it. That's a pretty significant contrast in reactions.

Which brings me to the final point why this makes so much sense: it gives Phone Guy one of the most coherent reasons many people can think of for why anybody would stick with this job for so long for such shitty pay. He's doing it out of a misplaced desire to vindicate his childhood and demonstrate to himself that it wasn't all a lie.

  • Maybe? He's worked in the pizzeria since 1983, and Fredbear's is implied to be opened since 1973.

Phone Guy is the murderer.
It's reported that Word of God stated either Mike or Phone Guy had a hand in the missing children incident. There is no evidence of Mike being present in the first game, and it seems a bit strange that Phone Guy would want to continue working at this place years down the line if he really knows what he's in for. From Fritz's termination notice on night 7, it's noted that he's employee number 3, meaning he must have been the third person hired. Many believe this to mean the Phone Guy is Fritz, but Fritz is also the third and last living person we're actually in any way introduced to and he's fired after working one night. It also seems unlikely that Phone Guy would be rehired for the job if that were the case, or that he would willingly choose to work there at night if he knew what he was in for as the whole point of Mike taking on the job in the first game was to replace Phone Guy. It can be assumed that Jeremy is the second employee if Fritz was hired to replace him, but that leaves the question of Phone Guy and the unnamed first night security he mentions who switched to day shift. Thing is, it has also been noted that Phone Guy is an Unreliable Narrator, and we only have his word for it that there was another night security who moved to days. In addition, it's never fully explained what Phone Guy's role in this game is supposed to be as opposed to the first game where he outright stated he was the night shift. If Jeremy is working the nights and someone else is security during the day, what is Phone Guy doing? Also, something else to consider is that the animatrons were already acting up before you/Jeremy even started working there, and from certain statements in Phone Guy's calls, implications about the missing children come as early as night two. It makes sense and is implied that the animatrons started acting up in the first place BECAUSE of the murders, as the mini games suggest. It also puts his statement on day 4 of the first game in perspective when he asks what it'd be like inside the suits...
  • What if Phone Guy was the previous night guard who had been moved to the day shift? That would explain the purple-suited figure in the minigames; it was Phone Guy. Maybe he'd started out as the night security guard (maybe even at the original "Fredbear's") so he could take advantage of the business to lure children there; then he learned to reprogram the animatronics to help him. Assuming they were self-aware, due to their programming or due to being already haunted by his victims, they may have really wanted to save the kids in the death minigames, but were prevented from helping or even forced to participate in their murders by Phone Guy (see the "you can't" version of the S-A-V-E-T-H-E-M minigame.) Maybe the "Give Gifts/Give Life" minigame doesn't depict a murder scene, but the Puppet happening upon some of Phone Guy's already-dead victims and innocently trying to "give them life" the only way it could think of, by stuffing them into animatronic suits. Maybe it was the Puppet that gave the other animatronics the idea of hunting down Phone Guy, and that's why he dislikes the Puppet and remarks about it "thinking" too much. So he switched to the day shift and set up some patsy (Jeremy) to take his place at night hoping the animatronics would kill you, thinking you're him, and be satisfied. When that doesn't work, he tampers with the animatronics' facial recognition system. He obviously doesn't seem to believe he's in a criminal database or he would have done it sooner; either he got nervous after all, or he disabled it entirely thinking it was stopping them from killing you. This theory also explains why the animatronics are relatively docile at the start and get more aggressive as the nights go on, from both the mundane and magical angles. As the week goes on, the animatronics (or their ghosts) are getting progressively more enraged as Phone Guy continues to get away with his crimes; alternately, or additionally, each time Phone Guy sees his patsy walk out of the restaurant alive, he reprograms the animatronics to be more aggressive the next night. That would seem to indicate that Jeremy is the victim of the Bite of '87; the animatronics thought they'd only get one more chance to take revenge on (or "save") Phone Guy, so he put Jeremy on the day shift intentionally so they'd mistake him for Phone Guy. His evasive dialogue on the last couple nights seems to support this. If the theory about the suits being haunted and trying to "save" people by shoving them into other suits is also true, then he could have even programmed them specifically to attack the day guard on that day for a more mundane purpose, like being able to pin the murders on malfunctioning hardware. That would easily explain why the Bite of '87 is so inconsistent with other known animatronic attacks.
    • Bonus thought: Fritz could still be Phone Guy. He could have applied for the Custom Night under some kind of alias. AND/OR it could be that he didn't care if he got fired for tampering with the animatronics, because he only took the job as a cover to get rid of the evidence of his prior tampering.
  • As seen here, the Purple Man Freddy can encounter in the post-death minigames looks like he's holding a phone receiver.
    • Not to mention when the Purple Man is in Foxy's cove, he's got that big smile on his face. He did say Foxy was his favourite.
  • Also, think of the creepy cutscenes between nights. You're stuck inside the Freddy suit. You can't move. You can only look around. And there are Bonnie, Chica, Golden Freddy, and the Puppet all staring at you creepily and even glaring at you outright. What reason would they have to do that unless you were someone they didn't like? And who would they have pretty good reason not to like? The killer. And who is the only human we know of who was stuffed into a Freddy suit in canon?
  • Jossed so hard Scott himself killed it.

Phone Guy isn't the murderer. He did, however, partake in the cover-up.
Taking a look at the character in the Death Minigames, if you look at the Purple Man and compare him with the Purple Man security guard, you'll notice a number of differences: he's a different shade of purple, his body's different, and he's wearing what seems to be glasses in addition to the phone-like object he's holding. However, possibly because of denial and wanting Fazbear's Pizza to be the best it can be, he's willing to walk around the blood-soaked ruins of the place and possibly scrub them down to prevent anyone from finding out about the murders.
  • Jossed. The two Purple Men are the same person.

Phone Guy is not the Murderer.
...but he was the security guard who stopped Freddy in the minigame. His mood in the Night 6 phone call may have been him realizing what that caused to happen. As for the murderer in the games holding a phone, well, everyone in that office uses one. Or it could be the animatronics considering him responsible on some level.
  • Jossed.

Expanding on the above...
Notice the differences in the two sprites. These are clearly not the same person, especially seeing how no one else in those Easter Eggs has two separate sprites. Additionally, notice how the security guard both looks like the Marionette and has the same Glowing Eyes of Doom as many of the animatronics. This suggests, assuming that the security guard is indeed him, that Phone Guy was being Mind Controlled in some fashion, being used as a puppet by the Marionette to stop Freddy from pursuing it.
  • Jossed. They're the same person.

Phone Guy is not Fritz. Fritz is/was the original guard for the Toy location.
Fritz was, of course, fired, yet the Phone Guy is still doing security at the place a decade or so later after the Bite of '87, which occurred the day Jeremy was first switched up and Fritz took over. Seeing as Phone Guy still works for Freddy Fazbear's, he can't be Fritz. There were three to four night guards at the new location: the first guy stayed for a weekish before being switched to working the Day, and then Jeremy was brought on (Phone Guy says Jeremy was the second guard for the location). After Jeremy is switched to the Day shift as well, Fritz takes over, is promptly fired, and Phone Guy is hired until he dies (seeing as there's no point shifting him around). Phone Guy likely didn't take over immediately, as he seems responsible for showing trainees the ropes, so he and Jeremy were on the Day shift during the Bite. Fritz was not present, and was asked to serve the night shift either because Jeremy and Phone Guy were being questioned about the incident, or because Phone Guy was there during the Day shift showing Jeremy the ropes of being a Day guard. Fritz tampers with the AI to keep them at bay (as there is no canonical thing he could do, let's assume he turned them all down to 0 or so) because he knows they'll come for him and what they can do.

     The Bite of ' 87 
The one Responsible for the Bite of '87
No, it's not Foxy. It's Mangle!

Let's see, Mangle kept getting turned into scrap metal by the Kids because they just had to touch her, the workers repair her, and rinse and repeat till the workers said "Screw this!" and Mangle is now a "break-and-put-together" attraction. On Night 6, we find out from the Phone Guy that something happened with a yellow Freddy costume and that tomorrow is a birthday party for a child.

Think about it, an animatronic who was turned into a break-apart toy with VERY pointy teeth available for every child around. and a birthday that's about to happen with god knows how many kids the birthday child is about to bring. Mangle is a trap that's just waiting to snap.

  • While certainly plausible (it's a miracle that no mentions were made of kids injuring themselves with the pieces of the animatronic), it doesn't explain why the other three animatronics are disposed of afterwards. After all, the incident could have been blamed on the Mangle being one big pile of junk, and the management could have kept the other ones for later.
    • The new animatronics all came from the same 'generation' of animatronic. Likely they scrapped the entire generation because of a 'flaw' that caused the bite rather than risk another one of them biting someone else.
  • There is also the theory the victim for the Bite of '87 isn't one of the kids, in which case Mangle is just another suspect, though one of the more likely ones, as she's still going, sorta, in use, and thus in contact with the party.
    • In fact, the Bite coming after the Missing Children Case makes it unlikely that a child was involved. The mascots were, as Phone Guy notes, just fine with children. Whenever they encountered adults, though, they "just stare".

Five Nights at Freddy's 3 will finally solve the bite of '87, who murdered the kids, and who bit the adult/kid/whoever.
As a way for Scott to move onto a new game to make and to keep the fandom happy.
  • Jossed with 3, though 4 might have solved it with Golden Freddy being the culprit.
    • It turns out that there was another bite.
  • The identity of the killer is solved in the sixth game, where it's revealed he is/was the restaurant's co-owner.

The Bite of '87 was an act of cannibalism by the purple guy/murderer
Keep in mind phone guy never exactly said that the bite was caused by an animatronic. Maybe purple guy is a friend/relative of Hannibal or is just a cannibal
  • As for how he got to the brain, well, that's what knives are for.
  • Jossed.

The Bite of '87 already happened!
It's the real reason why Phone Guy said a position just became available and is also the reason he tells you to make sure the animatronics don't hurt anyone.
  • Nah, Jeremy is the victim.

     The Missing Children Incident 

Another set of murders happened at Freddy Fazbear's
And the reason we haven't heard of it? The higher-ups at Fazbear's managed to cover it up really well this time, to the point where the new murderer and murder victims never even appeared in the public eye. By now they've had experience doing the same with "missing" employees.So essentially, there are now two generations of robots haunted by murderers and murdered children. If the plot ever came to a huge conclusion, it would be through the crimes of the Fazbear corporation being exposed to the world, finally putting the spirits to rest.
  • This actually seems plausible, assuming the information from the death minigames is accurate. Foxy's Game is most likely in the FNAF1 Freddy's — note the purple curtains, which aren't in the FNAF2 version. The Give Gifts/Give Life minigame can only take place in this version or the original ("Fredbear's Family Diner"), given it takes place in Prize Corner, and since the Marionette puts the heads of Bonnie, Chica, Freddy and Foxy on the dead kids before the fifth child shows up in the center, that makes the original more likely. Finally, there are five dead bodies scattered around the map where you chase the puppet. That gives us dead bodies at three different Freddy's.
  • Kinda-confirmed. Dead bodies at two different Freddy's, and AT LEAST three decades later, the murders were covered up by the company.

The Missing Children incident happens during Five Nights at Freddy's 2 and the Bite of '87 happens shortly afterward.

The "Take Cake to the Children" minigame is a flashback that shows the Freddy animatronic "hosting" a birthday party at the Family Diner, not the Pizzeria. He saw a child (possibly a homeless or neglected kid) outside looking in on the birthday party. This is backed up with the gameplay: if you stop bringing cake, the children at the party turn red (ie, they get upset) because you aren't doing what you're supposed to be doing— you're malfunctioning. Being unable to leave the party, Freddy was forced to watch the child outside be raped/molested and then killed by the Purple Man.

The spirit of that kid was stuck at the Diner and possessed the Puppet, but although the murder went unsolved, it didn't go unnoticed. That is why the Fazbear robots are linked to a criminal database: the database is specifically a sex offender registry. But since the Purple Man was never caught, he isn't in the database.

Sometime later, after the animatronics had been repurposed as Freddy Fazbear robots, The Purple Man got ahold of the Golden Freddy costume, and lured the five children into the pizzeria after hours. As per the events of SAVETHEM minigame, the Puppet activated Freddy and tried to lead him to the murderer in the hope that Freddy would rescue the five victims, but in the minigame, if Freddy encounters the Purple Man, the game ends and the "you can't" message appears, suggesting that Freddy found the murderer and was either overpowered, or just too late to help the victims.

This leads us to the FOXY minigame: Foxy's gimmick is to rush out from the stage and make a grand entrance. If the Purple Man is the Murderer, he was wearing the Golden Freddy costume while he did the deed, it would explain why Foxy can't be fooled by a Freddy Mask in FN@F2. Foxy didn't rush out to the "party" of five kids when "Golden Freddy" was there because he only goes out to the kids when they're alone (possibly as part of a script; being a pirate, Foxy might be a Hamburglar-style villain who shows up to cause mischief once one of the other 'bots aren't around), so once the Purple Man left the room, Foxy registered the kids as alone and rushed out to do his thing, only to find them all dead. Now he knows damn well a human might be in a costume and won't fall for it again.

And, finally, the Give Gifts, Give Life minigame. The Puppet, the previous victim of the Purple Man, had just watched five more children die the same way he did, and the Purple Man got away with it again. Lacking all other recourse and empowered by hate and revenge the way ghosts tend to be in vengeful spirit stories, the Puppet sealed the souls of the murdered children into the Fazbear animatronics.

Here's the thing: on the Sixth Night, the Phone Guy says the place was closed down because of an incident where someone used an extra suit and the player is not supposed to be there, but also that since then, the animatronics have been acting funny. We know that on June 28th, a man was arrested on a similar charge, but the game takes place in November, so why would it take that long for the robots to notice?

It didn't.

The Missing Children incident is happening during the week Jeremy is guarding the pizzeria, because he is the Purple Man. He lures children into the pizzeria using the Golden Freddy costume (that he only has access to because he works there) and stows them in his office, works his shift, and then has plenty of time to do whatever he wants with them and bring them back to his place. One each night, until the end of the week, when he brings them all in, kills them, and disposes of their bodies in the robot suits. That's why he comes in on Night 6, to set up the idea that he didn't know the murders had been committed. He also used a costume the same way the June kidnapper had: in other words, he's a copycat killer. He has time before his shift (from close until midnight) and after his shift (from 6 am to whenever it opens) to do whatever he wants in the building while the robots are in their "day mode" and no one is watching the cameras. Keep in mind, the cameras are only active when someone is watching them, and there are no cameras in the security office.

That's why the robots are coming for him all week and get more and more aggressive as the days progress. They're capable of detecting child predators and they're designed to protect children. They're not just coming for the player, they're coming to rescue the tied-up kid behind his chair. That's why Balloon Boy is harmless, even friendly, and hides under the desk: he's trying to comfort the victim and reassure him that help is on the way. His cheerful "Hi!" and "Hello!" sound an awful lot like prompts, and he's the only one of the bots who can talk. He's probably designed to get kids to introduce themselves, but since the kid he's talking to is unable to respond, all he can do is repeat himself over and over.

Which brings us to The Bite of '87.

Jeremy Fitzgerald was the bite victim. The sixth night phone call points out that someone "used" the extra costume (Golden Freddy; we know what he was used for) and now all the animatronics are "acting funny", but Jeremy is expected to finish out his shift and then go to oversee the birthday party the next day... in his uniform.

One of the animatronics (I'd say Freddy or Foxy) bit Jeremy's in the head because they recognized him from the murder scene. Freddy and Foxy both could have seen him after he killed the kids, but think about it: If the animatronics saw him outside of the Golden Freddy suit, he would have been in his guard's uniform because he would have been either coming to or leaving work!

And that's why they attack all the other night shift security guards from then on. They can't tell that Mike and Phone Guy aren't him because they're still wearing the same uniform.

  • There was a second Missing Children Incident happening at the second game's pizzeria. And the biter of '87 was Mangle.

The murderer was trying to get the pizzeria closed down so nobody would have to risk their lives during the night shift again.

The murderer, if he wasn't Jeremy Fitzgerald, was most likely the guy before him. It's quite likely that after being moved to the day shift, Jeremy's predecessor realized that they would most likely get someone else to fill in his old position. After having experienced the horrors of the night shift himself, the guy before Jeremy realized that Fazbear Entertainment would put countless others at risk of suffering what would've surely been his fate if he hadn't gotten so lucky. He probably realized he couldn't go to the police about it, because they'd either laugh at him at best, or commit him to a mental hospital at worst. He ultimately came to the conclusion that the only way to protect people from the night shift would be to get Freddy Fazbear's pizza closed down for good. However, he knew it wouldn't be easy. Despite any problems they may have had from the old place, Freddy Fazbear's Pizza seemed to bounce back from that quite nicely. So, he decided that he needed to give the pizzeria a PR nightmare they could never recover from. Thus, he committed the murders. He probably decided whatever he got would be worth it if it meant getting the pizzeria closed down permanently, which would likely save countless lives from what could've happened to him.

  • Jossed. He's just a sadistic monster.

The murders occurred in the night security station.
By definition, the murders had to occur in a secluded area, which eliminates all of the open, public areas. Based on the lack of knowledge surrounding the fate of the bodies, however, it can't be a room that's visible on the cameras. Of the three locations not visible — the Kitchen, the Restrooms and the night security station — only the security station used by your character is guaranteed to be vacant during business hours. (In the first game, there's a second security station visible in the halls. In the second, daytime security is on crowd control.)
  • Jossed. The murders happened in the Safe Room, introduced in the third game.

The murderer was not a security officer.
Because a security officer's uniform resembles that of a police officer, they wouldn't need a mascot suit to inspire a child's trust. This would make the most likely suspect a server, especially if (as at the real mascot-centered pizza places) the servers take turns in the mascot suit. (We can also assume that he's a former server, since Phone Guy references former employees of the original "Fredbear's Family Diner".)
  • Jossed. He was the previous night guard.

There were multiple killers.
Just because the Purple Man sprite is the same doesn't mean anything. The children (save the crying child) all have the same sprite too.
  • Jossed.

Freddy killed The Murderer while he was wearing the Golden Freddy Outfit.
Notice how Golden Freddy can't quite keep his head on and in the death minigame where you chase the marionette Golden Freddy is lying in a pool of blood
  • Jossed. He died putting on a yellow Bonnie suit with spring-loaded bars (Spring Bonnie) while trying to escape from the children's spirits.

The murderer will be back in three.
The teaser posters shows an even more worn out version of Golden Freddy, with the tagline "I'm still here." Which means the murderer is haunting a new Golden Freddy suit.
  • Confirmed. Though it appears to be a Bonnie suit, the murderer's reanimated corpse is inside Springtrap.

The first murder was a hit-and-run.
Someone on the Headscratchers page asked why the Purple Man in the "Cake" minigame drives away and leaves the body behind, and Fridge Brilliance kicked in for me, so thanks to whoever posted that question.

In the "Cake" minigame, we see a kid standing outside, a car pull up, the Purple Man appears, the kid dies, and then the car goes away. Seeing as the "chase" scenes move slowly due to the way the minigames are formatted, the car we see is actually moving faster than it appears. The Purple Man coming out is the game's way of showing that Freddy identified the driver. The fact that he drives away and leaves the dead body could be interpreted as the driver panicking and booking it before he could be identified. This also leads credence to the theory that the facial recognition software doesn't work right: the driver may not be the same person as the murderer, but Freddy "remembers" him because he murdered a child, even if it was an accident.

  • Half-confirmed. Freddy didn't notice the killer, but he sure as hell did a hit-and-run one way or another.

     Fazbear Pizza Joint 
The owners of the pizzeria are somehow watching the security guard for their own amusement.
Which is why they've kept the old guys around and didn't install a door in the security office. Because it makes it more interesting to watch.
  • Jossed.
  • Here's a nice thought. WE'RE the owners watching the guard struggle through a headcanon he's wearing.
Scott's games like There is No Pause Button and Golden Galaxy are the videogame cabinets we see in the Game Are.
It's only fitting that some of Scott's more acrade styled games would be actual arcade machines in the pizzeria.

     Jossed Theories 
The game mechanics/how you will survive
Someone on Steam thought of this, but it's worth mentioning here. Basically, your only defense against the animatronics now, since there are no doors, is the Freddy mask. But it wouldn't make sense for wearing a mask to use up your power supply, so how will the game keep you from the just wearing the mask all the time? That's where the two groups of animatronics come in. The old ones still act like they did in the original game, viewing humans as endoskeletons that need to be put in suits. Putting on the mask fools them into thinking you have a suit, so they leave you alone. The new animatronics, however, are said to have facial recognition software. When they come in, you'll need to have the mask off, or else they'll think you're an old animatronic (or possibly even a criminal trying to lure away children by using a Freddy disguise, as was done in the past). So rather than trying to keep the animatronics out of the room, your goal is instead to spot which ones are going to enter, and either wear the mask or not.
  • Instead of killing you when they catch you, the new animatronics will take you to Parts & Service, where you "belong"... at which point, unbeknownst to the new animatronics, the old animatronics will kill you.
  • A hypothesis: The new animatronics dislike the old ones for whatever reason (perhaps because they see them as dangerous. It'd be really hilarious if they were actually trying to help you) but your mask just so happens to resemble the old Fazbear. Thus, when they see you with that mask on, they kill you.
  • Other hypothesis: The serial killer wore a Freddy costume. As such, the company in its infinite wisdom decided to program the new animatronics to attack anyone dressed like an animatronic.
  • Jossed, you will need to have your mask on whether new or old. The real reason you can't just leave the mask on all the time is that there are alternate means to keep away certain animatronics that you can't use while wearing the mask. You also can't look at the monitors at the same time as wearing the mask.

Phone Guy in this version is actually Mike Schmidt
If Mike Schmidt was the previous security guard and has been relocated to day shift, then it means he is the new Phone Guy, and that he was killed in an accident during day shift.
  • Which could explain why he's way snarkier and brutally honest about the job in the trailer. Maybe in the game proper he'll be more straightforward about what you're getting into.
  • Jossed; the game takes place before he died in the first game.

Related to the above, the first game's Phone Guy was Mike's brother.
If that's indeed Mike on the phone, then he sounds WAY too similar to the Old Phone guy to be coincidental. The reason he kept coming back to the Hell known as Freddy's Pizzeria (or at least one of several reasons) was because he wanted to find out why his brother had disappeared.
  • Likewise Jossed. See above.

The game will have 11 nights. Rather than 5
The new animatronics imply this.
  • Jossed, the same seven as before.

Mike did check in the empty suits in the back room.
And he did find Phone Guy in a suit there, who got ridiculously lucky and was able to be resuscitated. Then he came back because he seems to be kind of nuts.
  • Jossed, FNAF 2 happens before the original Five Nights At Freddy's.
    • Not entirely jossed. The theory could still be true. We just have no way to confirm or deny it now.
      • Yeah, no, 100% jossed.

The new robots are reprogrammed Terminators.
The old robots are actually prototypes of the T-800 that were sent back in time by Skynet to kill the night watchmen at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria due to them being future leaders of the resistance. Because Skynet hadn't yet developed the technology needed to place living tissue on the endoskeletons, they disguised themselves as the Pizzeria's mascots.

The new robots are slightly more advanced prototypes, but they were also captured and reprogrammed by the Resistance to hunt down the older prototypes and also protect the new night watchman. Unfortunately, a bug in their programming will cause them to think you're one of the older Terminators when you put on the mask, and thus they'll try to kill you.

  • Somewhat jossed, as they also attack you together and your only survival tactic is to use a mask.

Phone Guy faked his death in the first game, and that's why he's alive in this game.
Somehow, Phone Guy faked his own death, and it tricked the animatronics. He reported himself dead, and hid for a while. Now, he's heard a new guy is there, and he is trying to help the new guard out.
  • Jossed. The events of the first game haven't even happened yet.

Phone Guy is actually a god of some sort, or at the very least, an immortal being.
Think about it; how else would he survive the first game? He was clearly killed, but now he's back.
  • Must be why he doesn't seem too fazed about it.
  • Maybe The Phone Guy is another/a meta Five Nights at Freddy's player? Think about it, how many times did you get caught while playing FNAF? ...Exactly. Yet it surprises you that The Phone Guy could've kept going after he was caught? ...The Phone Guy in the trailer could simultaneously also be Mike by way of role shift: The previous Phone Guy used to be the security guard of the FNAF office. He used to be Mike. And now Mike is The Phone Guy. Literally... Is there a trope for this? For when a character taking the role of another character means s/he becomes that character? ...Aside from "Cosmic Horror Story", all implications considered, that is...
  • Jossed, this game takes place before the first one.

The new animatronics attack the player when they wear the mask because they're built to keep the old animatronics "in line."
We have yet to see what the game over screen looks like, so it's largely possible that the robots will just outright kill the player directly instead of putting them in a suit.
  • Jossed, they won't attack if you have on a mask.

When you run out of power, old Freddy will crawl out of the air vent, playing a distorted music box version of Les Toreadors.
But both Freddys attack you.
  • Jossed. Running out of power is only a concern for the flashlights.
  • Double Jossed: Both Freddys don't play music "at all" during the game.

'Day Shift' is a Deadly Euphemism.
Simply put, they killed Mike because He Knows Too Much and covered it up.
  • Or, alternately, the Game Over ending where the animatronics stuff Mike in a Freddy Fazbear suit is the canon ending.
    • Jossed, the entire game takes place before Mike became a security guard.

You're not the only one who'll be wearing a mask in the game.
Images on the Steam Greenlight page appear to show some animatronics partially or fully disassembled. This could indicate that the animatronics will be attempting to use each other as "spare parts" — which could have unfortunate consequences if the animatronic you're dealing with has the face of one model and the brain of another.
  • Sadly, Jossed.

Foxy 2.0 is an unfinished prototype that is more quadrupedal than the original Foxy.
The Picture of Foxy 2.0's head being held? One of the children's parents must work here as an engineer. And it was bring your child to work day, and he witnessed his father and another employee building an unbuilt prototype, which he drew two pictures of. The mechanic forgot to remove the chip, which is why it still roams at night. Explaining the Spider-Like appearance. He was going to give it a quadrupedal or Octopedal mode for some weird reason. The father also did a very bad job of welding the eye. Probably because he broke his glasses.
  • Jossed, Foxy 2.0's appearance is because it would be continually destroyed by kids before they finally decided to make him into a build-it-yourself animatronic.

The Marionette has a random AI pattern, not a set one.
The Marionette can appear in any room, as long as it's not occupied by another animatronic. Its movements are towards your office, but it chooses the next room it goes to at random, instead of having a set path. Because of this, the Marionette could arrive to your office with any entrance, whether it's the vents or the doorway. This makes the Marionette far more difficult to counter, since the other animatronics may end up using a predictable pre-set pattern. Especially during the later nights.
  • Jossed. In order to avoid the Puppet, you have to keep his music box going via monitor, going to the Prize counter and resounding it. Failure to do so will lead to very bad things happening.

Winning the game will involve getting the two sets of robots to fight
It's implied the new ones are trying to protect the place, and attack you because you're wearing the mask. So on the last night, you'll be able to reprogram them like in the first game...and be able to set them to see the old ones as enemies. Either that or there's a way to lure them to the same place and the new ones will attack.
  • Which could imply that the game has some chess elements in it. Related to the chess theory on the FNAF 1 WMG. Freddy is the king, Bonnie the pawn, Chica is a Bishop, and Foxy is a knight, Golden Freddy being the queen. And you have to strategically work out how to get them to fight each other, as uncontrollable chess pieces, causing a massive stalemate. And then the escape ending starts.
    • Jossed, the game has the same goal as always and the counterparts absolutely don't mind teaming up to kill you, even coming at you all at once.

The Marionette won't serve a part of the story in any sort of way
Just because this troper would love to see how the Fandom would react to it being nothing of importance.
  • Or another one of this troper's crazy ideas...
    • Jossed, the Puppet was there at the time of the murders, is haunted by the Purple Man's first victim and is responsible for the animatronics being haunted.

The Marionette is actually Phone Guy.
He was supposedly killed last time 'round, but he speaks again in the trailer. Assuming the theory about Mike Schmidt being the new Phone Guy isn't correct, it's possible that Phone Guy came back as a new animatronic and will be coldly hunting the new guy (for the same reasons that the murdered children possessed the first animatronics) while helping him survive the others.
  • Jossed this game is a prequel, Phone Guy is very much alive in this game

The Marionette is The Mole for the old or new animatronics.
For the old ones: This ties into the WMG that the old Freddy Fazbear animatronics won't / can't get along with the new ones due to being Evil Knock Offs.

For the new ones: ??? (I can't think of anything at this moment..)

  • Jossed, it just waits until the music stops then charges across the restaurant to get to you.

Phone Guy will help you escape at the end.
After you have finished all the canon nights (which probably excludes night 6 and 7), Phone Guy will come in physical form and help you escape from the facility. It happened in Assassin's Creed, so why not in Five Nights at Freddy's 2? And then there will be dialogue between you and phone guy. And the Protagonist will be Suddenly Speaking. So he and phone guy will have a conversation.
  • Jossed, same ending as always.


The true Greater-Scope Villain is Golden Freddy
The real murderer and the mastermind of the whole series is the one you almost never see... Golden Freddy is the purple man reincarnated, and he is mocking Freddy, the Marionette and the others, and yourself, because he's now invincible.

  • Seemingly jossed, as the purple man now inhabits springtrap as of 3, and there is no one left around him to mock.
  • Fully jossed. Golden is another dead kid.
Markiplier is the Purple Guy
He suggested it himself.

The 4-20 mode will return with a vengeance.
Even worse, with potentially eight robots roaming around, it will expand to an 8-20 mode. God help the poor bastard who tries it first.

There will be a third game.
And it will be a prequel again. The game will be much less scary, have very different mechanics and takes places in the Family Diner, finally answering the questions why the animatronics began to behave so strangely at night and attack the security guards, even before they were likely haunted by dead children's spirits.
  • And while the game will be less scary, it will more cause mental unease, as the player will expect something scary to happen, and the longer things are going okay, the worse the player will feel. The game will end when the night guard from the family diner ends up getting suddenly ganged up on from all the animatronics, killing him, with the revelation why they murder.
  • It will still not reveal, though, who exactly the murderer of the children are.
  • Pseudo-confirmed: There is indeed a third game coming out, as evident by Scott's website. Though, Scott says he's taking a break and the hidden message now says "Merry Christmas!" So....might be safe to say this one will actually be released in 2015.
  • Legitimately confirmed.
  • Partially-confirmed. A third game exists, but is a sequel.

The two sets of animatronics will kill you in different ways.
The old ones will still stuff you into a Freddy, of course — one presumes there's still one lying around — but that wouldn't make sense for the new ones (assuming the theory is correct) catching you with a mask on and thinking you're a misplaced, outdated model. Judging by what's happened to Bonnie, however — well, they might just take the "outdated model" apart and store the components in the appropriate bins.
  • Jossed.

The Murderer will make a physical appearance
Somehow, at some point, the killer referenced in the last game will return to his old stomping ground. It'll kick off a four-way conflict between him, the security guard, the old animatronics, and the new ones. Alternatively, his appearance will give the security guard a chance to move about and fight back.
  • Jossed, at least on the 2nd part. Clickteam Fusion 2.5, the engine both games were made on, does not support real 3D, so moving around is not an option.

This sequel will feature a TON of Fandom Nods and/or Ascended Fanon from the original
In addition to the "players confusing Bonnie and Foxy for girls in the last game got them girl doubles for this game", there will be some other stuff from the Fandom that will carry over to the sequel - things like player theories on the story being proven (or disproven), to the mascots being Suddenly Speaking with an Electronic Speech Impediment (bonus points if they sometimes quip the Memetic Mutations given to them by Gag Dub videos), or some achievements being named after memorable lines from Lets Players (hey, if they did it for Surgeon Simulator...)

Possible Names:

OH HI: Achievement for spotting all the animatronics. Named after the phrase Markiplier says when he sees Bonnie on the security camera.

Serenade my candy ass: survive the night after running out of power

I could get more money washing dishes: Named after another one of Mark's phrases which he says during the Let's Play. You get it when you complete all nights (including the non-canon ones).

  • Completely jossed.

The mask isn't Freddy, but Bonnie.
Hence the "something borrowed" and Bonnie's missing face in this image. You're the one doing the borrowing.
  • This contradicts two facts; one, the outside of the mask is brown, not purple. Two, if you look closely, Bonnie's endoskeleton head is gone, too.

There will be an explanation as to why the security guard hangs around past the first night.
Since it's probably the most questioned piece of Fridge Logic next to "Why doesn't he wear a suit?", which the game is apparently using. Alternatively, it will somehow be established that each night is a different person, though we won't really be able to tell.
  • Jossed.

The Marionette is Slender Man, and he is behind all the events of the game, and all the characters are proxies.
Well it's incredibly likely considering Slender and FNAF are two similar games. They both have Resource management and evasion gameplay. IT'S ME actually refers to Slender Man. Because he is the one controlling the events of the game. All the characters are actually proxies for Slender Man (even Phone Guy could be one). And are killing the security guards because Slendy wants to mastermind a mass child abduction. The incident where a man in a Freddy suit killed 5 kids was actually Slendy abducting them, and the Bite of 87 was Foxy trying to resist Slender. Which is why he has voices in his head. Because he is the only one who does not want to be controlled by Slender Man.
  • Jossed, obviously.

Freddy Fazbear's Pizza is sponsored by Aperture Science.
Cave Johnson must have been a fan of Freddy, and when it was closed he decided to help reopen the restaurant. He made the new animatronics by copying the old ones, and added some extra feature to prevent the another incident like the bite of 87. He wanted the old mascots put in storage as they are precious to his childhood. He's not much of a believer of employee safety requirements, which would explain why there are no doors, he is confident that the new mascots won't harm the night watch because of their new facial recognition programming. But he never thought of deactivating the old mascots.
  • Using technology far ahead of its time for something as mundane as running a pizzeria coupled with questionable business practices does sound like Johnson.
    • I dunno, given that the supernatural is a real thing, it's probably more Aperture Paranormal.

The Living Tombstone was right all along.
This will take a bit of explanation. The Old animatronics supposedly will leave you alone if you're wearing the Freddy mask, while the New animatronics, due to their facial recognition technology, will attack you if you're wearing it. But if if anything, that should just make them even MORE angry at you in order to remain consistent with the theory that the robots were attacking Mike because they were possessed by the angry spirits of the kids instead of their programming like Phone Guy claimed; because the killer wore a Freddy costume too.Which of course 

So how does this add up?

Well, how does the chorus for the unofficial Five Nights at Freddy's fan song go?

Scott confirmed the place was haunted, but Phone Guy actually was right about how the animatronics are stuffing you into the suits because of their terrible programming. The kids' spirits are bound to the old animatronics, but they can't stop them from shoving you in a suit (though they might be able help you in other ways, like buying you time by making them move in circles). So when you put on the mask, the old animatronics won't kill you because they recognize you as one of them.

  • This seems to be Jossed, firstly, you have to wear the mask to avoid all of the animatronics. But more importantly after an... incident sometime between nights 3-6, the animatronics become hostile to the staff (and just the staff), while still abiding their duties towards children. And the phone call at the end of Night 6 has Jeremy Fitzgerald moved to the Day shift during a birthday party where he's instructed to stick close to the animatronics. It would appear that the animatronics in the first game are actively malicious, possibly even continuing to "hunt" the murderer of the children, not realizing he'd been arrested.

Remember how Old!Bonnie and Old!Chica would jam your door and lights?
Well...Seeing as how there is no door, perhaps the puppet thing will be there to steal the mask off your head.
  • Semi-jossed, semi-confirmed. The puppet just kills you and you get to keep your mask, but there is an animatronic that messes with your flashlight if it gets into your office (BB).

The Marionette is this version's equivalent to Golden Freddy.
He will only appear when he can and you can only evade him by using the monitor.
  • The Marionette can only be delayed — not evaded — by keeping the music box in Prize Corner wound, which can only be accomplished through Camera View. And the mask doesn't fool him one little bit.
    • Jossed, Golden Freddy is back and is far worse.
    • There is something new like Golden Freddy though. Or should I say two new things? Named Shadow Bonnie and Shadow Freddy by the fandom, these beings are rare to encounter, actually disappear while you're watching, and Shadow Bonnie can crash your game.

The full names of all the human characters will be revealed, and they will all have a pattern or theme.
Notice how the animatronics have alliterative names (mostly). Upon noticing how many letters are in the robots' names (Freddy Fazbear = 13; Chica the Chicken = 15; Bonnie the Bunny = 14, and Foxy the Pirate Fox = 16… or if you don't count the "the"s: 13, 12, 11, and 13 respectively), then this could mean that the human characters could have something similar going on. Maybe the three protagonists (Mike, The Phone Guy, and the new guard) will have full names with the same amount of letters. For example: their first name will have four letters, their middle name will have five, and their last name will have seven, with all their first names ending in "ke" (like Jake or Luke) and their last names starting with "S".

The manager, who is an evil bastard, will have a different pattern in his name: his three names (first, middle, and last) will all have six letters.

  • Mike's full name is Mike Schmidt. 11 letters. No clue what this means for your theory. Just throwing it out there.

Jossed- The theme that seems to be going on is that all the protagonists have generic given names or generic surnames; Mike Schmidt, Jeremy Fitzgerald, Fritz Smith. This is usually done to make The Every Man and the Featureless Protagonist ; by broadening the scope of who can insert themselves into a character, creators purposely pick generic names since unique names have a tendency to make less people associate them. Example- there are a lot more Mikes than there are Liams, especially back in the 1980's and 1990's.

The new animatronics are a bigger threat than the old ones, and not for the reasons everyone thinks.

This came about because I was reading the comments for the new trailer on YouTube, and the first theory I read was along the lines of using the mask with the old animatronics (show you are one of them), but you need to take it off for the new ones (facial recognition software, and may not take kindly to a human body in a mask). Which was well and good until I read the description on the Steam Greenlight trailer, and put some more pieces together.

The description for the new animatronics is, "They are kid-friendly, updated with the latest in facial recognition technology, tied into local criminal databases, and promise to put on a safe and entertaining show for kids and grown-ups alike!"

Now factor in that Scott confirmed that either Mike or the Phone Guy had something to do with the missing children. Suddenly, that "tied into local criminal databases" part becomes a lot more unnerving, and then I wondered if that one poster actually had it backwards.

I could easily see needing the mask for the new ones (especially if the character you play has a criminal record), and using your real face for the old ones. This could also potentially create an Enemy Mine situation: it's possible that the new security guard isn't the murderer, or if s/he has a criminal record, then it was unrelated to the Fazbear murders. The old animatronics may also not appreciate being replaced, be it because they are old and outdated, or because they are potentially haunted (or both, and related to a theory posted about the first game, with the animatronics TRYING to get the place shut down). To them, the mask shows you are trying to ally yourself with the new animatronics, and it's an insult to use an old Freddy Fazbear head. It's seen as wearing the skin of their brethren, and that you mean to harm them.

Either way, the new ones being upgraded, stronger, and quicker are not the scary parts. It's the software.

  • Jossed, the old ones seem to be more of a threat, as they come out more often into the week than the others and even get into the office quicker.
  • Double Jossed: the new animatronics randomly stop attacking you halfway through the game.
  • The mask keeps the new (and most of the old) ones away, though.

In the new game, the new security guard is involved with the murders.

Obvious, with the above-mentioned facial recognition software.

  • Jossed.
    • Not jossed. We have no idea who the purple man is supposed to be. And either the marionette, or the purple man is the murderer. Why the hell are we there on night six anyway?
      • Actually jossed. The Purple Man is the killer and not the guard.

The Marionette is a Shinigami who will help you defeat all the other robots.

Related to the above theory that you have to cause a stalemate like in chess. The marionette will be a Shinigami who will help you, so you will have two helpers, Marionette and Phone Guy.

  • Sadly, Jossed as the Puppet is just as evil and will cause an instant death screen.
    • Worse, the Puppet is heavily implied to be the murderer of the 5 children! And even if it didn't, it's near-certainly responsible for stuffing their corpses into suits.
      • Half-jossed. Not the killer.

The 'old' animatronics aren't actually the originals
I've noticed that the old animatronics in the trailer and teaser images look different than the animatronics in the first game. For example, Chica's beak is completely different and both Bonnie and Freddy have buttons on their costumes. Maybe the management was going to have the original designs, but scrapped them and made the redesigns for the robots instead.
  • And that the Foxy in the end of the trailer was not the same one in the third teaser image released on Scott Cawthon's website (the left one).
  • Jossed. The old ones are even older than we first thought, they were still considered the old ones back in 1987. The new ones got scrapped, and the old ones get repaired into the ones we know and love from the first game.

You'll be able to turn on the lights in other rooms remotely

This is adding on to the previous 'chess' theories. From your office, you'll be able to turn on the lights to different rooms, luring the different robots there and making the old and new ones try to take each other out. However, it will take a metric ton of power to use.

  • Confirmed! Except for the "metric ton of power" issue, as only your flashlight needs batteries.

The new animatronics are haunted by previous security guards
The first game implied that the animatronics were haunted because of children being killed at Freddy's. The new animatronics appear to be working against the old, but won't harm the player unless they're wearing the Freddy mask. Why? Because the new animatronics are the result of unfortunate guards being stuffed into endoskeleton-occupied suits, and resent the old ones for it.
  • Possibly jossed. The game seems to be implying that the animatronics murderous behavior really is caused by a glitch in their programming. Now whether or not the glitch is the whole "naked endoskeleton" glitch, or if they can't distinguish two adults from each other and think you're the murderer, well that's up for debate. Or maybe you're the murderer. It's left quite ambiguous.
  • Jossed, but you were close. They are possessed... by another set of dead kids.

The shot of Foxy lunging at the player will turn out to be a Missing Trailer Scene.
Much like the shots of Bonnie running and taking off his mask in the first game's trailer. Plus, a few people have questioned how you're supposed to stop him, and why the one teaser picture shows him walking in front of the door like normal, if that's the way he attacks.
  • Jossed.

The balloon boy is one part of Pinocchio's soul from the horror film Pinocchio's Revenge.
  • The puppet is actually Pinocchio's second part of the soul which attacks you.

Puppet man is No Face from Spirited Away

The guy who was transferred to day shift is not Mike Schmidt - Mike Schmidt is still at the helm
.Notice that the "last guy" that is constantly referred to is unnamed, after all...there's no actual confirmation that it was in fact Mike Schmidt, or that he wasn't fired in the Golden Ending. After all, how can he get a day shift for a restaurant that was long closed and it's clearly stated that, pre-re-opening, the animatronics were not on during the day?
  • Partially jossed. When you get your paycheck the name is Jeremy Fitzgerald. Also, the game is a prequel, so Mike Schmidt is not the guy transferred to day shift anyway.

The Marionette/Puppet is possessed by the murderer
It MIGHT be suggested by the Easter Egg in the demo (bizarre minigame-ish sequence after getting killed by Freddy 2.0.
  • Jossed.

The Marionette is actually controlled by The Management.
A (probably possessed) puppet controlled by strings (see the posters)? All the evidence we need.

Toy Chica's head is going to find its way onto Old Chica's body.

Look at Old Chica's in-game (preferably when she's not about to kill you), then when you go to a between night flashback, look at her face again. Notice that she doesn't have the separate head/jaws setup in the flashbacks like she has in game, but instead has the hinged beak she had in the first game. Given that this game is a prequel, I think that at some point, New Chica's head is gonna be torn off, repainted, and then put on Old Chica, thus giving her the look she sported in game 1.

  • Jossed. The third game shows her head inside the toy box.

A third game will be made.
It will either be a prequel to the prequel and focus on the briefly mentioned "Fredbear's Family Diner" and why people have a negative impression of it, or focus on Phone Guy's time in the office, making it a interquel.
  • Alternatively, the game will be advertised as a prequel and take place in Fred Bear's Family Diner, only to later reveal it's a true sequel, and Management changed the name back to the original "Fred Bear" instead of "Freddy Fazbear".
    • A person on Steam messing with the contrast and brightness found a hidden message. It reads "Until next time". This can be found on Scott's main website
      • It currently reads "Merry Christmas". Whether this is a genuine greeting or another hint is open to interpretation.
      • Confirmed.
      • The fuck you mean by confirmed? It is a sequel, yes, but it's in a horror attraction based on Freddy's.

Jeremy was the Bite of '87 victim.
The suggestion on the YMMV page was correct and the animatronics were fooled into believing Jeremy was the murderer. It's fact that he's going to be on the day shift for a birthday party. One of the animatronics recognized him and attacked him.
  • It's not just fooled. Phone Guy specifically mentioned that he should wear his uniform, which would clearly identify him as one of the security guards. Even if the murderer wasn't a security guard himself (as postulated by others to explain his easy access to the Golden Freddy suit), the animatronics have been chasing you for 6 nights straight, and you've been told to accompany them... who's to say one of them didn't fancy a quick bite? In addition, given the Meaningful Name on the character page of Jeremy Fitzgerald, the stuntman who fractured the front of his scalp... that can't be coincidental. Finally, according to The Law of Conservation of Detail, we have a named person who's conveniently in the right place and time to get bitten.

The Marionette and the Purple Man are a Big Bad Duumvirate.
Instead of one or the other being the murderer, they both played a part in the murders. The Purple Man would lure the kids away and kill them, and the Marionette would dispose of the evidence and "give life".
  • Why would the Marionette work with the murderer? I mean really what exactly would that do for him?
    • The Marionette gives life. What would you sacrifice if it was the only way you could have children?
    • There's clearly something weird about the Marionette, setting it apart from the other animatronics. If it even is an animatronic in the first place.
  • Jossed.

The Marionette sent the Night 5 call in the first game.
As we should all be aware by this point, the Night 5 call was actually an excerpt from Autobiography of a Yogi about how metal is alive. Judging from the prompt in its Easter egg game, the Marionette seems to regard its role in the murders as "giv[ing] life". Do the math.

The Marionette is a Greater-Scope Villain working behind the scenes.
Unlike the first game, where the suits were supposedly haunted, the robots now move with a common goal, attacking two at once, or strangling you instead of having a robosiezure. The Marionette may be an Eldritch Abomination that controls the animatronics. The older or more damaged the technology, the more control. The music keeps him a villain working behind the scenes, and when the music stops, he prefers a more direct approach...

This game is a sequel, not a prequel, and the date on the paycheck is simply a typo.
The primary reason for this assumption is that the game simply doesn't make sense as a prequel. Think about this: why would the "old" animatronics somehow replace the "new" (toy) ones, especially since they were apparently made for the explicit purpose of being more kid-friendly than the "old" ones? And why would the "old" ones be more ruined than they are in the first game? Overall, the game makes perfect sense as a sequel, but no sense at all as a prequel.
  • Jossed by the sixth night. The "old" animatronics were repaired between games, and the "new" animatronics were used as the scapegoat for the bite and were scrapped.
  • The old ones aren't the same ones from FNAF 1. They were from the original Fredbear's Family Diner. The ones in FNAF 1 are a hybrid of those and the toy animatronics.

The Purple Man was the original designer of the animatronics
Or, the Marionette at least. There's some connection between the two as shown in the post-death minigames. It's possible the 'glitches' Phone Guy refers to were his own little design decisions.
  • The Purple Man was the co-designer, so confirmed?

The Marionette is a Well-Intentioned Extremist
Okay, hear me out. The Purple Man is almost certainly the murderer, as he is seen in two of the minigames with dead kids, one of which has him visibly killing a boy while Freddy is giving out cake. He lured the five kids to Freddy's after hours by wearing an empty Golden Freddy suit, also seen in one of the minigames, then killed them. The Marionette then either controlled or led the robots to the bodies and gathered them up. Then, he put the dead kids into the various robot suits, which you can see in another minigame, in order to "save" them in the only way he knew how. During the minigame where Freddy finds dead bodies, the digitized voice is spelling out S A V E T H E M. When The Marionette is putting the masks on the bodies, the text at the top says GIVE LIFE. Neither of those scenes would make much sense if the animatronics were responsible for the original murders. In fact, considering that the animatronics seem fine with children during the day but distrust the Freddy's adult staff, it's quite possible that the murderer was one of the day shift security guards who wore the empty Golden Freddy suit both to lure the children AND fool the animatronics.
  • In fact, maybe by "give life", he was giving the souls of the dead children a new having them possess the animatronics. Unfortunately, the children may not have liked this gift...but whether or not they like it, by the next game, they're determined to give what they see as the murder (a.k.a. all the night guards) an Ironic Death.
  • Confirmed!

Freddy ensured the Marionette
would not make it to the new location.

It's clear these two don't get along, and that the Marionette, whether or not it killed the children, was involved with the murders. Freddy on some level knew that what the Marionette did was wrong: even if it didn't kill the kids, it still hid their bodies and ensured the parents would never get closure, and its method of "giving life" was not the correct way to handle it. So Freddy, knowing with the murders and the Bite, that there wasn't much more to lose, took out the Marionette and ensured that management couldn't ever fix it, to be sure that history couldn't repeat itself at the new location, and hopefully start anew.

  • Jossed, the Marionette is shown in the cutscene for Night 4 to be present during the first game. This also makes it possible that the new animatronics are not actually scrapped...
    • Possibly NOT Jossed, if the cutscenes aren't the location in the first game, but Fredbear's Family Diner (or at least, the same building back when it was called that), and what we see is a memory.
    • Jossed. They're kinda friends.

It IS a sequel, set in the very distant future, and the location of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria is stuck in a Vicious Cycle.
Notice how History Repeats? The location of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria somehow got cursed, and every few years some food place opens, some tragedy happens, it shuts down, and then the cycle begins again. This cycle takes place in 2087. Note that this does not rule out any possible crossover with The SCP Foundation.
  • Jossed.

The universe the series takes place in is slightly Steampunk.
Some have been saying that the technology in the toy animatronics such as facial recognition did not exist back in the 1980s. The answer to this is the series is taking place in a version of our world that has slight more advancements in technology.
  • I think you got the wrong "punk"... Just saying.

The initial haunting is because of the crying child
In one of the death minigames, the Purple Man is seen killing a child outside. However, in the Foxy minigame, there are 5 children, and when you run into the room when the Purple Man is there, there are 5 corpses, bringing the number of dead children up to 6. So, the first dead child is the reason the place is haunted in the first place. The reason this sixth child is not mentioned is a combination cover-up by the management, and the fact that it took place outside led people to believe that while tragic, it was more likely seen as an unrelated crime. He's haunting it probably because no one rescued him. And he's probably possessing the Marionette, since he's the primary suspect as to why the place is so messed up.
  • This would also explain why the Marionette does not like Freddy. He was indirectly killed by Freddy not letting him in before the murderer showed up and killed him in front of the kids. Both the Marionette and Freddy are likely to be very fucked up at this point
  • Adding to this, initially, the purple marks on the Marionette's face can be taken at a glance as a creepier homage to traditional clowns like Pierrot. But don't the lines on its face somewhat resemble...tears?
  • Kinda-confirmed. The Puppet is the first victim, but it's friends with Freddy.
Purple Man is a wizard.
He wore the Golden Freddy suit, which can fade in and out of existence. Clearly, it's a teleportation spell. Clearly. His head flying at you is probably some other spell, i don't know. Or maybe it's just the wizard ghost throwing the head at you because he's sweaty, i mean you would get hot in there. Or maybe not and this is just a joke theory.
The bare endoskeleton is Golden Freddy's
Very rarely you will see a bare endoskeleton wandering around in a few places. What if this is the endoskeleton from the Golden Freddy costume that the murder wore? Torn out, left to ruin, and searching to get back to its suit.
  • Jossed. Golden has his own endo.
The day guard is the killer.
He'd presumably have access to the whole of the building, including where they keep the suits, there'd be no one to stop him since he's supposed to be the one stopping people, the robots become hostile to the staff after the incident, and his shift is open by the end of the week.
  • Plus, it would explain their initial hostility. The only reason they tried to get into the first guy's office was because they recognized him as a criminal. He complains, and is switched to a day shift. In comes Jeremy, (unbeknownst to the robots, who still think he's the killer.) Then, the day shift guy murders the kids, and is arrested. However, the robots automatically assume that *all* night shift guard=child-murdering bastards,and therefore attack you/be possessed by the children. The fact they want to stuff you into suits isn't because of bad programming; it's a form of karma to them. (i.e. "You murdered us and hid us in the animatronics? Well, let's see how you like it.")It would also explain why they wouldn't try to stuff an endoskeleton, even when they're in the same room as them. (See FNaF1)
  • Heavily implied to be confirmed.

The mini-game where you see the Purple Man kill a child? That's the first murder...from the diner.
Freddy must have seen it, but was unable to do anything because he was too busy serving the other kids. Thus, he saw an innocent child be killed, forever scarring him and making him believe that adults are evil. Thus, he (and the other members of his gang) are distrustful of adults, which may have passed onto their newer generation. And why does the Marionette pop out? Well, look above to the theory that the murdered child is possessing the Marionette...
  • Confirmed, but Freddy is also possessed.

There was another goddamn murder in the FN@F1's pizzeria, and Foxy was blamed for it.
The mini-game where you see Foxy coming out of the two purple things sure look like his curtains at Pirate's Cove, don't they? And maybe the Purple Man murdered the children and pinned the blame on Foxy, leading to him becoming shut down. However, because the management have their "missing person" policy up, they are successfully able to dodge blame this time and are able to keep on running, with only the loss of Foxy to hinder them. And if the other newspapers are more recent, then that could explain the blood and mucus that were coming from the bots...
  • Jossed. That one newspaper was about the first pizzeria.

The five missing child murders were at the first diner. Not the one from fnaf1 but the one the original robots were from.
The hauntings started there first that is why the robots act strange at the new restaurant. How could this be? Well on the check you get at the end of night 5 in fnaf2 has the date at November but in the article that talks about the murders it gives the date June 26th as when the children disappeared. So the ones that happened at the fnaf2 diner were different murders all together, it can't be the ones discussed in the newspaper article because the dates don't match up.
  • Confirmed.

The Marionette was originally something else, and was repurposed for the prize corner
The atari style sequences in the game pretty adequately explains how the main four animatronics get haunted; but no explanation is given of the marionette and it's powers to "give life" to metal. It even seems to be antagonistic towards Freddy in the last perspective sequence. This is because it wasn't originally a marionette, it was something else, probably even itself possessed, that was probably "left behind" at the diner. When the murders as shown in the Cake giving and Foxy games occurred it saw an opportunity to "give life" and haunted the 4 animatronics. Fazbear Corporate, when they bought out the diner, got something that was eventually turned into the Prize corner Marionette.
  • Confirmed. She was originally a security device. But she's friendly to Freddy.

The Marionette became haunted when the murderer disposed of a dead child by throwing it into his present box
Most people believe that the Marionette is the murderer because of its role in the killscreen minigames, like the S-A-V-E-T-H-E-M minigame where you play as Freddy and chase the Marionette through the restaurant, past some pools of blood and an empty golden freddy suit, to finally arrive at the Marionette's present box, which appears to be leaking blood out of the bottom. The Marionette might be the murderer, or it might be the first of the haunted animatronics.
  • Very possible. There still is a matter of what happened to the 5th kid that was murdered and it seems that the purple man killed a 6th kid on top of that.
  • Jossed. The victim died in an alleyway.

Fritz is not Phone Guy.
After the Bite of 87 and the murders, the pizzeria became a crime scene and was shut down for investigation. Trouble is, with all those expensive animatronics the pizzeria still needs to be guarded, so security was turned over to an independent contractor with no ties to the pizzeria, who sent Fritz on his first job. Fritz, being reasonably smart, discovers the robots are killers, finds the controls, and dials it down to zero. Thing is, that's technically tampering with evidence, so he was fired on his first day (and likely prosecuted). Besides, if he was Phone Guy, why would they hire someone back that they already fired?
  • Plus, Fritz was fired on his First Night, while it's pretty obvious that Phone Guy has been working there since Day 1 of the Re-Opening. I approve of this WMG.
  • Phone Guy mentions that most people don't last as long as Mike. IIRC, Custom Night doesn't have a canonical date. So, there's nothing to indicate that Custom Night happened right after the other nights. Fritz had signed up at a later date to replace Phone Guy, but didn't make the cut.

Foxy is shut down in FNAF 1 because of Hero with Bad Publicity syndrome.
This ties into the above Mangle was the Biter of '87 theory. Foxy was planned to be repaired and used in the reopened store like the other three. However, people associated Foxy with Mangle due to the Bite of '87 and protested that Foxy needed to be made safer before he was turned on. So Foxy was placed in Pirate Cove with an out of order sign until they could afford to change Foxy into something with less negative connotations.
  • Kind of jossed, Phone Guy says that Foxy was redesigned into a female character because the parents back in the first restaurant did not like him too much. This is likely why his attraction is closed down in the first game though

All of the events are due to a Deal with the Devil in the past
The original owner of Fredbear's Family Diner was desperate for a new gimmick to save his failing business. So he conjured...something...which provided him with animatronics far more lifelike and advanced than anything he had ever seen. The animatronics quickly breathed new life into the Diner, winning over the hearts and minds of many children (and with them their parents' wallets). It's not clear what he offered in return, but it's probably not a coincidence that Freddy's in all of its incarnations has always attracted more than its fair share of trouble. Fortunately for management, the "primary shareholder" has a vested interest in keeping Freddy's in business and is always ready to lend additional funds and new animatronics for the next grand re-opening. With a generous interest rate of course.

Going with the above theory, the two 'shadow' animatronics are the same person, and that person is the above mentioned 'devil'.
Simply put, that something the original owner has to keep tabs on his 'investment' somehow, so occasionally... he possesses an animatronic, shown by the animatronic turning black and being only visible By the Lights of Their Eyes. As for why the shadows aren't seen in FNAF 1, well, hey, even devils need a change, so he started possessing something else...Golden Freddy.
  • Jossed.

Also related to the above theory, the pizzeria is owned by the Mishima Zaibatsu from Tekken.
Because of the Devil Gene, the pizzeria is haunted by animatronics, who are actually Jack Models. Foxy's laugh sounds exactly like Jack in fan fiction. Therefore the pizzeria must be owned by the Zaibatsu. And the devil possesses the Jack Animatronics.

The animatronics are trying to save you.

The understanding of their modus operandi for killing the player is that they think you're an endoskeleton out of its suit, so they need to cram you back in. But we see the mini-game flashbacks and get clued into the murders: the dead children were lured into the building after hours, killed, and put into the suits to "give them life". If they thought the night security guard was responsible for the murders and killed him for revenge, why would they try to turn him into one of them? Why would they put him into a mascot suit, which was how the killer got the kids into the building? They don't. To Freddy and company, you're there after hours, which means you've been lured into the building... and they're right, only instead of a happy golden Freddy suit, you've been lured by a paycheck.

Keep in mind that they don't kill you before they stuff you into a suit, they kill you by stuffing you into a suit: in other words, they already think you must be dead (which is why keeping them at bay wards them off, they're assured you're alive and leave you alone, and wearing the bear mask convinces some of them you're one of them, they think one of the others has already saved you), and they're giving you the gift of life just like they got. That's why Balloon Boy seems so genuinely friendly: he knows what's happening, he's welcoming you into the family.

  • Jossed. They try to kill you to avenge their deaths.

The animatronics eventually wise up to the "Freddy Head Trick."
In part 1, the animatronics are after you because they think you're a naked endoskeleton who needs to go into a suit. At the time, more than a few fans asked why not wear a Freddy Fazbear costume to fool them. In part 2, they do exactly that. Or, to be more precise, they did exactly that. The problem comes in that either the robots' AI is more advanced than anyone realizes or the hauntings give them more intelligence. Either way they work out the difference between a moving animatronic like themselves and a human wearing an animatronic head and attack accordingly.

The Pizzeria is slowly replacing the employees with Robots.
If BB is a Balloon Vendor, it's evidence that the Pizzeria is slowly replacing the employees with robots, therefore the Pizzeria used to be Fredbears Family Diner and everything was normal including the animatronics until a fat greedy corporate executive came in and said No No No!!! I want a fully automated pizzeria!!! and that the reason the animatronics are tasked to kill the security guard is because they want to replace him with a robot. Think about it, waiters with ovens in their stomachs that heat up Pizza, robots that recognize orders, so they know what the customer wants, and efficient kitchen systems installed with robot response. The security guard was so angry with robots trying to kill him everyday that he moved to the day shift and got so angry he murdered the children. My opinion is that human interference is better than robot interference.
  • Jossed.

The haunting is actually demonic torture and it started before the children's murders.
The minigames imply that there were at least six murders at Freddy's. Given the cinematic after Night 4, it may be that the Marionette attracts psychos to act out their aggression and captures their victims' souls. The reason could be as simple as it having Blue-and-Orange Morality or that it's Always Chaotic Evil and wants to be entertained by the victims' entrapment.
  • It could be that the marionette somehow found itself in the possession of an entrepreneur who had a child — perhaps a daughter (recall the girl's laughter in the first game). When Freddy's was Fredbear's, his daughter was murdered outside the store (as seen in the minigames). The animatronics at that point already had peoples' souls trapped within them, but the marionette kept the owner's daughter to ensure that — no matter what happened — the owner would maintain the animatronics and keep his restaurant open. The marionette demon is may be able to communicate through text — similar to in the minigames where something is giving instructions to "give life" and such. Perhaps the marionette implied that the owner could get his daughter's soul back if he followed the marionette's instructions and he's been giving the demon souls to appease it ever since.
    • The minigames show the start of the Freddy, Chica, Bonnie, and Foxy, who were there before the Toy versions, but not the start of the Toy versions — implying that the minigames were of Fredbear's and not Freddy's.
  • Jossed.

Here's the timeline theory:
This is going to be a long one and contains a lot of spoilers on the Death Minigames.

Fredbear's Family Diner had their normal operations until one day, the Purple Man murdered a child outside the diner. Freddy witnesses this, but never gets a good look at the murderer. The spirit of the dead child then possessed the Marionette. Meanwhile, Fredbear's Family Diner took part in a cover-up but eventually rumours began flying and the place had to close down. Freddy and his original buddies go into a state of disrepair.

The management opens Freddy Fazbear's Pizza some time afterwards and buys all new animatronics. While they don't admit to any wrongdoing, they do plug them into the database to try and catch the murderer. Unfortunately, since there is no data on this mysterious murderer, the database is basically useless. The Purple Man, deciding that the new Freddy's is the perfect place to indulge his child murdering, gets a job as the original night watchman and uses the Golden Freddy suit to lure two more children and kill them, and then gets help from the Marionette to cover up the murders. The Marionette has succumbed to post-mortem Stockholm Syndrome, so he's willing to help. The Purple Man recognizes the problems with the old animatronics and arms himself with his own personal high-powered flashlight and a pair of sunglasses (hence why his eyes are different), but one day Freddy catches him happily walking around a blood-splattered hallway before he could flash him, and remembering the murder from before, realizes that the Purple Man is bad. The Purple Man does eventually manage to flash Freddy so Freddy's file on the man gets corrupted, but feeling too uncomfortable about almost getting discovered, lobbies to get transferred to the Day Shift. During his stint on the Day Shift, he lures and kills three more children with the Golden Freddy suit, possibly after hours between the end of the day and the start of Jeremy's shift.

Around this time, the Marionette throws a party for the dead children, first with Foxy, and then the Give Gifts, Give Life minigame. When he does this, the spirits of the dead children start haunting the animatronics. The children remember being murdered, but because the murderer wore the Golden Freddy suit, none of them know who it is, except the one possessing Freddy, who has memories of the time he ran into the Night Watchman!Purple Man. Unfortunately, because Night Watchman!Purple Man flashed him forcing a reboot, Freddy's memories were corrupted and only knows it was a Night Watchman, not the Purple Man specifically. Freddy shares this with the other originals and the new animatronics, who become hostile towards anyone who is a Night Watchman. The Marionette knows better, but doesn't want to out his "friend", so he is also hostile towards the Night Watchman!Jeremy, and probably everyone else.

However, suspicions on the Purple Man start to get to a head, hence Phone Guy's message on Night 4. The animatronics become aware of this, but the Marionette tries to protect his "friend" by casting suspicion on the entire staff (possibly tampering with the facial recognition software), hence the menacing staring. By Night 5, the Purple Man has fled, and on Night 6 he's probably been captured, hence the message about the closing down. Unfortunately, the Marionette manages to deflect suspicion from the Purple Man, and aim it back on the rest of the staff, in particular Jeremy, because the primary suspect was the Night Watchman. The machines also hear that Jeremy is being transferred to the Day Shift, and decide to enact vengeance upon the one they think murdered them. The Marionette also steals the memo, in order to endanger Jeremy.

While the check would suggest it was issued in November, remember that Phone Guy says that it's a summer job. Combined with the fact that Fazbear Entertainment is both corrupt and incompetent, it would be unsurprising if whoever issued the cheque accidentally or "accidentally" post-dated it.
  • Heavily jossed simply because The Puppet is against the killer.

Sid from Toy Story built the Mangle.
Well Come on! It is possible.

Both games are set in the Monsters, Inc. Universe.

It's a scream test designed by employees of Monster's Inc. Who thought that using Robots would be an efficient way of collecting screams without using up their own energy. The security guard being the only adult out of millions of children to have his screams collected. Therefore his screams collect the most energy. Alternatively, some of the characters can be interpreted as Monsters Inc characters.

Bonnie: Randall.

Freddy: Mr.Waternoose.

Foxy: Sulley.

Chica: Celia.

Also, a bit of Fridge Horror. The Animatronics run on the security guard's scream energy.

The games take place in the southern hemisphere.
Just pointing out what someone had said on the Headscratchers page: why would Phone Guy say it's a summer job if Jeremy gets his check in November? Someone else pointed out that the seasons are inverted in the southern hemisphere, and November would just about be summer there. And we do have a few major English speaking countries there, Australia, New Zealand.
  • The first two children went missing June 26th. It's possible that the checks are post-dated.
  • Jossed. It's in Utah.

Five Nights At Freddy's 3 is going to be a further prequel. Taken from the perspective of the murderer.
Warning, Death Minigame spoilers: It's heavily implied that the murderer was the Day Guard, who was a former night guard. You're going to face the animatronics, only rather than looking in a screen, you'll physically walk through the places.
  • Jossed.

Five Nights At Freddy's 3 is going to be a further prequel. Taking place in the original fazbear family diner.
The phone guy did mention that the last place had some sort of bad reputation to live down, and we know now that he wasn't talking about the place we were in the original game. Since the animatronics already trying to kill you from day one, it may be a safe bet something sinister went down in the original restaurant.
  • Jossed.

Golden Freddy is cursed
It's almost a certainty that Golden Freddy was the suit used in the murders, however there is little to indicate that the murderer was ever killed or even caught, which would make it impossible for the suit to be haunted by his spirit if that were the case. However, since Word of God has confirmed that there are supernatural forces at work in the Freddy's storyline, an alternate explanation for Golden Freddy is that the suit is tainted. The original purpose of the suit was to delight children, but the murderer used it for something so violent and evil that it left a mark and corrupted the suit into a twisted, perverted version of itself that haunts Freddy's as a constant reminder of what took place there. Bear in mind that Golden Freddy only shows up after night six, the same night that Phone Guy tells you Freddy's was closed down because someone used a yellow suit for...something.
  • It's very possible that it was cursed. I mean, what kind of animatronic fades out of existence and appears as a giant, ten-foot-tall floating head? And what if it wasn't the murderer's ghost, but the ultimate manifestation of the horror felt during the slaughter, and the children's rage?
  • He's a ghost.

Golden Freddy is Fred Bear
As in, He's the original Freddy Fazbear from the first Incarnation of the First Restaurant, known as Fred Bear's Family Diner. That's why they keep his suit around.
  • Confirmed in FNAF 4.
  • Not fully. There's many evidence, but nothing's confirmed.

The truth of the cutscenes.
Those creepy cutscenes between nights where you seem to be stuck on stage in the Freddy suit? They're not showing the Freddy's of 1987, they're showing the Freddy's in the future, complete with the older models of Bonnie and Chica from the first game. So these scenes are taking place later in the timeline, in the first game. So why are you in the suit? Why can't you move or do anything besides look around? Because they caught you. They caught you and stuffed you in the Freddy suit.
  • It's quite possible that these scenes take place before the restaurant got shut down the first time.
  • Or those scenes take place during the time period of Mike's occupation of the job, through the eyes of the dead kid who was stuffed into Freddy.
  • Alternatively, it could be depicting the death minigame where the marionette 'gives life' to the dead children, and you're seeing it from the perspective of the dead child who became Freddy.
  • Or it could be the murderer, or at least the culprit of the new Noodle Incident we learned about back when the place was Fredbear's Family Diner. The animatronics suspect this "Freddy" isn't right...
  • I think it's the animatronics reminiscing about how they got where there were in the first game.

The Marionette is haunted by the demon of Sloth from Evillious Chronicles, i.e. the ghost of Eve Moonlit, specifically with Margarita's memories.
Moreover, it's a modern Clockworker's Doll.Yes, it sounds crazy, but hear me out a bit. In EC, Eve Moonlit is the demon of Sloth, with the vessel being The Clockworker's Doll. The Marionette doesn't look the same as the Doll, but it could be in the same vein as the Doll. In "Gift From The Princess Who Brought Sleep" (the Sloth song), Margarita gives out the "Gift," hoping to make everyone happy. But, the "Gift" turns out to be poison. Well, when The Marionette is "giving life," he's killing the children. His "Gift" isn't poison, but is still death, possibly because he thinks that will make the children happy. Either way, it is all for the sake of someone's happiness...

The murderer is Zebediah Killgrave.
That's why he's a purple man in the flashbacks. Because the killer is...The Purple Man!

The Marionette is actually Mike Schmidt from the future.
In the third game, Mike is killed by Golden Freddy, but comes back to life as the Marionette. He then tries to stop everything that happens to his past self. However, since Mike is so powerful, he is actually blinded by his power, and does everything that Past!Mike, Jeremy Fitzgerald, Phone Guy, and Fritz Smith experiences. This accidentally causes a Stable Time Loop, but Future!Mike tries to convince Past!Mike and the other guards that not to stop him because...IT'S ME.
  • Jossed.

The original restaurant's main character was The Marionette.
The Phone Guy misremembered the name, though... It isn't "Fredbear". It's Threadbare.
  • Jossed.

The Marionette was, in fact, named Threadbare, but it was a product of a mistake.
Similar to Homsar or Homeschool Winner, Threadbare came to be when someone was talking to Henry and asked "Say, aren't you the one who made Threadbare's Pizza Dinner Whatchamacallit?".

The gifts given out by The Marionette determine who becomes which animatronic.
Get a microphone, you're Freddy. Get a guitar, you're Bonnie. Get the toy cupcake, you're Chica. Get the eyepatch, you're Pirate Foxy.
  • Jossed. It's the animatronic heads placed over your own head.

The Fnaf2 building was built on some less-cliche equivalent of an Indian burial ground, and the marionette's the manifestation of the resulting ancient curse.

There's no way the Marionette is an animatronic. It's too skinny and weird, and it's also a marionette. The only explanation for this machine-less puppet thing being able to move around and attack you is that this guy is powered by some kind of supernatural force. But he's able to move around at a bare minimum SEVERAL DAYS before the murders cause the old animatronics and especially Golden Freddy to be haunted. Which means the Marionette is haunted/possessed by... something else.

While it's assumed when you think it's a sequel, there's actually no evidence of the animatronics being evil or violent in the original restaurant. They just say it has a "bad reputation" on the first night (For perfectly mundane and understandable reasons, it was probably just a crappy Suck E. Cheese's) and that it was left to rot. Something about the new location has caused the weird stuff to happen.

While I seriously doubt that Scott would do something as cliche as an "Indian Burial Ground", I think there is something similarly supernaturally f***ed up about the new location, and that it, through the Marionette, is the cause for the horrible history the company will gradually build.

  • Jossed.

Shadow Bonnie and Shadow Freddy are ghosts
.They're rare occurrences, so I don't know if they only appear after certain nights, but seeing as this game (presumably) takes place the week of the murders, it's possible that Shadow Bonnie and Shadow Freddy are ghosts of two of the children stuffed inside the suits. Even if they appear in earlier nights, it's still possible. We find out that the incident was discovered on Night 5, but it could have happened before then and it's just now being found out about. This would also explain their random (and rare) appearances, how they appear and disappear, and then crash your game. They're trying to reach out to you, but don't have much control yet. It's possible the guard fainted or closed his eyes long enough to let his guard down to be taken out by a real threat in lieu of the perceived one, and it just happened offscreen.

The murderer is an alchemist, or otherwise trying to practice a dark art.
We have the "living metal" thing going on, and there are also all kinds of strange happenings with the animatronics even before the murders (and notably, the Marionette is, in one way or another, more evil than the rest).

One thing we never have is motive for the murders. So what if the murderer is doing some sort of strange ritualistic killing? We have a few options: Powered by a Forsaken Child, maybe the location of the place happens to coincide with some sort of ancient and obscure text (that could have easily been misinterpreted), the murderer believed in some sort of "perfect match" with metal and blood, maybe he believed in preserving youth and childhood innocence and went about it in a creepy way, etc.

No matter which option, the endgame was some sort of ritual that only made sense to the murderer. The Marionette, seeing as it at least helps, could have been a "success" to whatever the murderer was trying to accomplish, and tries to continue with his work.

Five Nights at Freddy's is set in the Twisted Metal Universe.

The art style is similar to that of Twisted Metal: Black. With the same shades of orange and brown and black that Twisted Metal Black had. It's possible the murderer was Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal.

  • It must be admitted that "most famous family pizza place" wouldn't be the strangest wish Calypso had ever granted...

The Floating face you see at the end of Night 4 is actually the Purple Man

At the end of night four, you see a floating face in front of you from the perspective of Freddy Fazbear. Everyone's first instinct is to assume that it's the Puppet. But take a look at the rare purple man image in the SAVETHEM mini game. You'll notice he has an extremely long neck— unnaturally long. Only one other character in the game has a neck that long— the puppet. In fact, the purple man's sprite head (in the SAVETHEM game, at least) is the exact same shape as the puppet sprite, with almost the exact same neck length. He's also unnaturally tall, to the point that he towers over the Freddy animatronic, just like the puppet does, and yet, the puppet will appear in the same room that the purple man does. Going back to the floating face you see at the end of night two, if you look very closely you'll see the mask doesn't have the blush cheeks that the regular Puppet mask does. In fact, the mask may not even be white. It looks more... purple. It's possible that this figure during the night 4 cut scene is actually the purple man covered in enough shadow to make us think that it's simply the puppet.

  • I looked closely at that scene again, and you can at least see a it's unlikely.
  • Jossed.

The game takes place in a slightly more advanced world where things such as robotics are more advanced than they are in ours

This explains how the animatronics are able to freely walk about when it is 1987.

The Marionette is EVERYTHING in the story.

The Marionette is the fifth child, specifically the crying child run over by the purple man. A notable feature of both are their crying appearances. The Marionette pretty explicitly puts the children in the old animatronics, but he is the fifth child. He also committed the murders, which are implied to be commited by someone using Golden Freddy to attract children. But it looks dangerous, with bits of endoskeleton and wiring, which a person could not fit into safely, nor operate. Since the Marionette is a very skinny puppet, it would fit. GF's strangely tiny endoskeleton eyes are actually the Marionette's showing through (and it is the only new robot to have the pinprick eyes), and the Night 4 cutscene proves that he escapes destruction and is still active in FNAF 1. He probably hides in the GF suit to avoid detection by the management. The slumped, boneless appearance of the suit, even while the Marionette is inside could its skinny frame support and move the suit normally, especially when the endoskeleton is keeping it together? As to how GF has its supernatural powers, and its independent activity on Nights 6 and 7, I don't know. But the fifth child was killed by the Purple Man, possessed the Marionette, killed the other four, stuffing them into animatronics, indeed "giving life" to them and remaining in the Golden Freddy suit in the first game. He even torments the player with hallucinations of crying faces on posters, faces like the child and the Marionette's. "IT'S ME" refers to him. He is the fifth child. He is the murderer. He is controlling Golden Freddy. The story of the games..."IT'S HIM".

  • So jossed. She's a dead child who gave the 'bots life. Nothing more.

Mangle doesn't mind how the kids play with her, and makes sure they're safe when they do.

Since it does beg the question of why management lets toddlers play with her to begin with, and why there hasn't been (to our knowledge) any reported injuries, it could easily be that Mangle ensures that the kids don't touch the more dangerous parts of her and helps the kids rearrange her. They don't touch the sharp parts or cross the wrong wires because she'll shift just enough to make sure it doesn't happen.

It's been pointed out, numerous times, that the robots will go out of their way to ensure a child is safe, up to and including murder. And even if she's decommissioned, Mangle still has control over her limbs, since she can move around at night (and why bother putting herself back together properly when she'll just become another Lego "masterpiece" in the morning with the next round of kids?). Therefore, it's reasonable to assume that she doesn't mind her mangled appearance. All that matters to her is the kids are having fun (which is the point of the pizzeria), she has a chance to play with them, and they're safe.

  • Jossed. She HATED it.

The Marionette, Jack Skellington, White Face and Slender Man are all part of the same twisted, spooky family.

Because someone had to say it.

Dr. Eggman is running the goddamn pizzeria

He hired the Purple Man to kill the kids and trap their souls in his robots, as a new way to power them which even that pesky hedgehog wouldn't be able to meddle with.

(Yes, this is inspired by one of the first game's WMGs.)

Bare Endoskeleton is benevolent
He realizes that what the others are doing is wrong. So he tries to keep them away from you. Being taught "We keep our hands to ourselves" stuck better than with the others; and since he can't use his words to explain his motivations, he demonstrates them instead.

The Bare Endoskeleton is meant to be a sheep or a cow.
The ear-shape and placid, droopy-eyed expression seem reminiscent of herbivores. Perhaps that's why it doesn't just put on any of the spare rabbit/chicken/bear suits lying around- they won't fit its skeleton properly.

The Marionette is actually from the original Fredbear cast.
It has pinprick eyes, which most of the new animatronics don't have. The Give Gifts minigame presumably takes place in the Prize Corner, but the room has no identifying features that could mean it occurred in the Diner, as the murders seem to have taken place prior to the game's events. It is also shown to be present in the first game's events. But the new group were supposed to be scrapped! What if it wasn't part of the new group after all?
  • Confirmed. She was at the original Freddy's.

If a third game is made, the player will be able to move around.
They still won't be able to leave the security room, though. The room will be shaped/furnished in such a way that the animatronics won't be able to see you from certain entryways or coming in from certain angles if you stand/sit in a certain part of the room. Animatronics entering through a different door or coming from the other direction will be able to see you, however, so you'll need to decide where to hide and when.
  • Jossed.

And then there's THIS guy...
For those that don't follow Scott Cawthon's Twitter, he's already at work at FNAF 3. (Be afraid.) One of the preview photos he showed is of this guy. Let the rampant speculation begin! My guess? The marionette's replacement (since another picture showed the marionette in disarray) but an even bigger asshole gameplay wise.
  • By the way. This is supposed to be set in 'Freddyland'. Somehow, I get the feeling this is either a true sequel, or runs concurrent to the first game (and that Freddyland is the occasional carnival music that was heard).
  • Scott Cawthon does not have a Twitter account. The photo and the account are both fake.
    • More specifically, that's fan-art (not made by Scott Caution) of Markiplier as a puppet. While it may or may not be true that Scott Cawthon will make another game in the Freddy's universe, this particular lead is a Red Herring.

Whoever the first night guard is was THE. ULTIMATE. BADASS.
I only just realized it today, but look back at what phone guy says on night one. Jeremy is the second person to work at the new location. The music box and the Freddy head were brand new solutions to the animatronic problem. What does that mean? It means before being moved to the dayshift, this unnamed security guard fended off up to ''11'' animatronics with nothing but a friggen flashlight and somehow overcame the puppet without the music box!
  • Yeah, but he's also the killer.

Five Nights At Freddy's 3 is going to be a further prequel. With some of the animatronics helping the protagonist like the Bare Endoskeleton in FNaF2.
The Phone Guy has apparently worked at Freddy's for a long time, perhaps even before the pizzeria shown in FNaF2. If that's true, then him liking Foxy so much may be because Foxy wasn't as violent as the other animatronics at the earlier pizzeria. I suspect that Foxy and Freddy weren't as violent originally. This takes into account the theory that Golden Freddy is the original Fredbear. I think this because Foxy has always acted differently from the other animatronics, and Freddy has usually kept himself away from attacking the protagonist until later on in the week (first game) or not as often (second game). The third game, if it is a prequel, may have Fredbear, Bonnie, Chica, the Marionette, and Foxy—with Foxy aiding the protagonist. It could also be that this protagonist survives until the fifth night (perhaps being jumped at the last second) and Phone Guy replacing him for the next two nights (surviving with Foxy's and new Freddy's help).
  • Phone Guy might accidentally do something on his last night that causes him to owe a lot of money to the store owners and to piss off the animatronics.
  • This theory assumes that Phone Guy believes the animatronics other than the Marionette and Fredbear to be more or less good. In the games later in the chronology, he defends their behavior, but he doesn't mention the "yellow bear" as being other than a spare nor does he defend the Marionette.
  • Jossed hard.

You're playing as Mike and you're having dreams broadcasted to you by the old animatronics or the Marionette and the dreams have you experience Jeremy's and Fritz's time at the Pizzaria.
It would explain why you see through the eyes of Old Freddy in the original pizzeria during the between night buffers and why you sometimes play those Atari mini games when you die. And why you can only move your head during the between night buffers
  • Jossed.

The purple man in the SAVETHEM minigame is neither uninvolved, the murderer, or clueless.
He's a guard or perhaps a police officer who is very much aware of the crime that has taken place. The Marionette is the voice telling Freddy to save the children and leading him to the scene, and when the guard/officer is stopping Freddy, all Freddy hears is "you can't," as in "you can't save them," when what he is being told is "you can't go in there, it's a crime scene and you'll disrupt the evidence." Freddy mistakes the guard's interference as complicity, resulting in the reactions toward people in uniforms with badges. The Marionette is similarly upset because of the guard/officer stopping Freddy.
  • Jossed. He's the killer.

The reason why the restaurant is haunted is not because of an Indian burial ground or anything like that.

It's Golden Freddy.

Look, so far, we know that the company's first restaurant was called Fredbear's Family Diner. There, one day, a crying child was killed slowly and in great pain, outside the pizzeria, and only Freddy witnessed it while acting as a waiter, and possibly the only animatronic.

Now, what if Golden Freddy was originally colored brown, and was actually Fredbear? Not only would this explain the animatronic's presence, it would explain why his suit is still kept by the company.

A popular theory goes that the dead child, furious at his murder and the pain he suffered by the sadistic Purple Man, transferred his soul into the Marionette. But could his rage and anger transferred into Golden Freddy instead? Could the ghost also cause it to change color gradually from brown to gold? In FNAF 1, Golden Freddy looks, well, gold. But in FNAF 2, he seems to be a more faded shade of brown. His head also does not seem to look like Old Freddy's, suggesting that this is an earlier version of Freddy.

His feelings of anger could have possessed Golden Freddy, making the animatronic murderous over time. Eventually, though, before a killing spree began, the company got more profits and moved to a larger location, hanging onto Golden Freddy's suit as a basis for their new animatronics, which were the Old ones in FNAF2. As Golden Freddy's murderous influence spread, the old animatronics became bloodthirsty as well and started tormenting the first night guard, eventually killing him. That could have also been what shut down the newer location-sanitation problems and the deaths of dozens of night guards.

The Old Animatronics were blamed for the deaths and shut down. Golden Freddy was considered obsolete by the company at that time, as a new animatronic, based off Old Freddy, was ready to take over the role. But as Golden Freddy was important to the company's history, they kept his suit as a memento.

Unfortunately, by keeping the suit there, the Old Animatronics became more aggressive. The presence of the suit also slowly made the software of the Toy ones become buggy and glitched, as well as making them aggressive.

And then came that day when the Purple Man decided to slaughter 5 kids for fun, using Golden Freddy's suit. As the spirits of the 5 kids were put into the Old animatronics, their rage and anger transferred onto Golden Freddy as well, and this culminated in the suit becoming haunted and stalking the halls.

Eventually, of course, due to the Bite, the pizzeria was shut down, and the now-poor company moved to a much smaller location...but yet again, the suit was held on. It was cleaned and presented with a new head. But naturally, now filled to the brim with the rage and anger of countless children, the new animatronics became murderous again...

  • Jossed.
    • That child is The Puppet.
    • Fredbear was always gold.
    • The rest turned homicidal because they are vengeful ghosts, killed the same day Golden Freddy was.

Between the first and second game, Bonnie gets Freddy's mask and Freddy gets part of the Freddy Fazbear Head.

In the third game, management will have decided to get rid of the security cameras.
The only way to track the animatronics now is through various social media posts. This is because, in universe, the Pizzeria gave them accounts on social media sites. There will be expies of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. The Animatronics themselves will also text you selfies of where they are, due to getting the phones of previous dead guards.
  • Jossed.

Regarding the cutscenes...
At one point, the management of the Fn@F1 pizza place tried to install a camera in Freddy's head. The pregame cutscene shows what happened when they turned it on at midnight for the first time; Freddy turns his head a few times after he gets out of lock-up mode, then the camera breaks. The second cutscene has the camera on for the second time; the animatronics have no clue what's going on, so they're looking at Freddy and worrying, because he's probably not turning his head of his own free will. The third cutscene shows what happened once the animatronics figured out there was a camera in Freddy's head; they treat it like all the other cameras, and try to look as scary as possible. The fourth cutscene is what happens when the amimatronics want the camera gone; they make it all but useless, with the Marionette following it around wherever it goes. The camera got taken out of commission after that.

Five Nights at Freddy's 3 will be a prequel set from a child's point of view
If Golden Freddy has human eyes, and what appears to be a security badge, then it's a prequel, set from one of the victim's point of view, as a child like in Among the Sleep. you gradually try to escape the Pizzeria but you are hopelessly killed by the murderer. Alternatively, the victim would go back to the Pizzeria in 2017 and the murderer will chase him down.
  • Massively Jossed as the sequel is set in a horror attraction.

Five Nights at Freddy's 3 will be another Stealth Sequel
Except instead of being a prequel to the original disguised as a sequel, it'll be a sequel to the original disguised as a prequel. It'll take place at Fredbear's Family Diner.
  • Jossed. Jossed so hard, it's 30 years after the first game.

Mulder and Scully will eventually be called in to Investigate Freddy Fazbear's

Once a Night Guard manages to survive a shift he or she will go forward to the The X-Files team to finally get this horrible restaurant shut down for good.

He's really the little boy from Among the Sleep. You'd be fucked up too.

The night guard that got moved to day shift is the REASON the security implements used in 2 were added to begin with.

One of the biggest mysteries of the second game is how did that first guard survive the animatronics without the Freddy head or the music box, so riddle me this, how did he survive? Answer: those two security implements weren't needed before he showed up.

Remember that the new location just opened up, and there's only been one guard there. We don't know if he's been there a week, a month, whatever (probably no more than a month or two at most, and at least a week minimum, since, again, brand new location). Therefore, it's possible that that first guard is the murderer, and if not the murderer, then he's an accomplice, or otherwise did something to piss off the animatronics. Whatever he did, they aren't happy with him, which is why he was begging to be moved to day shift—to avoid suspicion—and why they were trying to get into his office. It also makes it possible that he's the "disgruntled employee" mentioned in one of the phone calls.

There's no way in hell that the one animatronic is going to be your only problem in Five Nights at Freddy's 3
Remember when you thought there were 3 animatronics in the first game before you met Foxy, or that there were 4 before you met Golden Freddy? And then in the second game, when you found out that you'd also have to deal with the Marionette, and then the old animatronics, and then the Balloon Boy? Same concept.

  • Called It.
    • Nope, you were wrong. Springtrap is the only animatronic here, as the rest are hallucinations.

Fritz Smith
was stuffed into a Freddy Fazbear suit.

Courtesy of this troper's brother.

Phone Guy tells us that the animatronics have a "glitch" in their systems that makes them think that humans in the restaurant after hours are bare endoskeletons that need to be in costume. But how can this be known if someone hasn't previously been stuffed into a Freddy suit by the animatronics?

  • Assuming the animatronics weren't hostile toward humans until their facial recognition software was tampered with, there have only been four security guards in the following order: Jeremy Fitzgerald, Fritz Smith, Phone Guy, and Mike Schmidt.
  • Phone Guy already knew about the glitch and was able to tell Mike Schimdt about it, so we can cross those two off of the list.
  • Assuming the theory that Jeremy Fitzgerald is the Bite Victim, and that the Bite Victim survived, it wasn't him either.
  • This leaves us with Fritz Smith. “But he got fired at the end of his shift,” you say. But was he really?
Fazbear Entertainment lets us know that they can and will cover up any death or severe injury suffered on the premises. Sure, we may see a pink slip. But what better way to detach yourself from a former employee than by terminating their employment?
  • As for their reasons for firing him, we know that the animatronics' software was tampered with, but even management is unsure who it was. What better scapegoat is there than a corpse who can't fight the blame?
  • Assuming the increase in the animatronics' aggression as Jeremy's week progressed, it is not illogical to assume that Golden Freddy mode (10/20) on the Custom Night are the settings the animatronics were operating under during Fritz’ shift.
  • Realistically, Jeremy had to deal with this increase of aggression gradually, able to learn the animatronics' patterns to be able to defend against them, even when they threw a curve ball the next night.
  • Unless Fritz Smith was a total badass, it's not likely that he would have actually survived the night having no experience with these characters beforehand. After all, even some of the best Five Nights at Freddy's 2 players died many times trying to complete Golden Freddy mode.

The "facial recognition software" was a bullcrap cover up
Numerous people have pointed out how facial recognition software inside 1987 animatronics is a bit baffling, so here's my thought: The Phone Guy doesn't strike me as particularly tech savvy and he's a real suck up to the company. The higher ups could have told him to lie or just lied to him that they had access to such technology because they know the animatronics are kill-happy. So, to cover this up, they took to only hiring employees with some kind of criminal backgrounds so they could blame the recognition software for malfunctioning. Jeremy, Fritz and Mike probably all comitted some kind of Felony Misdemeanor that made finding new jobs difficult and the restaurant hired them as dover-ups in fear of police investigations. Of course, this is a universe in which the iPad security camera still exists...

This game was going to have hallucinations similar to the ones in Five Nights At Freddy's 3
The unused "toxic" meter (which, if you hack it back into the game, fills up when you have the Freddy mask on, and lowers when you have it off) seems like a similar concept to the airflow getting blocked FNAF 3. When the meter got too high, the player would have gotten bombarded with hallucinations until it went back down to a certain amount. It was probably removed because it would have made the game too complicated, and the idea was saved for a game where there was less for the player to worry about.

Alternatively, the toxicity meter was to keep the player from keeping the Freddy head on for too long.
While this theory does have a few holes in it ("You can put it on at any time, and leave on for as long as you want!"), It can be assumed that Scott had originally implemented it to prevent such a thing from happening.

The shadow animatronics
Are the spirits of employees who originally worn the suits of Spring Bonnie (Springtrap) and Freddy Fredbear (Golden Freddy), who were fatally injured when the suit's spring-locks malfunctioned.

The murderer is Zedediah Kilgrave
Why the hell do you think they called the murderer 'The Purple Guy?!' They only just got one word off...

Shift managers wear purple.
It explains why the animatronics think the security guards are the murderer.

The Purple Guy a co-founder of the Freddy Fredbear/Fazbear franchise.
He knows a lot about how the animatronics worked, got away with child murder at least six times, and has been around since the early days of Fredbear's Diner. The Purple Guy managed to do all this because of connections: he worked with the franchise's founder to develop the animatronics. While a suspect, his importance to the company led them to protest against rumors he killed a bunch of kids. Once it closed down, the Purple Guy had nobody to cover his ass. Which is why, in spite of seemingly getting off scott-free, he found the need to cover his tracks and being killed in Springtrap as a result.
  • Confirmed.

Purple Guy is holding a flashlight when he attacks Freddy.
The flashlight can be used to disable the animatronics temporarily, and it would be understandable why he's be holding it at the level he was. As for the shape, curved handle flashlights are a thing. It might not be the best way to hold the flashlight, but no more than holding a phone would.

Shadow Freddy and Shadow Bonnie are non-Purple Guy related deaths.
Either the later mentioned springlocks or something else. Fazbear's probably caused some accidental deaths, most likely to their employees. Because their cause of death was different from the kids their spectral forms are different, but like them they have unfinished business; mainly, the idiots who gave them such an unsafe job for minimal pay.
  • Jossed. They're connected to him, somehow.

The Shadow Animatronics are related to the A.I of the Gold Animatronics.
Golden Freddy is clearly some sort of pure ghost, unlike the other animatronics who have the souls in the suit. There's also a Golden Freddy character, so what happened to the animatronics? If you look closer you can see Shadow Freddy is some sort of color swap of Golden Freddy. While Golden Freddy is the ghost, it is the actual animatronic. Whatever created Golden Freddy also gave said animatronic a supernatural element, but not having any human element caused it to become...different. If you take "the Crying Child is Golden Freddy" option, Nightmare could be the suit trying to incorporate itself with the kid.

Shadow Bonnie is another supernatural A.I, but of a very different form. Shadow Freddy is physical to Golden Freddy's spectral. Golden Bonnie, or should we say Springtrap, is physical. Shadow Bonnie is completely blackened out. It is spectral, and the disembodied A.I of Springtrap, since the animatronic itself is occupied by a human host. One that it's incompatible with and is likely opposed to. That is, the Purple Guy himself.

  • Nah, they're connected to Remnant.

This isn't really a FNaF 2-focused theory, but Shadow Freddy originated from here so I guess it fits...

The Five Nights at Freddy's: Fazbear Frights series confirmed that Ultimate Custom Night is William Afton's never ending nightmare induced by Golden Freddy. However, notice something... strange about one of the lines said by Nightmare?

"I am your wickedness... made of flesh."

Nightmare basically says he's William's wickedness. The game files call him "Shadow Freddy", proving a connection, but that's not all - In Hide and Seek, a story from the Fazbear Frights, Shadow Bonnie haunts the dreams of the protagonist, Toby, as a monster with sharp teeth. Sound familiar?

Shadow Freddy has been actively following and helping William throughout the story: He goes anywhere William went (Second game's Freddy's, first game's Freddy's, all the way up to Fazbear's Fright), and even when he isn't there, he still gets represented (the 8-bit grey Freddy at the beginning of Pizzeria Simulator and a Shadow Freddy-lookalike in Repair Freddy Hard Mode). He helped William destroy the animatronics and tried to kill Michael in his dreams (or at the very least torment him) because, as we know, William really wants Michael dead.

That's not all: Shadow Freddy's Catchphrase and only line in the series (besides all his quotes as Nightmare) is "Follow me." - The same line William used to lure Susie to her death. and he's purple.

So, in short, Shadow Freddy/Nightmare is William's evil taking a physical form, and effectively serves as The Dragon to him.