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  • Alas, Poor Scrappy / Take That, Scrappy!: The fact that the new "Toy" versions of the old characters are going to be scrapped at the end of the game, not just deactivated, but completely destroyed. It just depends on your personal opinion of the re-designs whether you shed a tear or rejoice in their fate. Although the Puppet was revealed to be still around during the events of the first game, so the trustworthiness of the articles claiming as such are in question.
    • The fate of the Puppet may be explained by Phone Guy: He says he "never liked that one", just as he says Foxy was "always my favorite". That implies that the Puppet is actually from the original set of characters, and simply didn't have a Toy version made. It probably wouldn't have taken well to being parted out, come to that.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • Before the game came out and put this to rest, a popular theory after the knowledge of how the new bots differ from the old is that they're actually protecting Freddy's and the night watch from the old line of killer animatronics. Under this theory, you're the poor sod whose only means of defense is wearing a mask from the old animatronics, which places the new animatronics squarely in Hero Antagonist if they attack you for that reason.
    • Freddy himself is getting this treatment now. Why, one might ask? In the pixelated post-death minigames that seem to reveal the truth of the murderer's identity being The Puppet (possibly), Freddy in one is chasing after him. Even assuming the Puppet was not involved, Freddy never does anything to hurt the kids, and is the subject of most of the Atari voice promptings to save the kids in each game he appears, suggesting a lack of ability to stop the murders on his part despite trying to.
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    • The Puppet gets some of this, of whether or not it's the murderer. The pixelated post-death minigames seem to suggest its involvement, but on the flip side a mysterious purple man appears in some of the mini-games. In the cake mini-game, he seemingly kills someone, in another he's there when Foxy runs into a room of dead kids, and he can also appear in the Puppet chase. If the purple man catches you during the chase, the game will actually terminate. The purple man's badge suggests he was a security guard, or posing as one. If the purple man was the one who killed the kids and the Puppet was the one who brought the dolls to life, is it possible that the Puppet was trying to save the kids in the only way it could? Or is the security guard just the Puppet's scapegoat? One theory even hypothesizes that the Puppet may have been the crying kid that died in the Cake-Giving Game.
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    • Similar to some interpretations for the previous game about the animatronics in general, are they hostile towards you and other adults because they think you're the murderer? The newer ones are even said to have predator targeting systems and facial recognition. Due to how the minigames make all adults in it similar in appearance, and the mention that each bot is vaguely hostile to any adult they come into contact with, many fans have taken the theory that they can't tell adults apart to know which is the one who killed the kids (or was framed for killing the kids, or whatever actually happened).
      • However remember that Phone Guy tells you that the older ones were fitted with "some" of the new technology before they were put aside in favor of the Toys. He never tells you which parts of the new tech they were fitted with. Is it possible that they too have some of the predator targeting and facial recognition technology inside them as well, just incomplete and (probably) malfunctioning from the bits of rotting dead children inside them?
    • All the night security guards (like everything else in the game) is subject to some interpretation, but Jeremy Fitzgerald gets this especially: Is he just a guy doing his job and getting mixed up in things beyond his ken, or is he the Purple Man who kidnapped and killed the missing children, using the pizzeria as a base of operations?
      • Most people who believe the latter interpretation of Jeremy often bring up the simple question of: Why are you even there on Night 6? Did you really not know about these horrific murders at your own workplace, or did you go to clean up any remaining evidence of your crimes?
  • Awesome Music: "Ride On" (by Paolo Quartuccio, Christian Di Buccio), the intense, suspenseful track used in the trailer.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment:
    • When you die, there's a chance that you'll be taken to one of several strange, pixellated mini-games. All but one of them are extremely relevant to the plot and are alluded to throughout this game and 3. The events that take place in, "Go Go Go!", however, are never mentioned again anywhere in the series, and many fans are confused as to whether or not it means that the murderer's body count was 11 instead of 6.
    • A bare endoskeleton can appear in the Prize Corner and left vent. Though it can block other animatronics from entering said vent, you never encounter the endoskeleton otherwise, and its appearance is totally unexplained.
    • The two Shadow animatronics, "RWQFSFASXC"/Shadow Bonnie and Shadow Freddy, can randomly appear, and staring at them for too long will cause the game to close down. Nothing in-game (nor in 3 where they reappear) alludes to just what these things may be.
  • Contested Sequel: Some people find the game terrifying, enjoy the new additions to the gameplay, appreciate the higher difficulty level and more scares, and how it goes deeper into the company's past. Some people think Scott should have stuck with the original release date so he had time to smooth out some rough edges, feel it's pretty much the same as the first except with minor tweaks that aren't enough to differentiate it, and think making the game harder was prioritized over making it scary.
  • Creepy Cute: The living endoskeleton that wanders around on rare occasions seems like it'd be a borderline case of Nightmare Fuel. However, its large eyes, puppy-mouth and flattened ears are... disturbingly endearing. It helps that it doesn't actually attack you.
  • Demonic Spiders:
    • It seems a good number of people die a lot to The Puppet, the danger that the Phone Guy advises you to wind up the music box to avoid. What makes it particularly dangerous is that you can often be in situations where an animatronic is peering into the room but you need to pull the camera up to wind the music box, which requires you to not be wearing the mask, your line of defense against the majority of the animatronics.
    • The Withered animatronics are much less forgiving than their Toy counterparts. The best way it seems to avoid them killing you is putting on the mask before they start scanning the room, which usually is only a split second. Bonnie in particular is difficult for this reason.
    • BB and Foxy seem to love the horrible combination that is them teaming up. BB disables your lights. Foxy can only be stopped with the flashlight.
  • Epileptic Trees: Thanks to the Purple Man, as well as the Purple Guard who may or may not be the same person, The Reveal that the game is a prequel and that the child murders happen throughout the week, the Puppet's role in the murders and the appearance of Golden Freddy, this game is getting lots and lots of theories on Reddit, the wiki and the WMG page.
  • Even Better Sequel: The general consensus shows that the game's various expansions and tweaks of the original's algorithm were well-appreciated and well-welcomed. It's especially so since FNAF on its own was one of the biggest games of the year, and everyone was talking about how Scott would top it.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Toy Chica, thanks for getting Hotter and Sexier than her older counterpart. She wears pink panties, gives off an impression of Naked Apron, and she has nice legs.
  • Fandom Nod: Phone Guy mentions that Foxy was his favorite. Foxy has the status of being the most popular animatronic with the fandom.
    • Golden Freddy is now the spectral costume's canon name.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Perhaps not too surprising that Foxy and Mangle (assuming the latter is female) are paired. Especially that they are the only pair of counterparts who can regularly be seen in the same room together. They often both appear in the hallway outside of The Office. They pretty much, in a way, invoke Battle Couple trope.
  • Franchise Original Sin:
    • This game is where the franchise's story got more focus and added depth via cryptic minigames, and subsequently solving it became just as much a challenge as the game itself. While this then-unique mystery element was applauded back then, a common criticism of later games is that the plot became too cryptic to the point of being almost completely incomprehensible, with several inconsistencies, few hard facts compared to the number of vague elements open for debate, a fair share of Voodoo Sharks and Shocking Swerves, and fans simply giving up solving it out of frustration.
    • The Withered animatronics (and Mangle) are the first set of animatronics to be heavily damaged and decrepit (though Foxy was rather worse for wear in the original). They were accepted for being a unique way to bring the first game's antagonists back, but a criticism some have of the animatronics from 3 and 4 is that their damage and exposed metal makes them look too much like generic horror monsters, as opposed to the charm of mundane Suck E. Cheese's animatronics that invoke the Uncanny Valley to be scary.
    • The Toy animatronics' facial recognition systems and advanced technology compared to the originals helped to deceive the player into assuming the game wasn't a prequel, but it was also the first time overt and controversial science fiction themes were put into the story. After later installments in the franchise introduced more and more outlandish elements (such as illusion discs and whatever "remnant" is), on top of turning the Purple Guy into a cartoonish Mad Scientist, it's not hard to see the Toys as a sign of things to come.
  • Genius Bonus:
    • The game being a prequel was actually foreshadowed in the help wanted ad (specifically, the apparent fact that the advertised weekly-wage actually is a week's worth of minimum wage back in 1987).
    • The music that keeps the Puppet mollified comes from "My Grandfather's Clock", specifically the chorus, which tells how the eponymous clock faithfully kept time for its owner's entire life and stopped when he died. Rather fitting, considering what happens if you don't keep the music box wound.
  • Good Bad Bugs: The infamous Night 9001 glitch, in which none of the animatronics work. At all. Not even the Puppet! You can just literally stare at the wall and do nothing and survive the whole night.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Phone Guy's entire role in the first game becomes this when you consider that he mentions to you how much he loves the animatronics, Foxy especially. And given this is a prequel...
    • Even worse, if you listen to his Night 4 call in the first game, you can hear something banging against the door quite constantly, and then when he is about to die you can hear Freddy's theme, which only plays when he is about to kill you AFTER you run out of energy, what was exactly the effect of something banging against your door and which was the animatronic that did it upon being unable to enter?
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Bonnie's redesign is oddly reminiscent of another androgynous rabbit.
    • This example is arguably this trope or a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment. Remember how some people didn't find Foxy's killscreen all that scary? Well, Scott fixed that!
    • A common Fridge Logic question in the original game was, "Why couldn't Mike just wear a Freddy Fazbear suit to fool the animatronics?" You can do that in the second game; the trade-off is that you can't use the cameras or flashlight while wearing it, you don't have any doors, you have three entrances to your office instead of two, and it doesn't affect Foxy, Mangle,note  or the Puppet at all.
    • The difficulty of protecting yourself from four killer animatronics with only two doors and limited power was lampshaded by the fandom over and over again. But seeing as how this is a prequel who could've guessed that the infamous F Na F 1 guard Mike Schmidt actually got it 'easier' than his predecessors?
    • This edit of the Bonnie teaser image, made when some fans were unhappy that Bonnie was apparently dismantled and replaced with a "cuter" counterpart. Turns out that 2 is a prequel and this image is an awful lot like what happens in the game's ending, with the new animatronics set to be scrapped and the old ones due to be refurbished and used for the next Freddy's location.
    • When Toy Bonnie was first revealed, the fanbase hated him for replacing the original Bonnie. Now, he's an Ensemble Dark Horse, getting the most affection out of all the Toys.
    • Balloon Boy is a small robot whose body consists mainly of a sphere, and his initials are "BB". An entire year later, the world was introduced to BB-8.
    • This isn't the only series with a Purple Man.
  • It Was His Sled: Everyone now knows that Balloon Boy isn't just there for decoration like he first appears to be. In addition, the twist regarding the time period the game takes place in is universally known among fans of the series.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Golden Freddy's kill screen has had multiple jokes related to Batman made of it, like TO THE FAZ-MOBILE!
  • After Withered Bonnie was shown to be missing his face, many videos cropped up overlapping the "Don't eat my face!" voice clips with an animation of the intact Bonnie being approached by another animatronic (usually Foxy, but ones with Mangle or Withered Chica aren't unheard of)
  • Most Wonderful Sound:
    • The same Westminster Chimes and children cheering as the original, when the clock changes from 5am to 6am.
    • The ending theme. It's especially accompanied with a picture of Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie, and Toy Chica in their 'peaceful mode' and not scary, so they look quite adorable… somewhat.
  • Narm: Golden Freddy's kill screen is just his disembodied head flying at you in this game, making it harder to take him seriously if he gets you despite his being much harder to counter this time around. Many Batman jokes have cropped up in relation to it.
  • Nightmare Retardant:
    • The game over screen, consisting of classic Freddy leering at you through the lenses of the mask. It looks less like he's about to kill you, and more like he's... checking you out.
    • The distorted audio in the game over minigames can sound like belching at times.
    • The jumpscares in general, compared to the ones from the first game (with the exception of the "old" Foxy and Puppet). In the first game, the screen was shaking, there was lots of motion blur, and the animatronics were actually moving. In the new game, all that happens for the most part is that they... pounce on you. And that's it. Every last one of them is a render that is separate from the office. Golden Freddy's stands out particularly as it consists entirely his head moving closer to the camera (like an inverse zoom), looking like something from an old screamer video.
      • Although this could be intentional, given that the game might take place in the past when game graphics weren't as good, and the animatronics might not have been haunted yet.
      • Speaking of Golden Freddy's kill screen, it resembles the Batman opening.
    • The way Withered Chica stands in front of you when she gets into the office. Looks like Scott forgot to change her model's default position for the arms, because it's almost as if she was about to try flapping them to fly away. Her arms are actually frozen like that constantly, except for when she's in the air vent. FNAF World confirms that this is actually intentional, as Adventure Withered Chica retains the frozen arms.
    • Seeing an animatronic in one of the vent entrances in your office could have been scary... if it wasn't for the fact that, in order to simulate actually rotating your head in a 3D fashion, the office's 2D texture is applied to a round surface, which makes the animatronics inside the vents look like flat posters.
    • Toy Bonnie getting in the office from the vents. He slides across the room to you with an expression that looks more like shock than anything else.
    • Toy Chica's tendency to take off her beak. Without it, her face just looks like a big yellow M&M. Even if she needs to do this to bite you easier, you can't help but smirk at it. And when her face is filling the screen in her kill screen, with the yellow coloring, black eyes, and Blush Stickers, she looks an awful lot like Pikachu. Observe.
    • Withered Freddy's kill screen is a lot less scary than the first game-he looks overly cheerful when doing it.
    • Mangle looks like cheap Photoshop in most of the rooms it appears in, since it's a transparent overlay in most of the rooms (excluding Kid's Cove and the Right Air Vent).
      • With that, it also looks like it's photobombing in every place it appears in.
    • Balloon Boy's handicap factor and lack of a jump scare make him considerably more annoying than scary.
    • The Murderer's sprite used in his (random) appearance in the "SAVE THEM" minigame can be this if one looks at it a certain way. While the black parts of his eyes are supposed to be his sclera (with the white being his pupils), it's very easy to see it the other way around, looking less like an intimidating stare and more like a dissonant Aside Glance.
  • Paranoia Fuel: In the first game, besides Freddy getting in if both doors were closed, there were only two doors to your security station. Through diligent work, you could keep the bots shut out. In the sequel, there are no doors, a single central opening into your station, and two wide-open vents on your sides. Confrontation is inevitable.
    • The bright side is the game gives you a mask to fool the animatronics, but be aware that some of the animatronics aren't fooled by the mask and will still come after you.
  • Porting Disaster: While not nearly as egregious as most examples of this trope, there are two major downgrades from the PC to iOS;
    • The between night cutscenes have been removed, which added quite a bit of lore to the game in addition to what Phone Guy tells you.
    • Perhaps worse than the last is the fact that Mangle does not make its radio/Internet static noises on iOS, which wouldn't be as much of an issue if it weren't the ONLY WAY to tell if it's coming for you or is in the right side vent. Given that it cannot be fooled by the Freddy mask once it is hanging from your office ceiling, this problem can lead to some very cheap deaths that'd be easily avoidable.
    • Both of these issues, as well as calls for more minor fixes such as a better frame rate on kill screens and the re-inclusion of the shifting characters on the title screen has set the App Store review section for the game ablaze.
  • Replacement Scrappy: Much of this died down once the game was released and the old bots were found to still be in the game, but several players were upset at Toy Bonnie and Mangle, seeing them as replacements of Bonnie and Foxy instead of additions to the cast (it didn't help that Bonnie's face was severely gutted in an attempted redesign in-universe).
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Mangle went from Replacement Scrappy for the most popular animatronic from the first game to The Woobie and one of the better-regarded bots as a whole.
  • Special Effect Failure:
    • With the window's aspect ratio being less wide than the first game's window, the faux perspective effect is much more noticeable.
    • If you're looking to the sides when Foxy or the Puppet comes for you, he'll appear to come through the walls.
    • Mangle is a transparent layer in most of the rooms it appears in, which made it simple to place it into any room. However, being a transparent layer in the foreground makes it look poorly Photoshopped into the game.
    • Foxy's jump scare animation is actually layered in front of the HUD, so when he pounces on you, he appears to pass in front of the battery meter, day counter, and so on. Unless this was a subtle case of The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You.
  • That One Boss: The Custom Night brings back Golden Freddy, and he's the closest thing to a Final Boss this game can have. He is only here because of the fact the first time a video was released featuring him, he charged into the office at 12 A.M.
  • The Scrappy: Balloon Boy became this very quickly, to the point where Redditors called him "Fuckboy." This is less because of what he actually does, as his ability is usually praised for at least being unique, and more because when he gets to you he instantly becomes The Thing That Would Not Leave. Ever.
  • Ugly Cute: Much like Foxy in the first game, this is one of the reasons behind Mangle's popularity. A lot of people are very fond of its cute colours in combination with its appearance.
  • Uncanny Valley: The new animatronics arguably invoke more of this than their old counterparts. In spite of the new material allowing nearly all of their endoskeletons to be covered up, their suits look more like plastic shells than the fur-like suits the old models had, and the in-universe cutesiness makes them resemble ventriloquist dolls. It doesn't help that one of the active animatronics basically looks like a young boy.
  • Unpopular Popular Character: In-universe, Mangle is the greatest chew toy the pizzeria has ever seen - it's the replacement of another character who was also seen in-universe as quite popular according to Phone Guy and one of the minigames, is maimed and poorly rebuilt on a daily basis and the staff have grown all but indifferent about maintaining it; but it happens to be one of the better received members of the toy generation animatronics. The only thing stopping it from being an Ensemble Dark Horse like Foxy is the fact that it's too much of a main character to count.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Toy Bonnie's eye shadow makes him look extremely feminine, and Mangle is referred to as a guy by Phone Guy despite the Uncanny Valley Makeup. If you're going by the custom difficulty mode called "Ladies Night", they are male and female, respectively.
  • The Woobie:
    • Jeremy Fitzgerald definitely deserves some pity, probably even moreso than Mike in the first game, considering he has no doors and several more animatronics to deal with. Assuming he's not a murderer, of course, though this is very unlikely seeing as he very likely became the victim of The Bite Of '87 on Day 7.
    • Mangle might be this among the animatronics. This kids drawing and these two in-game pictures of Mangle implies that some bratty kids dismantled it not long after the restaurant re-opened — and now the thing's left in disrepair even worse than any of the old animatronics ever were in the new Kid's Cove room. Mangle eventually was part of a build-a-robot attraction....
    • In a bit of a twist, Freddy. If the Puppet Minigames are accurate, then Freddy tried to stop the murders of the 5 children, but failed, (possibly) causing the later hauntings of the animatronics
      • Possibly even worse. It is entirely possible, and getting more and more likely, that there were at least eleven child murders throughout the restaurant's history. Whether Freddy himself is possessed or not, he is pissed at the atrocities committed on his watch, and he might just blame you.
    • Phone Guy was enough of a woobie (barring Alternate Character Interpretation) in the original game. In the second game it's revealed that he's an Ascended Fan who adored the animatronics, which brings a new level of depressing to his implied Cruel and Unusual Death in the original. And since it's a prequel, it's practically a Foregone Conclusion.
    • Interestingly enough the Puppet could also very well be this if it's the crying child from the Cake mini-game as a lot of evidence (the Puppet's design making it look like it's crying, SAVE HIM, giving the Puppet a motive behind why it does not like Freddy, how we never see it actually kill anyone....just cart the bodies away to the prize box that strangely enough was already filled with blood) points to it being that 6th murdered child. Even if it wasn't the 6th child one can still argue that it was trying to help dead children by giving them a Second Chance in its own screwed up way that backfired horribly....

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