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  • Accidental Aesop: The game's use of power conservation as a gameplay mechanic can be interpreted as a Green Aesop - wasting energy is bad, so be efficient and environmentally friendly, or else you will die brutally at the hands of robots.
  • Awesome Music:
  • Demonic Spider:
    • Foxy. Once he leaves Pirate Cove, you may not have long to live. If you see him sprinting down the hall through camera 2A, it may already be too late. If you succeed in blocking him off, his banging on your door will drain precious power.
    • More so with Freddy. Unlike Chica and Bonnie, he doesn't stand at either doorway or window with a chance to shut the door in his face. Once he reaches your room, it's game over.
  • Epileptic Trees:
    • While the game provides a hidden backstory, many fans feel that the backstory fails to answer important questions such as why Foxy runs, who Golden Freddy is, and the reason behind the animatronics' behavior. The WMG page is continuously getting bigger and bigger each day, and more and more people are posting theories on tumblr.
    • Game Theory posits that the game is Very Loosely Based on a True Story, and may have been inspired by a brutal murder at a Chuck E. Cheese's in Aurora, Colorado in December 1993, where a former employee shot five employees after hours, killing four.
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  • First Installment Wins: While the succeeding games are far from unpopular, the original game is by far the most well-known and most-parodied of the series, and is considered by some to have utilised the concept of being alone in a seedy Suck E. Cheese's with Hostile Animatronics perfectly, while later games "try too hard" to make the animatronics more like generic robots/monsters and drifting farther away from the original run-down pizzeria aesthetic. The plot is also much simpler and easier to comprehend, once you find it, that is.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The newspaper in the game's opening, Scott mentions getting a job as a sack boy, a cashier or a warehouse worker is both better and more dignified than working at Freddy's. A year later, he revealed he was working as a cashier at the time he made the game.
  • It Was His Sled:
    • Foxy's mere existence is this. He is not alluded to in the trailer, and the game's description on Steam only mentions Freddy "and his two friends" (Bonnie and Chica). Within the game, Foxy is unmentioned and usually unseen until the second night, keeping him a surprise for first time players. Due to the game's popularity, however, everybody knows about him, to the point the trailer for the sequel doesn't even try to hide him.
    • For such an important piece of plot that hangs over the entire series, many people tend to forget that the murders were originally nothing more than a creepy Easter Egg for which you had to actively search in the first installment.
  • Most Annoying Sound:
    • Whenever you go to close the doors, and instead of the door closing you hear a jamming sound. The sound means you are dead and the game's rubbing your nose in it.
    • Freddy's laugh. Especially on 20/20/20/20 mode where he just won't stop doing it.
    • Do we even need to say it? SCREEEEEEEE!!!
  • Most Wonderful Sound:
    • The Westminster Chimes that play when 6 AM rolls around followed by the sound of children cheering.
    • Especially if it comes right after Freddy's tune, since you've been literally instants away from death.
    • Ironically, Freddy's tune can be this without context, especially given that it also plays during the ending screens. Even stranger, on 4/20 mode, most consider it a blessing, since during the last digits of power, players sit there to conserve power, but run the risk of Foxy bursting in. Markiplier, for example, let out tense screaming out of fear before letting out a brief cheer when the power ran out.
  • Narm Charm: The standard game over. It might take some time to dawn on you, but it makes no sense: a suit filled with wiring and moving parts would fill your body with deep cuts, not cut it to bits so only your eyes and teeth are left; and yes, you’d probably bleed to death this way, and fairly quickly, but the death as it’s depicted in the game is just... absurd. Furthermore, the fade into the final shot instead of the camera just regaining its signal instead feels awkwardly done. Now try and repeat that to yourself and see if it can make you feel any less terrified.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Has its own page.
  • Nightmare Retardant:
    • The animatronics can be terrifying, until you realize their expressions are quite derpy looking.
    • The entire fandom of this game can serve as this, from the memes to much of the fanart. "Senpai security guard", anyone?
    • Foxy seems to be the least frightening of the animatronics:
      • His kill screen. He just... leans into the booth. It's led to a lot of jokes about him just wanting to say hi. This isn't helped by the rather goofy look on his face as he leans in: part of what makes the Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica kill screens so horrifying is that their eyes are wide open, making them look crazy and murderous (and in Freddy's main kill screen, you can't see his eyes that well, giving him an Eyeless Face look). Foxy,? His eyelids are drooping, making him look pretty chill by in comparison.
      • It can make your stomach drop when it happens in the game, because it basically means you have less than two seconds to close the left door or it's game over, but out of context, Foxy running down the hall at breakneck speed, opening and closing his mouth like Pac-Man, is more funny than is frightening. Ain't 
      • Foxy's pose right before he makes a break for it has spawned a lot of jokes comparing him to Michigan J. Frog.
      • Most of this is justified, though, as the creator, Scott Cawthon, planned on showing his kids Foxy's jumpscare when he met them, and he didn't want anything scary enough to scar them for life.
    • When Chica is in the dining area, she has a look on her face that amuses some people rather than scare them. (In the latter link, check out the comments below and you'll get a good idea.)
    • The brightened Game Over screen counts for some. Sure, you see the relevant parts Phone Guy mentioned, but now that you can see... well, it doesn't seem Mike Schmidt had much in the way of blood. Or a skull, judging by the fact the eyes are just there. Apparently the bots are very, very good at cleaning up after themselves.
    • The moment in the trailer where Bonnie pulls off his face to reveal the robotic endoskeleton underneath.
    Jim Sterling: Oh... oh. ...Well, if it's just LEGO under there, that's not so scary.
    • The expression on Freddy's face as he comes for you in the dark is...pretty hilarious, to say the least. It seems to scream "Wanna buy some drugs?".Or 
    • Freddy peeking at you from the restrooms is quite a creepy sight... wait, is he in the ladies room? Cue the "Freddy's a pervert" comments. It makes sense when you consider his vocalizations are the slowed down giggles of a girl. Lampshaded in this comic.
    • Golden Freddy's jump scare is scary enough...until you hear his roar. It sounds like a Wookiee! It's also similar to a motor of a race car.
    • If you're scared of the page image on the Nightmare Fuel page, take a look at Golden Freddy's eyebrows. The left one is raised...which completely and utterly ruins the scariness altogether.
    • The funny page is great for calming your nerves about the game and will guarantee that you won't be scared of the animals anymore! Especially Foxy.
    • When Freddy finally comes to attack you at the end of the night, he plays a tune, then leaves you in the dark for a random amount of time before attacking you by surprise with a loud screech. If you eliminate the screech and the random interval — i.e., what makes it a Jump Scare — you’re left with this animation, in which Freddy doesn’t even look very menacing.
    • The groaning sounds Bonnie and Chica make when they enter the room are quite creepy. Until you realize they sound more like someone snoring. Or like they're doing some…weird stuff !! The groans are only heard while you have the camera feed front and center; they've snuck in the room while you're occupied and you're basically dead as soon as you lower the monitor. After the first one or two instances, players know what to expect and can steel themselves for the jump scare.
    • Freddy's Ominous Music Box Tune is the same song that The Arrogant Worms used for the Beer Song. Also, any Gilligan's Island fan playing this game who happens to hear this tune will likely think of "Neither a borrower, nor a lender be..." To say nothing of its association with The Bad News Bears. Really, "Los Toreadores" has popped up so often in comedy that it's fairly hard for anyone with a decently-sized frame of reference to take it seriously.
    • While Bonnie's jumpscare is quite scary the fact that he looks more like a dog than a rabbit and that it appears he just wants to lick you should make it somewhat amusing.
    • Arguably, the entire game premise: you have to defend yourself from some murderous but ridicously cute animal robots. It's hard to take it seriously. At first at least.
  • Obvious Crossover Method: Take one of the many, many works that use a Chuck E. Cheese parody. Now you can do a "Five Nights at x" of that. (For example, Five Nights at Bloaty's, Five Nights at Goofy Goober's, etc.)
  • Paranoia Fuel:
    • The cameras are perpetually disabled in the kitchen and are somewhat unreliable throughout the rest of the diner. If you can't find one of the robots on your monitors, they could be in one of those rooms. Or they might be just outside the door. Or maybe they're already in the room, ready to scream at you as soon as you lower your monitor.
    • Your limited power supply. If you want to make it through the night, you have to be very careful about your power consumption. Anytime you look at the cameras, close one or both doors, or use your door lights, you're eating up your power. So whenever you decide to use either of those devices, be careful or you'll be left defenseless and be killed by Freddy.
    • You think you've generally got the patterns figured out. The animals might catch you off-guard sometimes still, but you may finally have a grip on what they generally do and how to counter them. Then Freddy starts going after you on the third night, and their patterns get completely turned on their head.
    • "Golden Freddy" appears if the player even just glances at his poster in the West Hall, can get in the guard room even with both doors closed, has literally no eyes, and just sits in front of you. There's no sound or any other warning aside from a poster in a hallway that changes randomly (If you see a poster with his face, it means he's there, with you, and you haven't noticed yet). Unless you go back to the camera panel and switch to another location, you'll be dead in a split second.
    • The exceptionally rare "eyeless Bonnie" screen. All you see is Bonnie's lifeless face, with absolutely nothing to be heard. Then two small white pupils pop up, staring directly at you.
    • Thanks to this game, you will never look at Chuck-E-Cheese, animatronics, or night shifts the same way again. Hell, the game has even made people so scared that they've sworn off Chuck-E-Cheese for life!
    • Keeping track of Bonnie and Chica are one thing, but once you see Foxy poking his head out from behind the curtain, you never know when he's gonna make his mad dash to your location.
  • That One Boss: Foxy is the cause of death for many a player. Sure, the person who calls you tells you what angers him, with not viewing the camera enough, but what he doesn't tell you is that Foxy immediately runs for the player's position when he leaves Pirate's Cove. He also forces the player to look away from the other animatronics, which can spell death, especially in later nights. Ironically, he's also generally considered the least scary of the animatronics since he's the only one who doesn't get up in your face when he kills you. Freddy is also pretty difficult when he decides to move in the later nights, due to him not waiting by the doorways before killing the player and having unpredictable patterns.
  • That One Level:
    • Night 3 is a pain in the ass as well, because this is when Freddy starts to move. All four robots' patterns are completely random; sometimes they'll leave you alone for a while, other times they'll start moving five seconds into the level. To top that off, both Bonnie and Chica become Demonic Spiders, as they have a bad habit of popping up at your door and not leaving for over thirty seconds, thus forcing you to drain your power. Sometimes they'll do this simultaneously.
    • 20/20/20/20 mode. Wanna know how hard it is? Scott Cawthon the creator of the game could not beat it. That's how hard it is. The strategies for beating it are very specific, and even a SINGLE mistake in executing them throughout the entirety of the night will lead to your death. Sure, Bonnie and Chica rarely stay at your doors for very long compared to easier nights, but considering that you have only 1 or 2 seconds to close the doors before they disable them, it doesn't even make up for it.
    • Night 4 is where the robots unite all their forces and start to move simultaneously. So you must be very fast on your reflexes in order to close the doors in time. The fact that, according to the phone messages, the Phone Guy (apparently) didn't survive the night makes the level more unsetting.
  • The Woobie: It is not fun being a night-shift security guard at Freddy's.
    • The player character, Mike Schmidt. He has to go through a week of four killer robots trying to inflict a Cruel and Unusual Death upon him and is growing more insane every passing night for a $4 an hour paycheck. The fact that he can't just quit after the first night implies that he might be in some kind of desperate situation or that he's willing to risk his life so nobody else would have to go through the same terror he does. There's also the fact he'll likely have to live being the only one knowing Phone Guy's fate, and when he finally gets the chance to reprogram the animatronics to be less homicidal, he gets fired for his efforts.
    • Phone Guy himself also counts for the same reasons as the player character does, and unlike the protagonist, he most likely didn't have anyone to help him out with the animatronics, meaning that he found this out entirely on his own. And unlike Mike, he doesn't survive his final night and is instead murdered by the animatronics.


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