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As this is a Moment of Awesome page, spoilers will be left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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    4/ 20 Winners 

Twenty-seven people to date have won "4-20 Mode". (This "challenge" is accessed by turning the four animatronics' AI to the maximum during the seventh night.) To emphasize just how big this achievement is: Freddy's creator Scott Cawthon couldn't win it himself.

  • The first one to manage it was Twitch streamer BigBug, as shown here. Even Scott Cawthon didn't expect him to do it, and thus programmed in a third star on the menu screen as a reward.
  • The next total victor was Party Wolfe on August 16th, 2014.
  • On August 21st, Markiplier won after trying to defeat this challenge monster for over seven hours straight; he took home the win on his final attempt just before giving up completely. See his run here.
  • EtoanThePack posted a video on August 22nd of him defeating 4/20 Mode after two days and eleven hours of attempts. His run can be seen here.
  • Zorcast on August 24th; see the run here.
  • On August 25th, JELlegendz completed 4/20 Mode after tackling it for a whopping fifteen hours. His run can be seen here.
  • Storm Games on August 26th; see the run here
  • TDog_Clisis on August 28th; see the run here
  • Bellacide on August 28th; see the run here
  • Mr. Grimmmz on August 29th; see the run here
  • Marto's Gaming Network on August 29th; see the run here
  • MsHannerBananer on August 29th; see the run here
  • Ryan McSwane on September 1st; see the run here
  • Blondyeddy on September 3rd; see the run here
  • Eric Van Wilderman on September 4th; see the run here
  • khaosmanix17 on September 4th; see the run here
  • MrSpaceVector on September 6th; see the run here
  • Ninox on September 9th; see the run here
  • Gautier on September 16th; see the run here
  • tastegaming on September 18th; see the run here
  • Ch. TSIGN on September 24th; see the run here
  • Bagel The Bagel on September 28th; see the run here
  • Coldiron 1022 on October 20th; see the run here The commentary was done a day later in post.
  • The Completionist on October 31st; there is no full run, but he shows that he did actually do it in his review of the game
  • HomelessGoomba (from the channel Venturian Tale) on November 5th; see the run here
  • CDanielART on December 5th; see the run here
  • MrOhyoursexi posted his run on Jan 10th 2015; see the run here
  • Aimless Shenanigans uploaded his victory on June 12th, 2015; see the run here
  • YouTube user Daniel J Mus created a C++ bot that managed to beat 4/20 mode. Watch the bot's playthrough (complete with automated commentary) here

There are more who have won 4/20 Mode, but a number of them do not have documented runs of when they did so, meaning their runs cannot be viewed.

     The game itself 
  • You made it to 6 AM? (Cue Westminster Chimes.) YAAAAAAAAY! Special mention goes to whenever the time changes to 6 AM when you're just about to lose power, or better yet, when Freddy appears after you reach 0% and his theme starts playing.
  • Although he hasn't attempted 4-20 on Night 7 yet, Elliot of The Super Gaming Bros. has done a feat just as impressive as completing 4-20 mode: He got through the first five nights with only ONE DEATH. On top of that, he had only played Night 1 prior to the LP, so essentially (like most other players on YouTube) went in mostly blind. Given all the simple screw-ups he's done in past LP's, he deserves to be recognized for getting through this rather challenging game with almost no deaths.
  • The entire game was made by one guy — one with a great imagination, a rather obscure games business, and a bunch of good ideas. Before this game, Scott Cawthon wasn't well known at all; now he's one of the most famous indie developers in the world. And he came up with the concept all by himself, with no inspirations other than a review and a really awesome imagination.
    • Extracting the game's assets reveals that there are no actual "animations"; the game is constructed out of around eight hundred still images (some of which are redundant or unused, such as text characters of different sizes) and between fifty to sixty sounds. Some games are made on a shoestring budget, but not even the original Myst (built out of HyperCard stacks) was as primitive as Freddy's.
    • Back then Scott use to design kid friendly games, one of them was Chipper & Sons Lumber Co., and Jim Sterling criticized that the characters looked like creepy animatronic dolls. This led Scott into depression, and he almost quit the video game business. But weeks later he took those complaints to his advantage, and it inspired him to create "Five Nights at Freddy's". That's some Creator Recovery.
    • Scott has proven to be a master of manipulation, obscurity, and red herrings. These games' stories are so vague and creepy, countless theories, debates and flame wars have started about them!
  • Several people have commented that the setup and its execution are so disturbing that they have a hard time even watching humorous Lets Plays of it. Creators of horror stories, you just got a new goal to strive for.
    • It's also made plenty of people sleep with the lights on, and some of those people can't be scared easily. As well as that, it's made people swear off Chuck E. Cheese forever. And admit it, even looking at the Nightmare Fuel page (having Golden Freddy as the friggin' page image does not help) made you feel paranoid, look behind you constantly, switch on every light and sleep with the lights on. This game is likely to be the next Jaws in terms of making something that's relatively harmless utterly terrify people.
    • Not even Scott Cawthon himself is completely immune to the game's power to scare. He revealed that while the other three mascots never bothered him that much, he had several nightmares about Bonnie while working on the game.
  • The fact that Freddy Fazbear's is closing down counts as one, considering how utterly and laughably inept management is at their job. Continuing to use the same animatronics that became the coffins for the children that serial killer lured? Filing missing person reports in the incredibly likely event of your demise instead of getting those animatronics fixed? Four dollars an hour to babysit killer robots?! They were practically begging to go bankrupt! And the sequel? It's a prequel. Canonically, the place is DEAD, and good riddance. Fazbear Entertainment is so dead, in fact, that 30 years later someone decides to do a horror attraction instead of a pizzeria. And when there WAS a pizzeria, it was a trap made to lure and kill off the remaining animatronics by burning the location down. The company is dead and it won't come back.
  • Gotta give Freddy himself some credit; on Night 5 and 6, he goes all out and rewrites the entire strategy. At this point, you've well and truly pissed. Him. OFF.
    • This is also the reason why Freddy doesn't attack in the first few nights. On Nights 1 and 2, he just waits for the power to go out and then strikes you down there. He also spends his time waiting on watching your strategy unfold, hence him staring at the cameras periodically. He starts to test the water in Night 3, decides to go a tad rougher in Night 4, and then finally just shuts you down in Night 5. He deliberately exploits the flaws in your strategy, hiding in blind spots and making it utterly impossible to discern where he is aside of his Evil Laugh, and is able to get in your office even when the doors are closed, and while you are directly watching said doors. This is nothing short of Artificial Brilliance at its absolute grandest of scales.
  • It's never made clear as to why Mike keeps coming back to this job from Hell, but you gotta admit that willing working with killer possessed robots must take a lot of balls, bravery, or just sheer stupidity.
    • 4/20 mode story-wise is worthy of singing Mike's praises to the heavens. Not only did he not quit (or die) after a full week at work, but he then messed with the animatronics and made them EVEN DEADLIER THAN BEFORE simply to prove how badass/utterly insane he has become.
      • There's something to be said for the alternative as well; after enduring six nights of horror, Mike proceeds to take his revenge on his tormentors by making sure they can never kill anyone like they would have killed him by plunging their AI into the abyss.
  • Mike (you) at least has Phone Guy's guidance to show you the basics and make sure you don't die. (Supposedly.) Who did Phone Guy have helping him? No one. He had to figure all this out on his own, and he's still alive. Badass. Which makes what happens to him much, much worse.
    • The sheer calmness the guy displays as all the animatronics gang up on him and then he's finally screwed over is awesome in itself. And then there's the heavy implication he was working there for a very long time before the game, way longer than five nights.
      • And how does he finally die? It takes all five of the animatronics ganging up on him to bring him down.

  • Since its release, the mobile port of FNAF on iOS has been #1 on the paid games chart and #2 on the "all categories" chart for weeks. That's one hell of an accomplishment.
    • So what finally managed to knock FNAF off the #1 position on the paid games chart? FNAF2.
  • This image song by The Living Tombstone. Who knew EDM and indie horror games could be so darn catchy?
  • Tumblr user Rebornica's Mike Schmidt. Some of the stuff they do with Mike is humorous — but for the most part? He's a badass Action Survivor who takes no shit, and has a surprisingly plausible and interesting back story that ties into why he keeps working at the Pizzeria. Most of the stuff related to them are in this tag.
  • TG Weaver takes the theory "the killer works at Freddy's" and delivers Laser-Guided Karma.
  • Some artist (source is from another user who is not the original maker) made a Left 4 Dead 2 crossover.
  • This video (NSFW for mentions of A Date with Rosie Palms) is pretty funny for the most part-then Bonnie and Chica have a short but epic insult fight with each other.
  • The fact that the game and its sequel has consistently have Overwhelmingly Positive rating on Steam.
    • That's not all. For a grand total of two days, almost immediately after it came out, Five Nights at Freddy's 2 was the single best-selling game on Steam.
      • It even beat Assassin's Creed Unity for that spot, which came out that same day after tons of promotion as opposed to Five Nights at Freddy's 2, which was a surprise release.
    • The game's surprise popularity itself. In quite a short time since its first release, it has spawned tons of fan content and established itself as a defining moment in video game history. Very impressive considering that the game was made in, of all things, Clickteam Fusion.
  • The unique game concept has inspired other game makers to create their own versions. Markiplier had his first taste of one of these fan creations and praised the fanbase for adding their own spin.


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