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YMMV / Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery

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  • Broken Base: Toy Bonnie's exaggerated high-pitched voice has been met with mixed reception from fans, with some openly condemning it due to being annoying and/or unfitting, believing it would've been much better with lower pitch, while others like it the way it is, explaining it with the fact that he was intentionally designed to be overly kid-friendly, with high-pitched voice being one of the few kid-friendlier aspects.
  • Funny Moments:
    • In Bonnie's defeat animation, he actually gets Fish Eyes as he's electrocuted, making it look hilariously painful.
    • In general, a lot of the animations can look unintentionally amusing, given how — due to the position in which a lot of players hold their phones — several of the animatronics end up getting shocked directly in the groin.
    • The way that you can mix suits and CPUs can lead to this. Ever wanted a Foxy that acts (and sounds) like Balloon Boy? Want to troll your friends by sending a bare endoskeleton that acts like an extremely strong animatronic? You can do that.
      • Heck, putting Balloon Boy’s CPU into animatronics is the perfect way to cause hilarity, as you can put it into the aforementioned Foxy, Baby, or even Springtrap.
  • Memetic Loser: Any discussion of the unintended emails will inevitably joke about Luis Cabrera and how his attraction to Vanny led to him being used as an Unwitting Pawn by inadvertently letting her make a Senior IT account.
  • No Yay: Vanny and Glitchtrap's hinted dynamic, as seen in the unintended emails, has undertones of this. Vanny frequently looks up things like torture on her work computer, while implicitly searching up "help" at least once. That said, she shows signs of getting used to her new role, such as requesting a "bunny-shaped cake" for her birthday. It's also mentioned that she seemingly ordered flowers and chocolate for herself, claiming it's from her imaginary boyfriend Brad. However, as Luis notes, the note that came with it was "Flowers for your grave", which is questionable. It's implied that "Brad" may be an alias for Glitchtrap. The later emails refer to her as "Vanessa A.", possibly suggesting that Vanny either legally changed her name to match William's or is a relation, both of which makes the undertones worse.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Comes with the territory of a horror game, but the game provides plenty of new opportunities to be unsettling in its own right.
    • Normally, Animatronics make metal squeaking and plastic clattering noises. Any animatronic based off Springtrap makes rusty creaks and fleshy squelching as his endoskeleton twists and turns the corpse around inside.
    • Several skins make already unnerving Animatronics even worse. Balloon Boy, for example, gets to become a mummified bog monster with a club made of rock and tree roots, and a little frost demon with a mace made of ice. And both of them have absolutely horrific smiles on their faces.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: The Shield update made the animatronics much more durable, requiring several shocks to defeat them. The problem is, your battery won't last forever, and most animatronics have much less visible static, requiring the flashlight quite a lot just to track them, and the power runs out very fast. The shock power takes ten percents of the charge each time, basically making the spare batteries essential for taking almost any boss. And the spare batteries cost Faz-coins, which are not frequent to obtain without investing real money.
  • That One Boss:
    • Hoo boy, Foxy is this in spades. For one thing, he likes to fakeout quite a bit to stall time. His footsteps are light and quick, which also interferes with the static and makes it even more irritating to find him without the flashlight, especially when he walks around for long stretches of time (sometimes even looping back to where he was). Sometimes he'll charge in rows without any walking in between, which will make you panic on trying to figure out which spot he'll show up for real. The worst part? When he's on the map, should he go near your location, he'll almost instantly enter, meaning if you want to keep that streak and Remnant, you have no choice but to deal with him, regardless if you're worn out from the last encounter, want to edit your animatronics or shop, or have low battery in the flashlight. Fortunately, he, like any animatronic in the game, can be ignored if the player doesn't tap the flashing icon when he comes in, causing him to eventually leave quietly; however, this still ends the streak, meaning that players who are going for a record will have no choice but to face Foxy.
    • Springtrap is considered one of the hardest animatronics to defeat in the whole game (second only to Golden Freddy), and for a good reason. He is extremely difficult to locate by static, especially without the flashlight, and his haywiring goes differently from other animatronics: you will have to look at his eyes and check what color they are - either you have to turn away immediately or you need to wait until the eyes change their color and only then look away. Needless to say, the time window for you is very small, leaving virtually no room for error.
    • Ballora shakes things up by having there be 2 meters: One indicates how close you are to her, and the other indicates how much noise you are making. Make too much noise, i.e., move around too quickly, and Ballora will get you. The way to defeat her is to shake off the Minireenas, who crawl onto your screen, and pick them up. Obviously, shaking your screen makes noise, so you'll have to pick precise moments in order to do so and not get caught by Ballora.
    • Golden Freddy combines the mechanics of nearly every animatronic in the game, meaning you're gonna have to remember how each and every one of them acts if you want to capture him. As if that wasn't bad enough, he requires not one but three shocks in order to defeat him, and each time he uses different combinations of the others' mechanics in phases.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: The animatronic models in this game are easily the most impressive models in the entire series; the sheer detail Illumix has put into making the animatronics look realistic is insanely impressive and pays off extremely well.